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It was a smile...

A plain ordinary smile. Nothing that should have caused this much awe and surprise to careen into his mind and send all thoughts sputtering and grinding to a halt. It was just a smile, something everyone did from time to time. Nothing important or anything to be so happy about seeing. No reason to have that extra burst of glee and shock to enter and warm his body when it finally dawned on him that the ordinary, mundane action of a smile was caused by him.

Him. Lloyd Irving had made the stoic and seemingly emotionless mercenary smile.

It was just a simple curling of lips. The two corners barely being raised from their normal position. The eyes though, they had added a warmth to it. For once those reserved eyes were unguarded for just a split second as the silent man listened to his rambling and dreams of building his own boat and seeing the world.

There was no reason for him to hold such high regard for something so simple. Something he was probably not supposed to see.

Even days later he couldn't help but marvel that his intuition had been right and that underneath that gruff and aloofness was more. Despite the berating and cold words there was actually something warmer there. It was a revelation that he kept to himself while at the same time wanting to share it.

He felt more then saw the man walk past him in the growing gloom on their way to the next seal. Felt the presence he silently called Kratos' aura as he made his routine and secretive checking on the figures that were all supposedly asleep. Felt the man stop a brief moment longer over him before going on to check on Raine and Genis.

In the dark Lloyd smiled.