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I was just fourteen. What would a teenager like me know about love?

Actually, a lot, but let's not discuss that at the moment.

Who am I, you ask?

Just call me Sakura. Full name's Sakura Kinomoto.

By the way, I was far from being the perfect person.

Really, really far. Perfection and I were galaxies apart.

That was probably why I expected myself to spend the rest of my life as one of those crazy, old women who spent all their time with cats and creeped out their neighbors.

Little did I know, that was so not what would describe my life.

Xxxxxxxxxxxx( the beginning)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I sat at the front porch of my house thinking.

Or in other words, I was procrastinating until I had just enough time for me to arrive at school right before the bell rings.

Either way, I wasn't moving for another 10 minutes.

I was also starting high school. Today was school starts after its long summer vacation. I finally had the chance to see my best friend, Tomoyo-chan, again!

I just remembered a very important thing.

First day was always a first impression.

The thought just came to me. I suddenly prayed I would arrive on time.

My walk to school began in an instant. It was just another one of those trips to school.

That was sarcasm.

I was running. Not jogging. Just plain, fast running.

I was running so fast that, as I made a turn around a corner, someone didn't notice myself going at a 100 mph and crashed into me.

I fell down to the cement sidewalk. My bottom now felt the same way as if I was watching 'The House of Wax.'


I stood up and was ready to give the person who bumped into me a piece of my mind.

"Hey dude! Not cool. You don't just bump into people on their first day to school…"

I couldn't finish what I was saying.

In front of me, was the hottest boy I had ever seen.

His messy brown hair perfectly framed his face. His eyes were of a deep amber color. He seemed to be about the same age as me.

Simply put it, he was handsome.

He looked up to me.

"Hey. I'm Syaoran."

"I'm Sakura," I replied. "Sorry about crashing into you."

"It's alright. Crashing into a pretty lady isn't that bad," he smiled.

I blushed. "You want to go out sometime?" he asked.

What the heck?

"Huh?" I stared at him.

"Think about it. I'll see you soon!"

He sped off to where ever he had to go before I could reply.

Someone just asked me out.

And that someone was seriously good looking.


He wasn't the only one speeding off now.

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