Unmei: Ah, my first Naruto fic. Hopefully this one will be better than my other fics… seeing how they weren't very good at all . But… meh, I doubt it. Anyways, it's roughly based off the Korean drama "Princess Hours," also known as "Goong." It's really good!

Disclaimer: If I was prettier maybe I could be on a Korean drama as well, but then I would have to learn Korean. Oh, and by the way, the very first part of this fic is well… pretty much exactly the same as the actual drama. But, I promise the rest is just loosely based off of it!


Princess Hours

Chapter 1: The Dream Story

Unmei no Hana


(Hi no Kuni Palace)

A tired old woman, dressed finely in embroidered silk, sat on a couch, sadly staring at her hands. She lifted her head slightly as an old looking doctor approached.

"What is it?"

"I'm so frightened, I don't dare tell you the truth, Yoshino-sama."

"Go on. Please tell me."

"It's dizziness caused by neuroglycopenia, Yoshino-sama."


"Yes, Yoshino-sama. It's the symptom of his brain dying away…"

"How could this happen?"

A younger woman sat next to Yoshino-sama. Her face was equally sad.

"My condolences, Yoshino-sama."

"In the year 1954, the ever-healthy Emperor Uchiha Tohma suddenly died with no symptoms at all. His position was taken over by Crown Prince, Uchiha Masao. There were ripples in the royal family at that time, which left me scarred and hurt for life. We must obey the traditional rules of the royal family. This is a big matter that concerns the safety of the royal family. This time, let's turn the danger into a chance. The step for the royal family to flourish in the 21st century."

As Yoshino-sama said those words, she glanced over to a dresser—its top filled with picture frames. She looked over them, the vast majority containing pictures of a well-dressed family. The family members had bright smiles upon their face as the older ones were standing happily in front of two younger children who had goofy smiles upon their faces. She lingered at the last photograph, a picture of a handsome man dressed in a formal suit.


(Konoha High School)

"Wow so you got this at the Palace?"

"Yep. Last time at the opening day."


"Yep! They were handing this out for free."

"Oh, wow!"

"On that day, I saw all the high class people."

"On my gosh! I should've gone too!"

As the two girls, one with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and the other with dark brown hair in two buns, giggled and flipped through a book, their friend, who had oddly pink colored hair, entered and grabbed the book from them.

"Let me see."

The one who had been holding it, protested and grabbed for the book.

"We were looking at it!"

"Oh! It's gorgeous."

Ignoring her protesting friend, the pink haired girl tugged at the book.

"Sakura, you can't do this…it's going to tear."

The three of them wrestled for the book until they heard a ripping sound. The pink haired girl, Sakura, held up a ripped out page sheepishly.

"Oh no. It ripped."

The two girls grabbed the page from Sakura's hands, dumbfounded. They stared blankly from the page to the book and back to the ripped out page, their mouths gaping in astonishment. Finally, one of them responded.

"Hey, Sakura! You're dead!"

Panicking, Sakura ran through the crowd that had gathered, jumping over several desks in the process. Her two friends, screaming madly at her, followed.


I am Haruno Sakura, a senior majoring in Chemistry—a bright young student! As mentioned before, what Prince? You are wondering who these high-class people are, right? Just like the 21st century, even Kiri no Kuni and Suna no Kuni has admired kings that still… What is it? OH! That still remain on throne. Royal families are still being admired by people and are taking over the throne controlling their country. But what is the Hi no Kuni Palace like? Sadly, the Palace is an empty place now ever since the relation of families broke apart. That is why… lets just imagine it. In other words, lets just brighten up our Palace and imagine that there actually lives a charming prince that every girl is in love with. So what do you say? Are you curious? The Dream Story by Haruno Sakura!


2006 Hi no Kuni is a Constitutional Monarchy


(Chemistry Lab)

The two girls who had previously chased Sakura around were now looking through what appeared to be a scrapbook—full of pictures of a handsome, but rather cold looking, man.

"Oh look at the Prince when he was a baby. He's so cute!"

They giggled more and flipped through pages that contained more recent photographs of the handsome prince. Sakura entered the room, carrying a rather large stack of notebooks. She greeted her other classmates when she caught sight of her two friends fawning over the pictures of the Prince. Quietly setting down her notebooks, she crept up behind the two of them. Sakura poked them both on their sides, earning a loud yelp from them both.

"Yatta! I surprised the both of you."

"Mou, Sakura, what was that for? You know…I'm still mad at you from before."

"Don't be mad Ino-chan. I promise I'll get you another copy when I visit the Palace okay?"

However, before the blonde, Ino, was able to reply, a second girl approached their group. She had short purple hair and pearly white eyes, covered by black-rimmed glasses.

"Ne, Sakura-chan. What's with the gym-pants you're wearing?"

"Ah, these? I call this my combination style! Pretty awesome, ne?"

"Yeah right Sakura"

The four girls turned to see who had said that remark. A girl with four blonde ponytails sat, sketching. She turned to face them, glaring with sharp green eyes.

"And by the way, Tenten, have you finished your assignment yet?"

"What assignment?" Tenten stared at Temari with a blank face.

"The chemical identification assignment. If you've forgotten, it's due today."

Tenten, who had previously been admiring the photos of the prince once again, dropped the book in surprise.

"Ehhh? You mean it's due today? Mou, why didn't you tell me earlier, now I'm never going to finish—there are too many things to identify. I'm going to be in so much trouble."

Tenten hastily gathered their materials and began testing different chemicals, whining to herself. Temari just sneered, turning to face Ino who had picked up the discarded scrapbook.

"Also Ino, what are you doing here? You're majoring in journalism right—I heard you guys have a major article due today, shouldn't you be working on that?"

Ino, too, dropped the scrapbook in surprise.

"Shimatta! I forgot. You guys don't mind me working here right? The journalism classroom is too far away…"

"Che, why? You ought to go back staring at the Prince's photos, you Cinderella freaks." Temari told them harshly.

"Ne, what's wrong with Cinderella anyways, Temari-senpai." Sakura asked, confused.

"Those kind of people are useless. All they do is gawk at something they can never have, wasting the publics' tax money. They had ought to just cut off their throats."

Scowling, Temari turned back around and continued her work. Tenten and Ino hastily worked, eyes wide in surprise at the harsh comments of Temari. Hinata nervously glanced around before decided to finish up her notes and Sakura decided to watch Hinata, pondering over the words of Temari.


(Konoha High School Entrance)

Two sleek black sports cars drove up to the entrance of the Konoha University. As the gates to the school opened, a swarm of screaming boys and girls gathered around the cars, pushing and jostling one another. When the cars stopped, the driver rushed from the front seat and hurriedly opened the back seat, bowing. A handsome young man with raven hair that stuck oddly up in the back exited. A look of disgust crossed his face as fan-girls and fan-boys alike threw themselves at him, hoping for him to turn his attention upon them. Jerking his head a bit, guards quickly stationed themselves around him, pushing the crowd away from him so that he could enter the building.


(Chemistry Lab)

The once peace and quiet of the room was pierced by the distant sounds of shouting. Sakura turned to look out the balcony to see what the commotion was all about. However, before she could do so, Temari, without lifting her eyes from her diagram, said,

"It seems like the Prince is visiting, seeing how noisy it is outside."

Tenten and Ino were too busy, whining loudly about their project to hear Temari's comment. However, Sakura, who happened to be sitting next to her, peered over her shoulder. And just as Temari had predicted, the Prince was sitting on a couple of benches in a deserted portion of the school. Sakura noted that he had three other companions—Uzumaki Naruto, the dead-last troublemaker who Hinata had liked since they were in grade school; Nara Shikamaru, the laziest, yet brightest, person in their whole entire school, if not world; and lastly Hyuuga Neji, Hinata's stoic cousin, who, like her, had those rather creepy pearly white eyes. However, Sakura was not paying attention to his companions but instead Sasuke. He seemed to be staring up at them with his coal black eyes.

"Oh my gosh, is he staring at us?" Sakura gasped.

Hearing that, Ino and Tenten quickly dropped their pencils and rushed over to the balcony. When they realized that it indeed seemed as if the dashing Prince was staring at them, they began to call out.

"Prince! I don't have a boyfriend!"

"Prince charming, I'm right over here!"

Hearing all the commotion going on in the upper floors, the four boys turned towards them.

"Look, look, it's Hinata-chan! HEY HINATA-CHAN!" Naruto shouted up a greeting to Hinata. Grinning goofily, he turned around to talk to Sasuke, only to find him too staring, but not at the group of girls he was previously yelling to, but instead into a window.

"Hey, Sasuke, what are you staring at?"

Naruto immediately caught the attention of the other two boys who had begun to talk amongst themselves. They too, turned and looked up at what Sasuke was staring at. Soon, a lovely girl appeared in the window.

"Ne, isn't that Fuyuno Mika? She sure is a rare one. Now I realize you were staring at her the whole time, Sasuke!" Shikamaru remarked, lightly punching Sasuke on the shoulder. A tiny, nearly microscopic, grin appeared on Sasuke's face as he watched Mika warm-up.


(Building A)

Carrying a bucket of dirty water and a rag, Sakura trudged down the hall.

'Why am I the one stuck with cleaning the room today when I didn't do anything? This isn't fair. I promise, I'm going to get you back for this Ino, Tenten.'

Too consumed in her thoughts, she didn't realize Sasuke in front of her. Suddenly, she bumped into him, splashing the dirty water onto the new shoes he had just changed into to. She gasped, looking up at him to apologize, only to realize whom exactly she had run into. Hesitantly, she looked down and saw the puddle of dirty water accumulating under his feet and the soaking wet shoes. Mentally kicking herself, she bowed, apologizing.

"I-I'm so sorry. I'll clean it up for you."

Sakura then took the rag she was carrying, bent down, and began wiping away the water on his shoes.

"Oh, it's so wet!"

"…Stop it."

However, Sakura paid no attention to Sasuke's words and continued wiping away the water. Irritated, he repeated himself, yelling.

"I told you to stop it!"

Shocked at his outburst, Sakura stopped wiping. Sasuke gingerly stepped out of the sodden sneakers, and slipped into the shoes he was previously wearing. As he turned away, he told Sakura,

"Just throw them out."

Kicking the shoes to emphasize his point, he walked away. Sakura, still clutching onto the rag, stood up and threw it down onto the floor outraged.

"What is with that guy? Just because he's the Prince…he's such a jerk! Sasuke, you're lucky I'm the only daughter in a family, so I held my anger. You had better be grateful, I won't be so kind the next time. That's a promise!"

Sakura stopped her soliloquy when she heard shoes running in her direction. Tenten and Ino slid to the floor, wrestling for the pair of shoes.

"Hey I got it first! I'm going to put this online!"

"No you aren't, I am!"


Sakura's Note: Buildings B and C are where the people majoring in liberal arts such as journalism and theatre are located. People like me, majoring in mathematical and scientific studies, such as those preparing for medical school, are in Building A which has a totally different mood and environment. Because the Prince is majoring in journalism, the numbers have increased in Buildings B and C.


(Building B)

Humming to herself and eating snacks Sakura wandered through the journalism building. She peered at the ads and posters hung on the notice board. Amidst the chatter and hum of students, Sakura heard a voice from the room next to the bulletin board she was glancing at.

"So, should we get married?"

"…What did you say?"

"You didn't hear me? I'm proposing to you know."

Creeping quietly, she peered in. A small gasp escaped her lips at the scene she saw. The Prince, Sasuke, was sitting on a desk in a deserted classroom, a beautiful young girl next to him. The girl looked down at her hands then back up at him.

"Look… I'm sorry, but we're still high school students. But what do you mean about marriage? You're just joking around, ne?"

'The Prince is proposing to that girl? Oh my god—this is definitely big news! A 19-year old Prince dreaming to get married to a girl in his school. Wow.'


(Haruno Residence)

"Oh my goodness—what is this mess! She left her room without even any space to walk on! Oh GOD! This room is rotting. I must be going insane."

Haruno Atsumi stood in a pile of dirty clothes, papers, books, and god knows what else…a.k.a. her daughter Sakura's bedroom. As she grimaced at the unsightly room, her husband, dressed in casual clothing and an apron as well as rubber gloves, came into the room.

"Ah, so she left her room all dirty again. It's always a hide-and-seek game trying to find things in her room." He laughed as is wife looked at him in disgust.

"So… you find this funny?"

The Haruno matriarch exited the room, grabbing her cell phone from inside her purse and dialing her daughter's number. Her husband followed after her.

"Just leave her alone. You can just tell her when she gets home."

Atsumi just ignored her husband. Shrugging it off, Keito picked up a random object and began cleaning it.


(Building B)

Unknowing to the drama going on at her house, Sakura continued to watch the Prince and his beautiful companion intently, hoping to learn more about the sudden proposal.

"It's a policy for royal families to get married at an early age. And in my case, because I'm the Prince, I might have to get married to a girl my parents decide unless I tell them I have a girl I want to get married to. Since we're good friends, it's better to get married to you than an unknown girl."

The girl next to him, wore a shocked expression on her face. She, after a moment of silence, told him in a regretful tone,

"I… don't want to ruin our friendship with this kind of stuff. And of course, the responsibility and dull living. And as you know, my dream is to become a world-renowned ballet dancer. I've been doing so great, and I don't want to give up now. If I become princess, don't I have to give up all those things?"

Sakura nodded understandingly, still hidden and unknown to the couple inside the room.

'She seems like a cool girl. I mean I would do the same thing—who would want to marry that jerk of a prince anyways?'

The girl gave Sasuke a small smile, albeit the sad eyes she displayed. However, Sasuke did to return her smile, but instead looked down, a small hint of pain evident in his eyes.

'Aww, look at his sad eyes!'

At that very moment, breaking the silence from before, Sakura's cell phone began to ring to the tune of Trépak—the famous Nutcracker piece.

'Oh no, oh no!'

Sakura grabbed her phone, looking at who called her. She peered back into the room only to find the couple staring out the door, wondering who had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Who's out there?"

Sakura began to run away until the Prince shouted out a command after her.


She stopped, not daring to turn around.

"Who are you?"

Instead of replying to him, she began to recite the chemical properties of all the elements on the periodic table—hoping he would believe she was an innocent student and not suspect her as the person listening in on his conversation. However, her miserable tactic failed to work.

"I'm saying, did you hear anything?"

When Sakura failed to respond yet again, Sasuke began to grow impatient.

" Hey, turn this way. Did you eavesdrop on our conversation? What did you hear?"

Sasuke began to advance, his patience nearly all run out. Panicking, Sakura ran towards the exit, leaving Sasuke screaming after her.

"Halt! Gym pants! Halt!"


(Haruno Residence)

"Now she's even ignoring my phone calls!"

Atsumi punched Sakura's number into her phone again. Keito, still cleaning, chided her.

"Stop it now. Just wait until she comes back home."

"Since when did you care about your children? Is that why you brought this—" Atsumi slammed her hand onto a large stack of financial bills,"—upon our house, because you care about our children? Do you want me to read it for you? Notice of bad credit, penalty report, …what's this? Detailed bill of your credit card. Do I need to continue paying for your food after you brought great danger to this house by lending money to a "friend"?"

Keito grabbed the pile of notices from her, flipping through them. Every once in a while during her ranting, he made faces of astonishment and surprise. Wearily, Atsumi sighed.

"Let's divorce. I can't live like this anymore. Let's split up officially this time."

"Hey, aren't you tired of saying that?" Keito asked her indignantly. "Always saying 'let's get a divorce!'" Looking down at the bills again, he quieted down. "What if those guys confiscate the house? This is the second time already and the phone calls are getting serious."

At that very moment, the doorbell rang. Atsumi and Keito, their previous argument forgotten, looked at one another worriedly. Keito motioned for Atsumi to answer the, however she mouthed back 'you do it.' Hesitantly he went over to the phone and answered it.


"Hello, I am from the Palace."

"The Palace?"


Atsumi, carrying a tray of tea, re-entered the living room where Keito sat with two officials from the palace.

"Oh, I see!" Keito laughed. "That's our daughter." He told them as they picked up the picture frames on the coffee table.

The officials glanced at some more pictures before setting them down. One of them extracted a bow, and when he opened the lid, revealed a golden ring and what seemed to be a broken half of a circle. He placed them before the Haruno's.

"These are tokens for the promise made between the recently deceased King Uchiha Tohma and Mr. Haruno."

Atsumi and Keito picked up the bow and peered inside. Once they caught sight of the items, they gasped, picking up the items, dumbfounded. After much examination, they confirmed it indeed was gold.

"Oh my god. This is real…" They happily bowed to the officials, who bowed back in respect.

"The royal families are waiting for the engagement ring. You are holding onto it safely, right?"

After he said that, the once happy expressions of Atsumi and Keito's faces quickly melted away.

"O-of course. Of course we are! We have stored it in a very safe place."

Atsumi looked over at Keito and mouthed 'where is it?' He made a face, motioning her to be silent. Turning back to the officials, he put another large smile on his face. The stood up and showed them the way out, bowing. As soon as the cars pulled out, they turned to face each other and dashed back into the house, looking for the ring.


So, who is this mysterious girl Sasuke proposed to? What is this agreement the Haruno family have made with the Royal Family? And how in the world is Sakura going to escape the dilemma she's in?

Next Time, Chapter 2: Engaged…to him?

"The Crown Prince is going to marry a person like me? That's ridiculous!"

-Haruno Sakura


Unmei: Okay, so I know it's kinda… bad. First off, you never get to know Sakura's parent's names right? So, I just made some up. Secondly, I know she becomes a medic, so why is she majoring in chemistry? Well, you can't go to medical school until you get a degree in something (right?), so that's why she's getting a degree in chemistry first. Um, also, I know it's different from the drama b/c Chaegyung (the main char.) majors in art, but we can't have Sakura majoring in that know can we? Also, her friends apparently major in art as well, but I can't imagine Ino majoring in chemistry as well, so I had to add a twist in there. Um, please read and review, and give me some feedback about what you think about it. I'm not a very good writer, so I'll take any advice, whether it's good or bad. Hope you enjoyed it!