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"There is no happiness in love, except at the end of an English novel."

-Anthony Trollope


(Hi no Kuni Palace)

'The road to happiness sure seems rocky for the newly married Crown Prince and Princess. Last year it was suspected that Crown Prince Sasuke was in a romantic relationship with Fuyuno Mika, the daughter of Asahi Enterprise's late CEO, Fuyuno Kazuki, who was tragically murdered 15 years ago by a delusional homeless man. However this rumor dissipated with the marriage of Prince Sasuke and Princess Sakura. But, we have recently been sent photos from an anonymous source that proves otherwise. In these photos it shows Prince Sasuke during his trip to Kiri no Kuni together with Fuyuno Mika—'

"Sasuke what were you thinking? Do you understand what your actions have caused!?" An enraged elderly man wearing the clothes of the Palace elders shouted at Sasuke. "How could you have been so reckless? You know that you must maintain a proper image as the future leader of this country. And now you have gone and spread the seed of doubt in everyone's mind!"

"I understand." A stoic Sasuke replied.

"Understand? It doesn't matter if you understand it! What matters is what you are going to do next. Tomorrow is a crucial day. You must be prepared to talk to the media and clear this issue up. If not then…." The man paused for a moment. Taking a deep breath, he calmly continued, "then you may be forced to step down from your position of Hi no Kuni's current Crown Prince."


Sakura sat on her bed watched the news mutely, tears silently flowing down her cheeks.

'Witnesses in Kiri no Kuni reported seeing the Crown Prince and Fuyuno-san acting intimately with one another. One witness describes their behavior as that akin to lovers, mentioning how the Crown Prince protected Fuyuno-san from the paparazzi that shot these photographs. It seems that the earlier reports of their relationship being broken off were false despite the marriage of the Crown Prince to the current Crown Princess Haruno Sakura-san…'



"Sakura, it's Ino! Are you watching the news right now?"


"That bastard Sasuke! Tenten and I'll get him back for you…. Oh, Sakura, don't cry. I know you love him and this must be heart-breaking for you and all, but give it up. He'll never love you back!"

"…I know."



(Fuyuno Residence)

"You slut! Give Sasuke-kun back to us!!"

"How dare you seduce Sasuke-kun… you're the worst!"

"Sasuke-kun will never love you back!"

Mika Fuyuno silently drew the curtains of her windows closed, blocking her view of the thousands of protestors gathering around her window. She sat down on her bed, blankly staring at the television screen.

'The Royal Family has yet to formally address the public about this recent scandal, causing much unrest throughout the whole country. Such an instance of marital infidelity has never been witnessed in the Royal Family as of yet. This brings to question what type of girl exactly is Fuyuno Mika and what about her drove the Crown Prince to commit such an act…'

The ringing of a phone brought Mika back to her senses. Picking up her cell phone, Mika looked at the caller ID.


"I promised this to you once, and I'll promise to you again. I won't rest until I take revenge on that bastard for what he did to you."

Taking a shaky breath, Mika slowly opened her phone.



(Hi no Kuni Palace)

'It is thought that the Council of Elders will ask Prince Sasuke to step down from his position of Crown Prince. But with the disappearance of Prince Itachi, the Uchiha family has no more sons to fill the role of successor to the throne. If Prince Sasuke were really to step down, it is rumored that former Crown Prince Yamamoto Sai, recently returned from his unfortunate exile in Kiri no Kuni, will once again assume this position although this has yet to be confirmed.'

"I have to agree with Fujimoto Elder on this matter." A harried looking Queen Mikoto said. "You have committed a grave mistake Sasuke."

"I intend to fix it." Sasuke replied coolly as he stared defiantly back at the sea of faces surrounding him. Instantly, murmurs rippled throughout the crowd.

"Is that so? Then we will leave in your hands, Prince Sasuke to fix this most grievous error. But as Fujimoto Elder warned you, if this upcoming press conference does not go well, we will find a more fitting person to take over the role of successor to the throne. In fact, we have already decided on one." Sasuke sharply turned to look at the old woman who had just spoken.

"And who might that be?"

"We, that is, the other elders and I, have been informed of Prince Itachi's recent return. Although he too committed a grave sin as you have, the public was never informed of it so we believe that they will be more willing to accept him. After all, it is only right that we restore to him his proper position, don't you agree, Prince Sasuke, second Prince of Hi no Kuni?"


Princess Hours

Chapter 11: The Beginning of the End?

Unmei no Hana


(Konoha High School)

"Look it's her!"

"I can't believe she can even come to school after the news yesterday."

"I know! If it was me, I would rather die than have to live through something like this."

"But then again it's not like it's her fault. It's Sasuke-sama who's in the wrong this time!"

"That is right… it's not like she was the one who was unfaithful."

"That doesn't matter. If she was a better wife, Sasuke wouldn't have gone and run off with that slut."

"And I thought Fuyuno-san was such a pure girl..."

"Guess that goes to show that looks can be deceiving."

"Just ignore them." Ino told a gloomy-looking Sakura as she glared at the girls who were gossiping, effectively shutting them up. The two of them were eating lunch together in the cafeteria, or at least Ino was. Sakura poked half-heartedly at her curry, sighing for the umpteenth time that day.

"Really Sakura, don't think so negatively. You should view the glass as being half full, not half empty!" Ino said as she tried to cheer up Sakura.

"And how do you expect me to do that Ino?" Sakura mumbled. "My family sold me for money into a marriage they knew very well would never work out. My so-called husband who doesn't even love me is cheating on me. My mother-in-law hates me as well as the general public, since I am, after all, the slut who stole their dear 'Sasuke-sama' away."

"Who cares what those bitches think! And you know your parents didn't do it just for the money! They love you too much to do that Sakura. And Sasuke well…" Ino trailed off. She knew that Sakura knew that Sasuke didn't love her, but what was the point of rubbing salt in her wound?

"Well, who cares about that bastard, Sakura? Look on the bright side, at least you have one awesome set of friends. Me, Hinata, and Tenten will always stick by your side no matter what. Hell, even Temari-sempai, for all her nagging and eye-rolling is concerned about you as well."

"It should be 'Hinata, Tenten, and I' Ino." Sakura corrected immediately.

"Yes, yes, grammar Nazi. At least you're somewhat back to your normal self if you can correct me like that." Ino laughed as she rolled her eyes. "So really, cheer up a bit. You look uglier when you're sad like this. Smile, Forehead Girl!" Poking Sakura's head, Ino smiled brightly at her. Sakura felt the corners of her mouth curling up slightly at Ino's attempts.

"Thank you Ino. You're always there comforting me… or at least trying." Sakura said gratefully.

"What are best friends for?" Ino joked. "Hey, wait just a sec. I see some girls trying to flirt with Shikamaru! I'll be right back Sakura." Ino shouted back at her friend as she ran to defend "her" Shikamaru from a group of giggling freshmen. Sakura just shook her head at Ino's antics. She and Shikamaru had only been together for a week and already she was acting like a jealous, overprotective girlfriend. Gods only knows how Shikamaru dealt with her. She had to admit that she was envious of Ino's position, never knowing the feeling of what it was like to be loved back.

"Yamanaka sure is energetic today, isn't she?" A voice behind Sakura laughed. Craning her head backwards, she was met by the ever smiling face of Sai. Sakura felt the corners of her mouth turn up again into an even wider smile. Sakura didn't know why, but Sai's smile was just too infectious for her to resist.

"Sai-kun! What brings you here today? I thought you usually ate in the classroom." Shrugging Sai took a seat beside Sakura and began eating his sandwich.

"I usually do, but then again don't you?" Sai replied.

"You got me there." Sakura admitted, finally taking a bite of her curry. Making a face, she washed it down with water. "I just remembered why I never buy the cafeteria curry. Really, what kind of meat is this supposed to be? Bear? Anyways, Sai-kun, you still haven't answered my question."

Sai merely shrugged again and took another bite of his sandwich before nonchalantly replying, "I was just checking up on you."

"Checking up on me? I'm already 19 you know Sai. I don't need a baby-sitter. I'm perfectly fine." Sakura protested.

"Are you sure about that?" Looking her straight in the eye, Sai continued to eat his sandwich, unnerving Sakura. Sakura looked away, embarrassed, replying,

"Of course I'm sure. Sasuke can do whatever he wants. I'm not his keeper."

"I never mentioned Sasuke." Sakura mentally cursed her slip-up. She was never able to deceive Sai; he was much more attentive than he let on to be. More softly, Sai added, "Do you still remember my promise?"

"Your… promise?" Sakura asked confused.

"If fate hadn't been playing with us…your husband wouldn't have been Sasuke, but me, Sai."

"Sai, I--" Sakura started, but was cut off by Sai.

"Sakura, please…just hear me out." Unsure of what to do, Sakura slowly nodded her head.

"I know you love Sasuke, but Sakura, please just realized that you two just aren't meant to be. For your sake, stop clinging onto the hope that Sasuke may return your love. He and Fuyuno-san have been in a relationship for years now. You can't break a bond like that. It's just not possible."

"I know that Sai." Sakura said evenly, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. "I know I can never come between the two of them even if I tried. But it's okay. Just supporting Sasuke-kun from the side is enough for me. As long as I can stand by his side, I'm satisfied."

"But who will support you?" Sai asked desperately. "Sakura, I know you try to act tough, but you're crying inside. Sasuke doesn't know that, but I do. I've told you this before, but I don't think you truly got it. Sakura let me be your support. I want to be the one holding you when you're crying, the person whose shoulder you lean on when you're tired, the one to make you laugh and see your smile."

"Why?" Cut in Sakura softly. "Why do you want to do so much for me?" Sai hesitated for a second, as if unsure of what to say. Taking Sakura's hands in his own, Sai looked Sakura in the eye and said,

"Because I love you Sakura."


Sai opened his mouth to say more but was interrupted by Sakura. Sakura, an unreadable expression on her face, abruptly stood up, pulling her hands away from Sai's.

"Thank you for your support, Sai. However… you know there's nothing I can do. It's just not possible for me to stop loving Sasuke-kun."


Staring out the window at the gloomy April weather, Sasuke let out a sigh. Although he had talked big to the elders, in truth, he had no idea what he was going to say at the press conference. Should he tell the media of his relationship with Mika or deny it? What of his brother? He knew he had promised revenge to Mika, but somehow it just didn't feel like the right thing to do. Frustrated, he ran a hand through his hair.

Too absorbed in is thoughts, Sasuke failed to see Mika coming into the room, carrying a large bento box. Mika softly put the box on a table and quietly tip-toed behind him. Placing her hands over Sasuke's eyes, she whispered into his ears a playful, "Guess who?"

"Mika, now isn't the time for games."

Pouting, Mika took a seat next to Sasuke. "What's the point of being your girlfriend if I can't play around with you any?" Opening up the bento box, she stuffed a piece of sushi into her mouth. "Anyways, have you prepared for the press conference?"

Sasuke ignored the question and instead proceeded to stare out the window. A sudden flash of pink caught his attention and he saw Sakura dancing in the streets, despite the rain and clouds. Not sure why, Sasuke longed to go down there, next to her. But the appearance of Sai with an umbrella, protecting Sakura, and bright smile Sakura flashed back at him, was enough to make Sasuke reconsider.

"Suke-kun, were you listening to me?" Mika questioned. Sasuke looked at her, an empty feeling in his stomach.

"Sorry Mika. I'm just a little tired." Sasuke stood up to leave, but before he could, Mika caught his arm.

"Sasuke, I know that you dislike all these rumors, but are they really that bad? I mean, we can finally be together this way." Sasuke said nothing and instead, gently pried Mika's hand from his arms and walked away. Feeling tears well up in her eyes, Mika shouted at Sasuke's retreating figure,

"I love you Suke-kun!" When he didn't answer, she added softly, "You better give your reply at the press conference."


"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shouted at the retreating figure of Sasuke. If Sasuke heard, he made no indication of it as he continued to walk farther and farther away from Sakura. "You bastard! I know you heard me." Catapulting herself at him, Sakura swung around to face Sasuke and glared at his frowning face. "Nice to see you too."

"I'm busy Sakura, let me go." Sasuke demanded, pointedly avoiding her gaze.

"You're busy? You're always busy recently, Sasuke!" Sakura said frustrated. "Either that or you're tired. But I hear nothing of what you're doing? Really, as your wife, I have a right to know that!" Sasuke pried Sakura's hands off his arm and characteristically ran his hand through his raven locks with a sigh of annoyance.

"I'm preparing for a press conference, okay? Happy? Now let me go." As Sasuke began to walk away again Sakura felt herself unconsciously fist her hands in anger and felt angry tears pour down her face.

"Do you really think I'm that stupid? Press conference, my ass! I know that you're going to see Fuyuno Mika. Do you really feel the need to lie to me like that?!"

"If you knew, then why did you ask?" Sasuke replied, still walking way. He paused and then turned around to look at her. "I already told the driver that we won't be going home together from now on, so you can stop trying to rush to catch up with me. I'll see you later." Sasuke rounded the corner and proceeded out of Sakura's view. Once he did so, she let out a wail of frustration and kicked the nearby pillar.


(Press Conference)

Sasuke walked up to a cloth covered table, taking his seat between the King and Queen of Hi no Kuni. He stared out at the audience, ignoring the blinding flashes of the paparazzi. Scanning the audience, he saw Mika sitting in the first row, eyes slightly puffy, staring expectantly at him. He saw Sakura in the back, defiantly refusing to take her seat next to him as was customary. And he saw Sai next to her. Sasuke felt his mouths instantly, unexpectedly, turn down when he spotted Sai. A slight tugging feeling bothered him and a scene of Sai and Sakura laughing together flashed across his mind. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, to compose himself, prepare himself for the onslaught of prodding, questioning, and so forth, Sasuke began to speak.

"I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to come here. I know that there has been much unrest throughout the country these past few days, and I feel, I know, that it is my responsibility as the Crown Prince of Hi no Kuni, to clam the people, to reassure them of any doubts they may have of the Royal Family."

"Around the internet and television, there was been many pictures of myself and Fuyuno Mika swirling around. Due to the nature of them, there has been much accusation as well about our relationship." Sasuke looked Mika straight in the eye as he said the following words. "Our relationship is nothing of lovers, just friends. It is as pure and simple as that. I am completely devoted to my wife, the Crown Princess of Hi no Kuni, Haruno—Uchiha—Sakura."

Mika tried to muffle a sob as she heard those words. 'So this is your answer Suke-kun?'

"Furthermore, I would like to shed light on an incident from long ago that has been covered up by the Royal Family." Looking towards the back of the room, Sasuke spotted Itachi in the shadows, a long cloak disguising him from the media. "15 years ago, the CEO of Asahi Enterprise Fuyuno Kazuki was tragically murdered. The media claimed it was a delirious homeless man. But that is not the truth." Murmurs rippled across the audience after Sasuke said this. Yamamoto Elder, sitting next to the king, angrily whispered,

"What are you doing Sasuke?!" Sasuke shot him a cold stare and replied,

"Telling the truth." Motioning for the reporters to calm down, Sasuke resumed. "As I said, it was no homeless man who killed Fuyuno-san, but instead my older brother Uchiha Itachi. That is all I would like to say, thank you very much."

Sasuke stood up and was instantly surrounded by reporters. He pressed his way through the crowd but stopped when Mika stepped in front of him.

"You promised me that you would stay with me forever." Mika cried softly. Sasuke looked down at her, eyes softening.

"No Mika. I promised you that I would stay with you until you get your revenge. And now you have it."

"Then do you love her?"



(Yamamoto Yoga Clinic)

The bell on the front door rang to indicate a visitor, distracting Satsuki from the televised press conference. Satsuki made an annoyed noise as she tore herself away from the television and went to see who the visitor was.

"I'm sorry but we're closed for today…" She began when she saw who the visitor was.

"Aunt Satsuki. It's been awhile," said a stoic Itachi.

"It has indeed Itachi…kun. What brings you here? If you haven't seen Sasuke's press conference you're labeled a murderer now." Satsuki said as she crossed her arms over her chest. Even if her grudge was again Sasuke, she still couldn't forgive her brother-in-law's family for allowing the old king to send Sai and her away from Hi no Kuni.

"I know. I just came from there. But what my foolish little brother does is of no concern to me." Itachi reached his hand into a pocket and pulled out a package which he thrust out to give to Satsuki. Satsuki hesitantly took the package, a small worn out looking jewelry case.

"This is?" She asked perplexed. "The last time I checked, my birthday was in a month."

"I'll tell you soon. May I come in?" Nodding, Satsuki moved aside to allow Itachi to enter. She led him to the kitchen and began brewing a fresh pot of tea.

"Well?" Satsuki asked expectantly as she set a cup before Itachi.

"I know you hold a grudge against my family." Itachi began. "But have you even thought that your anger is misplaced?" Satsuki felt the anger she had tried to hard to restrain bubble up inside of her.

"Misplaced?! You know very well why I hold a grudge against your brother and you ask if it is misplaced!"

"Yes, I know why you hold a grudge against Sasuke. He may be a selfish boy but I assure you he is not the one you should be so angry against." Itachi replied emotionless.

"Enough! Your question of my judgment insults me. If you have nothing good to say and if you are not going to explain to me what this worthless package is than you can leave!" Satsuki abruptly stood up and started to open the kitchen door to show Itachi out. Still sitting, as if in defiance, Itachi said,

"I do not mean to insult you Aunt Satsuki. I only ask you to think reasonably. Let me ask you this, what day did Uncle Masao die?"

"15 years ago on July 23rd, Sasuke's birthday." Satsuki answered tersely. "If your memory is really that bad, allow me to refresh it.

"That day Masao went out to buy Sasuke a birthday gift. I told him he could just stay home and send someone to buy it for him. But no, he had to go and assure that the gift he gave Sasuke was acceptable. Masao loved that boy too much. I thought sometimes that he loved him more than he loved his own son. And so, as you know very well, he went to the toy shop accompanied by you to buy Sasuke a gift. And when he was coming home, he was killed in a car accident. If it wasn't for Sasuke, Masao wouldn't have been killed!" Satsuki cried out, dashing away the stubborn tears that welled up in her eyes.

"Are you satisfied with reducing me to this state!? What do you wish to accomplish by forcing me to remember the worse day of my life!"

"Nothing other than to tell you the truth. Your account is… mostly correct." Itachi said slowly. "It is true that July 23rd is Sasuke's birthday, but have you forgotten that it is another celebratory day?" His question took Satsuki aback.

"Another celebratory day…?" She thought for awhile before quietly replying, "That July 23rd was Masao's and my 10th wedding anniversary." Smiling softly at the memory she continued, "I remember thinking how blessed I was to have been married to Masao for so long. During the first years of our marriage I had had trouble conceiving and there were talks about the Elders forcing Masao to remarry so he could produce an heir to the throne. I was so angry with Masao for neglecting Sai, the very reason we were able to remain together, that I had forgotten it was our anniversary as well."

"That is correct." Itachi picked up the package which Satsuki had left on the table and once again handed it to her. "You should open this now."

Satsuki took the packages, glancing questioningly at Itachi. She opened the box hesitantly and gasped. Inside was a ring nestled in a bed of silk. It wasn't overly gaudy or flashy with only three small sapphires positioned between winding strings of white gold. On the inside cover of the box was printed the words: "To the one love in my life, Satsuki. May God bless us with another 100 years of happiness together."

"This… this is?" Satsuki asked shakily.

"A ring."

"I know that! But how did you get it."

"As you said, Masao left the palace the morning of July 23rd. But it wasn't to get a present for Sasuke. In fact he had already wrapped it up and placed it beside my brother's bedside. His purpose for going out was to pick up this ring he had made especially for you. I'm sorry it took me so long to return it to you were virtually impossible to find after you left Hi no Kuni."

"So…so you're saying the reason why Masao went out that day was to…" Satsuki trailed off.

"To give that to you. That is correct." Itachi watched Satsuki's face as she pieced together the facts. Her face slowly morphed from a sad remembrance to a horrified mask.

"Then… the person who really killed Masao was--" Turning to look at Itachi, Satsuki shook her head in disbelief. Itachi only nodded.

"No… no, it can't be! It can't be. It can't…"


Taking a deep breath, Sakura leaned back in the sofa she was sitting on and gazed up at the ceiling. Reflecting back on the past events, she realized that it had already been half a year since she and Sasuke had suddenly gotten engaged and then married. Yet already within this short span of time, a whirlwind of events had happened, leaving Sakura confused and more importantly lonely. What had happened to her plan of getting married to some normal, but nice, guy and leading the happy life of a commoner? Instead of the secure future she had so desperately dreamed of, she was in the position that nearly all the girls in Hi no Kuni would die for. She should happy about that right? But yet she wasn't.

'Am I really this selfish that I'm not happy with the position I'm in right now?' Sakura thought miserably to herself. 'I'm horrible for wanting more… but is it really all that much to ask that the man I'm to spend the rest of my life with to love me?'


Quickly wiping away a lone tear that had escaped, Sakura opened the door to her room. Expecting it to be Yoshino-sama or even Queen Mikoto, she was surprised when she was greeted with the cold onyx eyes she knew so much.

"Sasuke…" she uttered quietly. "What are you doing here?"

"Here." Sasuke said, avoiding her question. In his hands was a thick yellow envelope. Sakura took it as instructed and opened it up while asking,

"What is this Sasuke? Do you really have time to get such things for me? Don't you have to worry about—" She stopped in the middle of her sentence when she read the title on the top piece of paper she held. Sakura looked up sharply at Sasuke and whispered, "Sasuke… what's the meaning of this?" Sakura noted how Sasuke ran a hand through his hair as was his habit to do when he was feeling uncomfortable.

"I know you've the seen the news by now Sakura. As you know, the Royal Family is not in a very good position right now and even I have no idea what the future holds. Before this spins too out of control, you should get out." Sasuke averted his eyes from Sakura's which were already filling up with tears.

"I've already filled out my portion of the divorce papers… all you need to do is sign and you're free of me. I know this probably isn't the best of timing but isn't this what you've always wanted? The Royal Family will make sure that you and your family will be able to move to somewhere like Suna no Kuni where you can lead a peaceful life away from the scandals we've created. Well I guess you can never be rid of them, but hopefully within a month of so, they'll quiet down a bit." Unable to think of anything else to say, Sasuke turned his back to Sakura and began walking away from Sakura. He walked half-way across the hall before he stopped.

"I guess this is good-bye Sakura. I… I'm sorry I haven't been a very good husband to you Sakura. You deserve better. Use this opportunity to go and lead the life you've always been complaining that I stole from you."

"I don't want to!!" Sakura shouted. Not caring that her tears were now flowing freely down her cheeks, Sakura threw the divorce papers onto the floor and ran to Sasuke, embracing him tightly from the back.

"I don't want to Sasuke." She repeated. "I don't care if everyday will be a living Hell from now on and I don't care if the media tears my reputation to shreds. As long as you're by my side I don't care! So please Sasuke, don't tell me I have to leave. Please don't."

"Sakura… You know this is for your own good."

"Since when do you care what's for my own good?! I'll decide what I want to do. Don't you see Sasuke? I love you! I love you, you good for nothing, obnoxious, arrogant, pompous chicken head! I love you…"

Sasuke stood there still for a few moments as if trying to absorb what Sakura had just said. He then, however, turned to face Sakura and gently slid her arms off of his own. Sighing deeply, he dug a handkerchief from his pocket and almost tenderly wiped the tears from Sakura's face.

"Blow," he instructed. Sakura compliantly blew her nose and wiped the remaining tears from her face with the back of her hands. Sasuke sighed again as he saw that a fresh batch of tears was welling up again in Sakura's eyes and ran a hand through the raven locks Sakura loved so much.

He suddenly leaned in closer to Sakura and gently pressed his lips against Sakura's own. Sakura didn't know why he was kissing her, after all, despite what he had said earlier, the one he loved was Mika, but she didn't care. Closing her eyes, she savored the warmth and gentleness of the kiss, so uncharacteristic of the usual cold Sasuke. Sasuke pulled away after a few seconds and whispered,

"Sakura… thank you." Then all went black.


(Mainichi Newspaper Company, Editor Konan's Office)

"Hey boss, this package came for you." An employee handed a thick envelope to editor Konan. She took the envelope and questioned,

"From who?" The employee only shrugged and waving farewell, exited the office. "I bet it's some kind of gag or a desperate family trying to get attention." Konan muttered to herself as she tore open the envelope. She pulled out the thick stack of papers and picked up the first one—a letter—and read:


It's been awhile. I know you haven't forgotten all the times I have helped you in the past. It is my turn now to ask you for help in return. These papers prove that the car accident that took the life former king Uchiha Masao was no accident. I won't say anymore for the papers will explain everything.


Konan, although mildly shocked at Itachi's sudden request, perused through the papers. Her eyes grew wide as she read. With a shaky hand, Konan picked up the phone and said,

"Stop the presses. There's a more important story we need to publish."


Hey, Naruto speaking! Jeez, why isn't it until now that you let me do one of these previews? Anyways, who cares if Sasuke is totally being a douche and a player (bastard, playing around with my Sakura-chan!) since I'm going to be the next king, believe it! I still have the contract Sasuke signed giving me the rights to be the next ruler of Hi no Kuni. Ignore the fact that he was drunk when I forced, I mean, when he voluntarily signed it. Who cares about being in the royal family anyways? Haven't you ever heard of a revolution? I swear, I'm going to revolt against that teme if he keeps being a total asshole. But what's worse is that Sakura-chan totally hasn't turned to me for support, but instead that new kid Sai. What's up with that?!

Next time, Chapter 12: Puzzle Pieces

"Sai-kun… I'm tired of waiting for something that's never going to happen. I…I want to know what true love is like. Won't you show me?"

-Haruno Sakura, former Crown Princess of Hi no Kuni