15 Ways to Annoy the Hell out of James Potter

By: GoddessGirl123

Summery: When Lily Evans best friend, Tara Andrews, gives her a book, she can't help or resist using these useful tips on a certain hazel eyed boy she knows from it.

Some things to know:: Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been writing much, but I am so going to update Time Warp soon! I would also like to add that if you were a fan of my story Fix You, but (like most, and including myself) were unhappy with the ending, well, happy days! I have posted an edited version, and the ending has been modified! So, have fun with life!

SOMETHING YOU REALLY WANT TO READ : This story reveals some out comes of my story Time Warp, but there have been some plot changes including Harry never coming, and that they are in 7th year in that story, and this one to, but James and Lily are head girl and boy in this one unlike the other. The thing with Anne-Marie and Leon happened in 6th year in this story, while it happened in 7th year in the other. Ok, after confusing all of you greatly, here is the story!

SOMETHING YOU MUST READ : Those who haven't read Time Warp, you really should, you might get a bit confused if you don't. YE BE WARNED.

Chapter One: A Chance that can not be Turned Down

"Please!" came the pitiful cry of James Potter as he held onto the ends of a certain red head girl. He whimpered piteously, made his hazel eyes sparkle and shine, and puffed out his bottom lip.

"No! Let go of me!" Lily Evans yelled again as she struggled to pull James across the floor of the hallway to the Head boy and girl room. "And put that lip away, stick it out any more and you'll trip on it..."

"But Lily, come on! Pleaaaasssseeeee?"

"James, if I said no before, why would you think I would say yes now?"

"Because I'm perfect and irresistible?" Lily stopped walking and turned to face James as best she could with him holding onto the back of her robes.

"Ok, I understand this is completely and terribly boring for you to listen to, since you are clearly diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and could find many things to be more interested in but, to bad, I'm saying it again and I'm never repeating myself again. I'm never ever ever ever never ever going out with you!" With that, she yanked her robes out from his grasp and stalked down the corridor, into the Head girl and boy common room, and up her staircase.

Lily quickly said her password (Flower Fresh) and proceed to walk through the door.

"HI LILY!" Lily screamed as a flash or black and brown zoomed at her.

"Oh my god, Tara?" Lily said she dropped her bags and flung her arms around her friend. "How are you? How's your life?" Lily pulled back and looked into her friends dark eyes.

"Have you spoken to Anne-Marie." Tara's face visually darkened even though her skin was so dark.

"No, she won't talk ever since he dumped her and started going out with me."

"Did you hear that she's dating Sirius now?" Lily said, trying to hurriedly change the subject.

"Yeah, even if you leave to live in France for a year you still know the latest gossip! I also hear that James Potter is after you." She grinned smugly as Lily blushed, hard red.

"Yeah, he's really annoying, he follows me every where...So, why are you here any way?"

"I happened to remember that it was your birthday in a couple of days, so I thought since Léon was doing a tour thing in London and I was going, I would drop by and give you your present personally!" With that, the dark skinned girl reached into a large orange purse she was carrying and pulled out three packages. One was a square and thick, clearly a box of something, the other a flat rectangular box wrapped in sky blue paper. The last was the smallest; it was clearly a book of some sort.

"Oh, thank you! Which one should I open first?" Lily asked excitedly as she drew up some chairs and a round glass table for them to sit by.

"This one," Tara said happily, sitting down and handing her the largest square box. "I think you'll love me forever after you look at it!" Lily unwrapped the box and carefully opened the lid. Inside were many posters, CDs, and other pictures of Tara, Léon, and both Tara and Léon.

"Thought you might want some things to remember me by!" Tara smiled as Lily laughed and unfurled some off the posters.

"You mean redecorate my dorm room so that every where I turn there's your face?"

"Yep, pretty much!" Lily laughed again as she set the box aside. "Now which one?"

"This one! I picked it out myself." Tara squealed joyously and handed her the flat large rectangular box. Lily noted that the box was quiet long, and when she stood it up against her, it almost reached her shoulders. Lily, smiling, unwrapped and open this present too. As soon as she did she gasped.

"Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!" Inside this box was a beautiful sparkling emerald green dress that stopped around mid thigh. The green ended just above her chest and faded into a white shimmering almost see-through clothe that seemed softer then any silk in the world. The white thin material was long sleeved, and was very tight. The dress looked like it was made just for her, the exact right size.

"You like?" Tara grinned as Lily ran her fingers over the glinting dress.

"I love!" Lily exclaimed as she touched what seemed to be diamonds that were inlayed around the part where the green and white met. There were small ones all around and a huge large one in the center.

"Are these real diamonds?"

"Yes and no. They're special diamonds; each one brings a special gift to you or means something different. That big one in the center is a Luck Crystal, there are few on this earth and are only located at the dead center of the Mediterranean Sea in a black tough-as-steel rock." Lily was amazed at how much Tara had done for her, just to get this dress for her.

"This is one of the best things some one has ever given me!" Lily whispered in awe, trying her best to hold in her excitement to put the dress on straight away.

"Ok, last and final gift." Tara said handing her the present shaped like a book. "I think it might come in handy." After seeing her other gifts, she was quite thrilled to open this one, and had much anticipation. It was a book indeed, but it was a book she hadn't seen in any store or bookshop she had ever visited. Green leather bound, silver curling writing forming the words 'Annoyed, how to annoy the annoying, by I Emma Annoyance'.

"Oh, I'm going to love reading this." Lily said flipping through some of the pages.

"Thought it might come in handy for double P's." Lily looked confused for a moment, but then a light sparked in her head. Potter Problems, that's what Tara used to call them all the time.

"It sure will..." Lily said smiling.

"Promise to tell me what happens!" Tara said hugging her friend. "I would love to stay, but I'm meeting up with Paige to say hi to her and Remus. Then, its time for me to go to Holland for a performance!"

"Have fun, and try to visit again sometime!" Lily said some what sadly as she hugged her friend again.

"I will!" Tara said cheerfully. "Good Bye, enjoy your birthday presents!"

"I'm sure I will!" Lily smiled, and she was gone. Lily sighed and looked at the three wonderful gifts she had been given. Lily picked up the book and smiled as she let her fingers drift over the title. The bell rang loudly, a sign to go to 5th period. Lily quickly slipped the book into her book bag and hurried out the door.

This is going to be fun...