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Warning: Contains slash, mature content in the future.

Emerald eyes sorrowfully watched the battered petite teenager clutch the limp body, flinching at the sight of the crimson liquid staining the calloused hands. It was painful to watch…

He had to strike... or else it was his life. It wasn't… it wasn't his fault…right?

"Raimundo…" the Dragon of Fire whispered, her slender hand reaching out to comfort her leader. "It's for the best… it's not your fault…" she added, as if she had read the Pedrosa's mind.

But for some reason, Raimundo could not shake away the guilt eating away his heart as he watched Omi rock Chase Young's body back and forth, hoping – wishing – that he would open his eyes. I'm… I'm sorry…

A Child's Heart


I love you, little one.

I stared at the ceiling. The final battle between him and my team was three months ago in my time-frame, but the image of his bloody corpse was still fresh in my mind. Tears dripped down my cheeks, staining the pillow.

Subconsciously, I knew that would happen. That it would end like that, but I ignored the warning. For some reason, I naively believed that he would somehow become "good." I should have known it was a foolish wish, but after meeting his alternate personality, I thought it was possible. Hearing him say that he wished he did not drink that disgusting soup… I thought I could cure him. I thought I could save him.

I should have stayed away.

The moment I saw Raimundo's sword plunge through his chest, time seemed to slow down, as if trying to prolong my misery. I felt… tortured. It is probably the wrong word, but it holds the perfect meaning. If I had known that I would fall in love… that wouldn't have happened. He would be still alive… and I wouldn't have to feel so….so… shattered.

I pushed Raimundo away once he had retrieved his blade, trying to see his body. The blood gushed out like waterfalls... I stared at him. It wasn't the usual annoying notorious smirk he usually had on, but the beautiful grin that I saw the parallel Chase wore.

And when he whispered those three words… I wanted to die along with him. He never said them before. Never. Not even when I said it. He had simply laughed. At first, I thought he was mocking my declaration, but he soon gently kissed me after. Actions spoke louder than words; I knew… I knew he loved me too. Despite the show of affection, I still wished to hear those words.

But now, all I want... is him to hold me again.

However, I knew that wish will never be granted. The only thing I could do now… is to make sure my younger self doesn't fall in love with Chase Young, so he wouldn't feel the pain of loving... losing... the enemy.

And it would mean... Chase would live. Raimundo was able to kill him because of my love for him. Thus, this time, he wouldn't be able to. I planned carefully, remembering my last time mishap. I thought of all the possibility, thinking of all the consequences... and how if something went wrong, what I would do to fix it. It was an agonizing month of planning... but I'm sure...it'll be worth it.

Although it would mean losing my memories of Chase and me... but I don't care.

I heard a loud knock on my door, followed by a young Kimiko yelling, "Sui-san! Breakfast is ready."

Sui Aoiryuu… that was my fake name. It was to make everyone think I'm Japanese, so they wouldn't think I'm their future Omi. However, I'm surprised my identity couldn't be any more obvious. The name meant, "Water Blue Dragon."

Getting out of bed, I pulled on my blue tunic, the kanji for water stitched into the back. After tying the black sash around my waist, I slipped on the black fingerless gloves onto my hands. Then I picked up the final part of my outfit. It was a shinobi mask; Kimiko gave to me, to further back the theory that I came from Japan. It's styled to look like a cat… ironic isn't it?

What do you think of my new writing format? Anyways, I know, another story to finish, but after watching "Time after Time," I thought of this and I needed to write it out... I actually dreamed of it too... It was rather strange ... seeing a "teen" Omi. He looked weird because he was "anime-ish" but you can sort of tell he's Omi.

Anyways, before Japanese reader/students tell me "Sui" isn't the right word for water, I read somewhere it is, though I know "mizu" is the Japanses word for water as well. Also, I know that "Sui" is the Mandarin word for water too…

As for Omi's age... I guess around... twenty-two. Raimumdo and the others would be around twenty-six.

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