Despite Omi's annoying boasting, everyone was drawn to him. His constant determination was something to be admired, and his naivety only made people want to protect him. No one wanted to let the childish gleam in his eyes die, even if they knew…

Everyone had to grow up sometime. Dojo wished Omi did not have to grow up so soon.

A Child's Heart

Interlude: A Kiss Is…

Raimundo is acting very strange – his animosity was unexpected. Perhaps my presence is changing his personality… However… perhaps he was simply looking after my younger self. I loathe to admit this, but I must confess, I was rather… oblivious to certain things. I… gave my trust freely.

But somehow, something is telling me that this is not the case. My heart clenched, and I briskly walked towards my room. I…

I never been so frightened of Raimundo. Even though he killed…

I honestly hate how idiotic I am. To keep remembering… my heart constantly in pain.



Why? Why did I love him so much? I… He stood for what I despised – evil. He is – was the personification of evil. He mocked me, manipulated me, hurt me… yet I still loved him. He was what I wanted to be – strong. He was…kind… in his own way. He…

He was the reason I am in this mess, my mind asserted. Biting my lip, I once again, probably for the… fifty-second time, told myself I need to focus on the mission. If I complete the mission, I will… I will…

Will I…

Will I…

Will I –

"Sui-san! You are bleeding!"

In reflex, my hand automatically grabbed my younger self, who yelped. Cursing softly, I let him go and mumbled a soft apology. I stared at the crimson leaking from the small punctures in my hand.

"I will bandage it. I was deep in thought. Once again, I'm sorry Omi," I finally uttered.

"It's… are you okay?"

I stared at myself. There was so much…care in his eyes. So much… ignorance.

"Do you know what a kiss is?" I gaped in shock, grateful my mask covered my face. Why did I ask that?

My younger self raised an eyebrow. "Of course I know what it is. It is when lips touch something else."

I could not help but laugh. A kiss. I When Chase had asked me, I practically gave the same answer.

I never understood why such a strange action would be important. I did not know why it made me so flustered when Kimiko gave me my first kiss, nor did I understand why both Clay and Raimundo become rather irritated when I told them. After all, she just placed her lips on my forehead.

Apparently, usually in a kiss, lips met other lips. Yes, kisses are very strange indeed.

But it was… very… warm. Safe.

Exciting… I remembered when Chase first kissed me.

"Are you all right Sui-san?" Omi asked.

"Yes… I am all right. Could you bring me some bandages?"

"Ah, yes."

As Omi scampered off, I heard a voice asking, "Would you like a kiss with that?" Chase?

I turned around, but no one was there. I sighed. I could practically hear the smirk.

But... it was merely my imagination.

I probably should find the bathroom to disinfect my hand.

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