Summary- Sasuke and Sakura are expecting twins. They should be happy right? Wrong!

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As the gray clouds blanketed the sky, one young man was running though the forest at inhuman speed. "Almost there." The dark hair boy said to himself. His cloths were covered in blood. "Did Orochimaru really think I was that dumb?" He smirked as he thought back to the events that had happened earlier on that day.


"Sasuke-kun." Kabuto said. "Orochimaru –sama wants to see you." "Ah" Sasuke replied. Kabuto lead Sasuke though the long dark halls of Orochimaru's lair. Finally, they came upon two large doors. "Orochimaru –sama. I have brought Sasuke-kun just like you ordered." "Very good." Replied the san-nin "You may come in."

Kabuto pushed on the big heavy doors. "Thank you Kabuto. You may leave now." "Hai Orochimaru-sama" Kabuto walked towards the doors. Just before he was about to close the door, he turned and looked at the young Uchiha. "Good bye Sasuke-kun." He whispered to himself as he closed the door.

"Orochimaru. You wanted to see me?" Sasuke asked as he started into the golden eyes of Orochimaru. "Hai." "Come closer to me Sasuke-kun." Sasuke slowly started to walk towards Orochimaru. "Today is the day." Orochimaru thought to himself. "I will finally have Sasuke-kun's body." He licked his thin pale lips. "I finally obtain the Sharingan." An evil smirk appeared on his face.

"What do you want Orochimaru?" Sasuke asked rudely. "Sasuke-kun is that anyway to speak to someone that is trying to help you?" "Whatever, just get to the point. I need to get back to training." "Sasuke-kun, you are too impatient." Orochimaru replied. "I just wanted to see how you are doing." "Bull Crap." The avenger shouted. "You don't care about anyone, but yourself. " "True." Orochimaru grinned, showing his short white fangs.

"Any way. The reason I summoned you here is because I need to talk to you." "About." The Sharingan user said very bluntly. "Uchiha Itachi." The snake watched as Sasuke's expression turned from being annoyed to pure hatred. Oh, how he loved to see Sasuke's eyes burn with anger. "What about him!" "Hehehehheh." The "old" san-nin giggled.

"Would not you like to know?" "Tell me now!" Sasuke demanded. "Ok Sasuke-kun, but only because I like you "Orochimaru winked at Sasuke. "Ewwwww." The young Uchiha said to himself. "Your brother has reportedly been seen in Mist.

"Nani?" Sasuke ran towards the door. "Wait Sasuke-kun." Orochimaru ordered. "What do you want now?" The impatient young man asked. "I have to go to Mist now!" "My sweet Sasuke-kun." The snake purred. "Do you really think that you can defeat Itachi?"

Sasuke stared at the floor for a few moments. Then, he looked at Orochimaru. "Hai." He said with a little hesitation in his voice. "That is why I came here isn't?" Orochimaru listened intently. "That is the reason why I betrayed Kohona and my comrades." His voice was filled with regret and sorrow.

"Awww, poor Sasuke-kun." The san-nin said with a mischievous grin. "Do you miss your little playmates?" "Shut-up!" "I'm out of here!" Sasuke opened the door. "That's to bad Sasuke-kun." Orochimaru stood up. "I was going to tell you how to beat Itachi, but." "How?" Sasuke interrupted. Orochimaru walked slowly to Sasuke.

When he got near Sasuke, he placed his hand on Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke shivered from his touch. Orochimaru leaned in closer and whispered into Sasuke's ear. "Be come one with me." "What?" Sasuke jumped back two feet. "What are you talking about?" He asked with a puzzled look on his face. "Sasuke-kun lets be come one." Orochimaru started to walk towards Sasuke. "Let me have your body, and we can defeat Itachi together."

Sasuke was stunned. "So that's why he wanted me so badly." Uchiha thought to himself. "He wants to use my body." "So, what will it be Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru's voice snapped Sasuke back into reality. "What do I do?" He asked himself. "Can I really kill Itachi?" "Sasuke-kun I'm waiting."

"Hai" Sasuke said in a low tone of voice. "Humph, what was that Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru put his hand up to his ear and leaned in closer to Sasuke. "I said hai!" He yelled out. "That's what I thought you said." Orochimaru embraced Sasuke. "This may hurt a little." A large dark charka started to engulf Orochimaru and Sasuke. "Oh, Sasuke-kun I have waited for this day for a very long time." "You won't have to any more Orochimaru." Uchiha started to perform hand signs. "Nani?" Orochimaru asked.

"You won't have to wait any longer for YOUR DEATH!" "CHIDORI!" Sasuke exclaimed. He put his whole arm right though Orochimaru's gut. Blood started to spill everywhere. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" Orochimaru screamed at the top of his lungs. "Did your really think I would let a snake like you have my body?" He said in a cocky voice.

Orochimaru's body slowly slid off of Sasuke's arm. "The only way I will kill Itachi is by my hand alone. I don't need any help from anyone." "S…..s…Sasuke." The dieing snake was struggling to speak. "Why did you betray me! Orochimaru started to cough up blood. "We…..We could have been one." "Whatever" Sasuke turned around "I will see you again Sasuke-kun." Orochimaru smirked. "Perhaps in hell." Sasuke replied as he closed the door.

Sasuke races out of the hide out. "OI" he bumped into Kabuto. "Sasuke-kun what was that noise?" He did not answer. Sasuke kept running, until he found the entrance. He busted the door open and ran towards Mist, towards his onii-san, towards freedom.


"hehaha" Sasuke chuckled. "The snake is dead "he paused. "And soon the weasel will be dead as well" Sasuke continued to race though the forest of Mist. Until…"that otoko is near I can feel it." Sasuke started to run even faster than before. He stopped.

"UCHIHA ITACHI!" A man with eyes as red as blood turned around. "It's been a while" "is that all you can say after all of these years" Sasuke yelled. "My foolish little brother, you are lucky that I'm even talking to you" "What was that?" Sasuke inquired. "You are still weak" Itachi paused. "You still lack hated." "GRRRR, I'm going to kill you" The little Uchiha started to make hand signs.

A blue and white light started to glow from his hand. "CHIDORI!" Sasuke exclaimed. "All the same" Itachi thought to himself. Sasuke ran head on towards Itachi.

He was about to hit, but Itachi moved out of the way with little effort. "Foolish little brother" Itachi sent a fist right in Sasuke's gut. "Cough…cough" the young Uchiha started to cough up blood.

'BAM" the thunder roared. Soon it started to rain. "I thought your were going to kill me" Itachi said in a cool yet cocky voice. "I….I will!" he shouted. Sasuke started to perform hand signs again. " this is my last shot " "come on please" Itachi started at his little brother. " those hand signs" he said to himself. "CHIDORI! Sasuke yelled running towards Itachi "he will never learn" Sasuke got about two feet from Itachi then, "CHIDORI KAGE NO BUSHIN!" two sasuke's appeared in font of Itachi "Nani?" Itachi jumped in the air. "Nice trick but you still could not…..itachi was interrupted by a hand going right though his heart.

Blood started gashing out of Itachi. "Little brother you.. you got me" Itachi landed in a pool of his own blood. "Uchiha Itachi it is over." Sasuke said well watching his big brother die. "flooish little brother I will see you later" "Nani"



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