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The stone landscape was filled with a violent explosion. Trees near the vicinity of the explosion fell like dominoes. All of the leaves had been blown off. Once mighty trees now looked like toothpicks. A beautiful, yet ominous light blanketed the landscape. The ground shook in fear. Various wildlife ran trying to escape the unholy light. Winds, caused by the explosion, blew debris several meters in to the air.

After several minutes, the blinding light finally evaporated. The landscape became strangely quite. A tranquil wind came blowing dust on what was once a mighty castle. Out of the dust, a pink flower could be seen glowing. Slowly the flower dissipated.

"Sigh." Hinata sighed as she dispelled the jutsu. "That was a close one!"

The young women wiped the sweat off of her delicate forehead. The other leaf ninja breathe a sigh of relief.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto yelled while running up to his wife. She smiled and looked at her husband.

"You saved us all, Hinata-chan!" The blue-eyed man exclaimed while giving his wife a thumps up. The Hyuuga heiress smiled and blushed. The other Konoha ninja stated to stand up.

"Umm..no, don't thank me Naruto-kun." She paused, and pointed her finger towards TenTen.

"Thank TenTen. If she had not had smelled the gun power, I would have not been able to use my technique in time." Hinata stated.

"Give yourself some credit!" Ino chimed in. "If it was not for you, we will all be dust!"

Hinata blushed and looked down. "T-Thank you, Ino." The lavender-eyed women replied.

"Hinata-sama?" The branch Hyuuga member cocked an eye brow.

"Yes?" Hinata asked.

"What technique was that?" Neji asked.

Hinata smiled proudly. "I called it the Eight-Palm Hana Shield."

"Cool!" Tenet replied.

A cough interrupted the conversation.

"If you guys are done, we have to figure out what in the hell is going on!" Shikamaru stated.

"Shikamaru is right!" Sakura added. "There is defiantly something off here."

"Exactly." Nara agreed. "And I think I know what it is."

"What?" Naruto asked.

"Think about it." The genius paused. "The stone asked for Konoha best ninja's. And then when we arrive, we fell into a trap."

The blonde hair man stretched his head. "I don't get it."

Everyone sighed at the absence mindedness of the Uzumaki male.

"You dobe!" Sasuke replied. "He means that they were trying to get us away from Konoha, so they could attack while were gone!"

"Oh!" Naruto grinned. "I get it now. Thanks Sasuke-teme!"

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched.

"We have to get back as soon as possible!" The green-eyed women yelled.

"Right!" The group agreed in unision.

The eight ANBU members brushed the dust from there outfits, and headed towards Konoha.

As the ANBU raced home, Sakura' mind wondred about her children. She had a sick feeling in her stomach that something had happened to them. It is not that she did trust Hanabi. In fact, she knew that Hanabi was strong and reliable. No, it was just a foreboding feeling that she had. Call it mothers' intuition if you will. The pink-haired woman took a deep breath. Maybe her imagination was running wild…maybe.

Sanosuke slowly opened his eyes. The young Uchiha's meet with a pair of emerald pools.

"Mom?" The boy whispered, barely auditable.

The woman smiled and replied, "No, I am not your mother."

Sanosuke's eyes widen and he instantly started to look for his little sister. He did not have to look for long. She was sleeping soundly right next to him. He watched her chest move up and down in a steady pattern. The young boy gently lifted his hand and touched his sister's cheek. He carefully rubbed it.

"Wake up, little sister." He whispered.

Instantly her eyes slowly started to open. She lifted her hand and placed it on top of her brothers. Then, she slowly started to rise up. The young girl started to study her current surroundings. She noticed that her and her brother where on a queen sized. The room was dimly lit. Funaho turn her head toward the door and noticed the blue lantern that was placed on top of a night stand. Finally, the young girl spotted the green eyed woman smiling at her. Funaho marveled at the woman's golden hair and prefect facial features. The woman appeared to be in her late 30's or early 40's. She wore a simple blue dress with an apron draped over it. Funaho turned and looked at her brother.

"Onii-san, where are we?" She asked calmly.

Sanosuke shook his head as he replied. "I don't know little sister."

The woman chuckled. "Let me explain." She began. "My friend found you two. Both of you were badly injured. He asked me to treat your wounds." The golden haired woman explained.

"Oh!" Sanosuke replied.

"Thank you umm…." Funaho paused.

"Oh, forgive me. My name is Julia." She gave them a bright smile.

"Thank you Julia-san." The twins bowed their heads in respect.

"We are…"

"Uchiha." Julia interrupted Sanosuke.

The twin's eyes widened. "How did you know we were Uchiha?" Funaho asked as she quirked and eyebrow.

The women sighed and leaned back in her chair.

"Well, you see, I knew an Uchiha a few years ago." she paused. "Both of you look just like him."

"So you know our father, Sasuke?" Sanosuke inquired.

"No, it was a different Uchiha." The golden hair women replied

"What was his name" Funaho asked.


Before the woman could reply the door slowly opened to reveal a man. The man was very tall and handsome. His sliver eyes danced in the dim light of the room. The man's face was long and appeared to be weary of war. He wore a long black trach coat that matched his black pants. A white t-shirt could be seen peeking out of the troach coat. His cold sliver eyes looked at the twin's stoically.

"So," His deep husky voice said. "They are awake."

The twins stared at the new person that had entered the room. His mere presences felt cold and uncaring, compared to the woman they just met. They could tell that the man was very powerful. The aqua that he gave off weighed the room down.

"Vicious." Julia's eyes widened in shock.

"Who are you?" The young Uchiha boy asked.

"This is my friend I was telling you about." She replied nervously. "He is the one who…"

"Knocked both of you out." The sliver haired man cut off Julia.

"What!" Sanosuke yelled. He turned to Funaho. "Let's get him sis!" Their Sharingan activated instinctual.

"Sharingan!" Julia gasped.

Vicious smirked and drew his sword. The three stared at each other for what seem like an entity. Julia watched the scene in horror. She had just patched up the twins. If they get into a fight there wounds could reopen. Plus, she could not figure out what was Vicious thinking. Picking a fight with little children! The woman was perplexed by the man's actions. Suddenly, the twins jumped off the bed and headed toward the smirking man.

"Stop!" Julia yelled.

The twins gracefully landed on the wooden floor.

"Humm" Vicious scuffed. The silver haired man left the room in a flash.

Julia took a deep sigh of relief. Then, she helped the twins get back into bed.

"What is that guy's problem?" Sanosuke asked pouting.

She laughed. "Oh don't man him. He is always like that."

After the twins were placed in the bed, the woman stated to hum a tone.

"Julia-san?" Funaho asked.


"Why did Vicious-san bring us here" The Uchiha girl asked.

She smiled. "I don't know. Now you two need to get some rest."

Funaho nodded and laid back down snuggling close to her older brother.

"I don't know." She thought was she watched the twins daft off to sleep. She continued to hum.

After several hours, the Konoha ninja finally made it back home. What they saw when they returned was a horrible site. Konoha was on fire! The village glowed in a dreadful fire. Screams of the injured and dying raped the atmosphere. Smoke and ash bellowed around what used to be houses. Tiny ambers lit the sky like fireflies. The Konoha ninja stared in awe.

"Oh my God!" Sakura gasped.

Naruto balled up his fist in rage. "Those bastards!"

Tears formed in Hinata's eyes. "The kids, we have to find the kids!"

"Hanabi probably took them to the shelter. Let's go!" Shikamaru yelled.

They all nodded and took off for the shelter.

The group finally made it to the shelter. The women in the group take off and call their children's names. They push random people out of the way. The people give them sour looks, but the women do not care they have to find their children.

"Naota, Tenji, Hideki!" Hinata yelled.

"Shikano…Inoni! Ino screamed.

"Sanosuke…Funaho!" yelled Sakura.

"Koji!" Tenten shouted.

"Mommy!" Shikano yelled with glee.

The women ran to the source of the voice. The mothers' eyes widen with joy when they saw their children. They ran up to them can gave them big hugs.

"We are so happy you guys are safe!" Hinata smiled.

"Hanabi-oneesan protected us." Koji replied.

Sakura looked around. She saw Daisuke and Shiro, but she did not see Sanosuke and Funaho. Her heart sunk.

"Hanabi?" She asked calmly.

Hanabi slowly and nervously turned her head to Sakura.

"Yes Sakura-san?"

"Where are Sanosuke and Funaho?"

Hanabi and the children looked down on the ground.

"Well…you see."

"They took off on their own during the battle." Koji answered for her.

Sakura's face became pale.

"But Kakashi-sensei is looking for them Sakura-san!" The lavender eyed woman added. "I know he will find them!"

Sakura leaned against the wall. Her body slowly slid down the cold stone wall. Everything around her started to spin. Her heart began beat at an unnatural rate.

Soon, the men of the group finally caught up with the women.

"Daddy!" Naota yelled and ran over to give his father a hug. The blonde man laughed and hugged his son tightly. Naruto looked over to see Sakura on the ground.

"Sakura-chan?" He put Naota down and walked over to his close friend. Then, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Sakura-chan?" he repeated.

Sakura did not look up at Naruto. She was lost in her own world. Sasuke looked at his wife and wondered what was going on. After a few seconds, he realized that all of the children where there except for Sanosuke and Funaho. Where in the hell were they? A "proofing" sound broke his train of thought. The ninja turned around. Out of a swirl of smoke, Kakashi appeared.

"Kakashi-Sensei!" Hanabi shouted. "Did you find Sanosuke-kun and Funaho-chan?"

The copy ninja did not replay. He simply placed his hand in his pocket and pulled out the torn blooded clothed that had the Uchiha symbol on it.

"I am so sorry, Sakura….Sasuke." he paused. "I did not make it in time."

Everyone gasped. Sakura nails digged into the cold mud. Tears poured out from her eyes.

"AHHHH!" her scream echoed though the shelter. Naruto wrapped his arms around her. Tears formed in his eyes as well.

"Let it all out Sakura-chan!" he said in between sobs.

Sasuke stood there emotionless as he looked at his wife cry. He could not believe it. They were…dead. His children were dead. Memories of the Uchiha massacre flooded his mind. He felt so weak and helpless back then. And now with all of the power he had. He could not save his own children! No! They could not be dead! He refused to believe it. He would look for them. Sasuke knew deep inside his heart that they were still alive.

"AHH!" Another scream came Sakura. The grouped looked at the woman with sorrow.

As the golden haired woman watched the Uchiha twins sleep, she remembered about what happened a few hours ago.


A violent knock erupted at the door. The woman shot up and ran towards the door.

"Who is it?" She asked.

"Vicious." A cold voice replied.

The woman turned the knob on the door. A cold breeze hit the woman's gentle face. She looked up. Green orbs stared in to sliver ones. Julia examined the man. Taking notice that he was covered in blood and dirt, her eyes widened in shock. She noticed that he was carrying something.

"Are you hurt?" She inquired.


He walked into the small house and laid the two objects he was carrying on the floor.

"But they are." he replied.

The woman gasped.

"What…Oh my God! What happened to them?" She said as she bent down and examined their wounds.

"Their village was attacked." Vicious replied.

She placed a hand on each of the twin's faces. They appeared not to be suffering from a fever. That was a good thing. The golden haired women noticed the various kunai makes on their bodies. Who in the world would to this to a child?

"You will treat their wounds." he stated plainly as he headed towards the bathroom.

"Wait!" She exclaimed.

He stopped in his tracks.

"Why did to save them?"

Vicious smirked and turned around. He pointed is long narrow finger at the twins.

"Take a good look at their faces and you tell me." With that he disappeared into the back room.

Julia turned to the twins and carefully studied their features. Her green eyes widen.

"They look like…..Uchiha Itachi!"

End Flashback

She sighed as she watched the children sleep.

"What is Vicious thinking?" She said out loud to no one in particular.

The door suddenly spring open. The twins shot out of their sleep.

"Get up." Vicious stated.

Sanosuke gave the older man a death glare. "Why should we?"

He smirked. "Because I am going to train you two."






A/N Wow! What relationship did Julia and Vicious have with Itachi? And why does Vicious want to train the twins? How will Sakura and Sasuke deal with the "death" of the twins? Find out next time!