Title: Fiancé
Part: 1/2
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: AU, OOCness ((more in Yami then anyone else)), Evil Hallucination Ryou's mouth, the destruction of lawn gnomes, Yami's perverted fanatasies ((nothing graphic)), SAP, crazy parents, unbeta-d
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairings: YxY, BxR
Rating: M ((to be being safe))
Disclaimer: I own nuzzin, except for ze plot!
Description: When Yami's parents visit, they expect to meet Yami's finacé. Except Yami doesn't have a finacé. Knowing that if he doesn't get a finacé for himself, his parents will get one for him, Yami convinces Yuugi to take the part. All the while Yuugi has to act as if he's in love with Yami, and if Yami has any say in the matter Yuugi won't be just acting for long...

Rated purly for Evil Hallucination Ryou's mouth and Yami's perverted self.


Written for Deyja! YAAY Deyja!

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'Hallucination Ryou talking'

'Evil Hallucination Ryou talking'

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"Yuugi! There you are!"

A teen-ish looking person turned around to face the person calling. His hair was spiked in an unusual manner, even odder was the fact that it was three different colors (he claimed it to be completely natural). He had blonde bangs framing his face; the rest was black that merged into a violet color that matched his eyes. Currently, he was wearing blue slacks, white sneakers, a tight black leather tank top and a leather neck belt. On his shoulder was a black carrier bag that had various Duel Monster stickers on it.

He turned to see his longtime friend, Ryou Bakura, just as he was enveloped in a hug.

"Ryou! Not... breathing!"

The albino laughed sheepishly, releasing the slightly shorter man. Ryou's long white hair was tied back in a ponytail (something his boyfriend wouldn't have liked had he been there) and his brown eyes were dancing with amusement. Ryou was wearing a baggy, brown sweatshirt, green cargo pants, and black boots.

"Yuugi, I've been looking everywhere for you! You were supposed to meet me at the coffee shop over an hour ago!"

Yuugi's eyes widened. "What! Ryou, I'm so sorry. I lost track of time I guess.." Yuugi sighed as he ran a hand through his hair distractedly.

Ryou looked at his friend worriedly. "Yuugi? What's wrong? You've been really distracted lately."

Yuugi looked up to meet his friend's gaze. Knowing he'd have to tell him sooner or later, Yuugi decided it was finally time to tell his friend what had been going on.

"I'm not going to be able to come back next semester." Yuugi braced himself for his friend's reaction.

"What! Yuugi, what are you taking about? How can you not come back! You have straight A's in all your classes!"

"I know, but I can't afford another semester." Yuugi held up his hands to silence his friend so he could continue. "Originally, I had more then enough money from all the tournaments to go to college three-times over. But..." Yuugi sighed. "Remember when jii-chan was in that accident a couple months ago?"

Ryou nodded mutely.

"It turned out it was actually lot worse then what we originally thought. His insurance barely covered anything, so most of my money had to go to that."

"But, Yuugi that still doesn't explain how all your money is gone."

Yuugi's cheeks heated up. Ryou's eyes widened then narrowed.

"You mean there was other stuff you didn't tell me about!"

Yuugi nodded slowly and stared at the ground. Ryou sighed.

"What are you going to do?"

Yuugi shrugged. "I've been working a lot of jobs on the side and even with them I won't have the money in time for next semester. I really don't want to take out a loan, all things considered, so I thought I'd take a year off to earn as much money as possible and hope to be able to finish up."

"What about another tournament?"

"There isn't another major one planned for at least another year and I don't have the time or money to go to any of the smaller ones."

"What about your sister?"

"She's still waiting for her modeling career to take off. Right now she's working in a couple of jobs to get jii-chan back on his feet."

There was a pregnant pause.

"Wait!" Ryou suddenly exclaimed.

Yuugi blinked.

"I know exactly what you can do! It's perfect! You'll earn enough money for the rest of college and you can quite all your other jobs!"

"Ryou... I'm not going to become a prostitute."

Ryou mock glared at Yuugi. "You're never gonna let that go are you?"


"Anyway! That's not what I was going to say. I know this guy and--"

"No stripping either!"

"It's not that either! Just shut up for a minute!"

Yuugi was still looking at Ryou suspiciously, but did as he was told. Ryou cleared his throat and continued.

"Like I was saying, I know this guy who is really rich, but has really bad grades. He's looking for a tutor and you're perfect for the job!"

Yuugi blinked once, then twice. "Say that again."

"You could tutor him! I'm serious, he's desperate and you're perfect for the job! In fact, in lives off-campus in a two-bedroom apartment. He's offering free room and board --which, yes, does include food--, plus four hundred extra dollars a month!"

Yuugi was silent as his brain tried to process all this.

"What! How could he... that's just so much! Why would he... Why would I... What if...Uhm.."

Ryou beamed and grabbed Yuugi's hand, dragging Yuugi back the way he had just come.

"Trust me Yuugi! You'll love him!"



Yuugi winced, wondering how it was possible his friend's voice could go that high.

Ryou had dragged Yuugi to the apartment complex that was right by the campus and had barged into a room at seemingly random.

They were currently standing in the living room, which had a big screen TV, a black leather love-seat and sofa, and various paintings and photographs of the pyramids. Between the two couches was a black coffee table that had a few gaming magazines. Yuugi was admiring a particular painting (it showed three pyramids with the sun rising in the background, lighting everything up in flames), when a tap on his shoulder brought him out of his daze.

He looked into deep red eyes.

Yuugi blinked and took in the rest of this person. He was tanned, his hair stood up like Yuugi's, but the man had three bangs that went back into his black hair and his black faded into red. He was wearing very tight black leather pants, a black leather tank top and a leather neck belt.

Yuugi blinked again. Not only were parts of their outfits similar, but Yuugi and this man also looked similar. In fact, this man's features were a lot like Yuugi's own, just more angled.

The man raised a hand and stroked Yuugi's cheek, causing a blush to heat up Yuugi's face. The man trailed his hand down Yuugi's neck and to his shoulder.

There was the sound of someone clearing their throat.

The man took a step so that he was next to Yuugi, facing Ryou, and wrapped his hand around Yuugi's waist. Yuugi blushed even more and looked towards Ryou (who had been the one to clear his throat) with a look that clearly said, 'who the hell is this, why is he holding me and what's going on?'

Ryou smiled and, for a brief moment, Yuugi was fearfully reminded of Ryou's boyfriend.

"Yami, this is Yuugi. He's here for the tutoring job. Yuugi this is Yami."

Yami looked delighted. Yuugi looked scared.

There was a pause. Deciding to take the initiative, Yuugi spoke first.

"Uhm... it's nice to meet you Yami?"

Yami pulled Yuugi into a hug, burying his face into Yuugi's hair and inhaling deeply. Yuugi shot Ryou a bewildered look, which Ryou replied to with a confused shrug.

Yami released Yuugi and smiled softly at him. Yuugi forced a smile in return.

"Well, I'll just leave you two to get things settled. Yuugi, call me when you're ready to get your stuff and I'll help you move." Ryou said as he shot out the door.

Yuugi's head spun towards Ryou so fast, he was surprised he didn't get whiplash. "R-Ryou!"

But Ryou was already gone.

"Yuugi, allow me to give you the tour." Yami purred.

Yuugi laughed a bit. Nervous laughter. The kind of laughter someone has when they're about to be mauled, but the hysteria hasn't set in yet.

"Okay.." Yuugi muttered looking down at his feet.

He really needed clean those sneakers.

A hand gently lifted his chin, forcing him to look Yami in the eyes.

Yuugi had a very bad feeling about this.


"And thus concludes the grand tour! I hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as I have. So what do you think?" Yami said looking at Yuugi as he plopped down on the leather loveseat. Yuugi sat down on the sofa.

The look Yami was giving was creepy. It was about as close as you could get to leering, without actually leering.

Yuugi did not like the look and he did not like the tour. Yami had taken every chance he got to "innocently" put his hand on Yuugi's back, shoulder, ass, leg, arm, hand, foot, head... Basically everywhere he could touch without being accused of groping at the time.


Yuugi blinked, having realized he hadn't answered Yami's question.

"It's, uhm, nice."

Yami beamed. "So, will you stay?"

"Uh, actually, I don't think..." Yuugi paused as he took in Yami's now crestfallen expression.

Yuugi started to feel guilty.

'Yuugi! You can't just say no! Look at how happy he is with you!' Yuugi blinked. Had he just heard Ryou?

'Feh! Forget the damned pervert! You wanna be groped daily for the rest of your college life?' Yuugi blinked again. That sounded like Ryou's boyfriend, Evil Ryou (as Yuugi had dubbed him).

Yuugi glanced at his right shoulder, then his left.

There was a miniature Ryou on his right shoulder and a miniature Evil Ryou on his left shoulder. Ryou looked like the 'good' side of the Change of Heart card and Evil Ryou looked like the 'evil' side.

Yuugi started to wonder if all the stress was finally starting to cause him to crack.


Yuugi looked up at the sound of Yami's depressed voice. He felt another stab of guilt. Then a stab of worry as he really didn't want to have a mental breakdown in front of the person who had been groping him all day.

"Um.. Can I just have a minute to think about it?" Yuugi asked, trying to think of some way to either leave or make the two hallucinations on his shoulders leave.

Yami's smile returned in less than an instant. "Sure! I'll get you something to drink!"

'He's probably gonna drug it. Put a little aphrodisiac in it or something.' Evil Hallucination Ryou said with a fanged grin towards Yuugi.

'Yami is a nice young man that--'

'That has been groping you all day! Come ooon Yuugi, do you really wanna hang around with this pervert?'

"Uh..." Yuugi bit his lip. He really didn't want to stay.

'Yuugi, Yami will be devastated if you leave! Besides, how else will you be able to remain at college?'

Yuugi slumped his shoulders, causing the two little hallucinations to tumble off his shoulder. Hallucination Ryou remembered that he had wings and was thus able to save himself from falling onto the floor. Evil Hallucination Ryou was not so lucky.

'Dammit! What the fuck was that for!'

Yuugi smiled sheepishly at the Evil Hallucination Ryou.

'As I was saying,' Hallucination Ryou continued. 'Yami is a nice young man and he clearly likes you.'

Both Yuugi and the Evil Hallucination Ryou snorted at that.

'Whatever. Look kid, so what if you crush this pervert's hopes? I say, tell the moron you don't like him, his apartment, or anything else about him! That meeting him has been the worst experience of your entire life!'

Both Yuugi and Hallucination Ryou looked shocked.

'Now see here! Yuugi would never do something so heartless!'

'Well maybe it's about bloody time he did!'

'You insensitive jerk! How can you be so cruel!'

A pause.

'Ya know, you're kinda hot when you get all worked up like that.' Evil Hallucination Ryou said, leering at Hallucination Ryou.

Hallucination Ryou blushed and Yuugi blinked. Evil Hallucination Ryou finally made use of his wings and floated up to Hallucination Ryou.

'What say you and me head back to my apartment? I got all kinds of things I could show ya.' Evil Hallucination Ryou said suggestively.

Hallucination Ryou giggled and blushed. 'Sure.'

With the same sound a bubble makes when it's been popped, the two disappeared.

Yuugi blinked. "...That was really weird."

"What was weird?"

Yuugi gave an 'eep' and sat straight up. Hearing Yami's chuckle he relaxed and blushed a bit.

"Oh, nothing. Just a random thought."

Yami sat a mug of what looked like hot chocolate in front of Yuugi and took his previous position in the loveseat.

Yuugi took a sip of his drink and was delighted to find that it was, indeed, hot chocolate.

There was a moment of comfortable silence as the two drank.

"Yuugi?" Yami gently asked, seemingly afraid to break the atmosphere.


"What do you think?"

Yuugi looked into Yami's hopeful eyes. He couldn't help but wonder if he really did want to get stuck with such a weirdo.

"Well, uh, what exactly do you need tutoring in? It won't do you any good for me to stay here if I can't help you."

Yami smiled softly at Yuugi, looking at him adoringly. Yuugi was very creeped out.

Maybe Yami was on drugs?

Yami took another sip of his drink and listed all the classes he needed help in... Which were all the classes he was taking.

Yuugi nearly choked on his drink.

"Yuugi!" Yami was beside Yuugi in an instant, firmly patting Yuugi on the back in hopes it would help him swallow the liquid.

After a few seconds, Yuugi was okay enough to talk. But no words would come out. It didn't help that Yami's hand remained on Yuugi's back and was slowly going lower.

"Yuugi?" Yami was looking at him in worry.

"Yami, those are all my classes!"

Yami looked genuinely surprised and the hand stopped its downward decent.. "Really? I guess that's why Ryou told me about you."


Yami nodded. "Yeah, Ryou told me about you a few weeks ago. I kept trying to get your number from him, but he wouldn't tell me anything else about you other than you had straight A's in all the classes I'm failing."

Yuugi blinked. "That's... weird." Yuugi's eyes then narrowed slightly, suspicion starting to set in as he firmly ignored Yami's hand.

Then something totally and completely unexpected happened.

Yami kissed Yuugi on the cheek causing all thoughts of Ryou's global take-over with purple carrots to be forgotten as his face heated up into a blush.

Yami sat down next to Yuugi, then pulled Yuugi into his lap. Yami ran his hands through Yuugi's hair sighing in content.

"Will you stay?"

A very big part of Yuugi wanted to run away. It was telling him this could not end well, to get out while he still could.

A slightly smaller part was reasoning that he could put up with Yami if it meant being able to continue school. Surely Yami couldn't be like this all the time...

And the smallest part of Yuugi was claiming to enjoy Yami's attention. This part was then trampled by the two larger parts.


Yuugi looked into Yami's eyes. Yami looked so happy and hopeful... and slightly lustful. Yuugi suppressed the shiver. A Game King's gotta do what a Game King's gotta do.

"I'd be happy to stay."

Yami let out what sounded to Yuugi like a badly suppressed squeal as he hugged Yuugi tightly against his chest.

The full force of Yuugi's decision decided to hit him then, causing Yuugi to suddenly feel very tired. Deciding not to fight it, Yuugi just leaned into Yami and tried to enjoy all the attention.

Yuugi refused, however, to fall asleep in the position he was in, as that would be giving Yami far too much access to grope his ass.


Phone calls had been made, threats had been exchanged, blackmail had been suggested and many innocent lawn gnomes had lost their ceramic life.

In the end it was all worth it though. Yuugi had been successfully moved into Yami's apartment and the remaining lawn gnomes were planning a massive counterattack.

Life was good.

Unless you were a lawn gnome or a Yuugi.

Yuugi happened to be a Yuugi, though it was suspected there might have been some lawn gnome in him.

However, the massive war of the lawn gnomes that would span throughout the ages, inspiring several badly written books and an even worse movie, is currently irrelevant to Yuugi's life at this point.



Yuugi cringed. He had been happily lounging on the sofa, reading a favorite book, when Yami decided he need his daily does of Yuugi.

Yuugi had been living with Yami for a grand total of two weeks. Two weeks he had endured Yami's constant... "affections."

Apparently, Yami was under the delusion that he and Yuugi were soul mates. It was not helped, that Ryou and Evil Ryou shared this delusion.

Yuugi suspected that Ryou had been planning this all along, just as Ryou was planning a global take-over with purple carrots. Yuugi's eyes narrowed. He had the seen the photos. He knew what the albino was planning. And when the time came, Yuugi would be ready.

"My love!" In Yuugi's side thoughts to his counterattack on Ryou, he had forgotten about the attention starved Yami... who was currently glomping him.

"I missed you." Yami said, snuggling into a comfortable position on top of Yuugi.

Yuugi closed his eyes, suppressing a sigh. "Yami, it hasn't even been ten minutes."

"But I can't stand being apart from you." Yami purred as he started to nuzzle Yuugi's cheek in pure affection.

Yuugi wasn't quite sure why he put up with Yami as much as he did. Anyone else he would have called the cops on, but Yami was just... different. Besides, Yami had stopped groping him and now only showered Yuugi with hugs, snuggling, and kisses on the cheek.

Yuugi still firmly believed Yami was on drugs. He had just yet to find the proof.

"Yuugi, I love you. Yuugi, I love you." Yami started to chant

Yuugi's shoulders slumped. The last time Yami had chanted "Yuugi, I love you" over and over like this, he had been trying to get Yuugi into a pair of very tight black leather pants.

Yuugi still didn't know how, but Yami had managed to do it. Evidenced by the fact Yuugi was currently wearing them. Along with the tight black leather shirt that showed of some of his stomach.

Yuugi twitched. Why had he agreed to let Yami dress him up like this?

Yami nuzzled Yuugi lovingly, all the while purring in contentment.

Oh yeah.

Yuugi had a soft spot for cats.

But that was it. That freakish small part of him that-refused-to-die who insisted he enjoyed getting attention from Yami was completely wrong.

Yami continued his chanting and Yuugi realized he wasn't going to stop until Yuugi asked.


Yami looked up at Yuugi adoringly. Yuugi fought the urge to cringe. "Yes, my love?"

Something was definitely wrong. "Is something wrong?"

"Aibou," Yuugi didn't know why, but for some reason Yami had taken to calling him 'partner.' "I was just on the phone with my parents."

Yuugi was starting to get worried now. If his parents had some sort of accident Yami would be a lot more depressed right?

"What happened?" Yuugi knew what it was like to lose a parent in an accident. He didn't want Yami to know how that felt.

"Nothing... bad. They're just coming for a visit."

Yuugi froze. If this was how Yami was, how psycho were the people who raised him?

"And, I, uh, told them I was engaged." Yami buried his face in Yuugi's neck.

Yuugi blinked. "...so?"

"So I'm not engaged!" Yami's voice was slightly muffled due to his position.

"So... tell them you lied?" Yuugi suggested, not really seeing the big issue.

"I can't!" Yami licked Yuugi's neck causing him to yelp and attempt t jump back. Yami prevented this by remaining completely on top of Yuugi. Yami then kissed Yuugi's cheek and smiled softly at the trapped boy.

Yuugi was blushing and glaring at Yami. Yami started to purr again and Yuugi felt his anger melt.

Damn Yami and his cat-like qualities!

"See, my parents are weird about marriage. They think that at my age I should be engaged. And either I choose soon, or they pick for me."

Yuugi blinked. "People still actually have arranged marriages?"

Yami sighed and nodded his head. "Yeah, so I told them I was engaged so they wouldn't do that. The only problem is, now they wanna come and meet my betrothed."

Yuugi blinked. "Why do they suddenly want to come now?"

Yami just faintly blushed. It was almost impossible to see against his tanned skin, but Yuugi was able to see it. "I just told them two weeks ago."

Yuugi's mouth made a small 'o.' There was a pause.

"What are you gonna do?" Yuugi asked.

Yami smiled winningly at Yuugi. Yuugi had a very bad feeling.

"Well, I only told them I was engaged two weeks ago, because that was when I met the love of my life!" Yami replied happily.

Yuugi had the odd feeling of feeling of slowly being dipped in ice. "What?" Yami couldn't possibly mean...

"Yuugi, I want to marry you!"


Yuugi stared at his roommate. Then stared some more. Then finally he replied in the only way he could think too.


"Will you marry me?" Yami repeated, still looking at Yuugi lovingly. "If you would like, I can get the ring and propose on one knee."

"You bought a ring!"

Yami blinked in honest confusion. "Isn't that how it's usually done in this country?"

Yuugi took several deep breaths. When he finally thought himself calm enough, he spoke.

"Okay, look. For whatever reason, I do consider you a friend. However, I do not wish to marry you." Yuugi congratulated himself on how calmly that had come out.

Yami's happy smile dropped instantly and he slumped down on Yuugi.


No reply.

"Yami, are you okay?"

Still nothing. Yuugi was starting to get worried. Yami hadn't actually believed Yuugi would want to marry him, had he?

"Yami, I'm sorry, but we've only known each other for two weeks! Isn't marriage just a little fast?" Yuugi said softly.

Yami looked up at Yuugi, his bright red eyes now completely dull. Yuugi felt guilty and a pang of regret.

"Will you go out with me then?" There was a small hint of hope that Yuugi knew he couldn't crush.

But he didn't want to lead Yami on, that would just hurt more in the end.

Yuugi really wished someone would just tell him what to do.

'I'll tell you what the fuck you do--!'

Someone other then the psycho Hallucination Ryous!


Yuugi sighed. "Yami, I..." Yuugi trailed off as he looked back into Yami's eyes.

Unable to finish, Yuugi looked away.

Very gently, Yami cupped Yuugi's face in his hands and made Yuugi look at him. He stroked Yuugi's cheek with his thumb and smiled softly. Leaning down slowly, Yami softly kissed Yuugi's cheek, lingering slightly.

Yuugi blushed, clearly confused.

Yami moved so that his ear was next to Yuugi's mouth. "I will wait for you beloved." He whispered silkily, causing Yuugi to shiver.

Once again leaving a lingering kiss on Yuugi's cheek, Yami slowly climbed off Yuugi and headed back to his room. Yuugi stared after him, completely unused to seeing Yami so serious. Yuugi slowly raised a hand to his cheek and touched the spot where Yami had kissed him.

Yuugi tried vainly to ignore how warm he felt... how he was blushing... how fast his heart was beating... and how he suddenly had butterflies flittering about in his stomach.

Deep within Yuugi, the small-part-that-refused-to-die gave a cheer.



Yuugi groaned. "Yes Yami?"

"I need a favor..."

Yuugi clenched his eyes shut. It had been over an hour since the little scene from before. Yuugi was trying not let Yami see how it had affected him.

Because it didn't.

Yuugi felt Yami gently prodding his side. Opening his eyes he sat up to give Yami room on the couch (so Yami wouldn't just sit on him again). Yami promptly took a seat next to Yuugi, then pulled Yuugi into his lap.

Yuugi sighed. Yami purred. Yuugi twitched in annoyance.


Seeing no way out of Yami's clingy mood, Yuugi decided to humor him. "Yes Yami?"

"Remember what I told you earlier?"

Yuugi's heart skipped a beat and his face heated up. As Yami started to play with Yuugi's hair, Yuugi took a deep breathe to calm himself.

"Yeah?" Yuugi was very thankful his voice didn't crack. Not that it should have...

"Well... my parents will be here in less than two days."

Yuugi wondered why he felt disappointed, but ignored it. There was absolutely no reason for him to feel disappointed. None. No reason at all.

"What are you going to tell them?"

Yami looked sheepish and seemed to be fighting the urge to bury his face into Yuugi's neck. Something Yami liked to do when he was nervous, much to Yuugi's chagrin.

"I was kind of hoping that maybe... you would pretend to be my fiancé?" Yami looked at Yuugi pleadingly.

Yuugi stared blankly at Yami. "You're kidding right?"

Yami added a whimper to go with his eyes. Yuugi pouted in annoyance. That was his weapon!

"Please aibou! My parents already have a 'back-up' fiancé picked. I've met her before and I don't like her!"

"Yami, your parents can't actually made you marry someone! In fact, I'm pretty sure it's illegal!"

"But if I don't they'll disown me!" Yami hugged Yuugi tightly and buried his face into Yuugi's neck.

"What! How could they disown you just for not wanting to get married yet?"

"It's the tradition of my family's village. The prince always has to be married before his twenty-third birthday."

It took a minute for what Yami said to sink through to Yuugi. "You're a prince!"

Yami nodded his head, which was still in the crook of Yuugi's shoulder.

"Then shouldn't marry a princess or something?"

Yami kissed Yuugi's neck lightly, loving the squeak Yuugi made and imagining the blush Yuugi would definitely have. "You are my princess."

Yuugi scowled. "I'm being serious. Do you want my help or not?"

Yami immediately perked up and Yuugi inwardly groaned, having realized he had just agreed to help.

"You really will help me?" Yami asked, looking at Yuugi with bright red eyes. Remembering how dull he had seen Yami's eyes before, Yuugi knew he would anything to keep that spark in Yami's eyes.

Blushing lightly at his thoughts, Yuugi looked away in embarrassment. "I'm not promising anything." He mumbled.

Yami kissed Yuugi's neck again, pulling Yuugi closer to him when Yuugi tensed.

"I don't have to marry a girl, just be married. I have a younger brother and he already has two children of his own, so even though I'm oldest I'm free to marry whomever I love." Yami said the last part laying his head on Yuugi's shoulder and sighing in contentment.

Yuugi bit his bottom lip, inwardly cursing himself. "...how long are your parents staying?"

Yuugi could feel Yami's excitement. "No more then five days."

There was a pause as Yuugi asked himself if he really was considering this. When the answer was yes, Yuugi knew Yami must have somehow drugged him.

"Yuugi?" Yami whispered softly, causing Yuugi to shiver.

Yuugi swallowed, still in disbelief about what he was actually agreeing to do.

"Well... how bad can it be?" Yuugi suggested weakly.

Yami gave a cry of joy and hugged Yuugi tightly. Seeing how happy Yami was, Yuugi's heart fluttered a bit.

When Yami suddenly froze, Yuugi started to get nervous.


Yami buried his face into Yuugi's neck again, showing his nervousness. "Uhm Yuugi? My parents are really eccentric."

"Really? I couldn't tell." Yuugi replied sarcastically.

Yami sighed. Yuugi was starting to wonder if he really should have agreed to this.

Yami then seemed to think of something and perked up. Yuugi became even more nervous.

"At least we'll get to sleep together now!" Yami chirped.

"What!" Yuugi pulled away slightly from Yami (Yuugi couldn't get very far with how tightly Yami was holding him) and looked at him in bewilderment.

Yami was grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Well, my parents will need a room to stay in! So we can either both share my bed or both share your bed..." Yami trailed off looking at Yuugi suggestively.

Yuugi felt his face heat up. Yami's hands, which were on Yuugi's back, started to trail down. Yuugi froze, his eyes wide.

When Yami's hands were on the low of Yuugi's back, touching the skin that Yuugi's tight shirt revealed, Yami pulled Yuugi flush against him.

"Mmm... I love you Yuugi."

Yuugi's heart was beating frantically and his face was burning. "Yami, let go."

"But Yuuugiii!" Yami whined. "I wanna snuggle!"

Yuugi let out a shaky sigh. Yami was just being his usual freak self and Yuugi was completely overreacting.

When Yami resumed his "snuggling" Yuugi started to get annoyed.

"Yami I said let go!"

"But I don't want to! You're so soft and smell so good..."

Yuugi twitched and bopped Yami on the head. Yami started to whine about Yuugi playing hard to get again, but let him go.

Shaking his head in annoyance Yuugi went to his room, trying very hard not think about anything that had to do with Yami.


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