New York Undercover: In Brooklyn

Detective's .Scott and Williams were driving in there squad car when they got a call on the radio saying that someone had just boomed a church. Detective Scott called for back up because they didn't know how many where there. So the SWAT team came and surrounded the building they split one went in front and one in the back. But it was to late the suspect's were already gone so Mr. Scott went back to the percent the Mayor of New York was up set because some one just boomed his church. And he ask what was we going to do about it detective Scott said I' m going to do my best. Moore and more churches were being boomed and we could not find out whose doing all of them. Scott and partner went all over New York for some information on these bombings they looked in the building and found a match on the ground and got the figure prints. They saw some one with a gas can and match they stopped him and they was not a match so he go t scared and gave them the right name his name was Smith. So they went to his house kicked down to door and he shot a Scott and missed. Smith jumped out the window Scott ran down stairs and hit him with a 1... 2... combination and put him in hand cuffs. And there were no more bombings in New York .