Captain Willy Sparrow or Mr. Jack Wonka?

I do not own Pirates of the Carribean or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

If this story resembles any others' it is purely coincidental.

Strange things have happened on February twenty ninth. An extra day, one that can change many things, including the course of ordinary life.

Captain Jack Sparrow has not changed much since the last time we saw him. He is sitting in his cabin looking over a map, trying to place an inconspicious dot to identify Isle De Muerta.

Mr Willy Wonka has not changed much either. He is sitting down to an early lunch with his favorite family, the Buckets.

Life was going good for two of our favorite men, until they encountered a bit of a glitch that dramatically changed both of their lives.

Everyone knows the power of 11:11. And combine the time of 11:11 with the date of February twenty ninth, and you better prepare yourself for something quite... unusual.

Captain Sparrow just found where to put his dot, and Mr Wonka was just about to try a piece of ham for the first time when something strange happens.

A sudden storm comes to the Black Pearl, the candles blow out and Captain Sparrow finds himself in utter darkness.

A lighting bolt struck the factory, and caused the power to go out. The Buckets freeze in their places, and Willy has a very unnecessary flashback.

The sun rises on the Pearl, and Captain Jack squints at the newfound light. He looks down and drops the quill in his hand.

The lights come back on for the Buckets and everyone gives a sigh of relief. Everyone, that is, except for one Mr Wonka, who looks around and yells expletives, while Mr Bucket covers young Charlie's ears.

You see, Mr Wonka is not Mr Wonka anymore, because he is Captain Sparrow, and Captain Sparrow isn't Captain Sparrow anymore because he's Mr Wonka.

I told you to beware of that extra day. Now these two men will have to learn to live each other's lives. In a very interesting way.