Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Ultimate Struggle *revised*

Chapter 1

Disturb not the harmony of fire…….and lightning……


We see our heroes walking along a dirt path.  Summer had turned to Fall and leaves were turning brilliant shades of yellow and hues of red and orange.  The air was still warm and the wind was slightly cool.  Misty, Ash, Pikachu and Brock were returning from the orange islands, were Ash against all odds, won his place in the orange league Hall of Fame, and honor very few have received. All the days up to this moment, the smile that Ash had never left his face.  He thought it would be great to surprise his mother in person.  They were only a few miles from Pallet Town, the place where he first started his journey.  A young, inexperienced boy left Pallet town two and a half years ago, returning was a grown-up, successful young-man.  For some, they would say that many years on the road all alone, would be to much for a eleven year-old.  But luckily for Ash he had help, a circle of friends.  Misty and Brock, who first joined with Ash on the beginning of his journey, were still hot on his trail.  Two years is a long time to travel with someone.  What amazed Ash all these years, Misty and Brock and numerous chances to go home and quit.  But with all the amazing adventures they had, through all the danger, it was that which brought them closer together.  They were truly inseparable, and Ash was content with the thought of having such good friends to share his trials and tribulations of becoming a Pokemon master. 

"A wonder how your mother will react to hearing that you won the Orange league tournament" misty asked.

"I'm sure she'll be impressed" Ash said confidently.

"Pika PI!" Pikachu squeaked.  Ash reached up and scratched Pikachu's chin.

"You bet Pikachu!"

Brock leans over to Misty and whispered "How does Ash know what Pikachu says"

"That's easy Brock, Ash and Pikachu are together 24/7.  I think after time he just picked up on it." Answered Misty. 

" I wish I could know what my Pokemon where saying" Brock said sadly.

"It's the same thing with me and Togepi, I don't know everything Togepi says but I have noticed what a few things mean."

"TOGI TOGI PRIIIIIIIIII!!" Misty giggled and stated playing with Togepi

Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock continued to walk to Pallet town.  Enjoying the scenic view and each other's company.


Somewhere in Saffron a girl awakens from dream, a premenition of events that will surly happen over the next few days.  She is confused and tries desperately to match a face to the events.  But to no avail.  " Something horrible will happen, but to who, and where?"

She lies in the darkness searching for answers.


Mrs. Ketchum was busying herself with the housework.  It had been so long since her baby boy left the house in search of his dreams.  True she did miss him whenever he was on a journey.  But she did have Mr. Mime to help keep her company.  But a mother is lost without her son.  She was proud of  Ash, and always would be.  But deep down she wished that one day she would wake up and have Ash come down the stairs for breakfast like he did so many years ago.  She was happy to know that Ash was never alone, he had his friends with him.  She continued her work uninterrupted, humming a sweet tune to herself as she went. 


 The girl was trying to find the answers to her questions

"It definitely has to do with an old friend, from many years ago…..but who" She probes deeper and deeper hoping to find the answer fast.  Time was a luxury she could not afford.


Ash walked into Pallet town, a sense of nostalgia washed over him.  He had so many memories here.  Going to school, the friendly people, his mother.  He looked around, it look so much different.  There were more buildings, houses and streets.  It was obvious that with the long period of being gone, Pallet town grew by leaps and bounds.  Misty and Brock walked up behind Ash.  "well we're finally here" said Misty "looks a bit different doesn't it".

"Are we gonna stand here all day or go to my house and have a home cooked meal!"  Ash yelled enthusiastically. 

"Sounds great, I have had it up to here with trail mix and canned soup," replied Brock.

"It will be nice to just relax for awhile"

"Pi Pika Chu" squeaked pikachu.

"Oh you wanna race uh? Your on, last one there is a rotten egg" Ash, Misty and Brock chased after Pikachu.  After a few minutes of running, they had reached their destination. 

"all right lets go in"


Mrs. Ketchum was doing the dishes when she heard the door open.  "be right there!" she said cheerfully.  She wiped off her hands and went to greet her guest.

"Ashy! Your home honey!" Mrs. Ketchum threw her arms around Ash's neck and gave him a big hug.  "Mom….Yu….your ChokIng….Meee" Mrs. Ketchum released him of her bear hug and held him back. 

"Ash you look so grown up, hi Pikachu" "pika!"

She looked over Ash's shoulder, and saw Brock and Misty standing by the door. 

"oh!, I see you brought your friends with you!" 

"Hello Mrs. Ketchum!, remember me!" Misty asked

"Why of course I do Misty, how are you all?  Come don't stand in the doorway come, sit down"  Mrs. Ketchem lead them to the living room.

"Hey mom I have some great news" Ash informed

"Oh, what is it dear"


"This person will go through so much, so will another….. I cannot find a face or name.  *Gasp* Its coming to me now the acquaintance, from 3 years ago……could it, it must be



Ash turned around to see Misty, he had been sitting on the back porch looking at the night sky.

"yeah Misty?"

Misty moved closer, "wha'cha doin?"

"Just thinking"

"Bout what?"
"Stuff, that's about it" Ash gave Misty a coy smile

"Want some company?" she asked

"sure, go get Brock"

"WHAT!, I meant me you jerk!" Misty whacked Ash in the back of his head.

"I'm only joking" Ash chuckled, while gingerly rubbing his head.

Misty spun around " I don't think you deserve my company"

"Ah, come on Misty….sit down"  Ash patted the spot next to him.

"well, okay, you still don't deserve my company, you deserve a slap in the head" Misty gave Ash a wink.  He blushed. 

"why am I blushing". Ash thought to himself. 

"You know" Misty started to say "Now that we're here, what are we gonna do?"

Ash suddenly realized it too. "I really never thought about it, but I'm going to see Professor Oak tomorrow to tell him of my victory, maybe he has an idea"

Misty nodded her head in agreement.  Ash then thought of something.



"Why did you follow me around for so many years?"

"Don't think I forgot about you destroying my bike Ash Ketchum!"

"Waa!, Misty you still want your bike back!"
Misty moved a little closer to Ash.

"Well I don't need it right now, silly!" She playfully whacked him on the arm.

"Ouch, you don't need to be so rough you know"

"Why? Mister BIG time Pokemon Master can't take it, huh?" She said sarcastically.

"Waa! No that's not what I meant,…. wait what were we talking about"

Misty fell over in stupidity "You really are slow Ash, but I can't hold that against you"

He sweatdropped and rubbed his head. "Gee thanks, Misty…….. I think"

Suddenly to Ash and Misty surprise a shooting star streaked across the night sky.

"Oh, look Ash!  "
"I know I saw it too!"

Misty turned to look at Ash, she couldn't help but blush a little.

"D..Did you make a wish, Ash?"

Ash looked deep into Misty's aqua marine eyes, his heart was beating faster then normal

"y..yeah I did"

Misty inched closer to Ash

"what did you wish for?"

Ash gulped and blushed even harder, noticing how pretty she looked in the moon light.

"I can't t..tell you, or it won't come true"

Somewhat disappointed "oh, fine, but tell me when it comes true, okay?"

He continued to stare into Misty eyes, "ah uh, sure thing…"

There was an odd silence between them; he could here his heart beating faster in his chest.  Ash breathed deep, and summoned his courage, he looked into her eyes once more.

"Misty" he finally managed to say.

"yeah, Ash"

"um…..I..I jus..just wwann…wanna*gulp*, I mean …I…"

Misty smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder.  Ash's heart, now realizing where her hand was, began beating very fast.  His mouth felt dry, and his legs shook.

"Misty, I..I.. I just wanted to…"

Suddenly they heard delia from with inside the house.


Ash jumped, and almost fell of the bench.

"be right there mom!" He hung his head low and was about to leave when he felt Misty tug on his jacket.

"wait Ash what were you gonna say to me just now?"

Ash put his hand behind his head

"Waa!, oh just wanted to know if you wanted to come with me to Professor Oaks lab tomorrow with me….Hehehehe"

Misty looked disappointed at first but then smiled.  "sure Ash, I'll be there"

He blushed while looking at Misty's warm smile.

"better get going to bed"  Ash was held back once again by Misty.

"you don't have to go right now, let's see if any more shooting stars come by!"

Ash smiled and sat back down on the bench.

Misty leaned against Ash, she was so close in fact that Ash could smell her hair.

"It smells like strawberries, she's so pretty, I wonder..will we be more than friends"

They both gazed into the sky, each not sharing a word.  Afraid of what they may say, of what might happen. 


"I hope I will not be to late to stop this horrible event from transpiring"


Ash looked at himself in the bathroom mirror after removing the fog from the shower. He only wore a towel around his waist. He liked Misty more than almost anything he could think of, but that was fantasy. What in the world would cause Misty to like Ash. He wasn't overly intelligent, handsome, and as yet to be the best-of-the-best. He didn't even understand why Misty traveled with him. Not that it mattered too much. After the shower Ash went to his room to change for bed. Their was no reason he saw for their relationship to go much further than where it's at. They'd probably just remain friends, he didn't want to ruin their friendship by telling Misty his feelings towards her.  Slightly depressed he climbed into bed, Pikachu was curled up sleeping on Ash's pillow.  

"I couldn't stand the rejection"

He slowly closed his eyes and sleep over came him.


Misty waited in her room, she wanted to stay near Ash but wouldn't take dreams to reality. That's why she hadn't gone back to the gym she, and her sisters ran. She liked Ash in a way more potent that friendship. She wanted to be more than friends. But that couldn't happen in reality. Ash couldn't be interested in her. She knew she could yell and complain too much, but never admitted it to any one but herself, and they often argued like children. The winning chances were 50/50. Then there was the one reason she was too afraid to do anything. She didn't know how he felt.  Misty crossed over to the far wall of her room.  Ash's room was on the other side, she was so close to him, but so far from him as well.  Misty was terrified of the idea of if she told her feelings to Ash, he wouldn't allow her to travel with him anymore. The rejection would be to much.  For two years they had traveled together, they got close in the matter of being friends.  But Misty wanted so much to be more than friends.  She wanted to be happy with Ash, have him hold her in his arms.  But the thought of Ash hating her would be to much.  "We can never be more then friends, but I will never leave you Ash Ketchum…..sweet dreams".


"I need a bus fare to Pallet town"

"Sorry we only go as far as Pewter City"

"Very well, please hurry"


Ash woke up to the sound of Pidgys chirping on Ash's window sill.  He stretched, got up and went to take a shower.  He got dressed and walked downstairs, there waiting for him was a huge breakfast, care of Mrs.Ketchum.  Misty, Brock, Togepi and Pikachu where already downstairs eating.  Misty looked up from her plate and saw Ash.

"G'morning Ash" she said sweetly.  Ash looked over at Pikachu who was licking the drips of ketchup from a squeeze bottle.  He looked back at Misty and said good morning to her.  Mrs. Ketchum came out of the Kitchen with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. 

"good morning everyone!" She said cheerfully. Misty, Ash and Brock all gave Mrs.  Ketchum a sleepy thumbs up.

"Ash, will you be going over to Professor Oaks lab Today?"

"UH? Yeah mom, I'm supposed to go there at 9:00" He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and yawned.

"But honey, it's already 8:49"

Ash fell off his chair "WAA! What but my watch says it's 7:49!"

Misty and Brock looked at each other, and were wondering the same thing.

"Oh, my silly Ash, yesterday was daylight savings time, we turn the clocks ahead 1 hour"
Ash face-faulted and went running up the stairs "WAAAA! I'm going to be late!"

Brock and Misty grabbed their back packs and were waiting by the door when Ash went screaming by desperately trying to get his jacket on and put his shoes on at the same time.

"Waa! I can't be late, come on Pikachu!"  Pikachu hopped down from the table and ran out after Ash followed by Brock and Misty

"Ash Hold on man!, wait for me and Misty"  Brock was still tired and didn't get to eat the breakfast he made.

"Just like Ash to forget it was daylight savings time"

"To be fair, sometimes… I don't know what day …it is ….we been traveling so …long." Puffed Brock.

"For once I'm going to agree with you"
The trio ran up the walkway leading to Prof. Oaks lab.

Ash reached the door and rung the bell.  They could here footsteps approaching, Ash hurriedly tried to compose himself.  Prof. Oak opened the door holding a cup of tea and wearing his slippers. "Why, Ash I must say I'm surprised to see you here this early."
Ash was confused, along with Misty and Brock.

"Pika PI?"

"I thought you were coming at 9:00?"

"But..Professor it is 9:00"
Prof. Oak looked at his watch "no, it's only 8:00"

"but isn't it daylight savings time today?"  Ash asked

"Hmmm, oh my I suppose it is, how embarrassing"

Everyone fell down while Pikachu sighed.

"Oh, well Ash, looks like you made it on time anyway, come on in"

Prof. Oak led them into his living room to talk and have morning tea.

"So Ash you told me you had some exciting news for me"

Ash stopped sipping his tea to speak to Prof.Oak

" I sure do Professor" Ash reached into his back-pack and drew out his trophy and held it proudly in front of Prof. Oak.

"oh my Ash, are you telling me you were victorious in the orange league?"
Ash sweatdropped, "Uh, I am holding the trophy" Misty whacked him in the head.

"Professor, you should have seen the battle, he had to go up against a dragonite" claimed Misty.  Brock nodded, "it was well trained to, Ash went through 4 Pokemon to take it down" Ash laughed and placed his hand behind his head "Aw, that thing was nothing compared to Pikachu here, right buddy?"  Pikachu jumped up onto ash's head " PI Pika CHU!" Pikachu then does Ash's pose.  Everyone laughed and continued to exchange stories about their travels of capturing Lapras, and winning badges.  Brock would ramble on about how many Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny's there were on the islands.  Misty would slap him out of it though and talk about all the water Pokemon she saw.  They continued to talk about all the people they met and helped in so many ways.  Ash brought up the amazing adventure with the three legendary birds and Lugia.  Misty was always secretly proud of Ash for what he did that day.  Misty didn't understand why it was ash who was the chosen one.  But if it was up to her, she would definitely choose Ash anyday.  No other person is more compassionate and caring then Ash.  She stared at Ash the entire time he was talking, deep down she resisted the urge to blush.  She was soon brought out of her trance"Misty?, earth to Misty!"

"Hmm? What is it?" She said somewhat startled.

"I said, remember the day when Charizard started to obey me?"

"yeah, that was a close one for Charizard"  She snapped out of her fantasy land and rejoined the conversation.  It wasn't soon before Prof. Oak asked what they all came to hear.

"So...where to from here?"

Everyone became quiet, not really knowing what to say "well, if you kids don't know, I'll give you a suggestion" Ash, Misty and  Brock waited for the Professors answer.

He took a sip of his tea before looking up and answering.

"You could go compete in the Johto League"

Everyone was confused, Ash more than others.  "Professor, what's the Johto league?"

"Pika PI?

"the Johto league is a league for trainers who want to try something different.  New surroundings, new gyms, and even new Pokemon."

That got Ash's attention "WOW, new Pokemon!"

"In fact, Ash I have a present for you, come, follow me."
They followed Prof. Oak to his lab.  He ruffled through some drawers and took out a red thing resembling a calculator.

"Here you are Ash this is your knew Pokedex!, it is updated for all 250 Pokemon species."

"250 species!" they all yelled.

Ash got excited "WAA! I'm gonna capture them all!"

Misty rolled her eyes, "Ash you only have 12 Pokemon, slow down Mr. Pokemon master"

"Hey, I can to capture them all!"  Togepi laughed at that.

"humph, even Togepi is against me" Misty Giggled and whacked him over the head.  " Oh silly Ash, you're so full of yourself sometimes" 

"am not!"

"are to!"


Brock stepped in between the two "chill guys chill, I think going to the Johto league would be a great idea, think of what I could learn about Pokemon breeding"
Misty nodded her head. " yeah think of all the water Pokemon there'd be"

Ash could hardly contain his excitement "Think of all the POKEMON BATTLES and Gym badges! Sound good to you Pikachu?" Pikachu did Ash's stance "PI PIKA CHU!"

Brock came up the middle and put a arm around Ash and Misty's shoulder. "well I guess that settles it, we shall travel to the west!" Points to what he thinks is west.

Prof. Oak stepped in "uh Brock, that's south, west is over there, to New Bark town"

Brock had a million sweatdrops and turned around and cleared his throat

"*ahem*" He grabbed onto Misty and Ash again "Then it is decided we shall travel to the WEST!" And does indeed point west.  "Oh I can't wait!" 

"I'm glad you are ready and willing, but perhaps you can do me another favor?" Ash turned around to see what he wanted. "Yeah, Prof.?

Oak reached into his briefcase and took out a device that looked like a mini portable TV, with a cell phone on it.  Oak handed it to Ash "here, Ash take this, this is my newest invention, Pokegear!"

All of them looked at the device then back at Prof. Oak. 

"What does it do Professor?"  Misty asked. 

"I created it to help Pokemon trainers with their travels.  It has a combination Time keeping device, Cell phone, Radio, GPS and Map.  But unfortunately the Mapping aspect won't work yet, so you'll just have to rely on the old fashion maps."

Ash took the device in his hands.  "Why give it to me"

"Simple, since you did so well with the GS ball, I thought you could field test this for me.  Just strap it to your arm, and press power.  That's it. Report to me often on how it handles"

Ash strapped the Pokegear to his wrist. "Thanks Professor, with this thing, how can I not get lost!"

"Pika PI!"



I hope I'm not to late.


"Jessie, slow down I'm hungry!"

"MEowth is hungry to"

Jessie whipped around and smacked both of them with a paper fan.

" I have had it up to here with all of your whining, stop thinking about lunch and start thinking about how we can get that Pikachu."

"Sorry Jessie, but I can't think on an empty stomach"
Jesse threw a candy bar at James. "Here eat that and shut up"

James quickly gobbled down the candy bar. "but I'm still hunnngry"

*wham* Jessie quickly slammed James in the head once more.

Meowth jumped up and scratched them both in the face.

"AAAAAH!, YOU FLEA BITTEN ALLY CAT" Jesse took out a mirror "look what you did to my perfect complexion!"

Meowth picked at his teeth "aw, be quiet, I have a plan to steal Pikachu and this time it will work!"

"Hm?" James, Jesse and Meowth all huddled together.  After a couple minutes, they broke from the huddle. "Eiiieoooohoohohohooo, that plan is the best yet!" James jumped to his feet.

"we can't fail!, Pikachu will be ours!" They all screamed.

Team Rocket runs off, and only the sound of James idiotic squeal can be heard.



Mrs. Ketchum emerged from her house, along with Mr. Mime.  Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu were waiting outside the Ketchum home, fully dressed with backpacks in hand.

"Oh, Ash, I'm sorry to see you leave so soon, but you got to do what you think is right"

Ash looked up at his mom, he gave her a thumbs up and smiled. "Thanks Mom, wish us luck" Mrs. Ketchum held out an envelope to Ash, he looked at it inquiringly.  "Here Ash, this will help you on your journey, but don't open it till you reach the outskirts of Pallet Okay hon?"  Ash took the envelope. "…thanks mom". He looked over at Misty and Brock.

They were as ready as they were going to be.  He turned back and gave his mom a quick hug.  "I'll see you soon, Mom" Pikachu, Ash, Misty and Brock walked off towards New Bark Town. 

"And remember Ash to change your underwear everyday!" Ash then fell over in stupidity, Brock and Misty just started laughing along with Pikachu and Togepi.  Ash and his friends were once again on the path to unknown adventures.  The air was cool, the grass was green.  Misty had traded in her shorts for some long jeans.  Ash himself had a long sleeve T-shirt to keep him warm.  They were about 1 km out of Pallet town when Misty spoke up.

"Ash, what's in the envelope your mom gave you?"
Ash stopped in his tracks "Waa! I forgot!" Ash hurriedly drew the envelope from his pocket.  Brock leaned in to see what it was. "What could it be Ash? A map?", Misty leaned over as well "maybe it's a coupon for superpotions?.  Ash looked in and weird teary stains fell down his face.  "It's even better then that stuff" Ash reached in and pulled out the contents of the envelope.  "It a FLIPPING GREAT WAD OF CASH!"   Ash held it proudly in front of Misty and Brock.  Brock jumped to Ash's side and began counting the money. He looked up and had a shocked expression on his face. "Th...There's over eight thousand dollars here!" Misty and Ash almost jumped out of their shoes after hearing that.  Misty ran up to Brock, almost knocking down Ash. "All right! With that much money we can eat decent food, and sleep in beds and not camp out on the forest floor!" Ash snatched the money from Brocks hand.  "Now settle down, this is going to have to last us for a long time.  We'll still have to sleep in the forest"  Misty's heart sank. "But, luckily, we wont have to be uncomfortable.  I say we buy a tent and stock up on better tasting camp food plus load up on supplies."  Brock nodded his head in agreement. " I say we should head to New Bark town as soon as possible"  Brock took out a map from his vest pocket.  " now lets see here." Brock studied the map for a few minutes before speaking.  "It says here there is no gym in New Bark town, but that is where trainers go to sign up for the Johto league.  HEY, there's a Pokemon Center there…Maybe there's a Nurse Joy there!"  Brock began to blush and stare off into space.  Ash scratched his head.  "but there's always a Nurse Joy…"

Brock clenched his fists. "yes but everyone I meet is more beautiful then the last!"

Misty hit Brock in the head with her mallet out of frustration.  "Cool it Romeo, how long till we get to New Bark Town?"

He collected himself and began to study the map again.  "If we hurry….we could be there by 10:30 and just make curfew to get to the Pokemon Center".  Ash ran ahead, then turned around to them "We better, get going!" 

Misty and Brock reluctantly ran after Ash.  They traveled for the most part of the day.  Only stopping for a quick lunch and water refill. 

It was 10:00 when they first saw the lights of New Bark Town.  Misty's eyes began to shimmer as she looked on in amazement. "Oooh, the town looks so pretty at night!"

Brock cleared his throat "*ahem* May I remind you that we only have 40 minutes to get to the Pokemon Center before they close up"

Ash jumped up and grabbed the map from Brock and quickly looked over it. "Okay, okay says here…it's 1 Kilometer in that direction." Brock reached out and took the map from him.  "um actually it's 3 km, you where holding the map upside down" Misty fell over in stupidity, Ash just stood there with his hand behind his head.


"hehehe, just wish the map worked on this thing"  Ash started to fiddle with the Pokegear, and accidentally turned on the Radio.  Misty clenched her fist, and took out her mallet.

Brock threw up his hands.  "Guys, GUYS! Come on I don't want any trouble!"


They turned to see three figures lurking in the shadows.

"better make that double"

Suddenly from out of nowhere, three spotlights illuminated the three figures to reveal..

"Team Rocket! What are you doing here!" Ash yelled

Team Rocket collapsed in a heap and waved their fists at Ash.

"How many times have I told you not TO INTERUPT OUR MOTTO!"  Jessie screamed

"Come off it you old Hag!" Misty yelled.

James and Meowth gulped as they saw Jessie's head grow twice in size as her veins bulged from her forehead.  "WHYYY….YOUUU….LITTLEE….SCRANWYY…..TWIRP!!" Before Misty could retort, Ash jumped in front of her.  "She is not! You take that back, before.." Ash grabbed a pokeball from his belt.  "I take you out!"
Misty was more than surprised at this.  She couldn't believe that Ash would defend her like that.  Jessie was getting more livid by the second.  James cautiously approached her.  "Jessie, don't have a thrombo, just go ahead with the secret plan."  Jessie collected herself and pointed her finger to the sky.  Ash, Misty and Brock all looked up to see the unmistakable shape of the Team Rocket balloon.  Meowth took out a remote control and pressed a big red button.  "Hiya!, take this, Trewps!" Suddenly from above a large net was shot out of a cannon and it hurtled towards our three young heroes.  Ash Misty and Brock were easily able to dodge it.  Jessie slammed Meowth in the head. "THAT WAS YOUR AMAZING PLAN?!" Meowth gingerly rubbed his head. "Y..yeah"  James stepped in between them to try and calm them down.  Jessie continued to scream at the talking cat.  "You said this plan was Fool-Proof!"

James tried to keep them apart "listen, you two just throw out a Pokeball, and lets capture Pikachu!"

Jessie snapped out of her tantrum and regained her composure.  "all right you twirp, GO ARBOK! Lickatounge!"

James reached for his Pokeball, "go Victreebell!"  But of course, the second Victreebell was out of it's Pokeball it latched itself onto James' head. 'EEEIIIHOHOH!, GET OFF ME!"

Jessie hung her head low. "will you TRAIN THAT THING!"

Ash spun his hat around and threw out three pokeballs.

"Charizard! Squirtle! Bulbasaur! I choose you!"

Ash looked down to Pikachu "You to buddy get in there and win one for the team!"
Pikachu ran out to join the others. "PI PIKACHU!"

Brock reached into his pockets "let me give you a hand!, ONIX! GEODUDE! GO!"
Onix popped out of his pokeball and let out a low growl.

Jessie and James stood there, nervous at the sight of the large rock pokemon. Wondering what to do next, Meowth jumped up and hit them both in the head. "Don't just stand there guaking! Get them to do someting!"
Jessie was the first to react. "ARBOK!, Poison sting attack!" Arbok reared back his head and shot out thousands of needles towards Ash's Pokemon. 

"Quick get out the way!" Charizard flew straight into the air, Squirtle and Pikachu rolled out of the way but Bulbasaur wasn't quick enough and was pelted with the poison needles.

"AWW! Bulbasaur! Return!" Bulbasaur was enveloped with a red light and was called back to the safety of the Pokeball.  Jessie started laughing. "HAHA! One down 5 to go!"
Ash quickly regained his momentum and pointed to Charizard. "Charizard! Flame-thrower!"  It swooped down with incredible speed and released a powerful blast at the grass Pokemon.  Instantly, Victreebell fainted from the heat of Charizards attack.  James reluctantly called it back.  Jessie whacked him on the head several times.  "you idiot, call out Wheezing!"  James remembered and threw out the pokeball "in a ugly situation, its important to use a ugly pokemon!"  Wheezing popped out and released a burst of smog. "Wheezing tackle attack!"  Wheezing flung itself at Geodude.  But the rock hard Pokemon wasn't even phased from the attack.  Brock started laughing. "you call that an attack?  I'll show you an attack! Geodude! Tackle It!" Geodude went flying towards Wheezing, it found it's target and slammed into the ball of poison gas with amazing force.  Wheezing flew back and in turn slammed into Lickatounge knocking them both out for the count.  Brock had an idiotic grin on his face.  Jessie was becoming very frustrated with her Pokemon.  "OHHHH! WHY YOU!" She looked at Arbok and then to the other Pokemon.  "ARBOK,  Use your bite attack on……SOMETHING!"  Arbok quickly looked for a target and spotted one…Togepi.  Togepi of course was being held by Misty, who had leaned on a tree to watch the fight.  Without a second thought, Arbok obeyed it's masters orders and barreled down on Misty and Togepi.  Needless to say Misty was startled to look up and see a 100 pound snake come lunging towards them. "AHHHHHH!" Misty clutched onto Togepi and braced for impact.  Before Jessie could call off the attack, it was to late, Arbok was right on top of them.  "WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"


A second later Misty felt herself get picked up and thrown to the ground.  She looked up to see that Ash had pushed her out of harms way.  But had paid the price.  Arbok had sunk it's fangs into Ash's leg.  "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO AASSSHHHHH!!" Arbok released his grip on Ash and had backed away.  Everyone was stunned, even Arbok.  Ash reached down to feel his leg.  He had an emotionless expression on his face.  A small grunt escaped his lips as he collapsed to the ground.  Instantly Misty had tears flowing out her eyes as she ran next to her friend. 

"ASH!ASH! Are you okay?! *sniff* Why did you do that!?"  he stirred slightly as he went to place his hand on top of hers.  He looked into Misty's tear filled eyes. "Y..your…….I..I'm…..going…"  Misty tied a old shirt around Ash's leg. "you have to be still, *sniff* you need to save your strength." He squeezed onto Misty's hand." I…have…t…to…tell….you…that…I…I….ugggh.."  Ash passed out from the effects of the poison.  Misty grabbed his shoulders and began to shake him. "WAKE UP ASH, DON'T YOU DARE BE PULLING THIS ON ME!."

She began sobbing uncontrollably.  Pikachu ran up to be with his master.  He jump onto his chest and was about to shock him before Misty stopped it.  "NO! Pikachu, don't! You may cause things to be worse then it is!"  Pikachu lowered his ears and began crying.  Brock who had seen the entire thing, began to fill with rage.  He turned to James and Jessie.

"YOU DID THIS!" Brock cried angerly. 

Jessie was taken aback from his sudden emotional outburst. "but..but I didn't mean to do that, it's Arboks fault!" 

Brock was irate.  "ONIX! BIND THEM NOW!"

Onix wrapped itself around team rocket and started to squeeze them into a fine paste.  James looked at wheezing who was barely moving. "WW….whee..zing…*GASP*…Explo…sion!" Wheezing slowly got up and floated over to Charizard.  It began to glow a brilliant white, but before Wheezing could detonate itself, Charizard slam into Wheezing and it flew back into Team Rocket.  Onix let go and moved away.  Team Rocket gulped, as Wheezing began to emit rays of light.

"Looks like Team Rocket" A thunderous explosion rang throughout the forest which sent Team Rocket hurtling into the air. "IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!"  They flew back into the distance and disappeared from sight. Brock called back his Pokemon and ran back to where Misty was tending to Ash.  Misty was sobbing while trying to clean the wound on ash right leg.

Brock noticed that Ash had shallow breathing, his skin was clammy and his pulse was

erratic.  He then  looked up to Misty, he gave her a worried expression.  The tears from

Misty's eyes kept falling.  Brock stood up and looked into town, then at his watch, it was 10:34.

He turned back to Misty. "Misty we have to get Ash to the Hospital, as soon as possible." 

Misty turned around and stood up. "But we *sniff* don't know where the Hospital is!"

The tears bean to flow more heavily now.  Brock didn't know what to do.  Then he saw

the Pokegear on Ash's wrist.  Brock let out a yelp and ran to retrieve it.  Misty had a sad

and confused look on her face.  "We can call an ambulance on this thing!" Brock Stated.

Misty's eyes lit up.  Brock fumble with the Pokegear until he came across a number pad.

He called 911 and seconds later the screen showed a picture of Officer Jenny.  Brock began to blush then realized the situation he was in and became serious.

~"This is Officer Jenny of the New Bark Town Precinct, what is the emergency?"~

Brock fought the urge to not ask her for her phone number.  "Officer Jenny we need a

Ambulance right away! My friend was attacked by an Arbok and has been poisoned.  He

passed out and is not responding!"

~"oh, my! Where is the casualty located?"~

"were on the outskirts of New bark Town on route 22"

~"I have dispatched an ambulance and I will be there shortly, don't move him!"~

Officer Jenny hung up and left Brock, Misty and an injured Ash in the darkness.

Minutes went by before they heard the sound of an ambulance in the distance along with the sirens of Officer Jenny.  The paramedics rush out and place the injured Ash on a stretcher and wheel him into the back of the ambulance.  The sobbing Misty hopped in as well as Pikachu.  Brock was about to enter the ambulance when he noticed there wasn't any room.  Officer Jenny had Brock ride with her to the hospital.  The paramedic locked the doors and the ambulance rushed off to the hospital.  Inside Misty was holding onto

Togepi and Pikachu while she was crying softly as she watched the EMT's prep Ash for emergency treatment. 

"Oh Ash, why did you do that?" She looked at his still form as the EMT's worked on him "where's the blasted UV?!"

"Ash what did you have to tell me?" Misty hung her head low and cried.

"Hang in there Ash….for me"

The Ambulance arrived at the hospital.  They wheeled Ash into the trauma room. Misty ran in after him but was stop by a nurse. "I'm sorry but you'll have to stay here"

The door closed in front of Misty, she peered inside to see the doctors stripping Ash's clothes to get to the wound, they were connecting hoses to him and doctors and nurses were everywhere.  Misty slowly walked back to a chair in the hallway across from

the room.  She clung onto Togepi, and began crying.  Pikachu jumped onto Misty's lap

and patted her head. Misty looked up and wiped her tears.  She tried to smile but couldn't bring her self to even give a grin.  She hugged Pikachu and they both began crying softly in each other's arm. They could hear loud shouting coming from the operating room.

~"COME ON I NEED MORE! Bring it up to 600cc! Come on! Were losing this kid!"~

Misty's body was wracked with sobs. 

"Oh Ash please pull through! I don't know what I..would do without you"

~"Pressure stable, heart rate normal but the poison is still spreading"~

An hour had gone by until Brock finally showed up in the waiting room.  Misty looked up to him with her tear stained face.  Brock sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her in a vain attempt to comfort her.  "Where..*sniff* where were you this *hiccup* whole time?"

"Officer Jenny had to question me to find out what happened.  It took awhile because I

kept asking for her phone number "  Misty whacked him in the head. "Ow, guess I

deserve that, then I went to have our Pokemon healed at the Pokemon center, and the

reason that took so long is because….I kept asking nurse Joy for her number"

Misty took out her mallet and slammed him in the head. "Ash is in critical condition and

your asking for phone numbers!" Brock stood up. "Hey, I did only take me an hour!"

In a way he was right, Brock would  normally take 7 hours flirting with Nurse Joy

and Officer Jenny.

Suddenly they heard a loud 'ping!' noise from inside.  Several doctors came out shaking

hands and talking.  Another Doctor came out and walked towards Misty and Brock.

They stood up and shook hands with the Doctor. "you must be Ash's friends"

Brock nodded his head "yes sir we are"

"Well I have some good news, we were able slow down the poison from spreading any

further and cleaned and stitched the wound on his leg."

Misty breathed a sigh of relief.

The Doctor continued. "Unfortunately, we don't know what the extent of the damage is due to the poison.  Though he is stable, he is yet to regain consciousness."

Misty felt her heart sink.

"There is a chance that he will be in a coma, we'll know that in the next 24 hours.  After

that happens, it's up to him if he will survive.  I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news

but all I can say is that we've done everything we can, he's in Gods hands now."  Brock shook hands with the Doctor before he left.  Misty looked through the operating window and saw her dearest friend, lying very still.  He was hooked up to all kinds of machines, and hoses and tubes were strewn all around him.  He had a very peaceful look on his face that made Misty smile.  "Please…Ash…….please… okay…..for me….Ash"

Brock walked up and stood beside Misty.  He looked in and his expression changed as his

eyes narrowed. 

Brock put his hand on Misty's shoulder. "I reserved some beds at the Pokemon Center,

Nurse Joy will let us come in past curfew, so we better get going."

Misty looked over at Ash and then at Togepi, who was asleep. "come on, Ash won't go

any where, let's go, we'll come back in the morning."  Misty reluctantly agreed.  Pikachu jumped on Brocks shoulders and the walked out of the Hospital with heavy hearts and high hopes for Ash to make a quick recover. And no one wanted that more then Misty. (please Ash……..I love you)



Ash slowly opened his eyes.  He looked around him.  He was standing on a rock surface about two meters wide.  All around him was this greenish-blue haze.  It was so thick he could only see 10 feet in every direction.  He slowly walked to the edge and gazed down.  All he could see was the cliff face and then nothing else.  He looked up.  He could see a sheer cliff face, and about 200 yards up was another ledge.  It was very bright out, no wind, no nothing. The only sound he heard was of his own breathing.

"Where…..where…am..I? have I fallen?" Ash waited for an answer but never got one.

He realized something, something was  missing.

"?! Pikachu! Where are you buddy!?" He reached down for a pokeball but found none.

"WAA! Where are my pokeballs!?"  Ash searched the ground around him but found no

trace of his Pokemon pals.  While searching he looked over the ledge again.  This time he

saw something in the very distance.  Ash had to strain his eyes to see it but he was able to

make out a small cloud, very dark in color, spanning the entire width of the cliff and as

far as he could see.  It was also getting bigger.  This churning, rolling black cloud was climbing the cliff.

"Is that smoke?" Ash turned back to the cliff face.  He placed his hand on

it and looked up.

"I think I can climb this" Slowly he tried to scale the cliff side.  The Cliff had little or no holds or grooves to get a grip.  Many times he would lose his grip and slide down and fall to the ledge, landing quite hard on his back.

"Ugh, this is impossible.  Misty, Brock, Pikachu…where are you guys?"

He attempted to climb once again.  It was a slow and tiring process.  He was just

only a few yards from the second ledge when a bright light was emitting from the first ledge.  To Ash's amazement it vanished beneath him.  It just disappeared.  To his horror he saw the black cloud, this churning, bubbling storm was increasing in size.  He quickly lifted himself up onto the ledge to rest.  He looked back down.  The Black cloud was getting darker and increasing its speed up the cliff.  Ash was going to have to think of someway to get away from it.  He got up and was shocked to see Gary Oak standing in front of him.

"Gary! What are you doing here, better yet what am I doing here?!"

Gary stood there silent, not moving not blinking. 

"Gary? What's wrong man talk to me"

Gary started walking towards Ash, very slowly.  Ash looked into his eyes.

Something was different about Gary, his eyes were….hollow, as if Gary had no soul .  Ash was becoming worried. Gary was now only a few inches away from Ash.  He stopped, looked right at Ash, he made a fist, =reached back with his arm and swung it right at his head. Ash was to confused to move in time and it struck him with unbelievable force.  Ash was thrown back up and over the ledge.  He reached out in a panic and was able to grab the edge in the nick of time.  Ash was now holding on, with only 200 yards between him and the black cloud that churned below him. He looked up to see Gary with an evil Grin on his face.  He raised his foot and pressed it against Ash's fingers.  "Aaaaah! Gary don't do it!"

Suddenly a intensely bright light appeared which seamed to disorient Gary and forced him back to the Cliff side.  And as soon as it had appeared it was gone.  Ash lifted himself back onto the ledge.  "what was that?" He turned his attention back to Gary.

"Look, Gary, I don't know what's going on, but you got to stop it!"
then without warning Gary charged at Ash.  He quickly ducked down, in doing so Gary tripped on him and landed on Ash's back. He quickly stood and flipped Gary up and over the ledge.

He ran to the edge to try and save him but it was to late.  He saw Gary go hurtling towards the dark cloud.


All of a sudden, Gary started to fade, little particles of him began to float away and he disappeared  from sight.  Ash just sat their, confused and scared.  "where am I?!"

He saw the ominous black cloud creep up the cliff even faster than before.  "help me…"


I'm…..too late….but I can still help.


"You can come in to see him now if you would like Miss."

Misty walked into Ash's hospital room, she carried Togepi in her arms, while Pikachu clung onto her shoulder.  She entered the room and noticed Ash, lying very still on his bed.  She fought back the urge to cry when she first saw him.

"No Misty! Stay strong for Ash!" She screamed to herself.

 She pulled up a chair and sat down next to him.  Pikachu jumped on to its trainer's chest and snuggled up close to Ash.  Misty placed her hand in Ash's and gave it a squeeze.  She used her other hand to brush a strand of hair from his face.  "Oh Ash, please come back to me. If you were to die, I don't know what I would do. I care about you too much for you to leave me.  I would never get to tell you *sniff* I would never get to tell you that I… love you.  And your lying here because you saved me.  Please Ash wake up. I…I….OH ASH!"

She leaned over onto his chest and began sobbing.  Pikachu looked up to see her crying, the electric pokemon walked over to Misty and hugged her.  She looked down to Pikachu and hugged it back.  They both sat there, crying in each other's arms.  Outside Brock was standing outside the door.  He witnessed the whole thing.

"Gosh, Misty, I didn't know you loved him let alone cared for him. Hmm guess I was wrong."

He glanced over at Ash. "Pull through man…pull through"

A nurse walked by. "HEY pretty lady! What's your name?!" The nurse ran away and Brock soon followed.  Back inside the room Misty released Pikachu and dried her tears.  She looked over at Togepi who was happily playing in a bowl of water.

Misty giggled. "Ignorance is bliss, eh, Togepi?" Togepi stopped splashing water and looked at Misty and smiled.

"Togi PRIIIIIII!!!!!"


Ash was now only a few feet from the rocky overhang above him.  He had been climbing for over 40 minutes, worn out and tired, he slowly raised him self onto the ledge.  Ash collapsed on the ledge and breathed heavily.  He looked down to see that the ledge he was once on wasn't there anymore.  The only thing he could see was that black cloud. 

"what is that thing, could it be smoke, or a storm?"

His thoughts were disturbed as the black cloud let out a large groan.  Ash bolted upright and opened his mouth in shock.  "smoke doesn't groan!!!"

Ash turned around and ran at the cliff side, he slammed into something and fell backwards in surprise.  "WAAA!"  He looked up to see none other then Team Rocket. Ash jumped to his feet and got into his battle stance.  "Team Rocket! It was you who stole Pikachu wasn't it!" James, Jessie and Meowth stood there, staring. 

Ash was getting angry "You better tell me where he is!"  He reached down for a pokeball and realized he didn't have them.  He watched as James, Jessie and Meowth got on there knees and slowly bowed to Ash.  He stood there dumbfounded.  "What are you doing?" James and Jessie reach out their arms to Ash, in a way of asking forgiveness.  Ash couldn't believe what he was seeing.  He walked towards them.  "you, you want me to forgive you?". Team Rocket slowly nodded their heads in agreement.  Ash slowly backed away. "I don't know if I could forgive you, you've done so much to me and my friends." Jessie and James looked up, they had a sad expression on there face.  "Besides, I don't have time for this, my Pokemon are missing, I have no idea where my friends are, there's a GROANING CLOUD DOWN THERE AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I AM OR HOW I GOT HERE!!"  Jessie and James drew back in fear from Ash's outburst.  Meowth slowly got up and walked towards Ash.  He reached up and took off the charm that was on his head.  He handed it to Ash and smiled.  Ash looked at it in awe.  "you… you, want me to have your charm?"  Meowth nodded.  Ash nodded his head at Team Rocket and stared back at the charm, he kneeled down and patted Meowth on the head. 

"Thank you" And it wasn't a second after he said it, that there was bright flash. He gazed up and saw that Team Rocket was gone.  "WAA! Where did they go!"  Suddenly there was a voice behind him.


Ash jumped back in surprise and pressed his back against the cliff face.  A large glowing ball of light appeared before him.  Ash sank to his knees as he stared dumbfounded.

"Do not be afraid, oh chosen one." 

Ash's eyes got huge once more. "C…. chosen…one?"

"You are going through a struggle that has no fixed outcome.  You must overcome the odds and continue your Journey, for I need your help.  You are to find me Ash, uncover my location and free me from my prison."  Ash slowly stood up, his eyes fixed on the ball of light.. 

"But what can I do? I don't even know where I am now" The orb floated closer to Ash.

"The answers will come to you soon, and do not worry you will have help in your journey, you will lead them to me, and your powers combined will release the seal on my prison.  With you as the chosen one, you are destined to bring harmony to the earth and vanquish the evil that threatens the existence of all Pokemon.  Find me oh Chosen one, and release me."  Then in a flash, the orb was gone, Ash was left with more questions than answers and was more scared then ever. "Ch…chosen one?  But, I thought I already did my part, at the orange islands."  The groaning from the cloud was getting louder and more in succession.  Ash fought back some tears "why am I here?"  He turned around and began climbing the cliff, up ahead was yet another overhang.  The cloud groaned and churning as it slowly crept up the side of the cliff.


Misty awoke in her bed, she hadn't had much sleep that night because she kept thinking of Ash.  The first time she saw him there in his bed, he had looked so helpless and it broke her heart.  She felt useless that she couldn't help him after he had risked his life.  Brock stirred in his bed "NO nurse Joy, not there!, heh heh" 

Misty grabbed her forehead.  "sleep talking again, your hopeless"  Misty got up and headed into the shower.

Brock was still talking in his sleep. "oh, officer Jenny, hand cuffs, you cheeky thing"  He stood up, still in his dream-like state.  He wobbled around and then put up both hands. "No nurse Joy, I love you to, would you like to dance."  Brock then began to shakily waltz around the room.  He accidentally stepped on Pikachu's tail as it was sleeping on the floor. 

"PIKKKKKAAAAAA!!!!" Pikachu launched a devastating thunder attack on Brock, who was violently woken up instantly.  Brock fell to the floor in a charred heap.  Pikachu grabbed it's tail and rubbed it as it walked over the smoking Brock and headed for the other bathroom. 

Brock slowly got up and rubbed his head.  "Oh my what a great dream" Just then there was a knock on the door.

 "Hello?" A muffled voice could be heard from the other side of the door.  Brock's instincts picked up that is was female.  "Oh, Nurse Joy, you do care!"  He ran to the door and threw it open with reckless abandon and grabbed the woman's hands. "Oh nurse Joy!"  Just then Brock was thrown up against the wall by some unknown force.  Brock groggily got up.  The woman walked into the room.  " oh my, Brock, I am sorry, you startled me."  Brock looked up in shock.  "it's…it's YOU!"


Misty got out of the shower and dried herself off, put on her robe and walked over to the mirror.  She picked up a brush and began combing her hair.  She took a long look into the mirror. 

"you look beat kid, need more sleep.  But I can't stop thinking of Ash, lying there because of me.  I should of been the one to take the hit."  She began to get angry "

"This is all Team Rockets fault!  If I ever see them again, I won't be responsible for my actions!  Ash….The past two and a half years have been amazing.  All we been through, the struggles, this can't be the last adventure we have.  You have to pull through.) Misty started to cry again.

"I don't know how I would go on without you, You mean the whole would to me!"

She dropped to her knees and cried uncontrollably.  She stopped, and suddenly had a feeling of determination from within herself.  She quickly dried her tears. (No, stop crying, I have to be strong for Ash.)

Misty did a peace symbol in the mirror and smiled.  "looking cute kiddo!"

She finished getting dressed and walked out the door.  Nothing could prepare her for the shock she was about to have.  Misty stared into the room, at the person sitting on the bed.

She dropped her backpack and just stared dumbly. "it…it's….."  The woman sat up and walked over to Misty.  "hello Misty, remember me"  She extended her hand  "I'm Sabrina, from the Saffron Pokemon Gym"

Misty unknowingly shook hands with her.  She found her words and began to speak.  "Why…why are you here, I mean, we haven't seen you in two years!"  Sabrina motioned to Misty to sit down next to the blushing Brock.  "I have come to help Ash in his time of need as he did in mine."  Misty and Brock seemed confused.

"Two years ago Ash helped destroy the hate that was deep inside me and thus becoming my true self, reunited me with my parents."  Misty spoke up. "But why are you here to help Ash? And how did you know?"

"I am here to repay a debt, I had a premonition that Ash was going to be injured and slip into a coma.  I also saw that if something wasn't done, he would surly die."  Misty gulped and fought back a few stinging tears.  Sabrina stood up and walked to the door.  "we haven't a moment to lose, you must bring me to Ash"  


Ash was tired, dirty, confused but mostly frightened.  He was climbing the cliff to get to the third overhang.  The cloud below him was getting louder and bigger and it seemed to give off a strong wind that almost knocked him off on several occasions.  The dark cloud was now a fierce storm.  Reaching up and with his last bit of strength hoisted himself up and over the ledge.  He lay there and panted as he tried to regain some of his strength.

"Misty….where are you, are you okay? Well wherever you are I hope your safe."  Ash got up and his jaw-dropped at what he saw.  There standing right smack dab in front of him, was Misty.

"WAAA! Misty!" He ran excitedly towards her. "I'm so happy to see you!"  As he ran towards Misty, she turned her back to him. "Waa? Hey Misty, aren't you glad to see me?"  He reached out and put his hand on her shoulder.  She brushed it off and side stepped out of Ash's way. 

"Misty……what's wrong……did I do something"  She just stood there, giving him the silent treatment.

Ash clenched his fist and raised it into the air. "TALK TO ME!" Nothing, all that could be heard was the ominous groaning of the approaching dark cloud.


Sebrina pushed open the door and walked into Ash's room followed by Misty, Brock, and Pikachu.  Misty walked to the side of Ash's bed, and squeezed his hand.  Sebrina stood at the end of the Bed, while Brock and Pikachu sat near the end of the room.  "Sebrina, what's wrong with him?"

Sebrina moved to the other side of the bed opposite Misty.  She placed her hand on Ash head and closed her eyes.  "his mind is falling into a deep stillness, if he doesn't get out he'll be lost forever."  Misty could feel a lump forming in her throat. Brock got up and walked to beside Sebrina "what do you mean?"  Sebrina looked back down to Ash.

"when in a coma, the conscious side of his mind is temporarily shut off, leaving him only with his sub-conscious mind.  He is trapped in a dream-like state, one which he may never wake up from."  Misty could hardly believe what she was saying.  "There is a nothingness that threatens to destroy his whole being, if he is destroyed, his sub-conscious will be destroyed and his mind will cease to exist."

Misty could feel tears welling up in her eyes.  "W..what happens after that?"

Sabrina looked up at Misty

"The Mind and Body are connected, destroy the mind and the body soon follows."  Misty was stunned after hearing that, she felt herself falling, luckily into a chair behind her.  "There is a hope for him."  Misty quickly got up to her feet.  "if I can help him escape his sub-conscious mind and merge with his consciousness , he will awaken from his dream-like state."  Brock nodded his head "Ahhh, I get it, but how can you help him awaken?"  Sebrina replaced her hand on his head.  " I must go in and help him in his struggle.  I can only open a window of opportunity for about two minutes." She turned to Brock.  "If he awakens while I am still inside…." Brock grabbed onto her hands.  "Sabrina, if you do go through with this, I just want you to know we will be eternally grateful…..but we can't force you into something that would put yourself in mortal danger." Misty nodded. "we could never make you do that"

Sabrina pulled her hands away from Brock.  "Misty, you more than anyone wants me to do this, it has to be done,….he goes on to do great things."

Misty stared at Ash, "great things?" 

"We haven't a moment to lose."  She kneeled next to Ash and cupped his face in her hands.  "may you mind rely on mine…."


"Misty, what's wrong, are you okay?  Do you know how we got here?"  She still stood there, her arms crossed her head down, saying nothing.  "Misty why aren't you talking to me, did we fight or something? ARGH! I can't remember anything! I don't know why I'm here, what that big cloud thing is and now that your here, you won't say anything!" 

Misty turned around to face Ash, he noticed the sad expression on her face.  Ash sank to the ground and buried his face in his hands.  He then heard a very strange sound, not the cloud, it was almost like a whisper, a voice getting louder.  Ash bolted upright and turned around looking for the source of the voice.  "Who's there?!"  The voice was loud and clear.


He spun around. "can you here me Ash?"  At first he had thought that it may have been that glowing ball of light again, but the voice was different, it was female.  "Who…who's there?" Ash stumbled around searching for the girl who was talking to him.

"it's me Ash, Sebrina, from Saffron Gym, you must listen to me." 

Ash stopped in his tracks. "how…how am I hearing you?"

"I am talking to you telepathically from outside your body"
Ash gulped hard. "What do you mean? I'm….I'm dead?!"

"No you are not, you are in a coma, you were injured"

"Injured? I don't remember anything like that, come to think of it I still don't know how I got here."

"You are in your sub-conscious mind, you are in a dream like state"

"a….a dream?"

"Your heart creates this place, but your mind makes it real.  Your friends are here Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Misty."

"Misty?  But she's right behind me" He glanced back to her.

"That is not Misty, she is a figment of your imagination in which your heart created.  Your mind and heart are putting you through several different obstacles, or tests if you will. The first you were to face your rival, the second you were to forgive your enemy, the third face your desire."

"face my desire?"

"Ash, you must awaken from your sub-conscious mind, in order to do so you must past this obstacle."

"But..but what do I do?!" he threw his hands up in frustration.

"Ash, your holding a secret deep inside within your heart, it's weighing you down, that is slowly but surly distroying you.  Only if you reveal this secret will your heart be free, and pass the third obstacle."

"But what could that be?"

"Only you know that, I can only probe your brain, not your heart."

Ash turned around to face the *fake* Misty.

"could it have to do with… Misty?"

"it could be, your heart created her mainly because your secret is about her."

Ash became very silent.

"Ash, I only have a few seconds, you must think of it.  Have you been hiding a certain feeling for Misty?"

Ash stared down to the ground.

"Ash, do you have feelings for Misty?"

"welllll…..I …..might"

"Ash, if you want to pass over into your conscious mind you must confess your love for Misty."

He waved his arms erratically in the air.  "WAIT! I never….said…I loved her!"

"Ash, search your heart, bring out your true feelings."

Ash looked back to the fake Misty, she still had her back to him.

"Ash, I must go now, good luck"

"what!? Wait don't go!"
Ash waited for an answer and again got none.  "Tell Misty my true feelings?…….I think I'm gonna throw up."


Sabrina released her hold onto Ash's head.  During the entire ordeal, Misty and Brock hadn't blinked or breathed, just stared at Ash and Sebrina.  She stumbled back and fell into the arms of Brock. "Sebrina are you okay!?"  She placed her hand to her forehead and opened her eyes. "yes….yes, just tired, I'll be okay."  Sebrina steadied herself on the end of the bed, and rested.  Misty slowly made her way to her with a pleading look in her eyes. "will……Ash be okay?" The Saffron Gym leader raised her head and gave a weak smile. "he has made it to the third obstacle, he is close to overcoming his struggle, but the last obstacle seems hard for him." Misty kneeled down beside her. "what's wrong! What is the third obstacle?!"  Misty could feel the tears flowing down her cheeks.  Brock put his arm around her and tried to calm her dwon, the day before he had learned her little secret about Ash.  He would cry to if someone he loved was going through what Ash is going through.  Sure, he loved the big lug, but never in the way that Misty did.  Sebrina lifted up her chin, and smiled. "he'll come back to you Misty, you have to believe."  Brock helped Misty up and all three sat down on the chairs at the end of the room.  They all stared at the still form of Ash, waiting for what would happen next. Misty held on tight to Togepi, as Pikachu sat in Brocks lap, they were all deathly silent.


Brock patted Pikachu's head "he'll be okay"


Ash made his way over to this apparent fake visual image of Misty, he still had trouble comprehending what Sebrina just said, but if he was to get back to the real Misty, he would have to do this.  He walked up to Misty and turned her around.  Her arms were still crossed and she was looking at the ground.


She said nothing, big surprise there.

"Hmmm, maybe this will be easier if she says nothing"

Ash cleared his throat and began.

"Misty, I have been hiding something from you for the longest time.  From the first day I saw you, I can't lie, I thought you were a bit whiny.  But through the years, I realized something.  I found myself starting to like you, care about you.  I fought with you only so you wouldn't find me out." As the rumbling of the cloud got louder Ash's fear increased, but he calmed down to focus on the matter at hand.  "Misty, the truth is I……"

The 'imposter' Misty lifted her head and gazed at Ash's big brown eyes.

"it's working! Say it!"

A loud groan rumbled through the air as the nothingness drew nearer.

"I….love you."  The weight in his heart was lifted and Misty started to disappear in front of him.  Before the image of Misty was gone, she gave Ash a smile.

"I…I DID IT!" Ash whooped for joy.  Just then the ground started to shake, he turned to see the nothingness creep over the side of the ledge.

"AAHH!! "

Ash noticed a clearing in front of him it looked like a dirt path with a thick jungle on either side.  The groaning of the cloud drowned out the sound of Ash's feet kicking up the dirt as he ran down the path.


Misty, Sebrina and Brock were still sitting and staring at Ash's catatonic state.

Just then the heart monitor beep…beep..beep..beep.beepbeepbeepbeep.'

Ash began to stir in his bed and grunt.  Misty bolted out of her chair and ran to Ash's side. "ASH!"

Brock got out of his chair, but Sebrina held him back. "he has gotten through the third obstacle!  The darkness is almost on top of him, he must past the final obstacle before it is to late." Brock turned to face her. "what is the final step!?"

Just then 3 nurses and a doctor came running through the doors and pushed the frantic Misty out of the way.

"Blood pressure rising!  Erratic heart beat!" the Doctor turned to one of the nurses.

"is it a heart attack?" 

the Nurses and Doctor continue to deliberate what the cause was.  Sebrina looked into Brocks eyes. "he must past through the final test,….the judgment." Brocks eyes grew wide, he looked over at Misty, who was now crying, clutching onto Togepi.  Pikachu ran to it's master's side. "what kind of judgment!?"

"heart beat at 78!"

"give him 20cc's of thulium abethol stat!"

Ash continued to squirm in his bed and emit low grunts, his eyes were squinted shut and his face was contorted. 

Misty looked on in horror. "NO ASH! Don't you dare pull this on me!"


Ash's legs ached, he was tired, but he knew he couldn't give up, he had to get back to the girl he loved, he had to get back to Misty.  He ran into a clearing, the same greenish haze was all over the place, the rumbling of the cloud was not far behind him.  In front of him were two small ponds, kind of natural springs.  He ran to the side of the spring, he leaned over and looked in.  In the spring, he could see his reflection, he looked at the other spring behind him.  To his amazement there was a reflection of Misty. 

"What now!" Ash looked up to see the black cloud 100 yards away, coming in fast.  "WAAAAA!"  He looked at the spring with the reflection of himself.

"okay, she said I have to merge with my conscious mind, so this would be the obvious choice…..but why is there a reflection of Misty in that one….WAAAA! help me."  Ash looked up again to see the dark cloud, this evil nothingness that threatens to destroy him.

He wasn't going to let a cloud destroy him.  Ash whipped his hat around and stared down into the spring with his reflection.  The nothingness now surrounded him, it was closing in on him!  Ash sucked in his breath and was about to jump in, but something was holding him back!  He turned to the spring with the reflection of Misty, the darkness was almost upon him! The ground around him was being consumed and light could not escape it as the area got darker, the noise was deafening.  Ash inhaled deep, looked one last time at Misty's reflection and dived in!



The Doctor jerked his neck back at the heart monitor.


Misty could feel her heart start breaking in two, the tears flowed with tremendous force and she could hardly breath. "NOO! Ash don't you DARE LEAVE ME!"

The Doctor ran over to the defribulator and applied gel to both panels and rubbed them together, he positioned himself over Ash's chest. "300!"

Another nurse turned the dial on the machine and it began to hum.

Brock looked on in horror, tears welling in his eyes."No….it can't be…Ash"

Pikachu held onto Misty's shoulder as it cried. Misty collapsed to her knees.



Ash could feel himself sink lower into the void, he opened his eyes but could see nothing, the water was pulling him down, down into nothingness.  Ash stopped struggling, he went limp and slowly exhaled his only breath.


He continued to sink as fatigue fell over him.  He slowly closed his eyes.


A sudden blast of light enveloped him, as he was shaken awake.



The doctor was about to shock Ash, but before he could the heart monitor beeped.

A nurse quickly looked at the monitor and grabbed the doctors hand.  "His heart rate is back up!" the doctor stopped only inches away from Ash's chest. "what?!"

The doctor turned to look at the monitor. Just then Ash bolted upright in his bed, fully awake and grabbed at his chest, taking in several deep breathes, before falling back into his bed, still breathing heavily. "ASH!!"  Misty jumped up, wrapped her arms around him and gave him a suffocating hug.  Ash, fluttered his eyes as they adjusted to the bright lights.  He looked over to see Misty hugging him.  "hey…Misty, what are you doing here?"

She looked up to Ash, her tears of sadness were replaced with tears of joy.

"I was so afraid I lost you there *sniff*" Misty released Ash, then realizing  where he was. "Waa! Where am I! why am I hooked up to all these wires, where's my clothes!"  The doctor walked over to Ash and held up a small flashlight as he waved it in Ash's eyes.  "Don't you remember anything, you were in a coma for 3 days."  Ash's eyes went wide, Pikachu then jumped into Ash's arms, it buried it's heads into Ash's chest and gleefully giggled. "Pikachu! I'm glad to see you buddy!"


Brock ran beside Misty.  "ASH! Your okay!"

Ash high fived him. "never felt better!"

Misty dried her tears and for the first time in 4 days had a smile on her face.

Ash looked over to the end of the room, and saw Sabrina.

"what?! What is she doing here?"

Brock looked at Sabrina then back at Ash "you really don't remember anything do you?"
"well, very vaguely, it was all like a dream"

Sebrina stepped in. "To you Ash it was a dream, and as you know, after you wake up from a dream you immediately forget what happened in it.  I am glad to see your okay Ash, I felt it necessary to help you in your time of need as you did in mine."

Ash smiled and gave her his peace symbol "I guess, we're even eh?"

Sebrina smiled "yeah, we are."  Just then the Doctor stepped in.

"I'm sorry to interrupt this touching scene, but we have to run a diagnostic check on Ash to make sure he's okay."

Misty became sad again, she didn't want to leave just as he was finally awake.

"if everything checks out okay, we can release him as early as tonight."

That put the smile back on Misty's face.  She gave ash another warm smile. "bye Ashy boy, see you tonight" Ash waved as his friends were forced out of the doorway.  Misty stole a glance as she saw the nurse stick needles and wires all over him.

The smile never left her face.

Brock, Misty and Sebrina left the hospital and made their way over to he Pokemon Center.  Misty got the keys to her guest room and went to take a shower.  Brock was about to enter his room when Sebrina beckoned him to join her.  Brock blushed furiously and straightened his shirt, he sally-forthed over to Sebrina, turning on his suave attitude.

Sebrina shot him a look that said she wasn't interested in him, in the slightest.  Brock shut-off his girl mode and sombered over to Sebrina.  "what is it?"

"I have something to tell you, while I was in Ash's mind, I was able to deduce that Ash has some feelings towards Misty.  In fact, the third obstacle was her.  He had to confess his feelings towards her in order to pass.  Seeing him awake back there proved that not only does he care about her, but he is secretly in love with her."

Brock fell of the sofa.  "what!"  Brock picked himself up.  "that's so weird you say that, because I overheard Misty confessing her feelings to Ash while he was still in his coma.

I can't believe it, their both in love with each other, and have no idea about it."

"The first time I saw the two of them I knew deep in the recesses of my mind I could feel and see the heart string that binds the two together."

"heart string?"

"the tie that binds the two together, they are each others soulmate, they complete each other."

"do we have a heart string!"
Sebrina got a huge sweatdrop "Sorry Brock, not us"

Brocks heart sank once again.

"Now that you know they are in love with each other, you must not say anything, you may cause more damage and split them apart."

Brock nodded. "but…when will they get together."

Sebrina closed her eyes. "I see another struggle that threatens them, but in the end I see joy.  That is all I can say, no one must know to much of someone's destiny, they may inadvertently change it."

Sabrina got up and walked to the door. "I must go now Brock, take care"

Brock waved goodbye, Sebrina left the Pokemon Center and was once again out of his life.  "WILL I EVER FIND A GIRL!" Just then nurse joy walked up to the front desk.  Brock ran over and began to blush as he stumbled with his words.

"MMMM…nurse Joy!"  Misty emerged from her room, fresh clothes and slightly wet hair.  She quickly noticed Brock drooling over Nurse Joy.  She walked over and grabbed him by the ear. 

"Hey Nurse..OW! leggo!"  Brock tried to wriggle out of her grasp.

Misty dragged Brock over to his room, Pikachu just sighed and followed them in.  After Brock settled down, they learned that Ash was going to be kept for the night and released in the morning. Even though it saddened Misty a bit, she was happy that Ash was out of immediate danger.  Misty tried to get some sleep but was kept awake by Brocks sleep talking.

"ooOoh…nurse jOy! Not there!"
Misty sighed under her bed covers. "idiot" She looked over at Pikachu who was resting comfortably.  Even through Pikachu had great hearing, nothing short of a sonic boom could wake it up.  Misty turned around on her back and stared at the ceiling. 

"Ash, I am so happy your okay, for the one second your heart stopped beating, I saw the world come crashing down around me.  Time stopped and seemed to drag on as I saw the doctor try to revive you, but somehow, you came back to me.  I love you Ash Ketchum, I always will.  I just wish you felt the same way"

  She felt herself getting sad again. "cheer up, Ash is alive, and everything can go back to normal.  We can continue on our journey and be friends again." That seemed to depress her even more. "just friends…..I want to be more then that." 

She turned over and slowly went to sleep. 


Ash was given a clean bill of health, and a hospital bill as well.  Ash took the bill in his hands.  "WAAAA! $750 dollars!"  The nurse smiled sweetly.  "you can pay in one amount or pay in installments.  Ash shrugged, reached into pants pocket and withdrew his wallet.  He handed the nurse some bills. "will cash be fine?" The nurse's eyes went wide and began to stutter.  "A….A yes…." The nurse counted the money and Ash quickly left the hospital.  The sun shone on his face as he walked to the Pokemon Center to surprise Misty and the others of his return. 

"I hardly remember anything, it was so much like a dream, I remember a voice, a bright light……and Misty.  Everything is so foggy, but maybe it's best I don't know."

Ash had a skip in his step as he walked down the street.  "I feel so…….light and fancy free, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders." Ash stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and rubbed his head.  "ahh, my head….hold on a sec……, a  huge weight?……………"


"Ash, your holding a secret deep inside within your heart, it's weighing you down, that is slowly but surly distroying you.  Only if you reveal this secret will your heart be free, and pass the third obstacle."

"But what could that be?"

"only you know that, I can only probe your brain, not your heart."

Ash turned around to face the *fake* Misty.

"could it have to do with… Misty?"

"it could be, your heart created her manly because your secret is about her."

Ash became very silent.

"Ash, I only have a few seconds, you must think of it.  Have you been hiding a hidden feeling for Misty?"

Ash stared towards the ground.

"Ash, do you have feelings for Misty?"

"welllll…..I …..might"


"……….I…….love …….her."

The sudden flooding of memories stuns Ash.  "I love her?………..oh man."
He rubbed his head, the memories were just of that one moment. "argh! Why can't I remember!I…OoF!" He unfortunately didn't see the pole he had just walked into.  Ash gingerly rubbed his head and smiled to the sky. "That knocked some sense into me. yeah…its true…I love her.  But I don't know what she thinks of me. *sigh* She just wants that bike, she doesn't love me, sure she cares about me because were friends….oh how I want to be more then friends."

Ash waved his fist in the air and screamed "HOIST WITH MY OWN PATARD!!"  Everyone stopped and stared at the young trainer. He smiled meekly and dusted himself off. "what, don't you people read Shakespeare?"

The townspeople continued on their way and some dropped coins in front of Ash, thinking he was a street performer.  Ash sighed and stuffed the coins in his pocket "*sigh*….waste not, want not".  He made his way to the Pokemon Center, as he entered, he noticed two things. One, Brock was drooling over nurse Joy, like he always did, and two, Misty wasn't with him, in fact she wasn't in sight.  Ash walked over to Brock and tapped him on the shoulder.  Brock snapped out of his trance and looked behind him.

Ash flicked his nose and gave him his peace symbol. "hey Brocko!".  They high fived each other.  "hey Ash, when did you get out!" He said happily to see his friend back on his feet.  "Just about an hour ago, wanted to surprise you….. Hey Brock where's Misty?"

Brock turned to point at the guest rooms. "She's taking a nap."

Ash gave a quick greeting to Nurse Joy, and Brock resumed to blush over her.  Ash walked down hallway of the different quest rooms until finally finding Misty's room.  Ash knocked on the door, but there wasn't an answer.  He reached for the door knob, then without warning it swung open and slammed Ash square in the face.  "WAAA!" Ash crumpled to a heap on the ground, Misty stood in the doorway.  "Oh my gosh Ash! I'm soo sorry!"  Misty reached down and helped the semi-conscious Ash up and into her room.  "ugh…ow my head, what you trying to do Misty put me in another coma?" Ash smiled and laughed.  Misty was a little mad at that, but decided to let it go.  Ash looked into Misty's aqua blue eyes, he really never realized how pretty she was.  "look I…." They both said at the same time.  Misty cocked her head. "um….you go first."  Ash twiddled his thumbs.  "no….you go first.".

"you go first"

"no that's okay, you go on"

"just say what you where going to say!"

"Well why can't you go first!"
Misty bonked Ash on the head. "dumbash! Just spit it out already!"

Ash started getting angry. " I'm dumb now I'm I!?" he said sarcastically.

Misty stood up and took out her mallet. "YEAH! YOUR ALSO SLOW,STUPID,AN IDOIT, A MORAN AND A TOTAL IGNORRAMUS!!"

Ash stood up and faced opposite of Misty. "OH YEAH! YOUR A SCRAWNY, UGLY, SPOILED, SELFISH, STUPID, LITTLE BRAT!!" Ash covered his mouth and immediately regretted what he said.  He expected for Misty to slug him with her mallet, instead he looked up to see Misty crying.  "you……you…..MEANY!"  She slapped Ash across his face.  He reached up to rub his burning cheek.

Misty ran over to the bed and grabbed her back-pack, scooped up Togepi and knocked Ash out the way.  She stopped at the door and looked at Ash with tear-stained eyes. 

"good-bye ash, I'm leaving for good….I'm sick of the fighting, it's better for the both of us…this way*sniff*" The tears flowed with more intensity as she ran down the hall.  Ash ran after her, mixed emotions running through him. "yeah?….well….well….good riddance, that's what………I say." Luckily she was out of earshot.  Ash fell to his knees.

(what….have I done?) 

            Brock was trying to get Nurse Joys number for the twentieth time when Misty ran by with eyes full of tears. "Huh! Misty….what is it!" 

But Misty kept running, out the doors and down the street.

"What the heck!" He whipped his head to Ash who was standing in the hall. 

"What happened!"

Ash's head fell and stared at the floor.  "she left…..about time" he said with no emotion.  Brock ran up to Ash and grabbed him by the shoulders. "WHAT DID YOU DO!" Ash looked away from Brocks accusing gaze. "it was her choice, let her go"

Brock released Ash and looked at the door in which misty ran out crying.  Brock turned his back to him.  "what have you done, you hurt her feelings, she's gone.  And all you can say is 'let her go'.  Don't you care for her?"

Ash still stared at the floor, a lump in his throat and holding back tears. "no"

Brock turned away from him and went into his room.  Before entering, he turned and faced him one more time.  "I thought you were friends, guess I was wrong.  Your Pokemon are with Nurse Joy"  With that he went into his room and closed the door still teaming mad at Ash.  Nurse Joy gave Ash his Pokemon, Pikachu jumped into his arms, happy to see him up and about.  Pikachu expected to get a bigger hug then the one he was getting now.  He nudged Ash, hoping he would tell him what was wrong.

"Misty left " Pikachu's eyes went wide, he flared up his cheeks and gave Ash a huge thundershock.  He fell over charred and electrified. "why…… Pikachu?"

Pikachu ran to Brocks room and looked over at Ash. "PI PI PI!" He opened the door and walked in.  "Even Pikachu knows it's my fault"  Ash brushed himself off. 

"I have to find her, apologize, if I can find her that is." He walked over to nurse joy and asked her for a pen and paper.  He wrote a note to Brock and taped it to his door.  He collected his bag and quietly left the Pokemon Center to search for Misty.

"Misty, I didn't mean what I said, I'm so sorry."


Misty ran down route 22 with her eyes filled with tears.  She never stopped running since she left the Pokemon Center, nor had she stopped crying.  Misty slowed down and sat down.  She sucked back her tears and dried them.  She looked down and Togepi and frowned.  "Togepi, what have I done?  Because of my temper, we got into another fight.

Now I know he hates me.  I promised I wouldn't leave him, but what's the point?  I couldn't stand to look at him, after what I did, and what I do to him all the time.  I'm always hitting him, yelling at him, putting him down."  Tears started to well up in her eyes once more. "If……if…only he knew how I felt!  I didn't mean the things I said to you"  The tears flowed once more. "oh, Ash! I'm so sorry"  Misty looked to the sky. "I'll never forget you Ash, *sniff* not ever, even if the day comes when you forget about me….I'll never forget about you." Togepi played with Misty's thumbs. "togi!"

She gave Togepi a weak smile.  "well little one, it's just me and you now *sniff*.  Let's set up camp.  She traveled deep into the forest and set up her little camp.  Misty tried numerous times to light a fire but couldn't no matter how hard she tried.  In her travels, Ash had always lit the fire.  She curled up on her sleeping bag and took out her radio.  She hugged her knees to her chest and cried softly while the music played, she was alone again.  The closet thing she had to company was Togepi, and it couldn't talk to her.  A couple hours passed when he reached into her backpack and took out a picture. On it was a photo of her, Brock and Ash.  It was just after Ash's second Victory at the indigo plateau.  Ash looked really happy in the photo.  She pressed the photo to her chest and cried.  She wish she could be with Ash and with Brock and Pikachu.  But she new it would be impossible. "who would love someone like me" she said sadly.  She thought she'd give it one more try at starting a fire.  She went into the forest to look for smaller kindling. "stay here Togepi." Togepi waved. "TOGI PRIIIII!"

Misty ventured into the forest, she had collected some sticks, when out of no where she saw a light in the distance.  It was a soft glow coming through the trees.

"hmm? A campfire! Maybe someone can help me lit mine!"  She snuck through the thicket trying to get near the campsite.  The closer she got the more she thought she heard something familiar.  She sneaked around a tree, peered over the side and gasped.  There, staring at the fire was Ash. 

"What's Ash doing here? I don't see Brock anywhere."

She sneaked around to another tree right behind Ash, this way she could hear him.

            Ash sat on a large log poking the fire with a stick, he rested his head in his hand and looked very sad.  He started talking to himself, since he was alone.   Misty couldn't see Pikachu anywhere either, why was he out here. Ash continued to poke his fire and talk outloud. 

"oh Misty….what have I done, because of me I scared you off, and you may never come back.  I just wish you knew how sorry I am, I wish you knew how much I cared."

Misty could feel her heart jump a beat.

"I remember the first time I realized I liked her." Ash grinned

"It was when I had just caught my first Pokemon, a caterpie.  She was so afraid, it was kinda cute.  When we camped out for the first time that night, something clicked.  But I knew she didn't like me then, and I'm pretty sure she hates me now."  Ash continued to poke his fire, watching as his stick caught fire.  "I'll always love her, no matter what."

Misty was shocked beyond belief.  "he…loves me!"

As she attempted to get closer she tripped on a rock and fell flat on her face, in full view of Ash.  "WAAA!!" Ash bolted up and tripped over his backpack, sending him crashing to the ground.  Misty and Ash slowly stood up and their eyes met.  There was an uneasy silence, both very nervous.

Ash was first to break the silence. "how…how long were you back there?" he asked nervously.


Ash held his head low out of embarrassment.  Misty crawled closer to him and placed her hand on his knee..


He looked up and stared into her eyes.  To Ash, she had the most beautiful eyes.


She nervously twiddled her thumbs.

"did… you REALLY mean what you said just now?" They both looked deep into each others eyes, not wanting to look away.

Ash slowly swallowed, extremely nervous, he could feel his hands shaking as he reached up and grabbed Misty's hands in his.  Misty was taken by surprise by Ash's affection. 

"Misty, I have something to tell you, and I'm wanna say it now before it's to late.  I have always loved you, and always will. Even if you don't feel the same way about me.  I can understand, I just wanted you to know, I had to get this secret out of me, before it hurts me anymore.  I also wanted you to know that I'm sorry for everything I said to you this afternoon, as for everything I said during our time together.  I never meant a word of it."

Misty was speechless over Ash's romantic outpouring.  He gulped and continued on.

"I only fought with you so you would never find out.  I couldn't stand the rejection, it would of been to much.  That's the only reason, I was to afraid of what you might say, I was afraid you'd leave.  It's turns out that I was very, very wrong.  Misty…..I love you, and I always will."  Misty looked down at them holding hands, then back at Ash, he was shaking like a leaf, so was she. 

Misty looked into Ash eyes, and found the love that had always been there.  "Oh Ash….your so sweet" 

He stopped shaking, and gazed at Misty and her beauty, the beauty only she could posses. Misty cleared her throat and collected her words. "Ash I have something to tell you to, all the times we fought I too were covering up the fact that I loved you.  I had loved you since I could remember.  All the times I had said I was following you because you had wrecked my bike, it was all a lie.  I wanted to be with you, I never wanted to leave you.  Today, I had run away because I thought you hated me, for always, whining, complaining and calling you names.  I was so scared that you didn't care about me."  tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. "I didn't want to leave you….but….but….I loved you to much to see you hate me!"  Misty began to cry again.  Ash pulled Misty close to him, and embraced her.  Misty stopped crying, and looked up to Ash, there hearts were beating in unison as they slowly closed the gap between them.  They inched there faces closer, closed there eyes and kissed.  At that instant, all the worries, all the tears, all the hurt feelings all the problems in the world were gone, and this one treasured moment was replaced.  The world around them stopped as they continued to kiss passionately.  They both waited 2 years to come to this realization of love.  They never wanted it to end, soon they ran out of breath and broke the kiss.  Misty reached up to her lips and stared at ash stunned.  The still embraced each other, they felt so close to one another, like it was meant to be.  Ash rubbed his thumb on Misty's cheek.  "well…where do we go from here" Misty asked.  Ash reached down and kissed her once more. "whatever it may be we'll go together, from now until forever."  Ash and Misty continued to kiss, each time more passionate than the other.  Misty stood up and helped Ash to his feet.  "oops! I almost forgot Togepi!"  Misty quickly got her things together and made her way back to Ash's camp. They laid down their sleeping bags right next to each other.  Ash laid down, and patted the empty spot next to him.  Misty laid down beside Ash, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.  Misty snuggled up close,  Ash played with Misty's hair and stared at the night sky.  Misty sat up and turned to Ash, who held her close.

She kissed him and smiled.  "Sweet dreams Ashy" Ash reached up and kissed her.

"don't need'em Mist…..they already came true….hey Misty"


"remember back when we saw that shooting star, and I made a wish?"


"you told me to tell you when it came true."


"just thought you'd like to know it just came true."

Misty playfully poked him on the nose.

"awww…Ashy" They snuggled up close and fell asleep.

The smile never left Misty's face as she dreamed of days past count and days yet to come.  They had found each other, they were complete.  From now until forever.

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Authors notes: Well, when I first submitted this fic it was the first fic I ever wrote, and there was a lot of errors and parts I didn't like, so since my writing ability has evolved I decided to come back and revise this part, kinda make it better for the new readers.  Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you like the following chapters.