This is using my same original characters from "like us" and will have nothing to do with Bella or Edward until very much later in the story. This is sort of a prelude to "like us" but is going to be considered an entirely different story. Don't expect to hear anything about E&B because, remember, Tristan and Aurora were together for a year before they met them.

I give you the story of Tristan and Aurora:

The sun was shining into my dorm already, even though it was only 4:30 a.m. It was a green sort of color. I missed the warm yellow sunshine of California. I rolled my head sleepily to the side to look at Jenny, my roommate. She was still sleeping with her mouth open and I heard her breathing come in loud steady gasps. She was having an asthma attack!

"Jenny!" I yelled, waking the two girls on the floor and Victoria who was sleeping on the other side of my bed.

"What the-" Victoria said as I jumped over Jenny's bed to get her fast-acting inhaler. That woke Lily, who was sleeping beside Jenny. Lily sat up and immediately started waking Jenny up and Victoria started to help her. Jordan and Amelia were sitting up, wide-eyed on the floor, half of their bodies still in sleeping bags.

I rushed to the other side of the bed and nearly tripped over Jordan's legs in my haste to get to Jenny with her inhaler. Jenny was awake and her eyes looked at me panicked as I handed it to her. She pressed down on it and we heard her gasp to inhale the medicine it was spraying in her mouth. She coughed after she had inhaled and then shook it and pressed it down again.

Slowly we all sat down on her bed and watched as her breathing returned to normal. Jordan was the first to break the silence.

"Shit, are you okay Jens?" her voice was low and frightened. She had not been Jenny's roommate for all these years, and even then this had only happened on one other occasion.

"Yeah," Jenny said, she looked frustrated at the fact that we were looking at her in a concerned way. "Shit happens, I'll be fine."

She gave us a look as if to dare one of us to ask her if she was sure she was fine. I knew Jenny very well and knew she didn't want to talk about what had just happened. I glared at her for looking angry with us for being concerned. She cast her eyes down when she caught my expression. Jenny and I had grown to be really good friends over the years and she knew when to argue with me, this was not one of those rare times.

"We had better get ready to go soon, when does our plane leave again?" Lily asked to change the subject.

"Seven o'clock, we had better get a move on or Madame Charmon will kill us." Victoria said, standing up and grabbing a bag of salon shampoos and my jasmine scented soap and heading out the door without another word. I stood up and walked out after her, knowing her, she would use all my soap that had cost me twenty dollars to have.

She was waiting outside the door for me expectantly. She was my best friend and we were just short of being able to read each others minds.

Victoria did not look like her name at all. She was as tall as me, which was impressive, and had narrow hips and an almost flat chest, but that didn't interfere with her boy meeting abilities. She had short, angled hair that was bright pink except for the chunks that she had re-dyed to be a yellowy sort of blonde. Her face was beautiful and delicate and she had eyes that could turn into lasers when you got in an argument with her. For that reason alone no one but me fought with her on a regular basis and won a fight every now and then. Her favorite color was black and it showed in every outfit she owned. When I had first arrived here she gave my jeans and white tee-shirt one sharp up and down look and decided she hated me. It took one massive argument that I wouldn't back down from a month after moving here that eventually changed her mind about me and we have been inseparable ever since.

"This has been an intense morning," she said as I walked past her, heading towards the showers. She followed at her own pace casually.

"Yeah," I answered, not turning around.

I reached the shower doors and pushed through to see other girls already in there. Steam filled the room and all the talkative gossip stopped as they turned to look at Victoria and me. I felt Victoria stiffen behind me and I knew she had just squared her shoulders as I had done before opening the door.

I felt almost instantly the judgment radiating from them. They started their gossip groups again but I still saw eyes darting to either me or Victoria.

We were the unofficial heads of the pathetic girls-only boarding school and I hated it. I hated the way everyone looked at you for flaws and all the rumors that went around about you- about how you snuck out of your dorm room to meet the neighboring idiots from the Camion Boys Academy. For some reason any rumor about Lily, Jordan, Amelia, Victoria, Jenny or myself got out everyone wanted to know about it, so they all heard every one of them.

We walked over to the corner showers that were unofficially ours and our friends'. I grabbed two towels from the pile and threw one to Victoria.

It was a relief to turn on the water and let it scorch my body and drown out all of the girls' hateful voices. I purposely turned it as hot as it could go and soaked in the sting of the water, not allowing myself the privilege of stepping out of it's burning heat. I stood there as long as I could, taking my self-inflicted punishment I was used to doing every morning. No one ever noticed I did this so I got away with it; it sort of reminded me of my parents in a way. I couldn't explain how I connected the two situations but I did. I stepped out of the water gasping and quickly turned the cold water on too, the water instantly turned to a warm medium.

I reached my hand out of my shower and past Victoria's shower curtain and jerked it suggestively. I instantly felt the shampoo bottle in my hand and closed my fingers around it. I did the same thing when it came time for conditioner and the $20 jasmine soap.

I finished and wrapped the white towel around me and rung out my hair that went to the top of my butt. It was so thick that I wasn't going to have time to dry it. I just twisted it up in a French knot and stepped out of the shower. Victoria was already at a mirror on the other side of the room and all the girls were giving her plenty of room as if she was a venomous snake that would lash out at them any second.

"Where are the others?" I asked her from across the room as I picked up my clothes from the floor. Victoria looked at me in the mirror as four voices answered me from various showers.

I walked over to Victoria and she rolled her eyes at the glancing girls. I laughed at her and headed out the door. I reached my room and threw on a pair of Abercrombie distressed jeans and a black tee-shirt, curtsey of Victoria to get me away from the preppy style she claimed I had.

An hour later everyone was rushing around the dorms and grabbing suit cases. Madame Charmon was shrieking orders to me and my friends that we were late even though it was only 6:00 a.m. We grabbed our passports and rushed to the white van that was waiting outside the school doors. I jumped in the back last and I heard the van door scrape shut. We sped away to the Mellwood, Maryland airport and I boarded the plane with my best friends and our two chaperones.

Madame Charmon and her husband who asked us to call him Jack were the only two adults watching us in a foreign country with a language we were all fluent in. That was one of the reasons we got to go to France, the other was we were all very wealthy and could afford to take our two week spring break vacation in Europe.

The plane trip was uneventful and we had to switch planes only once in a small town in northern France before we got to the Paris Airport. I was so excited I couldn't wait to go to the museums and the river and the open markets. I was ready to lose myself in the slow healthy French lifestyle and the old cobbled roads.

We headed to our hotel immediately to sleep off the plane trip. When I woke up it was to Madame Charmon's squawking voice yelling through Victoria's and my door.

"Get up you girls, there is a firework show going on tonight! It's about to start!" she stopped rapping on our door and a few seconds later I heard her pounding on Lily and Jenny's door right down the hall from us.

"The old hag…" Victoria muttered as she pressed her face into a pillow.

I sat up and jumped on her causing her to scream and effortlessly throw me back onto the floor. I landed on my butt and it hurt a little.

"I want to see the fire works against the Eiffel tower!" I protested. "Come on, tomorrows my birthday," I said, reminding her that I was turning sixteen tomorrow.

"Fine, you ho," she said, sitting up and grabbing some new clothes out of one of her three suit cases. I couldn't blame her, I had brought four. I wasn't planning on leaving anything behind for those girls at Berkley to dig through. I had once caught a girl wearing one of my favorite tops that I had accidentally left in the bathroom one day.

I got up and slipped back into my jeans that I had left in a pile on the floor and threw off the black top. It formed a little black puddle in the corner of the room. I opened up the suitcase I had put my shirts in and searched for the right one. I decided to go with another black top, it looked good with my white-blonde hair and I was anything but against meeting some cute French guys. I knew Victoria was thinking the same thing as she put on a black tube top.

"Planning on getting some action?" I commented, giving her top a pointed look.

She threw her head back and laughed. "Not if you stand next to me Ao(pronounced Ay-oh), I would be lucky to get any guy to look at me with you at my side." She smiled at the glare I was giving her. "Come one girl, you know you're gorgeous why not flaunt it a little?"

I didn't like it when people told me I was attractive. I thought it was a little rude considering the assumption that normally came with being attractive…being stupid. I had struggled to be at the top of my class and my looks didn't matter in that one bit, but all the other girls I beat brushed off my accomplishments with "must have slept with the teacher" or "wonder which guy she got to do her homework this time".

"I don't flaunt it because I don't have to," I said to her with a small smirk, hiding my anger with humor.

She smiled back at me. I had succeeded in making her believe I didn't care. A part of me wished she could have seen right through the dark humor and find the screaming girl within. But she didn't. She turned and headed to our suites bathroom and I followed her.

I brushed mascara on my long lashes and applied a little bit of pale rose pink eye shadow on before taking the large barreled curling iron and attempting to put a little volume into my jet straight hair. I smiled as I looked in the mirror and saw the big loose spirals cascade softly down my back. I laughed as Victoria shook her head playfully, tousling her short flaming flamingo pink hair. Her elfin features looked breathtaking with only a light layer of mascara.

Right then there was another pounding on our door. This time instead of a hard rapping of knuckles it was a loud steady thud of someone's fist banging against the door. I opened it and Lily, Jenny, Jordan and Amelia came into the room. They nearly knocked me off my feet as they marched in heatedly.

"That vulture of a woman is driving me insane! It hasn't even been twenty four hours and I can't stand her, how are we going to stay with her for two weeks?" Jordan was raging.

I closed the door quickly, hoping Madame Charmon or Jack wasn't in the hallway.

"We will just have to sneak off when she isn't looking," Jenny said with an innocent expression.

I smiled and couldn't help but get excited at the thought of being free in Paris with my best friends, the only people still alive who I loved.

Lily gaped at us as all four of us nodded at Jenny. "Are. You. Insane." She whispered breathlessly as if someone could hear us in the hotel suite. "We would get into so much trouble! And she will definitely notice that all of us have gone off somewhere! What if she calls our parents?"

She instantly shut her mouth and I saw five pairs of nervous eyes look at me. I sighed. "It isn't like you can't use the word "parents" in front of me. That was almost five years ago, I have heard the word "parent" in that time frame believe it or not." Once again I used humor to cover pain, they all smiled at me.

I had to remind myself that that was what I really wanted, I wanted them to smile. A part of my mind couldn't help but scream out in pain as they returned the discussion to sneaking away from our chaperones.

"We are going to do it with or without you Lily, it's up to you if you want to stay with the witch the whole day or come with us." Victoria's word was law and I looked at Lily who was having an inner struggle between the rules and peer pressure.

"Everything will be alright Lils," I said in my soothing way and I saw her shoulders relax slightly. "We always get out of trouble; this time will be just like those. They won't call your parents."

She was starting to believe what I was saying. I didn't doubt the strong Victoria and I could get us all out of trouble with a lie that would naturally escape our lips. It was second nature--almost first nature for the both of us to lie to adults. We were very accomplished at it.

"When do we sneak out?" asked Amelia excitedly. Her hazel eyes were now a beautiful green and her smile was huge.

"Not tonight, tomorrow night," said Jordan, she shot me a look. "Tomorrow we are going to have a birthday celebration."

I smiled as they remembered. Once again the knuckles of our teacher rapped on our door. "You girls open the door!" she squawked. Amelia reached out and opened the door to reveal our tall, hook-nosed teacher. "We have to go now. It is going to start in a few minutes." With that she turned around and headed down the hall, not even waiting for us to follow, I started out the room but I felt strong hands grab my shoulders and I was jerked back into the room. I felt my shirt being ripped off.

"Victoria!" I yelled but it was muffled by the fabric. I barley got to look at my friends' bodies that were pushed up against me before more black fabric was pushed over my head.

"Take her bra!" I heard Amelia say and then I felt someone grab at the clasp and I started struggling violently. I was 5'10" but very thin and didn't have a whole lot of muscle. I didn't stand a chance against five other girls. I felt the shirt I was being forced into being pulled over my stomach. Next thing I knew I had to stop struggling because someone had grabbed hold of my bra and pulled it so tight against me I grunted and gasped for air. I was guessing it was Victoria, she took my momentary stillness as an opening to unclasp the bra and she yanked it off.

All of my friends backed away and left me gasping for air and looking down and my body. They had replaced the simple black tee-shirt with a black silk halter top that was open down the entire front and the only thing keeping it on me was a small rhinestone clasp right beneath my fuller chest, nestled right in the middle.

The fabric under it was open and revealed the almost six pack I had done 50 sit ups nightly to get. There was now a definite line separating the muscles on my abdomen and slightly visible lines crossing my stomach horizontally, showing a lot of definition.

"That's your present from me," said Victoria, looking pleased with herself.

"Thanks Vic!" I said, spinning around and watching the split fabric blow away from my abs.

"I knew you would like it, though you put up a fight to put it on!" she said, nodding at me.

"Well I wasn't exactly ready to be jumped," I defended myself.

"Oh I can't wait to see the look on the old hag's face!" Jenny said quietly, she had an evil glint in her eye. Madame Charmon was very old fashioned and conservative. I think it took all of her will power not to yell at us for wearing tight jeans.

"Here," Jordan through me her sports jacket.

Jordan played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. She was the athlete of the bunch. Victoria was the punk rocker and our intimidator. I'll admit, Vic can be scary when she wants to be. Amelia was the genius who would rather be out ditching than be in class, she liked drama and trouble. Jenny was the little hot head that knew everything there was to know about fashion and nail polish and where to get the best manicures and hair cuts.

Lily was the over cautious one who was always against breaking the rules, but she was also a follower and would go with anything we agreed upon. She normally agreed with her best friend Jenny. And I was the orphan, or that was how I categorized myself. I was the girl with the troubled past and an evil aunt who me all the way from California to Maryland.

We walked out the door. Madame Charmon was tapping her foot with her short husband behind her at the top of her stairs. She glanced at us suspiciously. She looked at Victoria and I who were wearing jackets on a warm spring night.

Victoria was still wearing the tube top and I was sure Madame Charmon was not ready for tube tops yet and probably wouldn't be for another twenty years. I knew she would faint at the shirt I was wearing. Jack looked us all over in a creepy way and I looked him in the eyes coldly as his gaze lingered on me.

Madame Charmon turned on her heel without a word and we followed her out of our five star hotel: Hotel De Crillon.

We walked along the narrow cobbled streets as our hotel was conveniently located near the Eiffel tower where the firework show was taking place. A lot of people were already there. I mumbled something to our teacher before grabbing Lily's hand and drawing her to the center of the crowd. I knew the others would follow. When we reached a small gap in the middle I stopped and waited for all my friends to shove their way to Lily and me.

When they reached us I winked at Victoria and we both stripped the jackets immediately.

I caught several glances that darted to my very exposed chest. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a particular group of men who-from a glance-looked to all be around twenty and pretty attractive. I saw them all freeze when we handed our jackets to the shivering Lily and Jenny. They were always cold and it was worth getting a little chilly if we got some attention. Attention was always nice. I smiled at Victoria in a knowing way and jerked my head, ever so slightly, towards my left where I had seen the attractive guys. We had our own crowd/checking out language down pat. She looked over my shoulder and her eyes got very wide. I didn't turn around, controlling myself enough to not look at them. It was incredibly hard considering how big her eyes were.

"What?" I asked her quietly. She never got a chance to answer that question. Someone else answered for her.

"Excuse me," a beautiful, smooth, male voice said from behind me. I fought the urge to spin on my heel as fast as I could. Instead I slowly turned, taking a deep breath of an amazing scent that was filling my senses.

When I looked up I saw a tall man with incredibly pale skin, he had dark chocolate brown hair and dark eyes. Very dark eyes, so dark I couldn't make out what color they were. I noticed all of these details on the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. He was beautiful to say the least. He smiled slightly as I stared at him shamelessly and I realized I hadn't said anything in over a minute.

"Hello," I realized I was speaking English. I was speaking English because he was speaking English. This was going to be perfect. I also realized how close he was to me. He was less than six inches from my body. I took a reluctant step back and his smile got wider. I looked at my friends around me and they were all still staring at the men. Men, I thought. I hadn't even looked at the others yet.

I made a mental note that there was exactly the same number of them as there was us. Six and six. I looked at the other men and realized they were all staring at me intently. All of their six faces were equally beautiful.

I took another step back under their stares and they seemed to get the message and looked at my friends as well. I watched as a dirty blond approached Victoria and her eyes got even bigger. The other guys, who I was guessing were in their early twenties dispersed to my other friends and I knew they were going to go into shock or something. I stepped on Lily's toe as one approached her.

She gasped but her eyes never left the approaching man. I suppose if she gasped that meant she was still breathing. I turned back around to face the beautiful chocolate haired man. He was unexpectedly close again and I took another small step back. His smile got wider and he stepped closer to me again and I was starting to get worried.

That was when he leaned in and put his open mouth close to my face. I froze as he exhaled an unearthly smell that was so addictive I leaned in. Before I could kiss him his lips descended on mine softly. They were cold and hard but still strangely soft. I felt him inhale deeply and his arms slipped around my waist, gently pulling me to him. I was very aware of just how revealed my full chest was as he pushed it against his. One of his hands came up to my face and brushed my long hair behind my shoulder slowly. He moaned as he leaned his head down to my exposed neck and his cool lips softly kissed right beneath my ear. I inhaled his strange scent that I couldn't get enough of. One of his hands was on my lower back keeping me close to him and the other one was on my ribcage and was slowly moving up.

I moaned and that was when I heard that ungodly voice. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING MS. STANTON?"

Oh no, I thought. I pushed away from him quickly. I immediately regained my mind when his scent wasn't filling my lungs. I looked at my friends; none of them even looked at Madame Charmon. They were still staring at the separate men that were standing in front of them. None of the men were looking at them though; it seemed that everyone in the entire crowd watching the fireworks was now watching me-except my friends. I looked back at the man I had just been kissing and he was now looking at Madame Charmon with a glare that brought the saying if looks could kill to my mind. His eyes snapped back to mine and in the fireworks light I thought I saw a red glint in them. I stared into his eyes for a long time but didn't see the glint again.

Everyone in the crowd was starting to resume their business and I felt a firm hand close like a vise grip over my upper arm. I turned to see a furious French teacher.

"Madame-" I started but she cut across me, staring with wide eyes at my chest.

"What are you wearing child!" that seemed to bring Victoria back to real life. Her eyes jerked from the god-like creature in front of her back to me.

"Aurora?" she sounded like she was waking up. I stepped away from the beautiful man I had been kissing and Madame Charmon and walked over to her. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her away from the man in front of her. I put her by our chaperones and walked to Jordan. I jerked her awake and continued on from awestruck girl to awestruck girl and pulled them from the beautiful men. The men just watched me as I moved and didn't make a move to stop me. I ushered Madame Charmon-who was now also staring at the men with a look of desire- and my friends away from the center and back in the direction of the Hotel De Chillon.

I looked back at the beautiful man I had kissed and realized I didn't even know his name. He took quick steps towards me and took my hand in his. He flipped it over, exposing the soft white skin of my wrist, and kissed it softly and slowly. He was also inhaling deeply.

"Until next time," he whispered, looking up at me from under his dark long eyelashes. I caught my breath, I was sure I had seen a glint of red.

I felt the vise grip of my teacher once more and I was dragged off. The man stood there watching me and then, when I blinked, he was gone.

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