Your Smile Says It All
Theme #1-Can I Have This

"Can I have this?"

Roxas looked up from his video game and glanced over to where Axel was standing by his writing desk.

"Have what?" the blond questioned, pausing the game and giving the redhead his full attention.

"This." Axel turned around and held up a small Polaroid photograph. Roxas got up from his spot on the bed and padded over to Axel, looking at the picture in his hand.

"Ax…it's just a picture," the blue-eyed boy pointed out, giving the older boy a skeptical look.

"Yeah but look closely," Axel replied, jabbing at the picture with his thumb. Roxas' eyes focused on the photograph and settled upon his own face. Roxas carefully studied his face, unsure of what he was truly looking for. He looked up at Axel once more, this time confused.

"What exactly am I looking at? This picture's got to be at least three years old."

Axel rolled his eyes and shoved the photograph further under Roxas' nose. "Look, you're smiling!" he pointed out, flicking at the easygoing smile on photo-Roxas' face. Roxas blinked at the sight and tilted his head, almost as though he were trying to get a better look.

"Okay, and?" he prodded, unsure of where the green-eyed boy was going with this conversation. Axel smiled gently and held the photograph with great care as though it would dissolve right in his hands.

"Your smile's really rare, Rox. I hardly ever get to see it, so therefore, if I have this photo, I can see your smile all the time, y'know?" he explained to the confused blond, still looking at the smiling boy in the picture. Roxas nodded slowly and looked at Axel intently.

"You really think my smile's special?"

"Yeah, I do." Axel nodded. "And now I have proof that you actually know how!" he finished with a cheeky grin. Roxas shook his head and chuckled slightly. His eyes drifted to the corner of his writing desk where a lone Polaroid camera sat, right about where the photo was. His eyes suddenly brightened as he thought of an idea.

"Say, Axel…wouldn't you rather have a more recent picture?" The redhead looked up from his admiration session and gave the blond a curious look.

"You're not smiling in any of your recent pictures though," he replied. "Trust me, I looked."

"Well, what if I promise you that I'll smile?"

"No cause it'll be fake if you're forcing it."

"No it won't, I promise." Roxas grabbed the camera and stepped closer to Axel, looking up at his taller friend.

"Oh? And how so?" Axel inquired, finally setting the old photograph down on the desk to stare at his younger friend.

"Like this," Roxas replied and stood up on his toes, brushing a kiss against Axel's lips lightly. Axel's eyes widened briefly before he responded to the kiss, slowly returning Roxas' affection with gentle sincere kisses. Roxas pulled away first and a wide smile graced over his lips. He held the camera up in front of them and looked at Axel from the corner of his eye.

"Smile," he commanded and looked back at the camera, pressing the button and taking the picture.

And so when Axel went home later that day, he had two photographs in his pocket; one of a 12-year-old blond boy and one of that same boy by his side, smiling like he meant it.

So yes, these drabbles are being written for the 30sweets community over on livejournal, so I thought I would share. Hope you enjoyed it! More drabbles shall follow.