My heart beats for you

there was a creakiness in Sakura's voice as she spoke to Sasuke that morning. Showing a sign that the previous night had not been so kind to her.

She had been up all night, just thinking, wondering. And before she knew it, the clock struck six a.m.. Time to get up.

And this was it, what Sakura had stayed up a whole lonely night for...Today, she would ask Sasuke one. more. time.

" Yes, Sakura?"

The pink-haired kunoichi stopped. She hadnt realized that she had already called out to her Sasuke-kun.

"Do you...Do you, like me?"

Sasuke remained aloof.


Sakura persisted.

" Do you think I'm pretty?"

Again, cold indifference.


" Would you cry if I died? Or do you even care...?"


Sasuke's icy disdain and unkind replies were becoming unbearable for the cherry blossom girl.

"No! No what! No, you wouldn't cry! Or no, YOU DON'T CARE!"

Sakura started Running as fast as she could away from Sasuke, tears streaming from her eyes. But before she could successfully pass Sasuke, She felt a strong grip on her arm.


A small, pitiful tear crawled its way down Sakura's cheek, and she looked up from the bulky hand clutching onto her arm.

Sasuke. He had the same indifferent look on his face, but with just a glint of care in his eyes, a glint. Sasuke rarely showed his emotions so this wasnt any different for the pink-haired ninja, but it hurt her so to see that look in his eyes, that seemed almost to her like pity. But Sasuke never showed pity before, maybe..well, this emotion...maybe it was something different...

" Sakura, I don't like you...because I love you..." His grip lightened.

" I dont think you're pretty because I know you're beautiful."

Two hearts were beating faster than sound.

"If you had died, crying wouldn't have even crossed my mind..I would be holding you in my arms, still trying to breathe...---

Because...I couldn't cry..I couldn't even stand living; not without you."

By the end of this, Sakura's control over her crying was long gone. But they were happy tears, along with a happy smile. And Sasuke had never let go of Sakura's arm, making it much easier for him to pull her closer..

Now there was almost no room inbetween the two Chunin.

No one had ever invaded Sasuke's personal bubble this much before, let alone been forced into it. Being "Forced" and " invaded" were used lightely...

Two lips met, and fate seemed to smile.

" Sasuke, why...did you have to torture me for so long? If this is a joke I---"

Sasuke brought Sakura up for another kiss.

"I've kept my feelings from you... I've kept them secret because---

I didnt know if I wanted you.. just so that I could have someone there, or to have someone to comfort me...

Or, if I wanted you for you. And I'm glad. I finally figured it out..that my heart beats for you, and only you.."

WOOT! Another one done! Thanx for reading! I dont remember where I got this idea but it reminded me a lot of sasuke and sakura! So hope you liked it! And thanx Shou-kun for your great reviews on my last two stories! YAY! I have a #1 fan! tee-hee!