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A Trench.

A War Zone.


No escape.

No hope.

Not this time around.

As much as he tries to rig something up, something to get them back home before a bomb blasts them all back to the beginnings of time, he knows in the end it's futile.

"Doctor," she says beside him, eyes staring blankly into the distance.

He pauses, defeat pressing at his soul as he answers, "Yes Rose?"

"Remember how you once told me you could feel the turn of the earth?"

"How could I not?" he muses, a small smile pushing away the darkness that threatens to envelope him, memories of a happier time than this.

She turns to him, instead of the usual brown irises, a myriad of gold, pulsating and shining deep into her soul, emerging outwards to bathe over her skin. The eternal echoes of time lace her voice as she replies,

"It's not just the earth that spins, is it?"


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