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The words that he's looking for

What was it about Naruto that made Gaara want to break down and cry in front of him? Why did he feel so comfortable with Naruto? Why did he not want to run away as Naruto got close, and like right now, when Naruto is coming closer, lips almost touching, why does Gaara not push him away? Why does he leave him come closer?

Like right now as Naruto is kissing him, Gaara is kissing back. Why is Gaara letting Naruto trace his tongue along his bottom lip seeking entrance? Why is he letting him in, letting their tongues caress like lovers? All of this is a mystery to Gaara because he has no clue why either…

He's supposed to be a beast, a killing machine. He's not supposed to be able to feel any kind of emotion after all that has happened to him. He's supposed to be dead inside; he's not even supposed to be alive after countless close calls with death. So why now is he allowing himself to be bared to Naruto?

Everything that Naruto does to him, he allows. He allows himself to be touched, kissed, and undressed in front of him. He's comfortable with him, Naruto is the only emotion he has ever known, but what was the feeling that he was feeling right there and then as Naruto unzipped his pants.

Gaara was now completely naked in every way possible to Naruto. Both physically and emotionally. He is so completely wrapped up in the feel of Naruto inside of him that he just lets the words escape from his lips like it was just as simple as breathing.

"Naruto I…"

But yet he stops. What are the words that he's looking for? What are the words that he wants to say to him, to express how he's feeling at that very moment?

"Gaara…" said Naruto through the breathless pants he was letting out "I love you so much Gaara…"

Love… that was the feeling that Gaara had never known until this moment. Those were the words that he wanted to say to Naruto. He was going to say them, because he had a strong trust that he wouldn't get hurt.

At the peak of it all, Gaara screamed out the words so that anyone within a close distance could hear.

"Naruto! I love you…"

Naruto was gone from him. Gaara was scared; where could he have gone? Naruto, where did you go? But all of a sudden there are two warm strong arms that wrap around Gaara's shaking body.

"I'll never leave you Gaara…"

And that's how Gaara knew that he had done the right thing. This was a love that was strong and true and that could never break and that's what Gaara clinged to the rest of the night and he was happy for the first time to know that his only love would be right there beside him the morning…

"I love you Naruto…" he whispered before drifting off to sleep…

The end