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Vanya; My silly mother let's me watch Species 3, Final Fantasy 2 and Neon Genesis Evangelion all on the Final Duel screening weekend and look what happens!

Yes there are Aliens in this fiction but instead of Yami or Yugi begin aliens, they're BOTH aliens. It's a long story just read and review PLEASE!


BLURB; After project Atem went sour the government tried to shut the program down but something went wrong…YYY, BR, MM, SJ (The Regulars)


Chapter 1- Men and Gods

Mankind became fascinated with Roswell and to this day many people still insist that we were visited by a strange alien race.

The truth isn't so very different.

The Roswell landing was a fake staged by the government of the USA in order to distract attention from the real landing in Texas.

An alien body codenamed 'Ra' was found in the remains of a fallen meteoroid. The FBI confiscated and preserved the body in cryogenic labs for the next 20 years.

Then a group of scientists was called in to form the SIR division- Special Investigation and Research unit.

It was this group that began project Achilles.

It was meant to be a clone of the original alien body but the DNA couldn't be sustained on its own, and fearing the possibilities a full blooded member of the species could bring, human DNA was added.

The experiment became disastrous when Achilles escape and went on a rampage. He impregnated several human females most of which were found and killed.


The government found a way to destroy Achilles and shut down the program for the next 5 years many still concerned about the possibility of surviving Half-Breeds conceived during Achilles short life.

Then Commander G. Kaiba (1) came on the bureau and reformed the division yet again.

He wanted to use the DNA to create super Alien fighter soldiers to be used in combat or for assassination purposes.

Several eggs were created but only one was allowed to grow, a test run of sorts

Project Atem

Begin almost completely Alien DNA with mere traces of humanity he had nearly unimaginable power and was incredibly violent.

After creating Humans injected with traces of Alien DNA, genetically controlled Halflings, they tried to sedate Atem

But when he broke free of the lab and dove straight into casino Las Vegas officials ordered all the remaining eggs to be destroyed.

However something went wrong…

One of the eggs was never accounted for.

This missing specimen was codenamed project Eva.

Atem and Eva

Mans own foolish attempt at playing god,

Little did they know they real trouble was yet to begin for low and behold-

Atem found out….


A small Yugi, no more than 6 years of age, peered around the basement.

Grandpa was out shopping and Yugi wasn't allowed out until he came back.

But he was hungry!

Sighing the child rubbed his eyes, rolling onto his back, he didn't like begin told what to do…

Then something caught his attention.

Turning to the open door with keen eyes he watched the family dog descend the stairs curiously.

It was an annoying pudgy thing Solomon kept around out of pity, but Yugi wasn't nearly as kind when he had a stomach ache.

Hissing at the creature the child dove at the small beast breaking its neck and gorging himself trying to still his hunger.

Licking his fingers he walked away the picture of innocence, lying down for a nap.


Atem sustained his human form leaning back into the leather seating of the red convertible he 'borrowed' from a rather unfortunate partygoer.

Pushing back his black tinted sunglasses he stared around with dangerous eyes.

He'd spent the past nine months looking for two things-

Project Eva and Project Ra.

So he decided to track down the remaining members of the original SIR division, the only ones with the authority required to sneak project Eva out of the base.

He sighed in frustration, five down four to go…

O. Dartz

M. Pegasus

A. Hawkins

S. Motou


Vanya; I know a little morbid for me, but I'm proud!

Okay and yes Yugi is the Missing "Project Eva" Atem is looking for if you didn't figure it out…which you probably did…

Deyja; don't worry it will get cuter and less….weird

Vanya; Review please! Then I shall update, this is just a random idea (Pout) I wanted alien Atem…

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(1) Yeah Kaiba's stepfather, the one who ran the weapons company, I figured he'd be the kind of man to do something like that