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Chapter 10- Discipline

Atem was absolutely livid.

When he awoke to find Yugi, and his favorite boots, missing he'd hit the roof effectively waking up everyone in the pair of rooms the aliens shared.

His present mood was so frightening even Bakura and Marik, who had strolled into the room to see what all the fuss was for, were somewhat cowering in the corner with Joey, Ryou and a very confused Malik as Atem drove his clawed fist through the table in the kitchenette.


"What?" hissed the male turning his attention to the shaky form of Joey

"Shouldn't we go find Yugi?"

"No!" snapped the Alien "He can comeback himself, I'm not gallivanting across this city for him, he can learn some common sense and don't any of you think about looking for him either" instructed the male voice dangerously low. (1)


"No buts!" shouted Atem standing tall "Ryou, I want you to tie Malik up then help Joey pack our things, Bakura and Marik we're loading the car clear? We leave this afternoon, and God help me if Yugi isn't back by then"

Joey flinched as Atem strode past him slamming the hotel door. Grimly gazing out the windows of the room as thunder sounded in the distance.

Damn Atem was such a moody bastard…


Yugi sniffed the air again arms crossed in a vain attempt to keep warm.

He was cold,

He was wet,

And he was completely and utterly lost…

The clothes Yugi was wearing, while not too revealing were in no way warm especially in the cold winter rain that had come and gone earlier. Now he was sitting on a park bench kicking his feet in the dirt. He'd been trying to find the way back to the hotel for at least half the night but there were so many scents in the city it was proving difficult. Not only that but the rain washed away familiar scents and mixed them together to the point where Yugi's head was spinning in confusion.

Atem would surely be awake by now, and probably severely pissed off. At the moment however Yugi didn't care, he just wanted to be back at the hotel with the small group of people like himself who he'd come to know.

He wished he was back with Joey or Ryou, fuck he'd settle for Bakura and Marik!

Okay maybe not Marik…

Yugi groaned tossing his head back dramatically; he was just so hungry…

Apparently his new mature form came with some hampering side effects, the aches in his limbs being one and the increased appetite being another. His entire brain was screaming for food. A distracting thought that only added to the difficulty he was already in. He couldn't concentrate on an empty stomach.

Oh god, how the fuck had Atem done all this on his own? Hiding from a government organization was troublesome but staying sheltered and well feed by alien standards? Holy shit…Not to mention the other would have had to brave it without anyone, no half-breeds, let alone someone like him, to give him even a vague indication of what his species required to meet all their needs.

Yugi shook his head dispelling the thoughts; if Atem could do it Yugi could do it.

"Higher Grandpa!"

Yugi's slightly pointed ears twitched at the high pitched sound from the other side of the park.

A little girl and an elderly man.

Even though it must have still been quiet early they were there, on the swings, by themselves, the only other people for some distance. Yugi shuddered, a pointed canine coming to rest over his pouted lip. No one would even notice if Yugi got rid of them. Sure Atem hadn't shown him exactly how to do it but how hard could it be to take out a child and an aging man? Even though Yugi reasoned that in a public place like this anyone could come along it was just so tempting…

His whole body shook, surreal hunger setting in...

How easy would it be to snap their necks? Do it quick, before they could scream, before anyone could save them…Alien instincts urged him to act, his fingers grasping the wood of the seat until it started to splinter.


"Excuse me Hon?"

Yugi's head turned swiftly to the bearer of the accented voice standing about ten feet away. Had his in-human desires been so great he'd completely missed the approaching presence?

"Excuse me? Are you lost?"

Yugi faced the young pale woman; she had long black hair tied up onto the top of her head in an oriental style. She was wearing oriental clothes too and carrying a dull black umbrella over her head.

Yugi nodded slowly.

"I was going to my car do you want me to give you a lift?"

"Yes please" answered Yugi carefully

"Aw, you're so cute!" cooed the woman, suddenly losing all the composure and helping him up "Don't worry we'll get you home, oh and I'm Vivian by the way"

"Yugi" replied the young alien following the woman side by side, looking back at the little girl silently, she would never realize how close she'd come to being his breakfast.


"Here please," instructed the teen, pointing to a rather derelict looking cinema.

"Are you sure?" asked Vivian looking confused, "I don't mind driving around for longer if-"

"No," replied Yugi bluntly, getting out of the silver sports car "I can find my way back from here; it's just a few blocks"

Vivian followed coming to stand beside him on the sidewalk.

"Look kiddo, this isn't a nice part of town why don't you let me drive you a little bit longer, it's only a few blocks right? Won't take any time at all, it's really no trouble"

Yugi's whole body seemed to convulse grabbing Vivian's arm and throwing her on the side walk his knee in her stomach and hand over her mouth.

"I'm sorry, I really am" rambled the boy emotionlessly "But you don't leave me any other option…It's just…if you'd have just stayed in the car, drove off, I wouldn't have to do this but I…"

Vivian squirmed utterly confused, trying to pry herself out from underneath the grasp of the teen.

"I guess…Would you feel bad for eating a burger? Hmm?" mused Yugi chuckling darkly, "No of course not…oh well, you wouldn't understand anyway"

And with that he grabbed the woman's neck in both hands and gave a bitter twist. There was something so satisfying about watching the life fade from her eyes, something mesmerizing about when her breathing stopping, something thrilling.

Yugi took deep breath, exhilarated by the sight of the dead body before him. It was so primal, so evil and yet he felt so alive. He truly felt more than human, like Atem, like Bakura, like a child of Ra…

He felt connected to his kind in killing so effortlessly.

Snapping from his trance he let his instincts take over again, ripping open the human's dress at the stomach. Thrusting his face forward and sinking his teeth into the flesh.

Ripping, biting, eating, tasting, bleeding, sticky…

They were human, this woman was human but Yugi wasn't he was an alien

And he loved it. (2)


Joey said nothing as Malik glared at him from the other side of the room, tied to one of the surviving kitchenette chairs, while Joey and the youngest half-breed Ryou packed clothes. The other human had been staring at him for a while now and the thoughts on his mind were very obvious. He wanted Joey to help him escape. Just when Joey thought things couldn't get any worse the moody PMS-ing alien nutcases kidnapped some violent sandy-haired punk.

What did he expect? There was no where Joey could go, nothing he could do quick enough, that Atem and the others wouldn't be able to catch. He couldn't escape himself let alone help the other human male.

What was Seto doing without him? God he missed his fiancé. Why did the universe hate him so much? He had barely slept, he was sore and he was dirty. He never knew how appealing sitting in his cramped government apartment with a hot chocolate waiting for his over worked boy-friend to get home could be. He ran a hand through his hair trying to detangle some knots watching Ryou zipping one of the cases sitting on the mattress of the hotel bed thoughtfully.

"Mr. Wheeler?"

Joey glanced at the half-breed, who'd been relatively quiet so far; sure he talked to Atem and such but not to Joey. At least he seemed slightly saner than Marik and Bakura.


"Atem would not leave without the little one, would he?"

"No, I'm sure he wouldn't, he spent so long looking for Yugi. He wouldn't just run off over something so silly" answered Joey tensely.

"Hmm, yes, you're right. I'm being stupid"

"No, it's perfectly understandable to be-"

"COPS!" screeched Bakura throwing the hotel door open followed by Atem and Marik.

"What? Where?!" asked Ryou hastily to the others

"They're just around the corner"

"How do you know they'll come here?"

"Can't be too careful" replied Bakura, "I'll take the hostages into the bathroom, Marik you hide, you're good with surprise attacks if we need one, Atem, Ryou you two stay here and act cool"

The respective alien and Half-breeds nodded following Bakura's orders, even Atem, with a precision to swiftly carried out detail. It gave Joey the impression they were a military race in some aspects, they were most certainly hunters. A group of people who would pull their head in and do what they had to, to survive at any cost. Joey knew there mustn't be much room for an error in their lives.

Ripped out of the thoughts Joey practically squealed as the white haired mutant shoved him and Malik into the bath tub locking the door behind them. Taking a seat on the toilet he pulled a revolver from his pants checking the weapon quickly.

"One sound punk" warned the man glaring a Joey "There's plenty in here to give you and the human law enforcement"

"You wouldn't, you need-"

"I didn't say I'd kill ya, but there are certainly important parts I can remove…" he explained glancing at Joey jeans suggestively with a wicked smile.

Joey cringed. (3)


Atem stood near the window silently as he, Ryou and Marik listened for sounds outside the suite. He noted the sound of two cars pulling up in the car park, taking a quick glance out the window at the blue and white vehicles before turning back and nodding to Ryou who resumed packing.

"What took you so long?! I filed a complaint last night!" called the voice of the disgruntled desk clerk

"This is a busy city sir, we can't be expected to be everywhere at once, or drop what we're doing for a simple complaint" droned a dull voice, footsteps clinking up the stairs onto the porch outside the hotel block. Atem straightened his jacket, a series of sharp taps came from the other side of the door. Twisting the handle he stood in the door frame to prevent entry.


"Excuse me Sir, there has been a few complaint filed about a disturbance coming form this room" explained the bored middle aged man

"I'm afraid you have the wrong room," lied Atem just as dully "If your talking about that awful racket yesterday then you want the room next door, bastards can't seem to keep it down"

"I'm certain it was coming from here!" snapped the hotel worker

Atem shrugged leaning to one side to allow the officer and desk clerk behind to see Ryou with his back turned calmly putting away clothes on the neatly made bed carefully making sure to block the semi-ruined kitchenette from sight.

"Well as you can see, things are pretty quite around here, are you sure you have the right room?" questioned Atem.

The desk clerk huffed, as the officer shook his head.

"It would appear not, sorry to bother you Sir" stated the officer allowing Atem to close the door.

Waiting until the sounds of the two men died out Atem turned swiftly to the room's occupants, Bakura sticking his head out of the bathroom cautiously.

"Everyone wait until they're gone and get your asses in the car, I'm going to get the runt"

"Oh, what about your little speech earlier?" taunted Marik emerging from underneath one of the hotel beds and grabbing Ryou's legs to pull himself up.

"We don't have any more time, I can't wait for him"

"What do ya' mean? You make it sound like SIR's hot on our trail" hissed Bakura "I thought you paid with cash, don't tell me you were stupid enough to use one of the human's credit cards or something"

"Of course not! But think about it, if they're smart enough they're going to start to notice a pattern- town, gorged human corpses, nearby town, more devoured human corpses- see my point?"

"All humans are idiots! Damn bloody paranoid children of Ra…" (4)

"Even so I'm not going to risk staying in one place for too long" mumbled Atem irritably


OKAY! Note thingies-

(1) You all thought Atem was going to storm after Yugi didn't you? Well, I considered it but Atem has reasons. I'll explain them more later, so don't fret he hasn't lost his mind.

(2) I have NOTHING against Vivian, she's a fun character but when it's either her or a child and grandparent I went for Vivian. Kind of like the scene with Mai, she just fitted, you know? (has anyone else noticed I seem to be slowly killing off the femal characters?)

(3) Lol, I've been looking for somewhere to stick that little comment…heheheh…Bakura portrays it so well…

(4) For those of us who haven't been paying attention or have forgotten- Atem and Yugi were made straight from Ra, like Achilles, but they had much more alien DNA and a very, very small amount of human DNA


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