WARNING: Spoiler, and possible confusion if you're not up-to-date! Also, don't read if you're offended by rape. Pretty strong rape. The story is just based on Sasuke's latest coming back, but of course it doesn't follow exactly. It's a twisted, sick version.

Credits: Naruto copyright BANDAI. Not I. Otherwise, I'd be rich, but I'm not!

(begin story)

Beastly Nature

Sasuke watches the other through slit eyes, not really listening to the familiar lecture.

"…way of the ninja!" Naruto bites out the last word, "You'll see, I'll save you from yourself."

Sasuke allows himself to smile slightly, "You don't understand anything, do you? What would you know of my pain… You can't begin to comprehend the power of my revenge. You, with your laughable naïvete."

"What will it accomplish? You have me now. Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei—we're all here for you! You aren't alone, Sasuke!"

"No. My revenge is important. I have lived for that one event. I don't care about anything else. To prove that, I will kill you today. I will go beyond killing you: I will own you. So thoroughly, you can have no choice but to admit I'm correct—right before you die."

"Ha! I haven't been idle all this time, Sasuke! I've grown stronger. It will be I that beats you to your senses, Sasuke." Naruto grins, desperately cocky. Sasuke tilts his head, unconvinced.

"Come on then, I haven't all day. I beat you once, I can easily beat you again." Sasuke stands invitingly, and when Naruto hesitates, he throws the first punch, landing playfully on the other's shoulder. Naruto, off-guard, is flung back a few feet.

"Heh, is that all you can do?" Naruto dusts off his pants, and stands firmly back up.

The fight seems evenly matched. Neither ninja can get a clear upper hand. They go at it for what seems a long time, punching, kicking fruitlessly. Rasengan and Chidori cancel each other out, but wear down the users. There is a moment of false peace as both stop, catching their breaths.

"We're not that different after all!" Naruto gasps out, tired after his fourth rasengan. He stands warily, attempts a tentative grin.

Sasuke suddenly pauses, frowning.

"Enough of this childish play. You can't possibly think I was being serious?" Sasuke's body starts to glow, his gift and curse activating, "I had just been playing with you. You and I—are on completely different levels." So saying, the lithe glowing body charges at the other, so quickly and suddenly that Naruto only has time to blink before an arm is thrust through his lung. Again. Spluttering, he grimaces as Sasuke breathes into his face.

"You regenerative freak, I'm not making the same mistake as last time." Sasuke withdraws his arm and, holding Naruto with the other hand, punches him again through another lung, "So heal, fox. So heal, you demon!"

For a moment, it almost seems as if Naruto wouldn't make it. He lies in his pool of blood, dripping his life messily from the boulder he rests to the water below. Sasuke waits, watching with mild curiosity. Soon, though, the blue aura of the foxboy is replaced with the frighteningly powerful red. Sasuke smiles despite himself; if his opponent had died now, there would be no fun in it. Naruto angrily collects himself, rising up, his whiskers growing thick and fuzzy.

"Sasuke, I'm not resting until you're back from your evils!" he says valiantly, red eyes flashing. Sasuke is amused, watching his opponent passively. He doesn't defend himself when the other tosses him into the air, sends him flying into a cliff. Sasuke lets Naruto kick him, feeling the pain and accepting that he probably deserved more. Battered, Sasuke remains motionless as Naruto holds him against a cliff wall, repeatedly punching him in the chest. Finally, Naruto realizes what he's doing and he pauses in midpunch, his fist wavering. He puts it down.

"Why aren't you fighting? I can't just…" Naruto hangs his head, confused and annoyed.

"Are you done?" Sasuke manages to croak out from his wrecked vocal cords, "Gotten all that out of your system?" Naruto grabs the other by the collar, lifting the unresisting body until their faces were rather close.

"I can't put my will into attacking a defenseless body. Don't insult me by not being serious."

"Ha, you want me to get serious?" Sasuke suddenly stands up stiffly, pushing Naruto away, "You don't deserve to experience my power. The power Orochimaru gave me—yes!" At the mention of this name, Naruto immediately becomes noticeably more agitated, balling his fists, gritting his teeth.

"Sasuke! I've spent all this time looking for you, trying to rescue you. The least you can do is to duel with me as an equal. Respect me, damn it!"

Sasuke laughs openly, doubling over.

"Fine! You want to see my power, fine! Even though we were never and never will be equals, I will grant you this favor. Perhaps you'll begin to understand the immensity of Orochimaru's power." He changes. Naruto immediately feels a stab of fear inside him, Sasuke's new form radiating death and gloom. With a swipe of a claw, Naruto is sent spiraling off into the distance.

What follows is an extremely sad event. Naruto is so overpowered, it is certain he could never win. Even so, he tries his best, using the last bit of his borrowed energy. Even though the fox (resentfully) gives him some more power, his physical body just couldn't take it. Naruto kneels and then finally collapses on a giant rock. Sasuke treads near, triumphant. He circles contemplatively around the beaten one.

"What do you think?" He asks conversationally. Naruto's eyes are closed, but he draws his mouth tighter, still conscious. Sasuke lets out a scoff, nudges the other's foot, "Like my new body? My powers? Come, admit your jealousy. Perhaps I'll let you live."

"Damn it... Sasuke." Naruto coughs, blood trailing down his parted mouth, "You're an idiot."

"Haha, true, I wouldn't let you live either way." jokingly, almost kindly, he pats the other's head. He examines Naruto, intrigued by the amount of choices that lay before him: should he cut off the head and be done with it, or should he do it slowly, drawing out the blood? Or perhaps just simple choking, or even -- Naruto opens his eyes halfway, the blueness of them startling Sasuke.

"Why..." Naruto mutters sadly, "are you.. so deluded." Sasuke roars indignantly, anger promptly flushing through him. His beast-body was having an effect, the pain it took to be in the state further fueling his emotions.

"I'm going to… to own you, physically and mentally. To take you, before I kill you!" Sasuke threatens, becoming excited. Naruto hides his blueness, letting his eyelids droop. He is too tired to assess the situation, too tired to care. At this nonreaction, Sasuke grows even more agitated. Animal instinct overpowers him, and the need to dominate makes him tingle. He grabs Naruto's pants, violently tugging them down to expose the flesh below. As the cold air suddenly comes into contact with the poor boy's butt, Naruto wakes up slightly from his daze. Alarmed, he uses all his energy to raise his head and look backwards. He can do nothing as he is pushed back down, and something large and obtrusive thrusts inside of him. So sudden, so forceful. He grits his teeth, not willing to give Sasuke the benefit of a scream. Anyway, he is just too tired.

In and out, in and out. Naruto feels the dark beast's body on top of him, his own beast safely curling inside his stomach, enclosed behind seals. This isn't Sasuke, no. . .

Pain from the inside, in a foreign part of himself. It is far worse than being punched through the gut. It is an unfamiliar hurt. He feels shameful, though he isn't sure why. It is relentless, and all he can do is lie there, gasping on the rock. Grunts rock his ear; lustful, inhuman grunts. It just couldn't be Sasuke. Naruto wants to resist, to stop the torment, but he is far too exhausted, barely awake. He wishes the darkness on the edge of his vision would just claim him, make him oblivious to the world. But it taunts him, dancing round and round but leaving him starkly aware.

It is an odd scene, neither making noises other than the gasping and the grunting; Sasuke too inhuman to moan, Naruto too proud to whimper. For Sasuke, it isn't even about pleasure; it is about control, an absolute power over the other. Blood mixes with sweat, pain blurrs Naruto's already-weak conscious. The thrusts became more and more violent, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Finally, to add even more insult upon everything else, fluid floods him deep inside, claiming him, marking him as Sasuke's property. As this energy leaves him, Sasuke calms down, his beastform leaving. As he changes to his normal human form, Sasuke finally gets a hold of himself. He suddenly realizes what he had been doing; the full impact of it makes him jerk away from the ravished boy, and wretch on a spot nearby. Horrified, he wipes away vomit from the corners of his mouth and steps back, back, away. Naruto lies silent and immobile, resting always in the same position, splayed on the rock, face down. His defeated pants are barely audible. Sasuke panics, shaking his head, and flees, needing time to think about his regrettable actions.

Sakura, red in the face and trembling, steps out from behind a tree. She had felt horrible, unable to do anything but bystand. She regrets not listening to Kakashi-sensei and going ahead anyway, selfishly wishing for ignorance. She doesn't want to have memory of this. Teary-eyed, she looks over the sorry state of Naruto. She walks to him and pulls up his pants so he would look more decent when the others arrive, and so nobody else would need to know. Naruto closes his eyes and feigns unconsciousness so she would not need to suffer more embarrassment.

(end story)

I haven't written stories in a long, long time. You can probably tell it's forced, since all I did write recently were essays and formal journals!

If there is enough positive feedback, I surely will continue. Already I have an idea: Sasuke dwells on what he's done, and realizes he must have Naruto as his own! He goes to hunt out Naruto in the hospital. Before that showdown, Sakura is extra-nice to Naruto for a change, heh. Any comment is good, though! I take criticism just fine and dandy.