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Beastly Nature

Part 11

It seems like even the forest falls silent. Naruto could not believe his ears. Who would speak of such things as marriage after forcibly defiling the one being proposed to (and not for the first time!), Sasuke must be a psychopath. His tormentor is still staring at him with eager eyes, undoubtedly expecting a positive reply.

"Wait." Naruto closes his eyes and looks away, stalling. His brain is a swirl of messy thoughts, emotions and responsibilities. What could he do? If things were truly as Sasuke said, then he alone had the power to prevent a revenge-trip gone wrong, and possibly even make a madman happy. He had the power to be Sasuke's leash, but at what cost? He could hear the other's panty breaths, and it repulsed him. Naruto wonders how far his own sanity could stretch, how long he could deny his own wants and needs, if he could even ever stop hating Sasuke.

But there is no choice. If he refuses, in his state at the moment, he is really at a disadvantage. Sasuke is too unpredictable; there is no telling what he'd do if he didn't get his way. He can only agree for now, play along; perhaps once they got to Konoha he could warn Tsunade secretly and she would prepare a surefire way to hold Sasuke captive. Yes, that is what he must aim for. Now he turns to look at the other, whose very face brings up conflicting bubbles of confusion, friendship, and lust-but mostly hate. How he hated Sasuke right now, hated his musky scent, hated his gropey hands, his manipulative words, his very being.

"Fine." Naruto says flatly, emotionless. Sasuke's expression barely changes, but inside he is whooping with joy. That one word confirmed all he wanted, and it thrilled him to the core.

"I'm so glad you finally see!" Sasuke lets his eyes close in relief, tears welling up at the corners. He shifts closer and scoops Naruto into a hug, and is met with no resistance. He breathes in the smell of the blond, and even though it's far from what most would find acceptable, being a mixture of sweat and blood and cum and grime, he treasures it all the same. He imagines a life waking up next to each other, spending all day just an arms-length away. He is even willing to settle, yes, become a teacher perhaps, something safe and steady so he could focus everything on what mattered to him most-the blond. Smiling, he gets up and looks into the distance, "Let's go then!"


Sasuke crumples on a branch, Naruto sliding off his back. He'd been carrying the blond for the better half of the journey, since Naruto gave out just a few hours in. And now, night nearing, even Sasuke reaches his physical limits.

"We'd better find shelter." Sasuke groans, his back aching. Naruto shakily stands up, surveying the area.

"This tree seems decent." Naruto sighs, shrugging. It's a fairly large tree with thick, sturdy branches, and plenty of leaves for cover. He isn't too keen on settling for the night; he'd hoped they'd get to Konoha in that single day. Knowing Sasuke, he'd probably try something vulgar again. Unfortunately, he just didn't have the energy to continue, and he couldn't blame Sasuke for straining under his weight. Leaning his back against the tree, Naruto lets himself slide down slowly. He closes his eyes, waiting for the inevitable. He hears the rustling of clothes as Sasuke nears, and feels the heat of the other getting closer to his skin. He gulps and braces himself. His face tingles, warmth brushing over it... but then it's gone, and Sasuke is beside him instead of on top. Sasuke had only kissed him gently, and presently lies near-catatonic, almost asleep. A hand gently entwines itself around the blond's wrist. Naruto blinks at this unexpected peace, almost thankful towards the other-but quickly he pushes this thought aside; when should one be thankful for merely NOT being raped? Besides, it is only because Sasuke is worn out, and not for any pity Sasuke took. Fleetingly Naruto considers escape, but aside from the light yet secure pressure on his wrist, it is better to follow the plan for now. Anyway, Naruto is just so tired. In moments, both boys are sound asleep.


"We're here!"

Naruto starts, opening his eyes to see Sasuke peering down at him and an open sky above. It takes a few seconds to gather his bearings, and then he realizes he's being carried like a baby, over the roof of the Hokage's chamber. So Sasuke had carried him the rest of the way, and he'd completely slept through it? Embarrassed, Naruto squirms to be let down. Sasuke laughs.

"I was just going to put you down, you're heavy you know!"

Naruto ignores that last comment, and makes a mental note never to rely on Sasuke's help again. He kicks his feet against the roof, getting some feeling back to his toes.

"So how should we announce this to Tsunade?" Naruto crosses his arms, all business. Sasuke smirks, and flicks a strand of hair out of his eyes.

"You can play the hero and say you went away with me with the sole intent of slowly convincing me to come back. And that you succeeded. Because now I love you, and we can get married." Sasuke pauses here, then continues, "Which isn't far from the truth, really…" Naruto inwardly winces at how quick this marriage thing would have to pan out, wondering how he is going to get out later.

With a hop, the two bound into the Hokage's open window, much to the surprise of a team she was just assigning.

"Dismissed!" Tsunade immediately stands up, on guard. The three rookies awkwardly file out, confused about the interruption but too sheepish to ask any questions. As the door closes, she swirls to face the two intruders. "What is the meaning of this?"

As Sasuke explains his version of the story, Tsunade listens patiently, unblinking. Once done, she walks over to Naruto and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Naruto… you don't look so well."

Sasuke is stricken; how could he forget to clean up before presenting? He'd forgotten how the blond must look like to anyone who hasn't seen him since he left. Not to mention the tattered clothes that weren't even his… and the cum, oh dear the cum. Please don't notice the cum.

"Well, it was a tough escape." Naruto laughs drily, "I'm starving now actually, I hope you don't mind if we just make this a brief report and come back with the long story later."

Tsunade scans him over, then releases her hold. She lets a smile break over her face.

"Congratulations on your engagement! It's not common here, but I'm sure everyone will come to accept it." She nods, "And yes, please go rest up first. You can tell me more tonight."

As the two exit through the window again, Tsunade motions for an assistant.

"Keep an eye on those two. Something's off."


Naruto is about to split off to his own home, when Sasuke stops him.

"Hey, we're a couple now, come stay at my place."

"But my clothes-"

"Don't worry, I have spares!"


"We'll go out for dinner. My treat."

Naruto badly wants some alone time, just sitting in the shower, letting the water cleanse him and collecting some level of self, but it is not to be. Sighing, he follows Sasuke home.

"I'm going to go take a shower first." Naruto states, trying to keep the pleading from his voice, "Or after you… but alone."

"Why!" Sasuke is nearly pouting, he'd been looking most forward to their shower together, "We can clean each other!"

"Hey, if we're going to be a couple, I need my alone time." Naruto tries, "If this is to work out, I have needs too."

Sasuke is quiet, mulling over this.

"You're right, Naruto. Yes, we're equals in this relationship, and I should respect that more." Sasuke walks away to gather some clean clothes, "You can go first then, I'll place a change of clothes outside the door."

Naruto is rather surprised this works, but tries not to look like a shocked seal as he shuffles into the bathroom and clicks the door shut behind him. Finally, some space to himself. As he turns to peel off his clothes, his reflection catches him off-guard. He is gaunt, and dark bruises litter his ribcage. His blond hair is ashen with dust and dried blood, and the circles under his eyes make him tired beyond his years. Has it really been only a week? As he slips the last of the robe off, his fingers scrape against some dried cum on his thighs, and he shudders in disgust. Quickly, he blasts open the water, and gets in with a sigh. As the water beat down on his back, slowly rinsing all the dirt away, Naruto wonders about his future.



Naruto jumps back, slipping and nearly falling if not for some opportunely placed hands. He finds himself once again caught up in Sasuke's embrace.

"You were taking so long! I had to check in on you."

Naruto is so frustrated he could cry, his one peaceful reprieve interrupted yet again by this nightmare. They stare at each other, Sasuke's eyes full of curiosity and Naruto's cold and upset. Sasuke had come in with no ulterior motives, but as he holds the blond close, animal lust wells up inside. Wordless, he begins undressing himself, and to his delight Naruto doesn't try to stop him. Wordless, he presses his naked body against the blond, and takes the small mouth with his. Slipping his tongue inside as he pulls the other's face closer, remaining hand wrapping itself around both their members. Sasuke has his eyes closed, and so he doesn't see the tears running down Naruto's cheeks. Perhaps he would've missed it anyway, as the steady shower streamed over their heads. Firmly planting his feet apart, Sasuke then hoists Naruto up slightly, and prods a finger in. With his long finger, he rubs the secret spot, and Naruto can not help but arch his back forward. Now Naruto lets out a thin wail, so unfaithful his own body is, so confusing all the feelings. So repulsive, so pleasurable. Now he is being gently placed against the floor of the shower, and then a steady heat spreads over him as Sasuke's body covers his own. A mouth on his (why is this so good), and then the finger is gone, and now his penis is being rubbed, and oh, now something bigger is pushing its way in… inside him. Sasuke is in his body, in his mind, inside everything, and he can never get it out. No amount of washing can help. Naruto is helpless as the thrusting begins, the realization that this is the beginning of the rest of his life. Naruto, someone is moaning his name into his ear, someone is licking his ear, hot breath tickling the side of his face. Water laps up around his warm body, lap-lapping with the rhythm of the fuck. All his dreams, all his hopes… Hokage, Sakura… it seems so pointless against this barrage of something inside can't get it out.

"Sasuke!" Naruto screams, naming the thing inside him. His scream is hoarse and full of desperation, but all the same it rings sweetly in Sasuke's ears, begging for more. Not to disappoint, Sasuke buries himself deeper still, shifting Naruto's legs apart to reach another angle. Naruto whimpers between his choked sobs, until his mouth is once again taken, a tongue pushing in (inside!) muffling his noises. He moans lowly as a hand runs over his chest, sending sparks of pleasure racing across his shameful body. Suddenly he is vertical, pressed against the wall, his hands trapped behind him. He gasps at the coldness of the new tiles, and then moans as every scrape of the thick intrusion registers inside. His body drags on it as Sasuke pulls it out, then resists as it's shoved back inside. It's so present, impossible to escape. Inside inside inside. And then his mouth is once again taken over, his neck twisted awkwardly towards the back. It seems Sasuke never wants to let him go, and his mind blanks with the lack of air. Yet the persistent friction doesn't dim, can never be ignored. It just feels so good. Naruto had tried to close himself off, had tried to be as much of a nonparticipant as possible. Yet somehow he is now meeting the thrusts, wanting it deeper, needing it more inside. Sasuke, he doesn't know why he is whispering this, why his own hands reach out to pull Sasuke closer, and they twist so they're again face-to-face, Naruto's legs encircling Sasuke as his fingers grip black hair. Sasuke, yes, Sasuke… please! He finds himself moaning these things, incoherent, reaching a peak. Sasuke is licking his neck, nibbling his throat, and Naruto stretches his face up, letting him, wanting him. Each touch burns with pleasure, and it is all too much. The blond pushes himself harder against the intrusion, clenching his muscles, taking all the pain and all the pleasure, and as it's all about to boil over he actively seeks Sasuke's mouth Why, why? and moans long and hard into the small chamber as he explodes between their stomachs. Soon another explosion erupts inside him, filling him up deeper still.

Panting, Sasuke slides out, and steadies Naruto before stepping under the shower. He grins, feeling rather good about that one. Naruto's mind quickly clearing of all the fog, he is too ashamed to meet Sasuke's gaze. How could he double-cross himself like that? A cool hand grazes his chin, and he's forced to look up.

"Not just the drugs, huh?" Sasuke is smiling warmly, fondly. Naruto doesn't know what to say, and he shifts his gaze sideways towards the door. Was that someone looking-no, no, must've been his mind playing tricks on him. He finds himself gathered into a wet hug, water running over the both of them.

"I'll protect you. I won't hurt you." Sasuke promises, softly planting a kiss on the blond's forehead, "So don't look so glum."


"More noodles here!" Sasuke calls, waving a hand. The owner was surprised and overjoyed to see the return of both boys, and to celebrate, had lowered prices of everything by half for the night. As a result, there were many customers milling around, as well as some familiar faces.

"Is it true?" Ino wanders over and plops next to Naruto, "You guys are getting married?"

A chorus of "No way!"s and "Way to go!"s littered the place. Naruto blushes, wishing he could dig a hole and hide.

"Yes, and we couldn't be happier." Sasuke beams, "Don't mind his appearance, we had a long week."

"Did you do it yet?" Someone yells from the crowd, and immediately there were squeals and 'ew gross!' bouncing around. As Naruto's blush turns beet-red, even Sasuke chokes on a noodle.

"Hey come on, that's personal!" Naruto protests, forcing a laugh. Wild whoops and claps sound from the crowd. Naruto looks around, and suddenly catches a pink-haired girl looking at him, a concerned expression furrowing her brows. Sakura! She… she saw the rape, that first time-she must know he's doing this against his will… Then she notices him looking back, and she quickly offers him a weak smile before bowing out into the crowd. His heart drops, how could he even think about Sakura now. She had always been out of his league anyway, and now… now he is simply too dirty, too broken.

Sasuke picks up on his moodiness, and places an arm around his shoulder.

"Hey, if you're done here, we've got a Hokage to report to."

Thankful to get away from the eyes of the crowd, Naruto nods, pushing away the rest of his ramen. Somehow he didn't have much of an appetite.

They walk away, Sasuke's arm still on his shoulder. Once they reach some distance, Naruto shrugs it off. Then that arm snakes around his waist, and Naruto furiously jumps a few paces back.

"Stop it! I need some space!"

"Don't forget you're mine." Sasuke growls, and he closes the distance instantly, grabbing the blond's head and forcing a kiss. Naruto shoves him away, angrily wiping his mouth.

"That's not how relationships work, you bully." Naruto spits. Sasuke is on him again, hands everywhere, mouth on mouth. In disbelief, Naruto feels himself harden, and he hates himself for being so easy.

"I think I need to remind you how relationships work." Sasuke coos in his ear, slipping down the waistband of Naruto's pants.

"Not here! Not in public!" Naruto hisses, at a loss. Ignoring him, Sasuke grinds against him, and the friction makes Naruto moan. Sasuke then releases the blond, and scans the area.

"Over here, then." Sasuke walks to a dark and narrow alley between two buildings, beckoning. Defeated, Naruto follows. Sasuke already has his member out, and motions for Naruto to kneel.

Not seeing any other way out of this, Naruto does so and then envelopes the stiffening erection with his mouth. As he sucks it, he is bewildered to find it turns him on. He hates himself more and more with every passing moment. And then he is pulled up, and Sasuke kisses him, knocking him back against the other building.

"Take it off." Sasuke whispers, and Naruto obeys, his pants dropping to the ground. Sasuke grips his legs and heaves him into the air, all the while planting kisses over his collarbone.

"Now hold on to my neck." Sasuke says, and Naruto does so, blushing at the thought of what's about to come. Swiftly, he is entered, and the initial sharp pain quickly grows into a bubbling pleasure. He bites his lips, holding back his moans as much as he can. He hears people passing by once in a while, some even right overhead, and his heart pounds at the possible discovery. Sasuke captures his mouth and kisses him lovingly, passionately. If Naruto didn't know Sasuke was such a psychopath, he might have even believed Sasuke was capable of love. This time the beat is steady and fast, an unrelenting pressure. Sasuke grips him as he cums, so that he shoots to the side, saving his clean shirt. Some still get on his stomach, and this Sasuke softly licks off, sending shivers down his spine. But there isn't much to be done about the cum inside him; as he pulls up his pants he feels it puddle around, squelching lightly with every step. To prove some point, Sasuke pats his butt gently, and the mess stick to his ass.

"I'm going home to change first." Naruto mutters glumly.

"Nonsense, we're here already! Let's just get this over with." Sasuke smiles, and takes up Naruto's hand. This time Naruto makes no attempts to take it back.

(end story)

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