His Name is Clark Kent
By DC Lady

Author's Notes: My thoughts on Superman's first meeting of Wonder Woman in 'Trinity' issue #1.

Thank you, Djinn for the beta.

His name is Clark Kent, and he is from Kansas. He's a reporter but, before that, he was a farmer. He loves the land, people, and the simple things life has to offer.

Clark Kent is all he's ever known. Even when he's Superman, he's still Clark inside. He's happy, content, even. Until he sees her.

If Lois is the most compelling woman he's ever met, Diana is the most magnificent.

He was born Kal-El, son of Jor-El and Lara of the planet Krypton. He's never known the life that he was born in to, only the one he was sent to. But Diana makes him think of Kal. Of Kyrpton. Of Superman.

With Lois there are secret lives, fear of losing loved ones, death. With Diana there is immortality.

His name is Clark Kent. But he was born Kal-el.

The end.