A/N: Time for the May installment of the EI crossover series. This time is yet another One Piece installment with Tenchi this time. This Tenchi universe is the standard OVA meets TV so it will have some stuff from the OVA yet have Kiyone in it. I know, I know work on the other unfinished but I have plans in the future for something... anyways enjoy No Need for Straw Hats.

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Tenchi: What you change about my anime.

Me: Sorry Tenchi, I didn't see you...

Tenchi: ...

No Need for Straw Hats

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: No Need for Portals

It was almost lunchtime at the Masaki residence. Sasami was preparing lunch while Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi and Kiyone watched a soap opera. It was almost lunchtime and Washu hadn't come out of her lab yet.

"Can someone go get Washu…" said Sasami from the kitchen.

"I'll go get her!" said Mihoshi.

It wasn't until after she went into Washu's lab that Ayeka, Ryoko and Kiyone realized who went in… they knew doom was coming and they coped by…

"Double or nothing Mihoshi will blow up the lab!" said Ryoko making a bet.

"I say she'll blow up the entire house…" said Ayeka.

"No, no she'll send all of us to another dimension today…" said Kiyone.

"Oh come on, I don't think that's going to happen." said Tenchi entering the room.

Meanwhile in Washu's lab she was studying another dimension.

"Interesting so these fruits give you powers in exchange for not being able to swim… interesting as that world is mostly water…" said Washu.

"What're doing?" asked Mihoshi.

Washu jumped in surprised… of course, she didn't need to ask why she was there, she knew that lunch was soon.

"Just studying another dimension…" said Washu.

"Really…" said Mihoshi. She placed her hand on the panel that Washu was working on and it began to glow.

"Oh great…" said Washu.

"What's happening?" asked Mihoshi pulling her hand back.

"You apparently pressed a button that's sending us there… and the button to send everyone there…" said Washu.

"Oh really…" said Mihoshi.

Everything began to glow white, the glow went into the living room and kitchen. The next thing everyone knew they were in a swirling portal.

"So… what happened?" asked Ryoko.

"We're going to another dimension…" said Mihoshi.

"Pay up!" said Kiyone holding out her hand.

Both Ayeka and Ryoko reluctantly handed over their money.

"So where are headed?" asked Tenchi.

"Well I was studying another world, in this world 4 oceans exist and pirates are rampant… ocean pirates… like that movie with Jonny Depp…" said Washu clearing things up "Also in this world there are fruits that if eaten give you a power but at the cost at being able to swim, also the area around the equator is quite fascinating… each island has it own weather system and magnetic force…"

"Oh…" said Sasami.

"Also I should mention that when we land we may end up in the ocean…" said Washu.

In the world that Washu was studying Luffy watched the clouds.

"Hey Luffy lunch is ready!" yelled Sanji.

Luffy got there before you can say "One Piece"… well actually normally that would happen but something opening up above him and 7 people and a cabbit landed on top of him.

"Looks like we got lucky and landed on a ship…" said Washu.

"… and a person..." said Sasami.

Everyone quickly got of off Luffy, he got up and dusted himself off.

"Sorry…" said Tenchi.

"Where did you come from?" asked Luffy who was very confused.

"From another world…" said Washu as she could tell Luffy was an idiot.

In the Galley, his crew noticed who all arrived before him knew something was off…

"Hey Luffy?" asked Nami.

"He's no here?" said Usopp.

"You're right… he's not…" said Chopper.

Luffy not the first one in the galley was like saying the sun didn't rise or Usopp was telling the truth… this meant…

"It's the end of world!" yelled Usopp.

Both Usopp and Chopper began to freak out, while everyone else sweatdroped.

"It could be due to the people appearing from mid air and landing on him…" said Robin.

"What?" asked Zoro.

"Before I came I noticed that a group of people appeared from nowhere and landed on Master Captain." said Robin.

Everyone sweatdroped.

"What?" asked Zoro.

"They should by his spot, that where I saw him." said Robin.

Everyone left the Galley to find Washu telling Luffy what happened… very simply.

"That is so cool!" yelled Luffy.

"What going on?" asked Nami.

"They came from another world by accident…" said Luffy.

"It is indeed true..." said Washu, "You see I was in my lab studding this world from afar when Mihoshi here..." she pointed to the blonde ditz, "Got in my lab and accidentally sent everyone in our house here."

The Straw Hats other than Luffy who heard the story and Sanji who was fixated on the beauty of Ayeka, Ryoko, Mihoshi and Kiyone.

"Is that really what happened?" asked Nami with a sweat drop.

"It's not that farfetched once you get to know Mihoshi… she's a klutz and a walking catastrophe waiting to happen… something like this happens whenever she's not invited in Washu's lab… I know for a fact… excuses me for a second…" said Kiyone who went to sulk in the corner.

"What's with her?" asked Zoro.

"It's a long story…" said Washu.

"Washu when are we going to go back home?" asked Sasami.

"Well it rather complicated… you see I was ill prepared to jump to another reality so… we're stuck here for about a month while I figure out what to do…" said Washu.

"A month?" asked Tenchi surprised.

"Why yes…" said Washu, "I also have some experiments I want to do while I'm here so a month is the best estimate." said Washu, "We should find a place to stay…"

"You could stay here!" said Luffy getting into the conversation.

"What?" asked Washu.

"I said you could stay here… in fact I want you to stay here…" said Luffy.

Nami sighed "Great… he wants them to join…" she said.

"Miss Washu, I think it would be rude to reject such a generous offer." said Ayeka.

"I agree so we're staying…" said Washu.

"Yahoo!" cheered Luffy.

And that is how that madness began…

Next Time: They introduce one another... Washu wants to experiment on Luffy, Chopper and Robin. Meanwhile Ryoko uses Sanji to do favors...