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Chapter 2: No Need for Pirates

Sanji was preparing more food for their new guests… particularly Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi and Kiyone. His eyes were hearts and hearts surrounded him.

"He certainly is nice for making us food." Said Ayeka.

Ryoko seemed to laugh, "Poor naive princess…" she whispered to herself.

"What was that?" asked Ayeka.

"It was nothing…" said Ryoko.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves…" said Tenchi.

"Before they blow up the ship…" muttered Washu.

"Did you say something?" asked Ryoko.

"Of coarse not… I'll go first I'm Washu… the greatest scientific genius in the universe!" said Washu who began to laugh manically.

Everyone else stared at her, "But I want you all to call me "Little Washu."" Said Washu.

"My name is Robin…" said Robin changing the subject.

"I'm Luffy! I'm going to king of the pirates!" yelled Luffy.

Everyone covered their ears, "Sorry Luffy's like that a lot…" said Nami, "I'm Nami by the way…"

"I am Ayeka it's a pleasure to meet you…" said Ayeka.

"Oh Ayeka my name is Sanji… is it such a pleasure to meet such a beauty such as your self…" said Sanji with a heart in place of his eye.

"The names Ryoko…" said Ryoko then turned to Sanji and said in a seductive way "Sanji can you get me some sake…"

"Right away!" said Sanji still in lover boy mode.

"That's not a nice thing to do…" said Sasami.

Ryoko just laughed…

"I am the great captain Usopp! And I'm the captain of this ship!" said Usopp.

"Liar…" said Washu and Kiyone.

Usopp slumped in the corner.

"The names Kiyone…" said Kiyone.

"And I'm her partner Mihoshi!" said Mihoshi.

"What do you mean partner?" asked Nami.

"We're members of the Galaxy police…" said Kiyone.

"That means you go into space?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah…" said Kiyone with a sweat drop.

"The name's Zoro in case anyone wanted to know…" said Zoro.

"Hi! I'm Chopper!" said Chopper.

"Cute!" said Sasami and Mihoshi with stars in their.

"Shut up! I'm not cute you assholes!" shouted Chopper… doing a little dance.

That only made the two giggle even more, they stopped Sasami said "I'm Sasami…"

"Meow!" said Ryo-oh-ki who sat on her head.

"Oh and this is Ryo-oh-ki." Said Sasami.

"And I'm Tenchi…" said Tenchi who was the last to introduce themselves.

"Good so we all know each other…" said Washu, "Say did any of you eat the Cursed fruit… is that what they are called?"

""You mean devil fruit?" asked Nami.

"So what's what it's called… well has any of eaten it?" asked Washu.

"I ate one!" yelled Luffy, "So did Robin and Chopper."

"Oh that's interesting." said Washu with a look on her face that was sort of scary.

"I don't think it was good idea to tell her." said Usopp.

"You have no idea." said Tenchi.

Sometime later in canon room, there were strange lights coming from the door. Followed by strange explosions and other things that were strange… it wouldn't take much to guess that Washu was in there. The pirates couldn't help but to stare at the sight.

"What is so doing in there?" asked Usopp.

"Creating a pocket lab so she could perform experiments and find a way back home…" answered Kiyone who was watching along with them, "By the way. I'd be careful if I were you… she might want to experiment on some of you."

""What!" yelled the pirates.

"I'm not quite sure what her plans would be but just don't ask Tenchi about it… the one time she did, Tenchi blushes bright red and tries to change the subject…" explained Kiyone.

"What did she do to him?" asked Usopp shaking.

"I don't know, bout I heard it involves Washu in a nurse's outfit according to Mihoshi." said Kiyone, "I have my theories… and none of them have to do with experimentation."

That's when the door opened and Washu left… the Straw Hats peered into to the room, once where the cannon room was, there was not a much larger lab.

"Wow! How did you that!" yelled Luffy.

"It's hard to explain to normal people." said Washu, "By the way, Robin, Chopper, Luffy can I talk to you for a few minutes in the lab."

Chopper screamed and ran away.

"You want to experiment on us don't you?" asked Luffy.

"Yes I do." said Washu, "But it's not like I'm going to experiment on you until you're just mass of bloody body tissue."

In another realm of realty a strange man in clown make-up sneezed then went back to his experiment… he forgot what it was, bit he was sure it was man when it first came in.

Back at Going Merry (because this isn't a Bleach story in anyway) Luffy stared at Washu who stared back.

"If need one, I'll be the experiment." said Robin.

"Are you sure!" yelled Luffy.

"Don't worry… no harm will come to her." said Washu who appeared to be serious, "I can tell you all care about her."

The two of them went into the lab…

"Don't worry, she'll be fine." said Tenchi, "I'm sure it's just to see her D.N.A."

"What's that… is that some sort of food?" asked Luffy.

Everyone stared at Tenchi…

"I don't think they're world is advanced enough to know what D.N.A. is." said Kiyone with a big sweat drop.

Zoro glared at both Kiyone and Tenchi then went to go take a nap, if they were trying something, they would pay…

Sometime later in the lab, Washu had gathered all of the genetic material she gather from Robin and was now poking and prodding an arm that she blossomed for Washu.

"This is all fastening." said Washu.

Robin just listened…

"I think I'm done for now." said Washu, "You think it's possible to send in Luffy."

"I am not sure." answered Robin.

Washu smirked, "Is there a way to tarp him?" asked Washu.

Tired not to laugh, "I might know of way."

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Sanji was preparing a snack while Ryoko gazed flirtatiously at Sanji. Sasami and Ryo-oh-ki watch from the door way with a sweat drop.

"So she learned how to take advantage of him." said Nami.

Sasami nodded.

Nami couldn't help but to sweat drop.

"Is there anyway to stop her?" asked Nami.

"Not until my sister takes advantage of the situation." said Sasami.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Nami.

"I'll explain later." sighed Sasami.

That's when the tow of them heard the door to the temporary lab opened. Both robin and Washu left, Robin looked fine. Luffy heard from his seat. And went to see what happened.

"You're not hurt, are you Robin?" asked Luffy.

"No, I'm fine /Master Captain… she didn't even try to hurt me." said Robin, "Unless you count the blood sample."

Luffy noticed the small band-aid on her arm and shrugged.

Washu was going to ask Luffy when there was a shout from the Crow's nest from Usopp who was taking watch.

"The Marines are coming!" he yelled.

"What really?" asked Luffy who smirked.

"Oh man." sighed Nami as she walked onto the deck with Sasami.

Luffy smirked… and yelled out "All right everyone we're going to fight them!"

And everyone on the ship sweat dropped… not sure how it would turn out… really…

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