Orb-Shinobi unit – Special Squad Custom (x3)

Based on the Orb-Shinobi unit. These 3 mobile suits are piloted by a special team formed by Kira to aid Lacus whenever she is forced to pilot and fight in battles.

Appearance slightly resembles Murasame

Colours: The colour of the Astray Blue Frame, except that the tone of the blue is lighter

Pilots: Lt. Krystal, Lt. Adeline, Lt. Hoang

Better battle performances than normal Shinobi units

Weapons and Specialities:

-Plasma Beam rifle x1 (a little larger than regular beam rifles and heavier too. Need to be hold in both hands by the MS when using it)

-Beam katana x1

-Anti-armour kunai x2 (harder and heavier than anti-armour knives, thus can cause more damage. Can be thrown at enemies)

-Shoulder mounted CIWS x2

-Anti-ship shuriken (built with the aerodynamic features and anti-ship sword technology. Placed at the upper part of the right arm. Also functions as a shield as its size is quite big. It can be launched towards enemy and then return to the MS's arm. It can also be held in the hand and used as a hand-held weapon)

Chapter 24

Onboard one of the enemies' ships…

"Captain! Orb just sent a new Gundam!" a soldier reported.

"Just one more Gundam won't make any difference," the captain replied.

"But sir! This one is just as powerful as the Freedom! It also has the METEOR unit!"


In the battlefield…

Lacus and her Songstress Gundam made a shocking appearance to both sides. For those who doesn't know who the pilot of the new Gundam is, is surprised with news that Orb has got a 'secret pilot', while for those who do know who the pilot is, received more shock.

"Mommy? Is that really you?" Lycus asked from inside Hades Gundam.

"Lycus! Akira! I want the two of you and your friends to return into the Eternal right now!" Lacus's voice came through the communicator.

"But Mommy…"

"No buts, young man. Kira and I will be having a lot to say to you and your sister after we end all this," Lacus replied as she stopped several missiles that are coming her way.

Songstress Gundam's radar beeped. Lacus turned and saw Medusa Gundam coming straight at her. Her scanners and sensors told her that there is a human pilot inside Medusa Gundam, the sort of enemy who Lacus had hoped to avoid fighting with. Lacus immediately pick up her communicator and started communicating with the pilot, hoping that the pilot will stop fighting. She is not expecting a familiar voice to answer her.

"You and your 'stop this fight' attitude are making me sick!" Lea replied.


Medusa Gundam took out its beam sabre and attempted to slash Songstress. Lacus quickly controlled Songstress to draw out its beam sabre and blocked the attack.

"Lea, this fight is pointless! What good can come out of this?" Lacus said as she controlled Songstress to throw one of its beam boomerangs towards Medusa Gundam's head.

"Hah! People like you won't understand! Whatever equality crap and a whole lot other rubbish that you talked about numerous times, you think they will really work forever?! You Coordinators only say those things because you think you are superior to Naturals!" Lea said as she protected her Gundam's head using its shield.

"How could you say such a thing?!" Lacus replied as she evaded several shots fired from Medusa.

"Hey! Nobody fires at my mom while I am nearby!" Akira yelled as he grabbed the controls and pilot Hades Gundam to charge towards the enemy, with its two anti-ship swords in hand.

Unfortunately, Medusa managed to evade as Hades swung down its swords.

"You really ought to be taught a lesson about real battles!" Lea shouted as she pilot her mobile suit to go behind Hades. As soon as the children were caught off guard, Medusa Gundam used its Energy-Drainer Pincer to clamp onto Hades's abdomen and started draining its power.

"Akira, Hades is losing its power and can no longer move!" Athura said in a panic tone as he and his friends desperately tried out every single buttons and levers.

Without wasting a second, Lacus sped towards the two mobile suits, not realizing that she is walking straight into Lea's trap.

"Now I got you!" Lea grinned and activated her mobile suit's special technique. The circular shield on Medusa Gundam's right arm glowed and then it projected a beam of extremely bright light towards Lacus and Songstress Gundam.

"Ah!" Lacus first response when the light shone at her is covering her eyes with her hands, thus rendering her mobile suit temporarily immobilized, which is what Lea had expected.

"Take this! Victory is mine!" Lea exclaimed as she aimed her mobile suit's beam rifle at Songstress Gundam. But just as she was about to fire, a plasma beam fired from behind her mobile suit and destroyed the beam rifle and the mobile suit's right arm. Another plasma beam fired from below and hit Medusa Gundam's Energy-Drainer Pincer, destroying the left arm as well.

"What the hell?!" Lea furiously turned around and saw three blue-coloured Shinobi-units flying towards her.

As soon as the Energy-Drainer Pincer was destroyed, Hades Gundam gained its movement back.

"Now Mayu! Kick the enemy away!" Akira shouted. Mayu quickly push the controls. Hades then swiftly turned around and kicked Medusa Gundam right at the abdomen.

"This is not the end!" Lea cursed and retreated.

Hades Gundam flew to Songstress Gundam.

"Mommy, are you alright?" Lycus asked.

"I'm fine. How about the 6 of you?"

"We're alright. Mommy, who are they?" Lycus asked as the three blue-coloured Shinobi units approached them.

"Mrs Yamato, are you alright?" one of the new pilots asked.

"I'm fine. I thank you and your friends for helping us. May I please know who you and your friends are, and how come you have mobile suits similar to Orb's?" Lacus replied.

"I am Lt. Adeline, from the 4th Mobile Suit Division. General Yamato had ordered us to assist you should you ever went into battles personally. We apologize for not coming to your aid sooner," Another pilot replied.

"I am Lt. Hoang, from the 2nd Mobile Suit Division," the pilot who first spoke said.

"And I am Lt. Krystal, from the 6th Mobile Suit Division," the third pilot said.

The mobile suits' radars beeped suddenly.

"Aunty Lacus! Another one of the mobile suits that attacked Orb before is coming this way! And this one has a sword!" Athura said.

"Lt. Adeline, please bring the children back into Eternal immediately." Lacus said.

"But Mommy," Akira started

"Akira, don't be disobedient," Lacus told her son sternly.

"Lacus, this mobile suit has the ability to create several fake copies of itself to confuse the enemy. Be careful while dealing with it," Wattfeld told her.

"Mrs Yamato, here they come!" Lt. Hoang said as five Morgana Gundam were approaching them.

"Mommy, don't be tricked! The five you are seeing are all fakes! The real one is hiding behind the second one from the left!" Akira warned as Athura controlled Hades's rail gun to fire at the spot mentioned by his friend.

Inside Morgana Gundam, the pilot swore as she merely prevented her mobile suit from losing its head.

"Damn! I forgot that Hades Gundam has special radars! My 'Fata Morgana' technique won't work here!" the pilot thought.

At the same time, Lacus receive an urgent transmission from Kira.

"Lacus, activate the 'Beautiful Illusion' now! It should be able to buy us enough time for all our units to reach the cannon. We will need every single unit's firepower to take out that weapon, and we need to do it fast! Murrue just reported that the cannons are going to fire at Orb in ten minutes!"

Without wasting anymore time, Lacus activated her Gundam's special weapon. As soon as the weapon is started, all the people inside the enemy units and ships within 20km radius are distracted by a display of strange coloured lights.

As soon as Orb and ZAFT soldiers saw that most of their opponents (the mobile suits known as Mobile Puppets are not influenced by the Beautiful Illusion) are immobilized, some took the chance to disarm them while others zoomed towards the cannon.

Cagalli and Athrun are the first to arrive at the cannon. Athrun defends Cagalli from incoming enemy fire while Cagalli gets ready to destroy the enemy's weapon.

"This thing is going down!" Cagalli yelled as she controlled Akatsuki to charge up the Suria X-Blaster Cannon.

The heat beam with the temperature of the Sun fire past the defensive field surrounding the enemy space station and straight into Blizzard Storm 1. Cagalli then moved the beam downwards slowly, as if she was cutting through something hard. Her actions leave a deep 'scar' on the cannon. At the same time, Kira, Lacus and Athrun use the METEOR units and give the cannon full blasts. Shinn, Lunamaria and Mwu then gave full fire at the damaged locations inflicted by Kira, Athrun, Cagalli and Lacus, thus permanently deactivated it.

"Sir, we have lost Blizzard Storm 1!"

"Apply all power to the shields of the remaining to Blizzard Storm cannons! Speed up the charging!" a commander yelled.

At the location of the second cannon, Hera's missile launchers took aim, while the Archangel and several other ships charged up their Lohengrin.

"All right! As soon as Hera disabled their defences, we fire!" Murrue ordered.

Yzak, who had returned to the ship, gave the order to fire the Anti-Protector missiles. The missiles hit the force field, and started draining its energy to weaken and deactivate it.

"Commander! Those weird missiles are draining our station's energy through our force field like a leech sucking blood!"


As soon as the shield became too weak, the ships behind Hera fired their positron cannons. Hades, which is on top of the Archangel, fired its Omega Flame.


"Yahoo! Take that you racists!" Akira cheered while the girls gave each other high-five.

One cannon left……

By the time, the 2 canons are destroyed; the enemy had already caught up with them. Kira and the others are prevented to proceed.

Onboard the Devil's Ark……

"Sir, what are we going to do?" a soldier asked Mr. Asbiel.

"Nothing," the captain said with a smile.

"Nothing?" the entire crew was shocked by the response.

"If you see carefully, most of our enemies are now within the last cannon's firing range. The last cannon is able to turn its direction, unlike the first two, and I just issued an order to turn the cannon towards them. Just keep them there, and we will wipe them off when the Blizzard Storm 3,"

"But many of our troops are there as well!"

"So what? Sometimes we need to make huge sacrifices to gain victory,"


Asbiel pointed a gun at the soldier. "One more word and you will join your comrades who sacrificed themselves for our cause."

The soldier went silent.