I coaxed the muse back by letting her work on this little bit of fic and she rewarded me by completing CSI -S.O.C. fic. It will be posted within the next week, Fwe is beta'ing it.

This is the original Longshot, my take on his arrival if it happened during the movieverse instead of comicverse.


"Beginning scan." The computer intoned.

"Multiple lacerations, contusions and abrasions of 94 percentof the dermal surface.

Multiple sprains and strains of 86 percent of the voluntary muscle structure.

Contusions of 8 percent of the pleural surfaces.

Vital Organ profusion at 98 percent.

Heart rate bilateral, equal and steady.

Respiratory rate steady with crackling bilaterally.

Brain wave activity … is abnormal.

Liver function … is abnormal.

Pituitary function … is abnormal.

Weight is … morbidly subnormal.

Bone density is … morbidly subnormal.

Scan complete." The computer reported.

"Well if the fact that he only has three fingers on each hand wasn't a clue, the medical scan would certainly tell you he's not human. This guy has hollow bones, two hearts, no liver and something where his liver should be that I can only guess at the function of."

Logan interrupted her reverie, "And?"

"And he's been in one hell of a fight, he's pretty beat up."

"Is that why the brain wave activity is abnormal? Is he brain damaged?"

"It's too soon to tell, his unconsciousness may be a result of brain damage or that may be the normal brain activity for him. We'll just have to wait until he wakes up to be sure."

"Can't you read his mind?"

"I tried, I can't get anything."

"Is he blocking you?"

"No, there's just nothing there. A few chaotic images but the rest is blank." Jean explained, "It's like everything he is or was has been completely erased."

"What about the professor, could he get anything?"

Her eyes narrowed, "I told you there's nothing there, you can't read a book that doesn't have anything written on the pages." Her voice dropped, "Not that you're greatly familiar with books."

"Sorry, it's just that this guy is setting off every warning bell in my head. I don't like unknowns."

"I don't think he presents any threat to us in his current state."

"Yeah but what about when he wakes up?"

"Look at him Logan, do you really think he's a threat? He only weighs sixty-eight pounds, you could take him out with a slap."

"Well somebody already did pretty fair job of slapping him around and he's still breathin'." Logan grumbled. "And I have read a few books. I think Poe was too fond of smoking stuff he found in the woods and he had an unnatural obsession with the dictionary."

Jean laughed. "I should have known you'd hear me." She adjusted a few settings on the bio bed. "I think it's safe to leave our guest alone while we join the others for dinner." Seeing Logan's scowl she added, "I set the alarms to notify us if there is any change in his condition and I seriously doubt he'll be able to break through the door."

Kitty was waiting in the corridor, "Is he alright?" she asked breathlessly. "Is he awake? Can I see him?" She was literally walking on air, "What's his name?"

Logan shook his head, smiling at the hyper teenager, "We don't know. No. No. We don't know." He took her arm and pulled her down to the floor, "Come on kiddo, let's eat, he ain't goin' anywhere."

Jean smiled, raising an eyebrow at her teammate and Logan rolled his eyes.

The man who had so abruptly appeared in the danger room was the hot topic of dinner conversation. The girls were all fascinated and the boys were all suspicious of the mysterious young man who had, as yet to regain consciousness.

'He's so cute!' Logan was certain he would throw up if he heard one of the giggling girls utter that one more time. He finished his meal, belched and stood up. "I need some air."

"So do we." Scott grumbled, waving his hand in front of his face.

"I'm goin' for a ride," he taunted Scott, "on your bike."

"Gas it up this time."

Logan belched again, "Not a problem."

Jean's hand settled softly on his arm and Scott frowned but didn't reply to Logan's barb.

"I guess that means you're with me in the medlab." Jean arched an eyebrow.

Half a dozen of the girls immediately chimed in, "Can I come too?"

Jean sighed "I don't think he's up to visitors right now."

"I would like to come," Kurt said, "if you will allow it."

"Curious Kurt?" she asked.

Kurt grinned, showing his sharp teeth and shrugged, "I am. He only has six fingers."

"You only have four." Scott teased.

"See?" Kurt laughed, "We have much in common already."

"Very well then." Jean agreed, "but only you." She rolled her eyes, hearing the chorus of disappointed teens.


He was awake, but lying still on the bed when they came back. His eyes were a brilliant shade of blue unlike anything Jean had ever seen. He watched her without a hint of emotion as she checked the readouts on the bed, the monitors and the datapad she held. He had spared only a moment of attention to glance at Kurt and Scott, Jean seemed to fascinate him.

She smiled and he returned it showing perfect white teeth.

"How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Thirsty?" He seemed unsure.

Jean held a glass out to him and he stared at the straw as though he had no idea what it was.

"You drink out of it." Kurt said helpfully. He picked up one and put it in his mouth making a loud slurping noise.

He imitated Kurt and promptly choked. Kurt patted him on the back and he winced

"Careful," Jean warned, "his bones are hollow, you could break a rib."

When he had recovered his breath he smiled sheepishly at Jean through his shaggy blond bangs.

"What is your name?" Scott asked.

"Name?" he answered.

"I'm Jean, this is Scott and Kurt."

"What is my name?"

"That's what we'd like to know." said Scott. "You can't remember your name?"

"No." He brushed a hand over his forehead, "I can't remember."

"It's okay," said Kurt. "you're kinda banged up I'm sure it'll come back to you."

"If you'll allow me, I may be able to help." Jean offered. She reached out and put her hands on his head, fingers sliding under his long hair. He bowed his head accepting her touch. For a moment it was silent, both had matching looks of concentration. Jean closed her eyes. He looked up at her, his eyes grew wider, the pupils dilating until his eyes looked nearly black. His hands flew up, clutching at hers and they both screamed.

Scott steadied Jean as she staggered back. "Are you alright? What happened? Did he hurt you?"


"What did he do?" Scott demanded.

"I'm okay, he didn't do anything." Jean reassured him. "I found a memory, it … it was … unpleasant. Is he okay?"

"Kurt?" Scott asked. "How is he?"

"Fast." Kurt replied. "He's under the bio bed but I think he's alright, just a little scared."

Jean dropped to the floor and reached for the shivering man, "I'm sorry." She drew him into a hug and he curled against her, face buried in her shoulder. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cause you more pain." After several minutes he grew still and she wondered if he'd fallen asleep or perhaps lost consciousness again.

"I'm Longshot." his voice grew steady, determined. "I am Longshot."

"Well Longshot, how about you and my girlfriend get out from under the bed." Scott's voice was light but Jean could sense his simmering jealousy and she smiled.

"Sounds like a good idea, it's not terrifically comfortable on the floor." She stood, easily

pulling Longshot up with her. "I am going to defer to the professor's experience, I don't think it's a good idea for me to scan you again."

"So is he dangerous or not?" Scott asked.

Jean stifled a giggle, watching as Longshot compared his hands to Kurt's then poked a finger between the dark lips to check the sharp canines that showed in Kurt's amused smile. "He's new again, like a child. He's no danger to us Scott."

Kurt yelped as Longshot pulled his tail.

"Well, no real danger anyway." She laughed.