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I'm lying on the cold wooden floor, my every breath came in wheezing and gasping. The pain in my chest intensified every second, like a caged animal trying to break free….

I could recall clearly the first day I met Raito. He sat exactly two rows in front of me, right where I planned. I watched his movements. Every little twitch was carefully noted and stowed away for later reference, like the way he leaned on one hand as he read, or the way his fingers twitched every time he though about the answer to a question. And when he finally turned and saw me, I felt the air catch in my throat as I met his eyes, brown and cold as chips of ice.

In the restaurant, I was impressed by his reasoning abilities. I realized then how alike we were, he and I. Then Yagami Soichiro had a heart attack, and Raito agreed to help us with the investigation. So many things happened afterwards. With the emergence of the Second Kira, Raito was put under even further suspicion of being the First. But I didn't want him to be Kira. I could not help but admit to him, that Raito was my first friend.

My only friend.

I almost wish it could have stayed that way, that I had never found out, and we could still be friends.

And in those moments before my heart ceased it's struggle, the whisper of regret in his eyes told me he did too.


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