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Prologue: the end of one life and beginning of another

It had been a few weeks since the defeat of Trigon; the titan's lives had gone back to what was considered normal for them. At the time only two titans were home. One day Raven came out of her room to see Robin glaring at her

"Raven we need to talk!"

"What's wrong Robin?"

"Your secrets nearly got the world destroyed turn in your communicator and pack your stuff and get out you're off the team."

"Robin I'm sorry but I was scared of how to explain it."

"I don't care about your reasons pack your stuff and get out!!"

"Fine" with that said Raven went to her room and packed her things and came back a few minutes later with her back pack. "Here take the damn thing!" she yelled as she threw the communicator at Robin and stormed out as the other titans were coming in.

"Dude what was that about?" asked Beastboy as he watched Raven leave

"Raven is no longer a member of this team" growled Robin "her secrets nearly got us killed, she can't be trusted, she betrayed us!"

(Whap) "Ow Star what was that for?!"

"Betrayed X'hal she was scared, what was she supposed to do come out and say 'by the way I'm half demon and destined to destroy the world?'"


"Robin you're such a hypocrite, we forgive you for the whole Red X mess that nearly got us killed but you pull this on Raven"

"But for all we know she could be plotting something she's been hiding out in her room more often."

"Do you know why Robin?" growled Cyborg "She told me she's been trying to work on a cure for Terra but she couldn't do anything till recently since she had to worry about Trigon." Before anymore could be said Beast boy ran out the door after Raven and saw her as she was about to leave

"Raven wait don't leave!" yelled Beast boy as he caught up with her

"Beast Boy I'm not wanted here there is no point in staying, here" said Raven as she handed Beast Boy a paper

"What is it?"

"The instructions on how to cure Terra, I was working on it before everything that happened the ingredients are in the same place that I used keep my mirror." "Goodbye" said Raven as she kissed Beastboy on the cheek "I knew how you felt I'm sorry I couldn't return the feelings, I hope you and Terra are happy." With that said Raven teleported away

Meanwhile another person was watching from the window 'Good bye my friend be safe.' Starfire thought to herself as she watched Raven leave

End of prologue

Well folks there you have it the story on how Raven left the titans

Stay tuned for chapter one: two years later

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