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Chapter 6: at Slade's hideout

"Ouch my head hurts." Raven grumbled as she sat up "Is everyone okay?"

"I'm okay Raven, but some of the others are in a different cell." replied Cyborg as his systems came back online and noticed a prone form in the corner "Your friend looks terrible though."

"Jin are you okay?" asked Raven as she checked over her friend

"Rae what's wrong with him?" asked Cyborg

"It looks like someone posted some sort of wards, I can feel them too."


"They are items made by priests and monks in various countries they are used to keep demons away or sometimes used to seal them somewhere; they have a similar effect as when a priest blesses something around here if he was performing an exorcism." "They don't affect half demons too much unless they are exposed too long, or if they are using their powers." "Jin can you hear me?"

Jin just started to moan to clarify "Listen turn back to your human form than the wards won't effect you as much." A few minutes later Jin had shifted from his devil form back to his human appearance "I hope the others are okay."

"Did someone call?" asked Impulse as he appeared on the other side of the door.

"It's about time." Jin said weakly as he sat up with help from Raven and Cyborg "What took you so long?"

"Sorry it took a few minutes to find you guys."

"Impulse have you seen the others?"

"Yeah they are in another cell, that Slade guy took a few of them into another room." "He took Ravager, Robin, Terra and Saturn."

"I can understand most of them but why would he take Ravager and Saturn?" asked Cyborg as Raven started to pale

"Oh crap, he wouldn't." Raven mumbled, "Please tell me he's not that crazy."

"What's wrong?" asked Jin

"He's possibly going to try to access Saturn's powers."

"Kuso, we have to get out of here!" (1)

"What's going on?" Cyborg asked in confusion

"Saturn has the power to blow up the planet, now imagine if Slade gets a hold of her powers."

"Oh crap."

"Exactly I hope they are okay."

Meanwhile with the other group:

"I'll ask you this once child." Slade glared menacingly at Saturn as he spoke "How do I access your powers?"

"To quote one of my legal guardians Slade 'kiss my ass'." replied Saturn as she started defiantly at Slade

"I can kill you for you insolence child."

"Go ahead and try Slade, been there done that no one has been able to get it right yet the first two times." "Ask Galaxia and Pharaoh Ninety if you don't believe me."

"Blast it child tell me!"

"Your mama Slade!"

"Maybe my daughter can be more persuasive." Slade sneered as he stalked over to Ravager's cage and pulled her mask off "Now what can you tell me Rose?"

"How about how much I hate your guts." Rose shouted at Slade oblivious to the stares the others were throwing her way

"After everything you did to me and mother not to mention Joey and Grant, I would never tell you baka!"(2)

"How dare you call me that!" Slade yelled

"My bad you're not a baka, UN, anata WA baka Na saru da!" (3) Rose sneered as Slade stormed out in anger

"Nice one" commented Saturn

"Thanks, kid I heard it from that Saotome boy one time."

"You're Slade's daughter?" Robin growled as he glared at her "You lied to us!"

"Robin for your information, the rest of the Exiles already know about it so I see no problem about rather I tell you or not I'm not even on your team."

"I can get us out if you guys can keep an eye out for Slade." Saturn replied as she pulled out her glaive

"Yeah like that will work." Robin sneered as Hotaru forced the end of her glaive into the lock of her cage and broke it making the door swing open much to Robin's shock

"You were saying." Saturn said smugly as she stepped out of her cage "A while back Pluto, one of my legal guardians showed me how to pick a lock."

A few minutes later, all of them were out of their cages

"Come on." Said Rose as she put her mask back on "Let's go find the others and get out of this mad house."

"No!" yelled Robin as he ran off towards the direction Slade had gone "This is our chance to finish him off for good."

"Wait you fool!" Ravager yelled as Robin continued to chase after Slade ignoring them "Come on we better meet up with the others we might need some help to get out of here."

A few minutes later, the group found one of the cells where Slade had imprisoned some of their friends

"It took you guys long enough." Saya grumbled as she came out carrying Psylock along with Starfire who was carrying Beast Boy and handed them to Ravager and Terra "They're okay Slade sedated them." "Knowing Slade he probably sedated them to keep them from escaping by using their powers."

"Does anyone know the way out of here?" asked Starfire "I was out cold so I didn't see anything." The rest of the group just shook their heads

"Hey guys, over here." whispered Impulse as he ran up

"Impulse, do you know the way out?"

"Sure, follow me." "The others are waiting up front."

A few minutes later the groups met up "Is everyone okay?" asked Raven as she helped carry Jin

"We're fine, what happened to Jin?" asked Ravager as she helped a recovered Psylock stand up

"Slade put up some wards in the cell they zapped Jin's strength because he was in devil form." Raven replied as she looked at the group "Where are Robin and Jericho?"

Right here Jericho signed as he jumped out of Impulse Sorry it was the easiest way to get away

"No problem." "Does anyone know where Robin is?"

"He ran after Slade." replied Ravager as she took Jin from Raven

"Oh terrific." Raven muttered "I'll go get him the rest of you wait outside if we're not out in twenty minutes wreck the place and bail."

"Raven, don't do it." Jin mumbled weekly "The wards are all over the place." "Your powers won't work."

"Thanks Jin." Raven said "But If I get hurt, fine but I'm not going to let you guys get hurt anymore than you have already." With that said Raven ran after Robin

Meanwhile with Robin

"You won't get away this time Slade!" Robin yelled as he tried to fight the criminal mastermind who kept dodging his attacks

"Come on Robin, can't you beat me alone?" taunted Slade as he grabbed Robin by the throat only to drop Robin when something collided with the back of his head

"Who said he was alone?" asked Raven as she landed next to Robin "Hey Robin are you all right?"

"I'm fine get out of here." Robin growled as he laid on the ground trying to catch his breath "Slade is mine!"

"Sorry Robin but you are coming with me like it or not." Said Raven as she tried to help him to his feet but found Slade blocking the door as soon as they tried to get going

"Going somewhere?" Slade sneered as he stalked towards them "I will take my apprentice back one way or another." "Maybe one of those people you were with can take Robin's place as my apprentice."

"Oh please." Said Raven as she rolled her eyes and started to back away from Slade "Most of my friends won't serve you at all, and trust me they will not do something they don't like."

"There is no escape demoness." said Slade as he continued to stalk forward "There is only one way out and you have to get through me, to get to it." "Don't bother trying to use your powers those wards I stole will block your powers."

"Fine then." Said Raven as she sat Robin down and got into a defensive stance "If that's the way you want to play baka, lets do this, after what I went through in the last two years you do not scare me anymore."

"Enough talk!" growled Slade as he lunged forward

"My thoughts exactly." Raven said in a cold voice as she leapt up and kicked him in the face after dodging his attack "I'm not too happy with Robin right now but there's no way I'm going to leave him here with you."

"Your loss child." Slade sneered as he went for a combo attack that was blocked

"My turn huh?" asked Raven as she ran up to the wall and used it to spring board into the air "Eat this, Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku." Raven yelled as she kicked Slade in the face multiple times while spinning in the air knocking him into the wall

"What are you doing, he's mine!" Robin yelled at Raven after she landed "I'm the one that has to stop him!"

"Robin how hard did Slade hit you before I came in, he was choking the life out of you what was I suppose to do stand there and let him kill you?" "Robin, grow up and get over your obsession with Slade." "Wait a minute." When Raven looked at Robin's aura, she noticed it was different where before it was a deep blue; it had changed to what looked like reddish black "No wonder you're acting weird, someone placed a spell on you."

"I am fine." Robin argued as Raven started chanting a spell causing Robin to glow "What are you doing your powers are blocked?"

"This is a spell it has nothing to do with my powers, you need to get back to normal so you can think straight." A few minutes later Robin's aura was once again deep blue

"What have I done?" asked Robin in shock as he returned to normal "I lost my girlfriend and my obsession and paranoia also cost me one of my best friends." "Raven I'm sorry for everything."

"Robin I forgive you I realize now you were under a spell, but let's talk about this later." Raven said as she pointed to a moaning Slade who was starting to rise

"Did you two really think I would go down that easily?" snarled Slade as he stood up and once again stalked forward

"No but it was worth a try, Robin how do you want to do this?" asked Raven as the two stood back to back

"Tag team sounds like the best solution." Said Robin

"Got it." Said Raven as she charged towards Slade "I'll go first get your strength back, you still look slightly winded."

"Very brave demoness." Slade pointed out as he blocked a roundhouse kick from her and sent a fist forward into her stomach, driving the air out of her "But very foolish, trying to save him."

"Maybe, Maybe not." Raven gasped as she tried to catch her breath "But, I rather help him anytime, I still consider him my friend." with that said Raven started glowing "Here Slade, I have a present for you enjoy Shoryuken!" Raven yelled as she hit him with an uppercut that sent him flying into the air.

"Is that it?" asked Robin as he helped Raven up

"I hope so." Raven muttered as she clutched her stomach

"Raven, what's wrong?" asked Robin in a concerned voice

"I'm okay, I think when Slade punched me it cracked a rib or two." "Look out!" yelled Raven as she saw Slade rise and pull out his Bo staff

"My turn." Robin said as he pulled out his own Bo staff

"Be careful." Raven said as Robin went charging towards Slade only to be sent flying back a few minutes later

"We need a different strategy, this isn't working." said Robin as Raven helped him back up "Neither of us is doing much damage."

"I can try something but I need you to distract him for few seconds." suggested Raven "It takes me a couple seconds to power it up if that doesn't work I don't know what will."

"It's worth a shot I'll try to buy you time." With that said Robin ran forward towards Slade again

"Come on Robin you can do better than this." sneered Slade as he grabbed Robin by the arm oblivious to what Raven was doing.

'Hurry up Raven' Robin though to himself as he saw what appeared to be a bluish energy ball start to appear in her hands while he was fending off Slade's attacks

"You always were too much of a fool." Slade pointed out as he entrapped Robin in a bear hug

"Maybe Slade, but unlike you I have others I can count on." Robin said as he got one hand loose and hit one of Slade's shoulders causing him to drop Robin

"Robin duck!" yelled Raven as a giant ball of energy formed in her hands

"Here Slade, eat this, Hadoken!" she yelled as the fire ball shot off towards Slade after Robin had ducked

The fire ball hit Slade knocking him through the wall or two

"I hope that's it for sure." Said Robin

"We better go it sounds like the twenty minutes are about up." Raven said as she gestured to the cracks that were forming in the walls as the two started to leave "I told the others to wreck the place if we weren't back in twenty minutes."

"Hey um Raven, I'm sorry about everything." Robin said sheepishly "I really was acting like a jerk."

"It's okay Robin I forgive you." Raven said sincerely "You were under a spell; besides the people that I lived with for a while taught me that holding grudges is never a good idea."

"So are we friends again than?" Robin asked hesitantly

"Close enough." Raven replied with a smile as the two continued out of the half wrecked building

"Raven are you really okay, you look extremely pale?"

"Robin, I'm okay I just can't heal any injuries yet since the wards blocked my powers, besides I've had worse injuries, thanks for being concerned though."

A few minutes later all the groups met up

"Come on." Said Terra "We had better head back to the tower and check everyone over for injuries." With that said Starfire grabbed Robin and Cyborg grabbed Raven and the headed back to the tower

Shortly after returning there everyone was in the medical room

"How bad is it Cy?" asked Beastboy

"Well, Raven's injuries already started healing and Robin's are slowly fading away thanks to Saturn, I gave them both sedatives to help them sleep for a while."

"You would be surprised how often I have to do this when Youma show up to mess with the sailor senshi." Saturn muttered after she finished healing Robin "At least this time no one went flying through any phone booths."

"Phone booths?" asked Terra

"Well among other things." replied Saturn "I've seen the senshi be thrown through everything from phone booths to windows and I think parked cars a couple times as far as I know." replied Saturn

"Are you guy's insane crime fighters or just odd?" asked Beastboy right before Cyborg bopped him on the head

"It depends." said Saturn "The sailor senshi are more monster hunters than anything, and well the exiles don't fight crime."

"You don't?" asked Starfire

"That's pretty much it." Saya replied "Out of the whole group the only ones that have experience fighting any type of crime are Raven, Psylock, and technically Saturn and Impulse." "Most of us are just kids that hang out, to put it bluntly, most of us can't really fit in anywhere and except for Saturn, Impulse and Jericho and Ravager most of us don't really have anyone else."

"You sound pretty wise for a teenager." commented Starfire

"Thank you for the comment but I'm older than I look."

"So how old are you?"

"Beastboy!" yelled Terra "You don't ask a girl her age!"

"It's okay if you must know I'm about two hundred and five, give or take a few years." Saya replied calmly

Suddenly a noise penetrated the room



"Saturn your communicator is beeping." Impulse said as he gestured to the beeping watch on her wrist "It's probably Pluto checking on us."

"Fine I'll go and answer this call." Saturn grumbled as she left muttering about over protective time guardians and paranoid parental figures

"Sorry about that." Impulse said "That was one of our guardians they have been overprotective of us since the demon incidents in Juuban" (4)

"Let's just say two of our guardians are being really overprotective of us and the other one doesn't trust Raven too well right now because she's half demon, even though she helped us during the demon incidents."

"Yes Pluto we're fine can you tell that to Uranus and Neptune." "Tell Uranus that Raven did not reenact Carrie, or try to possess anyone bye." grumbled Saturn as she came back a few minutes later "I swear Pluto and Neptune trust Raven why can't Uranus get it through her thick skull."

"I'll be glad when we can go back to school." Saturn started to explain after seeing the titan's confused faces. "There was an accident at our school a friend of mine named Usagi caused it, she's a nice girl but well she should not be allowed in a chemistry class." "She was supposed to mix a couple chemicals unfortunately she accidentally mixed in nitro glycerin I think it was and blew up the science building, so the school is closed till they can repair the building." "In other words, for the time being me, Raven and Impulse kind of have a temporary vacation."

"Hey you know it is getting late and who knows when Raven will wake up, why don't you guys stay here?" Beastboy offered interrupting the conversation "We have plenty of room."

"Give us a few minutes to think it over please." Said Psylock as the Exiles huddled "What do you guys think?"

"I don't sense anything bad from them so why not." Said Saturn

"I agree with the death star." Said Impulse right before Saturn bopped him on the head "Oh before I forget Saya, is this yours?" asked the speedster as he handed her a kitana that appeared to look normal but had a blade that was fashioned in an unusual way. "I grabbed it on the way out."

"Thank you Impulse." Said Saya As she proceeded to place the kitana in a sheath after grabbing it back from him.

"Okay I speak for the others when I say thank you for the offer." Said Psylock as the Exiles broke huddle "I hope we are not an inconvenience."

"Nah it's cool." Said Cyborg "Come on we'll show you where the guest rooms are."

A few hours later after everyone had settled in and had gone to sleep Terra was getting a drink of water when she noticed what looked like red eyes heading her way

"Good evening Terra" replied Saya as she came out of the shadows with her eyes glowing

"Oh hi Saya, you startled me." Terra replied

"Sorry, I didn't mean to."

"What are you doing up this late?"

"I was a little cooped up and I got hungry so I was going to go get my self a snack, how about you?"

"I was a little thirsty so I was going to get a drink."

"Can you please tell me a way to go outside without tripping the alarms; I don't want to create a disturbance."

"I have a way I need the fresh air anyway, are you afraid of heights Saya?"

"Not really."

"Good." said Terra as she opened a nearby window and called up a giant boulder with her powers "Than hop on."

"Okay." said Saya as she got on the floating boulder "I've seen odder in my long life."

With that said the two headed off

"Terra is everything okay, you seem really nervous?"

"It's Raven."


"The last time we didn't exactly part on the best of terms, I was surprised she even tried to help cure me."

"Terra I'll be honest you should try talking to Raven, she mentioned you once and I think she felt guilty on how you two parted."

"Saya, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"How did you two meet?"

"I was in a town called Sunnydale trying to find out if there were any others like me, this group thought I was a vampire like the ones that run around Sunnydale and they sent me to their lab." "A few days later they captured Raven who had shown up in town." "Us and another demon named Xellos got loose and we escaped the place."

"Interesting, what's up with those two kids, Saturn and Impulse?"

"I'm not sure on the whole story, but from what I've heard Saturn had been adopted by some people that were friends of her father, Impulse ended up in this time line by accident, he was suppose to arrive ten years later when he time traveled and they took him in too." "At least that's what they told me." "I don't know the whole story, most of us never met before we came here, we all knew about each other through Raven." "We're spread out everywhere."


"We all live in different areas, Raven, Saturn, Impulse, Ravager, Jericho and Jin live in various parts of Japan, I live in L.A, Psylock I heard is living with the Jlu."

"Can you drop me off here please?" Saya pointed towards a sidewalk in front of a blood bank.

"You're a vampire?" asked Terra as they floated towards the ground and she noticed what looked like fangs in Saya's mouth

"Yes, but not like the ones you have heard of, I only have to drink blood once a month and I don't like to drink from humans if I can avoid it, I have too much of a conscience for that." "You've heard of vampires?"

"Before I joined the titans I was attacked by a vampire but before it could bite me this guy came out and saved me." "He said his name was Blade."

"Oh the day walker, I've heard of him he's like the vampire boogeyman." "All the strengths those vampires have but none of their weaknesses."

(Beep) (Beep)

"Just a second, Saya my communicators beeping, Terra here." said the earth mover as she opened her communicator "What's up?"

"We have a situation." said Cyborg as Saturn and Psylock were talking in the background trying to calm Jin and Jericho down "We heard the alarm go off and when we went to check we discovered Ravager is missing."

"Okay we'll look for her." said Terra as she put her communicator away

"I guess my snack will have to wait." muttered Saya as she got back on the boulder with Terra

"So where do we look?" asked Terra

"Look for a major disturbance knowing Ravager she'll be in the middle of it, that girl cannot stay out of trouble."

"No kidding." Said Raven as she flew up next to them

"I thought you were out for the night, Cyborg said he gave you some sedatives." said Terra

"He did but the healing trance I was in canceled them out."

Suddenly there was a crash and what looked like a punk was flying out of an alley colliding with a phone pole

"I think we found her." groaned Saya as she checked on the condition of the punk "This guy is still alive just out cold."

"Well let's go." Said Terra as she headed forward only to be stopped by Raven "What are you doing Raven, your friend is in trouble?"

"Two things Terra, one never go running in without knowing what's going on."

"What is number 2?"

"She just finished them off." The mage said as she pointed to a pile of unconscious punks

"Over already?" asked Rose as she came out of the alley "That was way too short."

"Have fun?" asked Raven as she rolled her eyes "I swear Rose, I can't take you anywhere."

"Sorry Raven, I had a lot of stress to release." said Rose sheepishly

"Just head back to the tower Jin's worried sick and who knows what Joey's thinking." "Rose normally I don't get on your case about when you pull this in Nerima, but this isn't Nerima the people around here don't always have a conscience."

"I'll go ahead and take Rose back why don't you two catch up?" asked Saya after noticing the look on Terra's face

"Thank you." Terra replied under her breath for which Saya just nodded in return

"See you guys later." Said Rose as she left with Saya

"Follow me." Said Raven as her and Terra flew off in their own unique ways with each other "Let's see if we can find somewhere quiet to talk."

A few minutes later the two girls landed at a hill that appeared to be deserted

"What did you want to talk about?" asked Raven

"I wanted to apologize for the crap I pulled when I betrayed you guys." Terra said seriously "I also wanted to thank you for freeing me from that stone prison."

"It's okay Terra I forgave you a long time ago and I was glad to free you, sorry I wasn't here to see if the spell worked."

"Raven can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"What actually happened that caused you to leave?" "No one will tell me the whole story."

"I don't know how much you heard about what had been happening since you were turned to stone, but a few days after we defeated my father Robin kicked me out while the others were gone, I thought he was my friend till that happened, I just found out this whole time he was under a spell that made his worst traits come out."

"Look Terra, we both have done stupid stuff in the past that we had no control over, you being Slade's apprentice and me with that stupid prophecy."

"You know why I went along with Slade's plan?" asked Terra

"I read your mind near the end of the last fight we had before that volcano erupted, you know we would have found a way to help your brother." "We would not have let Slade kill him."

"I know that now, but I was panicked Biran was the only family I had left, I couldn't take the chance." "Who knows what kind of things Slade might have done." "And that serum he gave me made me act strange too."

"I've heard of that serum Rose warned me about it, it nearly drove her over the edge that's why her mother sent her to Nerima after it wore off."

"Joey's mother sent him to be on the safe side in case Slade tried to inject him with the serum too." "Between worrying about your brother and the serum making you lose your conscience, you really didn't have much of a choice."

"Besides if worse came to worse I had a few other friends on back up that couldn't come, a few I met before I joined the titans, plus Saturn's friends along with the people Saya works with they would have picked up the slack if it came to it." "I have friends all over the place between here and Juuban."

"For real?"

"You be surprised at some of the people that keep a low profile." "Some of them are pretty powerful, but don't fit in with the titans." "I mean the people that live in Joey and Rose's neighborhood can be declared legally insane."

"Question, speaking of the people you met, what's up with the guy with the wings?"

"Oh you mean Jin, we kind of met when there were a few…incidents in Juuban they drew him there, him and I have similar backgrounds minus that whole prophecy."


"Don't spread it around though Jin doesn't like to talk about it."

"By the way Terra, if you try to betray the titans again for whatever reason you better hope I don't find out."

"You'll kidding right?"

"Maybe, maybe not it depends on what happens."

"Um okay, how did you guys get out of that cell, I heard your powers were blocked?"

"A friend of mine taught me how to pick locks."

"That makes sense."

"Come on we better head back before everyone comes looking for us this time." With that said the two girls headed back towards the tower

A few minutes later the two arrived back at the tower to find everyone had gone back to sleep

"Well I'll see you in the morning." Said Terra as she went towards her room

"Hold on a second." Said Raven "Get a camera if you have one this is a Kodak moment." She was pointing towards Jin and Rose who were cuddled up asleep on the couch "Those two are so cute together."

Terra quickly found a camera and snapped a picture "I'll give you a copy of this in the morning." The earth mover said with a yawn as she went off towards her room "See you in the morning."

"Good night Terra."

"Hotaru I know you're there what's up?" asked Raven as Hotaru came out from around the corner "You seem worried about something."

"Sorry to sneak up on you I was just thinking of something and I figured I would ask you."

"Go ahead and tell me."

"After this whole mess with Slade, do you think we should have brought more people?"

"Hotaru I'll be honest, everyone that came with us were the only ones that could make it." "Let's see I didn't want to bother Akira after the project justice fiasco she needed a break, I was going to bring Xellos with us but I couldn't get a hold of him and I don't think that will be a good idea for him to be loose around here." "Jason didn't want to come because of his past history here as Red X though he told me to call if I need help and he can get here with Ryoko and them as soon as possible."

"And finally I couldn't bring Cassandra since Batman doesn't want me to be a bad influence on her after the boat fiasco."

"He's still mad about that, it happened months ago?"

"Tell me about it I brought the boat back after Melchior had his little 'swim'." "That answers where Robin picked up holding grudges forever from." "I'll see you in the morning Hotaru."

"Okay see you tomorrow morning Raven." The youngest sailor senshi replied as the two went off to their rooms

The next morning everyone came or in some cases ran to breakfast

"Bart slow down." groaned Hotaru as she saw her brother running towards the table and quickly grabbed him by the back of his shirt "Breakfast will not take off on you, so slow down."

"Ah come on Hotaru, I wasn't going that fast." Bart whined

"Bart you literally ran through a wall."

"It's okay." Said Rose as she grabbed a seat after noticing the titan's surprised looks "From what I heard this is normal for those two."

"Has anyone seen Raven this morning?" asked Beastboy as he grabbed a plate of tofu waffles

"She'll be here soon." Said Betsy as she sat down "My guess is she's either off meditating or doing a kata or whatever she does in the morning."

"So how did you guys meet?" asked Cyborg

"Well." replied Betsy "I can't speak for the others but I ran into Raven after I had come back from the dead don't ask it's a long story." "I came with these guys because I'm working with the Jlu and Bats asked me to keep an eye on Raven, he's not in a good mood something about a boat being barrowed by her without his permission and a book being dropped in the Marianas Trench."

"Hey someone's missing." said Terra "Where's your friend with the wings at, I haven't heard a peep out of him?"

Just than there was a commotion and what looked like Raven flying down the hallway with Jin following behind her

"Give me that picture Raven." Jin yelled "I don't know where you got that picture from, but it's embarrassing."

"Oh come on Jin." Raven said with a smirk "You and Rose look cute in the picture."

"Ha ha very funny."

"Sounds like she already got back this morning." Betsy said while rolling her eyes

"Good morning everyone." said Raven as she came into the room after getting away from Jin

"Are you alright?" asked Beastboy "You're acting really happy, not like we know how you used to act."

"You mean why am I not acting like an antisocial Goth?" Raven asked

"No offense."

"It's okay Beastboy; I guess I should explain Starfire already knows this part, after I defeated my father my demonic side wasn't as strong anymore without his influence, the last time it got loose was when I nearly got killed, don't ask I don't want to talk about it, that was about a month after I left here." "In other words I don't have to worry about showing too much emotion."

"Good morning." said Jin as he came in and stretched "What's new?" "Besides Raven being a pain in my butt this morning."

"Ha ha very funny Jin, put your wings away you're shedding again."

"Um question." asked Terra as Jin sat down next to Rose "We didn't exactly meet on the best terms the first time can you guys reintroduce yourselves or something?"

"You guys okay with that?" Raven asked the others as they nodded their heads "Okay I'll introduce every one what I am about to tell you does not leave this room, some of these guys have people they are trying to avoid for whatever reason." "Anyway on my left is Bart Allen also known as Impulse, yes he is a speedster like Kid Flash but due to a mishap he came too far back in time about ten years too early, next to him is his adopted sister Hotaru Tomoe a.k.a sailor Saturn, she has the power to blow up the planet, though she won't use it unless she has to, and people think the sailor senshi are myths unless they see them for themselves." "Her legal guardians took Bart in after his botched time jump."

"Dun dun dun to dun." Bart chanted right before Hotaru bopped him on the head

"Hotaru ignore him, Bart stop humming the Darth Vader theme."

"Anyway back to the introductions, sitting over in a corner is Saya possibly the last shinso vampire in existence, don't worry she doesn't bite people."

"We also have with us Joseph who we call Jericho, he can jump in and possess people and that's his sister Rose or Ravager if you're going by aliases she can sometimes see her opponent's next move and she's deadly with a sword and a Bo staff." "On my right is Jin Kazama, he has the same 'problem' as me minus the prophecy part and finally we have Elizabeth also known as Psylock a mutant with telepathic powers as well as being a trained ninja, she just came back from the dead recently which is not my place to explain she currently works with the justice league."

"Missing is Akira Kazama no relation to Jin; due to recent stress Akira needed a vacation badly and Jason Todd who used to cause havoc around here and is now reformed, he couldn't make it in time."

"Raven can I talk to you in private?" Robin asked

"Okay." Said Raven as the two started to head outside "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Raven I want to apologize for the way I acted, I had no right to treat you like that after I pulled that stunt with Red X." "I wish there was more to do to make it up to you."

"Robin I admit, I was mad at you when you threw me out of the titans, but Gouken taught me that holding grudges won't accomplish anything, it wasn't your fault anyway you were under that spell."

"Let's just put it behind us alright?"

"Fine, can I ask you something Raven?"

"Go ahead."

"You mentioned Gouken a couple times who is that?"

"Gouken was the person that took me in after I left here, his two students found me after I nearly got killed, and I ended up staying there for about a year and a half."

"Sounds like an interesting person maybe, I can meet him sometime." Robin said

"You can't." said Raven sadly

"Why?" asked Robin as he started to get a feeling of what might have happened after he saw the sad look on Raven's face

"He's dead."

"What happened?"

"I'm not entirely sure what happened, I was out in the forest by myself, the other two students had recently left there was an explosion of light and when I got back it was too late."


"Can we change the subject?" Raven asked

"Okay." said Robin

"So what's been going on since I left?"

"Well." Robin said slowly "Not much really other than the two weirdos playing with fire."

"Fire, can you describe them?"

"One was a brunette and the other was an insane red head."

"Iori and Kyo it figures."

"You know of them?"

"I've heard of them from a few people they make you and Slade look like best friends."

"Now that is creepy."

"Hey Raven, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"Can you teach me some of those moves you used on Slade; they look like they did a lot of damage."

"I can't sorry."

"Why not?"

"The main reason is I never finished learning them so I can't exactly show the moves, I got lucky that ki blast didn't backfire."

"They seemed effective against Slade."

"I was lucky on that; Slade underestimated me because of my powers being blocked." "I usually can't use that ki blast because it usually ends up merging with my powers." "Come on we better go check on the others."

"Bart give me back my pen!" Hotaru yelled from inside as crashing sounds were heard

"Are they okay?" asked Robin

"Yeah that's normal for them, Bart does something to Hotaru she gets mad and tries to kill him."

With that said the two went back inside to see what was going on

"So if I calibrate my cannon a little higher it will cause a lot more damage and go faster?" Cyborg asked as he was talking to Jin "How do you know this stuff?"

"My housemate Su is a mad scientist emphasis on mad." Jin replied in a deadpan voice

"Die die." Hotaru yelled as she continued to strangle the pain in the butt speedster while banging his head on the wall

"Sounds like a normal day." Raven said dryly as she watched Starfire talk to Rose and Joey who apparently was trying to teach her sign language

A few hours later

"Well thanks for everything." Raven said as the groups faced each other

"No problem." Said Cy as he smiled at the group "Hey Rae let me know if you get a boyfriend."

"Very funny Cyborg."

"Terra see you around."

"Okay see you later Raven, bye Hotaru thanks for the tip on couples."

"No problem." Hotaru smiled "Figure d it might help even if my parents are odd..not one word Bart."

"Fine later guys, I want that rematch on that game." Bart said with a smile

"Bye." Rose said as Joey waved "It's been fun."

"What she said." Saya said with a slight smile

"I hope we get to see each other again." Betsy replied

With that said the exiles teleported away

The end

It's finally done a few months and several writers' blocks later

Thanks to everyone who reviewed good and bad

Before I go here's translations of some of the Japanese words used

1.Kuso Japanese swear word means shit or damn

2. UN, anata WA baka Na saru da! -You're a stupid Monkey

3.Baka-idiot or stupid

Yes I know there are a few things that need explaining if I can get general ideas I might write a few sides stories to explain things or maybe even a sequel

Till than everyone peace out