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Author's Note: This drabble is for the LiveJournal community called "Digimon Drabbles."

Out of Time

Yukio knew the consequences; he knew what would happen if Myotismon exited his soul. No, Myotismon never really told him; his mind relayed it to him, and that led into shock. Why did that have to happen? Why was he tricked into this permanent bond with possibly the most feared Digimon ever? Still, he wanted to go into the Digital World, even if it would kill him.

Several years passed, and he created a plan to go to the Digital World. He first created Arukenimon and Mummymon; he wanted to know what the Digital world looked like. Later on, they captured Ken, and Yukio reproduced the Dark Spores into other children's necks. He was so close to accomplishing his life-long goal – he could just touch it.

But he opened the wrong portal and entered the wrong world. He had it! The Digital World was in his grasp! Why did it slip now?

That was when Myotismon exited Yukio's soul, and he crumpled onto the floor. He felt weak and sad; he could move at all. He felt like crying, both for his foolishness and for his inability to accomplish his goal. Then, luck came; the Digital World was right in front of him, but he lost all of his strength. He was dying, and he had to think of something so he could enter the place he desired for so long.

That was when he decided that he wanted to protect the Digital World; he wanted to stay there… forever. So, he sacrificed his soul to protect the place he so longed to roam. Afterwards, he no longer had to worry. He was in the Digital World now. His goal had been accomplished.

Although his time was up, his adventure was just beginning… one that would last a lifetime.