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"Ok Rose, you'll never get this one," Jack said when he found her later in the kitchen, making a chocolate milkshake. "You can't get this one, actually. I think I've finally found one that you can't answer."

"So fire away and lets see how wrong you are," Rose grinned back confidently, and her confidence threw Jack, but he ploughed valiantly on, none-the-less.

"Ok, so I'm loud but quiet and only the dead and the deaf can hear me. What am I?"

Rose actually paused, spoon hovering over her glass, as she contemplated this answer, and Jack felt a tiny stirring of hope. Was that a look of utter clueless-ness on her face? Or was it just her concentrating too hard? He hoped it was the first.

"Well?" he asked after at least ten minutes. "Answer?"

"I want to say silence, but...I dunno...that's just too easy...unless this is a trick question..." She caught sight of Jack's dumbstruck expression and grinned. "I'm right aren't I! The answer's silence!"

"Oh. My.God!" was all Jack could say. " my god! That's it! I give up!" He threw his hands up in the air wildly.

"Good," Rose sighed with relief, going back to her milkshake. "Does that mean no unexpected appearances with stupid riddles and questions at the most inconvenient times each day?"

"Yes. I give up. You are the wisest and cleverest woman I've ever met!"

"Well, you say that, yet have you noticed that I don't actually know half the things you and the Doctor know. Most of the stuff I know is useless knowledge," Rose replied, with a sigh, suddenly all serious and sad.

"Well, I suppose knowing how long an auton takes to fill the bath might just save your life one day," Jack contemplated, and Rose frowned.

"How?" she asked.

"Because then you'd know how long you had to escape."

Rose playfully hit him on the arm and he retaliated by grabbing it and tickling her mercilessly until she was reduced to a giggling heap on the floor.

"Say it!" he demanded as he reduced the assualt and allowed Rose to speak through her giggles.

"Say what?"

"Say that you're sorry for putting me and the Doctor through so much misery with these riddles!"

"Why should I be sorry?" she gasped as he increased the tickling again. "You started it!"

"And you carried it on, so you're just as much to blame," Jack grinned, increasing her giggles even more, this time by going for the spot at the back of her neck.

"No!" Rose shrieked as she wriggled and squirmed, trying to escape. "You git!"

The Doctor chose that moment to walk in and stood with his arms folded, watching the two wriggling about on the floor, both laughing their heads off.

"Ahem!" he coughed at last and both stopped, looking up at him. Then they both scrambled to their feet, looking rather disheveled and red from all the laughing.

"I hope I'm not interupting," the Doctor said, trying to hold the serious expression on his face, but finding it very hard.

"Not at all. Infact Rose has something to say to us," Jack said at last, flattening his hair again.

"Oh?" the Doctor turned to Rose expectantly.

"Yeah, um... I just wanna say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry you are two of the worst losers I've ever met, and can't handle the fact that you got stuffed by a girl!"

"OI!" Jack and the Doctor cried together, pouncing on her and pinning her to the floor, tickling her until she'd gone a deep crimson colour from laughing too hard.

At last, when they heard her gasping and trying to say something, they relented and allowed her to sit up and catch her breath. When she could at last speak again, she grinned at them.

"Guess what?" she said, draping one arm over each of their shoulders and pulling them in closer. "These past few days have been so much fun. Thanks so much. You're the best friends a girl could ever have." And with that she gave them each a quick kiss and got up, leaving them both open mouthed on the kitchen floor.

"You're welcome," they said at last, long after she'd left the room.

Finito...Finis...The End...