Title: We Meet Again

Author: SVUAddict

Disclaimer: I did not create the characters of Law and Order: SVU nor do I own them. I only own the story line and the characters I make up.

Summery: Olivia is transferred to the Special Victims Unit after being promoted to Detective. There she meets someone she hasn't seen in fourteen years. Sequel to My New Daddy.

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Olivia Benson, or as of tomorrow Detective Olivia Benson, fumbled with her keys trying to get the door open with only one hand. In the other she held a duffel bag of all the things that had been in her locker. She was now transferring to the Special Victims Unit and had needed to clean out her old locker. When she threw open the door she was stunned to see all of her friends from the precinct she was leaving.

"Surprise," they yelled.

Olivia couldn't help but laugh. She should have known that they would throw her a party for getting her promotion. She also should have figured that it would also be at her own apartment. She hoped that she could possibly talk them into just heading down the corner bar that they all frequented. She didn't want to have to clean up after all of them or have to deal with some of them passing out on her couch. Which she decided she really wouldn't mind because they were all her family. She didn't have any other family besides them. Olivia dropped her bag next to the door and closed the door behind her before venturing over to the two masterminds of the party. She knew that it had to be Martin Andrews and Terri Parker who were behind this. They were her two best friends after all.

"Thanks you guys," Olivia told them.

"Us?" asked Martin.

"Why would we do this for you?" Terri joked.

Olivia gave them a look. They cracked after a moment admitting that the whole thing was there idea. Olivia hugged them each in return. The rest of her co-workers soon surrounded her. They congratulated her and the best part was they each gave her a present. The party was still going strong about an hour later and Olivia checked the time. It was nearing eleven and she knew her neighbors were going to start complaining soon. So she stood on top of a chair and tried to get everyone to calm down so she could say something.

"Let the Detective speak," shouted Frankie DeMarcos, "She may have something important to say."

Everyone quieted down and looked over at Olivia waiting patiently to see what she had to say. Olivia smirked in the direction of Frankie.

"Thanks Frankie for that wonderful comment," Olivia grinned.

"No problem Liv," He smirked.

"Okay my neighbors are going to start complaining soon. So let's all head over to the bar and drinks are on Frankie," explained Olivia.

Before Frankie could retort everyone started to leave the apartment. Olivia followed behind making sure that either Terri or Marti would lock up her apartment when everyone was gone. In ten minutes everyone was settled in the bar laughing and having fun. Drinks were passed around and Olivia found herself already starting to miss them all. Terri stood up and raised her glass.

"I'd like to propose a toast," she announced.

Everyone quieted down because they all loved Olivia and considered her a sister. Since tomorrow was a big deal for her, they all wanted to be supportive of her.

"Tomorrow Olivia Benson will no longer be a police officer but now a Detective. So after tomorrow we can all act like snotty cops when she comes to visit us. Cause you know what they say about Detectives…"

Terri left the sentence to hang in the air. She knew that each person that surrounded her would think what Detectives meant themselves. Everyone couldn't help but laugh at her comment on how they were going to treat Olivia now that she was a hotshot Detective. Even Olivia couldn't help but smile.

"So until she crosses over to the other side we're all going to have a little fun. So this one's for Olivia."

Everyone clinked their glasses together and repeated, 'To Olivia.' Olivia had never felt happier in her entire life than this moment when all her friends were gathered in one spot. She hoped that it would remain this was forever.

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