Thievery, Betrayal and Violence, Ch. 3

"Friendly Visit"

By pkfan2004

Lyvia-14 hummed as she got up. It had been a couple days since she decided to "move in" with Jerb. There wasn't much to do out in the wastelands, and seemed more peaceful than the hectic life in the Biomek cities. There was the occasional stranded motorists, and that was much more profitable than she knew. "I have to admit, this is a pretty good life. Your house isn't much to look at, but this is a lot calmer than my old life." she said one morning.

"Yeah, it grows on you." He had said, reclining in his chair. "The nice thing is there are abandoned stations everywhere. And there aren't any other mechanics for miles around. It's a niche job."

"Yeah, and I was wondering. How'd you like to go into a partnership?"

"Whoa, partnership of love? Or be business partners?"

"Okay, one, I meant business. Two, let's not speed up our friendship."

Jerb considered her words. "Your nanobots, my skills and my nanobots together?"

"Works for me."

"Works for me too."

So, many days passed again. Cars came by and left. But one car would leave a burning image on their minds.

A non-descript black car pulled in one day, and the driver went up to the door. Dressed in an all white suit, he could have been thought of as some futuristic salesman. Lyvia was an inch close to opening the door, and she froze.


Jerb got out of his chair, still holding a drink. "What's wrong?"

She flailed around the room, flipping the light switches off, locking the door.

"Don't open it."

"What? What's going on?"

"Remember when you were interrogating me? I said that if my car was destroyed, they would assume I was dead."


"You fixed it, and know they know I'm alive. And we can't have him coming in, or getting involved."

"Let me guess. He's a mastermind?"

"The best there is."

Sneaking softly, they both opened the door to the workshop. Jerb gathered every supply he could and put them in his trunk, just in case. Lyvia took the computer and hid it in her car. Quietly, they got in their cars, just as the man wretched open the front door.

"Lyvia-14? I know you're in here……"

Quickly, Jerb opened the garage door using his remote, and both slammed on their gas pedals. Their cars swerved, and their turrets pointed square at the man. He turned slowly, with a smile on his face. Jerb gasped. From his nose down, he had metal where his flesh should have been.

"Well hello! I can recognize you, even in you vehicle, Lyvia. And you've made a new friend. I hope he's not that rascal, Jerb, you were sent to kill, hmm?"

Jerb shook his head. The man seemed harmless, but then again, so did many contaminated animals.

"Hey buddy! Get your ass off my property!"

The man's smile faded, with a painful screeching noise.

"Well, well, Mr. Jerb. We finally meet. I am Bruteon, mastermind of the Biomek army. I hope we can talk this out like civilized men."

Jerb snorted. "Civilization's been dead for years! Get with the times."

"Jerb, careful…" Lyvia whispered.

Bruteon chuckled. "Well, if that's true, I can do what I need to."

He pressed a button on his key ring. The trunk of his car opened, and piles of scrap metal poured out.

"Let's see what my friends have to say about you!"

Bruteon touched the metal. Within seconds, a group of robots were standing where the slag was.

"I hate masterminds!" Jerb screamed as he activated his front turret. Within seconds, he and Lyvia were plowing through the robots, firing of weapons. Mines, bullets, saw blades tipped with nitroglycerin, ion blasts and contaminant flew through the air. Multiple robots were tossed and bucked every which way. But for every robot down, Bruteon just brought up another.

"Damn it, this isn't working!" Jerb screamed to Lyvia over the roar of their vehicles.

"You think I know how to stop him! He brought multiple armies to their knees single-handedly!"

"Well, what part of him is mechanical?"

"His face, obviously, both legs and both arms! Why?"

"I have an idea." Jerb flipped a familiar switch, and retractable blades came out of the bottom of his car.

"Oh, not this again! It didn't work before with me and the other two." Lyvia yelled.

"New upgrade!"

"What, they explode?"

"Not quite! But I'll take that into consideration next time I upgrade!" Jerb pressed a button, and one blade shot out on a retractable cord. Using a joystick, he swung the blade into a robot. The shining blade flew heroically at the menacing robot. It sunk into it, digging deep, and… it stuck in the robot. He tugged the stick over and over, but couldn't dislodge it.

"Uh, my plan failed."

"Got a plan B? It seemed to work last time."

"Uh, no, maybe, got it! How about this?" Fingers flying across the dashboard, he rerouted 75 of his power into the blade. The robot jerked violently, and surged with electricity. Pulling harder on the stick, he managed to swing the robot. The energy surge easily magnetized the robot, and the arc of the current hit the other robots, sucking them together. He had created a giant magnetic ball of bots.
"Swing batter-batter!"

He whirled the wrecking ball at Bruteon, easily sucking him in. Within seconds, Bruteon found himself French-kissing one of his own robots.

"Mmmm mm! Mmm mm mmmm!"

Finally, he picked up his car, and crushed the vehicle against its owner. For a coup de grace, he heaved the stick forward and detached the blade. The ball flew for many miles, before the magnetism wore off and fallout of the flying army hit the ground.

"There we go. I should put up a sign that says 'No Solicitors'."

Lyvia groaned. "Jeez, who writes your material?"

"Come on, what do I have to work with?"