Chapter Fifteen: William

It was sunrise and Monica had been the first to awaken. Wearily, she glanced around to see John, who was driving and then to Mulder and Scully who were in the back.

Suddenly aware of Monica's movement, John averted his gaze. "Morning, sunshine," he joked.

Monica smiled as she playfully hit his shoulder. "Mmm, very funny John."

She sighed when the memories of last night came rushing back. Out of habit, she turned around to see if anyone had followed them.

"Relax Mon, we lost them hours ago," he coaxed.

"We can't be too sure these days."

John sighed and said nothing. Monica turned her head briefly to see Mulder and Scully huddled next to one another in the back seat. They were still asleep.

Ten minutes or so passed and Monica jumped as a high pitched noise sounded throughout the air. It took them a moment to register that it was the sound of a cell phone. Monica slumped back against her seat. "Who could that possibly be?" she wondered aloud.

John took his eyes momentarily off the road to glance at the caller id. "Unknown number," he responded without looking at her. Monica swallowed as he answered the phone. "Hello?"

"John, it's Skinner again," came a familiar voice at the other end of the receiver.

"Sir…Walter, what is it?" he asked.

Monica met John's gaze as she heard the voice on the other line speak.

"I know this isn't safe, but I'm calling from a payphone. After this phone call we will meet in person, but I have some important news for you," Skinner continued.

"What is it, sir?"

"You are heading towards the west coast right? Where are you now?" Skinner asked.

John took a moment to observe his surroundings. "Right now, in the middle of nowhere, why?"

"Which state?"

"We're almost into Wyoming."

Skinner closed his eyes. "Okay, keep on going till you hit the city of Buffalo. That's where Mulder and Scully's son is."

Monica's jaw dropped. John turned away. "Why are you telling us this, sir?"

"His adoptive parents aren't who they say they are. I'm sorry, I swear I didn't know when Scully gave up the boy, but you need to get him out of there as soon as possible," Skinner finished.

"Will do, sir, take care of yourself."

"You too, John. See you soon."

Once the other line went dead, John turned off his phone to prevent the call from being traced. He looked over at Monica and he knew that she had heard everything.

"Who was that?" a voice sounded from the back.

Monica and John turned to see Mulder and Scully, who were now wide awake.

"Agent Doggett?" Mulder pressed.

John sighed. "Assistant Director Skinner."

"What did he have to say?" Mulder asked his tone now serious.

"In a few hours, we'll hit the city of Buffalo. That's where your son is," he replied.

Scully looked over at Mulder. Tears formed in her eyes and she gasped in hope.

"I don't want to alarm you two, but his parent's aren't who they appear to be. Skinner has reason to believe they are working against us."

Of course Mulder and Scully were more than alarmed.

"Speed up, Agent Doggett; we need to get to our son."

Several hours later, the four of them finally reached their destination. John brought the SUV to a stop a mile or so away and decided to park in a shopping center. John turned on his phone and realized he had a voicemail. He took a moment to listen to it and realized it was Skinner again confirming William's address.

A few moments later, the four of them nearly jumped out of the car without hesitation. Mulder looked at Scully. Meeting his gaze she looked up. "What is it, Mulder?"

Mulder waited until John and Monica exited the other side of the car and he pulled Scully closer to him. "Maybe you should just let the three of us go."

Scully gave Mulder an incredulous look. "You have got to be kidding me, Mulder."

When Mulder's expression failed to change, she averted her gaze. "He's my son, Mulder, our son. I was the one who gave him up to these people and now you tell me to stand back and watch?" she demanded in a hysterical whisper.

Mulder slid his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He placed his hand gently on the growing bulge of her stomach. "I know, Scully. I just couldn't bear it if something happened to you or Vera," he said as he smoothed his hand over her stomach in slow circles.

Scully looked down and made no attempt to move his hand. She sighed when she felt the baby move against his touch. She bit her lip and looked into Mulder's eyes. "I'll be fine, Mulder," she whispered.

Knowing that arguing with her would be a mute point, Mulder nodded as Monica and John came round to their side. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"As ready as we'll ever be," Mulder replied, looking over at Scully then turning back to face the road. Scully looked down as she followed the three of them. She knew Mulder was angry, but she had to do this too. She felt responsible for giving him up in the first place; this was the least she could do.

Minutes later, they finally neared the secluded house which was William's new home. Come to think of it, it was the only house they had seen within the last mile from the shopping center. It looked a bit old, but not run down or anything.

As they pushed passed the weeds, Mulder started to hear Scully pant. When she saw his gaze she gave him a firm look. "I'm fine, Mulder," she lied. She knew she should have brought water, but all she could think about was getting William and seeing him for the first time in over a year.

Mulder said nothing and turned away.

They reached the door and came to the conclusion no one was home, judging by the lack of vehicle or noises. For a moment, they weren't sure how to get in. Should they knock first? John swallowed and decided to knock. They waited anxiously by the door for minutes and then suspected that no one was home.

Scully could hear the pounding of her heart flooding her eardrums. She felt her arm outstretch to try the doorknob and gasped when the door opened. As she moved to enter, Mulder pulled her back. "Scully, what the hell are you doing!?"

Scully struggled against Mulder's grip. "Let me go!" she demanded.

Mulder slid his arms around her waist and pulled her back firmly. It took him a moment to realize that his grip was too strong over her abdomen and not wanting to harm her or the baby, he released her.

Scully took this chance to dash into the large house and out of sight. "Scully!"

Shockingly, the door had slammed shut on the rest of them, almost as if someone closed it.

Against Mulder's protest, Scully dashed through the house which had taken her son. Her heart pounded against her chest in anticipation, would he remember her at all? Once she reached an open doorway, she slowed down to a halt to peer inside the room. "William?" she whispered. When she didn't receive a response, she slowly made her way inside. "William?" her voice broke.

"Momma!" she heard an excited cry from the corner of the room. Scully turned towards the direction of the voice. She couldn't believe it; it was too good to be true. All of a sudden, a two year old little boy emerged from the side of the room in which he had been hiding. He was a lot bigger since she had last seen him, a year ago. He had fair skin and blue eyes much like her own, complimented by light brown hair. And she didn't even have to give another thought about where his smile came from. The little boy came around the corner to embrace her leg. "Momma!" he repeated once more.

Scully fought her hardest against the tears which were welling in her eyes. She gently pulled away to lean down next to him. "Hi," her voice trembled. She looked away and gently took his small hands into her own, unsure what to say.

"Miss you," he managed.

Scully no longer could hold back the tears and she turned back towards him. "I missed you too, sweetheart," she managed, wondering how he could possibly remember her after giving him up a year ago.

"Mommy sad?" his smile had been replaced by a frown.

Scully managed a small smile. "No, mommy's not sad. She's very, very happy."

William's eye's moved from Scully's tear ridden face to the bulge of her tummy. Slowly and gently, he placed his hand on its round surface.

"Baby?" he asked.

Scully smiled once she felt little flutters inside her stomach at William's touch. The baby was moving.

She covered his hand with her own. "Yes, mommy is having a baby." She explained. William's eyes grew wide in amazement. "Baby!" he said excitedly. Startled, Scully pressed a finger to her mouth. "Shh, someone might hear." Her voice grew quite at the approaching footsteps. She suddenly felt her heart rate go up; she dared not turn her head. "Mu…Mulder?"she asked. A moment after no response, Scully turned her head only to be grabbed roughly by the collar of her shirt.

"Maybe you'll have a spontaneous abortion," she heard the voice growl. She couldn't see his face, but the last thing she remembered was being sailed through the room and connecting with glass before everything went blank.

Mulder, Reyes and Doggett were finally able to get into the house after carefully removing the lock from the door... "Scully!" Mulder had cried out numerous times to the point he was desperate. He had told her not to go inside the house without him, but it was a mute point. Suddenly, they heard the rising of voices and a sudden crash a moment later. "Scully?" Mulder's pulse quickened and he hurriedly tried to make his way to the other end of the large house.

"Mulder!" he had heard Monica and John's voices calling after him. God, he had to get to her before they hurt her or their baby. A figure had appeared out of nowhere and clubbed him from behind. Luckily, he had manage to dodge it just enough to avoid going unconscious.

His head throbbed. Doggett looked from Mulder, who was struggling to get up, to the culprit with a bat in his hands. "You son of a bitch," he growled. He threw himself onto the culprit.

"John!" Monica's voice called after him. Luckily, John was able to knock the bat out of the culprit's hands. Doggett felt kicks and punches coming out of nowhere. He continued to flight with all of his strength until he heard a female grunt and a moment later, felt the taller man subside. John looked up to see a needle in the man's neck and quickly pulled away to avoid being subjected to the green which poured out.

He looked from Mulder, who had managed to pull himself up, to Monica. She pulled out a few needles from her back pocket and showed it to the other two. "I figured these might come in handy," she explained.

John frowned as he helped Mulder to his feet. "Where did you get those, Monica?"

Monica swallowed. "When we were at the hospital. Once you escaped, I followed Amy Anderson to her office and found these."

"But, why would they have vaccines to kill super soldiers?" John looked skeptical.

"It makes perfect sense," Mulder stated blatantly as he turned to continue down the hall way. "Let's go before someone else gives us a warm welcoming."

The three of them rushed towards the other side of the big house and into a door that had been left ajar. "Scully!" Mulder cried out. Silence. He quickly moved into the room. Glass and toys were everywhere. Mulder turned the corner to see Scully lying limply on the ground near the shattered glass. She must have been thrown into a glass door, he figured. He could see blood trickling down her face from the wound on her forehead, most likely from shattered glass. Once he got closer he could see red underneath the white shirt Scully had been wearing. She was unconscious. He hurried to her side and pulled the top part of her body into his arms. "Scully, wake up, it's me," he cried.

Monica and John followed closely behind. Once Monica got closer to Mulder's side, she could hear whimpering coming from a corner. Mulder and John had been too preoccupied to take notice. Monica moved towards the direction of the sound and slid open a door to a closet. She gasped at the sight. A little boy no more than two years old was sitting in the closet, crying. Monica kneeled down. The little boy sniffled and looked her up and down. Monica immediately recognized those deep blue eyes and pouting lips. "Shh, it's okay sweetie," she whispered. The little boy relaxed at her touch.


Monica was startled by the child's surprising memory. It was almost impossible, he couldn't remember her from nearly a year ago, much less her name. Brushing that thought aside, she moved to take the small boy into her arms. "It's going to be okay, sweetheart. No one else will hurt you, I promise," she whispered.

William looked up into her eyes and sniffled. "Mommy, hurt."

Monica sighed sadly and said nothing.

John walked into the room, before coming to a halt. He instantly recognized the small child Monica was holding.

William looked over at John. "Dog-get," he smiled. John made a face. "Call me John, buddy." He hid a smile.

"J-on." William repeated.

Monica looked over at John. "How is Dana?"

Thinking back to reality, he frowned and said nothing.

After several tries, Mulder was finally able to get Scully to open her eyes. "Scully," he said softly.

Scully opened and closed her eyes for a moment, in a daze before memories flooded back to her. She felt a throbbing pain in her abdomen for a brief moment, and when it subsided she looked into Mulder's eyes. "I saw him, Mulder, our son," she whispered. Her lips trembled. Tears filled her eyes as she took in a breath. Suddenly, she felt another sharp pain rip through her belly. This one was a lot more forceful than the last. She doubled over in agony. "Oh god, no!"

Mulder felt his heart rate go up. "Scully? What is it, what's wrong?" he started to feel sweat beading his face as he feared the worst.

Scully trembled as she gingerly placed a hand to her abdomen. Startled by the wetness, she pulled her hand back and looked down. Her hand was covered in blood.

Mulder's voice got caught in his throat.

She couldn't feel the baby. 'I can't lose this baby, not now,' she thought. "My baby, our baby, oh god Mulder…this isn't happening."

As Mulder reached out to place his hand on her abdomen, Scully pulled her arms closer to herself and hugged her body in a protective motion. "NO!" she shrieked.

"Scully, it's just me. I'm not going to hurt you or our baby, you know that," he shouted a little too loudly. A moment later, she collapsed back into Mulder's chest and violent sobs wracked through her body.

John and Monica came running. "What's going on?" John asked.

Scully gripped Mulder's shoulder's harshly as another pain cursed through her body.

"Call 911!" Mulder demanded.

"Mulder, we can't."

"Dammit, I can't lose her or our baby! Just do it!" he demanded.

"Mulder, Dana and the baby will be in even more danger. We have no idea who runs the hospitals around here and once they find out what's happened here, they will come after us." Monica said, as she knelt by Scully and started rubbing her back soothingly.

Tears started to plague Mulder's eyes as well. "Dammit!" he broke.

"Daddy!" he heard a voice from the other side of the room.

Suddenly overwhelmed, Mulder turned and looked at the boy he hadn't seen since he was weeks old. The coloring of his hair and eyes soon became apparent and he knew without a doubt who this boy belonged to. "William," he replied.

William kneeled down next to Mulder and Scully. "Mommy and baby, hurt," he said. Mulder could tell the boy had tears in his eyes and his lips were quivering. "Bad man hurt them."

Mulder nodded. He didn't bother to ask himself how William knew his mother was pregnant. "The people who were taking care of you are the bad guys. They hurt Mommy and your sister," Mulder's voice broke.

Instinctively, Mulder pulled their son closer towards them. A moment later, William pulled back. He gently lifted his mother's shirt and placed his hand on her tummy. "S' okay, Mommy." Scully watched as he closed his eyes. A yellow light emanated from his touch. She felt warmth fill her entire body, the pain slowly went away and she started to feel those fluttery motions in her stomach. The blood and gash on her stomach slowly disappeared. William gently pulled his hand away as Scully sat up. Mulder lifted Scully's shirt only to reveal the smooth pale skin of the cocoon which held their daughter.

William smiled and placed his head on Scully's belly. "Mommy and baby okay now," he whispered.

John and Monica watched in shock.

"I can't believe it," John whispered.

"Well do you have any other theories?" Monica questioned.

John reluctantly shook his head. Since Mulder's trial, he could no longer consider himself a skeptic.

"You okay, Dana?" Monica asked softly.

Scully smiled and tried to will away the tears. "Yeah, we're fine." She said as she gratefully smoothed a hand over her belly.

Deciding that it would be an opportune time to leave the three of them alone, John walked forward. He placed his hand gently on William's shoulder. "Monica and I will get your things ready."

William smiled. "I help?"

"Sure, buddy." John looked over at Mulder and he nodded.

William pulled himself up and put his arms as best he could around his mommy and daddy. "I knew you'd come," he said softly before leaving the room with Monica and John.

Mulder looked over at Scully. His partner was in awe and her look never left her son as he disappeared out the door with Monica and John.

The tears she had somehow managed to keep under control the last few minutes finally started to pour. "Scully?"

She avoided his gaze and her lips trembled. "This is why I had to give him up, how can I possibly promise him a normal life?"

He pulled her closer to him and placed his hand over her own. "God gave him to us for a reason; we just need to have faith, Scully. We we're meant to find him; we are the only ones who can guarantee him a life as close to normal as possible. He saved us, and our baby. If I lost you, or our baby, I don't think I could go on living."

Scully smiled through the tears.

"He may be different, but he is our son Scully."

"You're right," she whispered. "Our son."

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