Campfire Stories

By Tsuki

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Chapter 1: Ramen

"Kakashi-sensei… the idea of taking us on vacation was very kind of you…" whined Sakura, "…but to the mountains? …Camping? Why can't we go to some luxourious hotel where they do all the work for us?"

Kakashi looked up from his favorite little pink book—a new volume had just come out. "Hm… well, I've always enjoyed camping. Besides, jonin can take good care of themselves, right?"

"Which brings us to the next point…" started Naruto, "Why are you still babysitting us when we're jonin? I mean, as you said, jonin can take care of themselves, right? And plus, your eagle ANBU mask is starting to kinda scare me."

"Is it?" Kakashi scratched his head. "I'm grown quite fond of it."

Yes, that was it. Kakashi was now an ANBU captain, but he never got tired of… er… for the lack of a better term, babysitting, old team seven. Now, team seven had all advanced to jonin about a year and a half ago, way ahead of all the other chunins in their class. They only reason, however, that they advanced was due to their undying teamwork. So, the hokage had decided to keep them as one of the few team of jonin that went on the high-ranked A missions together. Not that all jonin didn't mostly do A-ranked missions, but the teamed jonins tend to do the harder ones.

"Well… I guess I brought you here because," explained Kakashi, completely ingoring Naruto's first question, "Next week you're all getting assigned a genin team, right? So we'll all be split up and busy all the time. This is sort of our last trip together, right?"

Sakura and Naruto sighed. "Hai…" they groaned.

Sasuke just walked quietly beside them. Through the past few years, he had grown even more distant, if possible, from his team, especially Sakura. This was mostly because he had started to recognize her as a woman and didn't want to start anything between them until he had avenged his clan.

Sakura had really well developed. Almost every guy in Konoha was trying to be her suiter or lover, but she ignored them all. She still only had eyes for Sasuke. However, she had become really good friends with Naruto. They were often seen hanging out together, which caused quite a few rumors.

Naruto had really changed as well. He had accomplished his goal of earning everyone's respect. Being one of the first chunins of his class to become jonin, a lot more people recognized him. They wouldn't call him names or ignore him. Most people would even say high to him on the streets. Unfortunately, none of the girls liked him the way they loved Sasuke, who still had a fanclub.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun, what are you thinking?" asked Sakura, completely interrupting his thoughts.

"How annoying you are," he grunted.

As much as she should have been insulted, Sakura was overjoyed. "You were thinking about me, Sasuke?" She flushed red with excitement.

"Don't flatter yourself."

"Mou… why are you always so grumpy?" whined Sakura.

Sasuke took one glance at her beautiful green eyes and immediately turned away, blushing. "B-because you're always bugging me."

Kakashi noticed Sasuke blushing and came in for the save. "Hey, Sakura, will you go and get some wood? I think we'll stop here and make some lunch."

Sasuke looked up at Kakashi with a look that said Thanks for the save, but I still hate you.

Kakashi just rubbed his read and walked over to Naruto.

"Naruto, why don't you make some ramen for us all when Sakura comes back?" he asked.

Naruto ecstatically agreed.

Sakura came back a few minutes later and Naruto began cooking right away.

"Oi, Kakashi-sensei, this is a really nice place right. Why don't we just set up camp here?" suggested Sakura, taking a deep breath of the crisp mountain air.

"Good idea, Sakura. Take over the cooking. Naruto, Sasuke, you two start setting up," ordered Kakashi.

Sasuke agreed with the usual "hn."



Sakura sighed when she heard them back to their old name-calling. She started putting the ramen into the bowls and saw Kakashi talking to an actual eagle (I say it in that way because he has an eagle mask, too…).

She shrugged it off and continued pouring the soup.

"Ne, Kakashi-sensei, how much do you…" she started, but when she looked up, he wasn't there anymore. "Kakashi-sensei?"

That night after dinner, Kakashi still wasn't there.

"Forget about him," said Naruto, "he probably won't come back."

Frowning, Sakura nodded. "Hey, the fire's running low on wood. Naruto, come with me to get some more."

He immediately got up, delighted Sakura would ask such a thing of him.

They walked in silence. "Ne, Sakura-chan. I've been wondering… what is it you see in Sasuke?"

Sakura was a little surprised by his question and blushed. "W-well… as much as he is cold, he really is kind inside. He's always there to help us when we're in trouble, and deep down I know he really cares about team seven. If he didn't, he wouldn't have ever returned to Konoha. And he's also… really handsome. He's become really muscular through all of his training…"

Naruto looked down before asking the next question. "Anno… Sakura-chan… what do you think of me?"

Sakura blushed and looked at him. "Wh-what…?"

"I…I've been wondering and stuff…"

Sakura's blush returned to her normal skin and she smiled. "Well, Naruto-kun… you're not a child anymore. You've really grown into a man. You've also become really muscular and… anno… handsome. You're a heck of a lot stronger than when we were chunin. Also, you still keep the dream to become hokage. I really admire that. You're really on the road to do so."

You're really… handsome… the words kept repeating themselves in Naruto's head. He blushed madly.

"A-a-a-anno… wh-what is your goal to become, Sakura-ch-chan?" Naruto asked to change the subject.

Sakura was slightly flustered. "Well… I wanna become an ANBU captain and prove that I'm not weak."

"Sakura-chan, nobody thinks you're weak," Naruto said, grabbing her by the shoulders, "You're the first girl in our class to become jonin, that's not being weak."

"S-Sasuke-kun still thinks I'm weak."

"Forget what he thinks, then," said Naruto. Before he could stop himself, his brushed his lips against hers. Much to both his and her surprise, Sakura kissed him back and deepened the kiss.

She pulled away quickly after. "N-Naruto-kun… we shouldn't…"

Naruto nodded. They walked back most of the way in silence. Right before they reached camp, he spoke up.

"Sakura-chan... I-I'm sorry. I'm not sure what came over me," he appologized.

"I…it's okay, Naruto-kun. Let's just forget it ever happened, okay?"

They both smiled and went back to camp.

"What were you doing, dobe," snapped Sasuke when they came back.

"I was having some long-deserved alone time with Sakura-chan, teme! Something you're too dense to get," Naruto hissed right back.

Sakura blushed. "I-I'm going to get ready for bed…" she mumbled before going into her tent.

"Yeah, and what did she do, dobe? Talk to you? Kiss you?" said Sasuke in his monotone, but laughing histerically inside.

Naruto blushed and looked away.

Inner Sasuke stoopd baffled. No way! She wouldn't! She still loves me, doesn't she!

Shut up, Sasuke ordered himself, it's not like I care about who she dates anyway.

Yes you do. You want her to date you, his inner-self retorted. Sasuke shook it off.

By the time he was done arguing with himself, Naruto had retreated himself to his tent.

Go ask her if she did, inner-Sasuke commanded, you know you want to.

Even if I do, he shouted back, I'm not going to!

But before he could stop, inner-Sasuke had come out and was entering Sasuke's tent without asking her first.

Sakura let out a small shriek. "S-Sasuke-kun!" She was in a very short and revealing silk night gown.

Inner-Sasuke, who was right now outer-Sasuke, grinned widely at the site. His eyes hungrily searched her body up and down.

Even though she loved it, this… different… Sasuke somewhat frightened her. For a second, she thought Naruto might have changed into Sasuke, but not even he would do this. So who is this?

"S-Sasuke-kun… please stop staring at me… what are you even doing in here?"

You goddamned bastard! Stop! outer-Sasuke-who-was-now-inner-Sasuke shouted to inner-Sasuke-who-was-now-outer-Sasuke.

Inner-Sasuke-who-was-now-outer-Sasuke smirked and leaned towards Sakura, who was by now redder than a fire truck.

"S-Sasuke-k-k-kun…" she muttered before her lips were caught by his.

Outer-Sasuke-who-was-now-inner-Sasuke was yelling in outrage. OH SHIT! STOP IT NOW! You'll give her the wrong idea!

Inner-Sasuke-who-was-now-outer-Sasuke grinned inwardly in triumph. And what wrong idea would that be? I'm only helping you get what you've wanted for so long…

Even if I have, I don't have time for a girl!

You can make time. We can. We're the infamous Uchiha Sasuke.

No, I am. Now get out of here and let me handle this!

Inner-Sasuke-who-was-now-outer-Sasuke smirked and then return to the inside.

Sasuke was about to break the kiss right then when he saw Sakura close her eyes and deepen the kiss. He involuntarily wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap.

She was surprised at first, but soon had her arms around his neck.

They both mutually broke the kiss, gasping for breath.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" she whimpered heatedly. She was completely flustered.

Sasuke had lost complete control of himself. He pushed her down onto her sleeping bag and fiercly captured her lips once again. She let out a small moan, which motivated him further. She nervously opened her mouth and he dove right in.

Sasuke slowly trailed his kisses down her neck. Sakura was running her fingers through his hair.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" Sakura moaned in complete pleasure.

Sasuke was kissing her collarbone when the zipper for Sakura's tent came down.

"Ne, Sakura-chan, can I borrow…" Naruto was in shock. The two had stop their heated scene. Sasuke gave Naruto an icy glare. He got right up and walked out to his own tent.

Sakura was breathing heavily. Sweat pouring down her entire body. If Naruto hadn't come in, what would have happened…?

"What… Sakura-chan…" whispered Naruto. He was inwardly hurt, but didn't show it. On the outside his eyes feasted on her silk dress. It had become to wet with sweat that he could see everything underneath… thank god she wasn't wearing lingerie.

Naruto flushed red then left, closing the flustered girl's tent.

In the exact position Sasuke left her, she fell asleep, still being able to feel his kisses all over her…

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