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Epilouge: Starting Anew

Sakura yawned. The phone in her apartment was ringing. "Alright, alright already!" she shouted. She picked up the phone quite harshly. "Hello!" she snapped.

"S-sorry, Sakura-chan! Kakashi said I should call you and remind you to come today. We're getting—"

"Would you shut up, Naruto-kun? I know already! I'll see you at the academy, sheesh." With that, Sakura abrubtly hung up and went back to her bed.

"Sasuke-kun…" she gently cooed, stroking her boyfriend's cheek, who was sleeping on her bed oh so peacefully.

He opened his eyes. "Ohayou." Sasuke sat up on the bed. Sakura slightly blushed at his toned body.

"You're acting like you didn't see me last night at all, Sakura," Sasuke said, a hint of disappointment in his voice. He pushed her down and got on top of her. "Need I remind you?" He crushed his lips passionately down on hers.

Sakura broke the kiss and pushed him off of her. "Sasuke-kun, we can't, we have to get to the academy, remember?"

Sasuke smirked and got dressed and ready. "Oh, you ruin all my fun."

Sakura gave him a quick peck on the cheek. She was once again wearing her jonin uniform. Sasuke was wearing a black t-shirt with dark blue shorts. Nothing special. Sakura still loved it.

"Ready?" she called from the doorway.


At the academy, Iruka had a small number of genin with him in the classroom.

"Genin, welcome your jonin and ninja trainers. You will be assigned in groups of three to them," Iruka announced.

"Iruka-san," whispered Sakura, "why are there only nine?"

"These are the few that excelled, just like your team," Iruka whispered back.

Sakura nodded.

After being assigned their genin, the three jonin took them each to different places outside.

Sakura took her bunch to the bridge.

"Alright. My name is Sakura. I'm a medic kunoichi. I'm your jonin-sensei. Let's start with you, blondie," said Sakura, pointing to a little blonde girl.

She had short blonde hair in a half-ponytail and blood-red eyes. "My name is Tsukiko. I'm the best kunoichi you'll ever see! I'm going to be goddaime Hokage someday!"

Sakura couldn't help but giggle. "I've trained with her. I'm sure you'll be a great girl to take her place."

Tsukiko smirked. Sakura thought she was somewhat like Naruto in a strange way.

The next was a little brown-haired boy. Kinda looked like Neji.

"My name is Shinri," he said nervously, "I hope to one day become an ANBU."

"That's great! But you gotta work hard, got it?" said Sakura.

The boy nodded.

The last was a girl with long, black hair that was held up by two blue ribbons. "My name is Umi," she said cooly, "and I'm much better a kunoichi than her."

Sakura giggled.

"What?" snapped Umi.

"It's just… the three of you are exactly like my team of genin was."

They three slightly smiled.

"Alright. So. First day of training, let's go!"

Now, that would have been the end, if it weren't for the shortness and a certain reviewer who wanted to know what happens to Hinata and Naruto. It's a little sidestory. A bit OOC on Hinata's part. -;; So, here we goooo!

"Hinata-chan! Wait up!" shouted Naruto. The Hyuuga heiress stopped and blushed.

"N-Naruto-kun?" she asked, checking to see if this was a dream or not.

Naruto remembered the talk with Sakura.


Sakura sat up on the ground. "Naruto-kun, have you ever noticed Hinata? How she can't talk to you straight, how she always blushes when you're around, how she faints when you touch her?"

Naruto slowly sat up as well. "Well, I guess…"

"Naruto-kun, she loves you," said Sakura. "I… I'm not the right one for you, she is. I love you as a brother, Naruto-kun. I don't love you the way Hinata does, I can't. I… I love Sasuke-kun, and you've known that for years. So, take a notice to the girl who hides from you and has loved you since she met you."

End Flashback

"A-Anno… Naruto-kun… anno… how as your day been?" asked Hinata nervously.

Naruto snapped back into reality. "Huh? Oh, my day? I'll tell you, Hinata-chan, kids are real brats."

Hinata giggled. "I take it your day wasn't too great?"

Naruto put his hands behind his back and laughed. "No, was yours any good?"

"I…I passed the jonin exams along with the rest of my team."

"WOW HINATA-CHAN!" Naruto exclaimed, "THAT'S GREAT!"

Hinata flushed red. "Y-Y-Y-You think…?"

"Yeah, I mean, now we'll both be jonin! How great is that! I'll be able to spend a lot more time with you!"

If possible, Hinata turned darker red. "I…I'd like that…"

So, two weeks later, the two had hug out a lot, and were rarely ever seen without each other.

It was time for the Annual Moonlight Yukata Festival. (I just made that up, btw x3) And, of course, Hinata was going with Naruto.

"Hinata-chan, how do you like the festival so far?" asked Naruto, about three hours into it.

"I…I love it," she said weakly, looking up at the dark sky.

Naruto noticed this. "Come with me," he said, grabbing her hand and dragging her into the forest nearby.

He stopped at a large clearing in the trees, which was flooded in moonlight. (I just love this scene in my head—I hope you see what I see, too)

"We can see the stars perfectly from here," he told her, lying down on the soft grass and staring up at the stars.

Hinata gasped at the sight and lay down beside him.

"Naruto… it's beautiful!" exclaimed Hinata, slightly blushing at the night sky before her.

"Yeah…" Naruto agreed. But it wasn't the sky he was looking at, it was the girl laying beside him.

"I had a talk with Sakura on our camping trip," Naruto said, changing the subject, "It's when I finally got over her. She said that she didn't love me, but teme."

"That's terrible!" shouted Hinata, who was now facing him, who was now looking up again.

"But she told me something else, too."

Hinata was left waiting for what Naruto was going to say.

"Sakura said that I should look for the girl who always follows me in the shadows, who can't talk to me straight, who blushes when I'm around, who faints when I touch her. The girl who's loved me since she first met me," explained Naruto.

Hinata looked at him, blushing. "Wh-who?"

Naruto turned to face her. They were now facing each other.

"You," he whispered before capturing her lips on his. "Hinata?"


Naruto leaned to her ear and whispered softly, "I love you too."

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