title: candy/kiss
author: anenko
fandom: ouran high school host club
summary: there are some grown-up things Hunny wouldn't mind trying.
rating: pg13

note: story number three in my Haruhi + Host set of stories (none of which are related, by the way). also: omg, Hunny! I feel vaguely ashamed.

Hunny is in go great hurry to grow up. He has his sweets, and his bun-bun, and his friends. Hunny knows that he is small, and cute, and he doesn't take advantage of it--not really--but things have a habit of working out well for him.

He's happy.

People forget that Hunny isn't really a little boy. He doesn't mind, usually--sometimes Hunny forgets that he isn't, too. That doesn't happen so often anymore: even bun-bun and a mouthful of candy can't always convince Hunny that he's not almost grown-up. Hunny isn't quite ready to be an adult, but there are some grown-up things he wouldn't mind trying.

He would like to kiss Haruhi.

Haru isn't as pretty as some of the girls who visit the Host Club, and she doesn't give Hunny chocolates like they do. Haruhi is cute, though, and sometimes she arrives to Host Club meetings late, smelling of fresh-baked cookies. Hunny likes hugging Haru, face pressed into her shoulder so that he can smell soap, and skin.

Haru hugs him back, because Hunny is small, and cute, and comfortable. When she does, Hunny feels free to cling, because Haruhi feels nice pressed against him, and Tamaki only thinks to worry about the twins. Hunny doesn't want to make Haruhi uncomfortable, or make her regret trusting him, but he's not really a little boy.

Hikaru and Kaoru are loud, and Tamaki is louder yet. Hunny is on the couch, one arm around bun-bun, the other around Haruhi. Only Takashi and Kyoya are paying any attention: Takashi, because he still thinks that he has to; and Kyoya, because he watches everything, everybody. Hunny's pockets are empty, his fingers and lips sticky. He squirms at Haruhi's side.

"Haru-chan," he says.

Haruhi is distracted. She looks at Hunny without really seeing him, and Hunny pouts (his eyes are large, shinning, and his pursed lips pink). Haruhi blinks slowly, focuses on Hunny, and smiles. Maybe she's carrying treats for Hunny that aren't treats at all, but Hunny doesn't feel like candy anymore.

Hunny beams at Haruhi, and tugs at her tie until she lowers her face towards his. Because everything has a habit of working out for the best when Hunny does what he wants, he kisses Haruhi.

Tamaki goes silent, abruptly, mid-wail.

Hunny doesn't pay any attention to Tamaki. He is busy noticing that Haru's lips are very soft. She tastes like mint, and tea, and Hunny's mouth is still sticky-sweet; he likes the taste of candy and Haruhi, together. She makes a startled sound against Hunny's lips, and it is adorable.

The unnatural silence shatters. The twins whistle, in unison: "The King has competition!"

"My precious daughter's lips have been violated!" Tamaki cries, anguished. He points a wavering finger at Hunny, "you! you!"

Haruhi's cheeks are pink.

Hunny grins at her cheerily. "That was nice," he says.

Hunny is in no great hurry to grow up. He's happy with his candy, and his bun-bun--but he liked kissing Haruhi, too. Maybe, Hunny thinks, he should try it again someday.

"Takashi," Hunny says, and holds out his arms. "I'm tired, Takashi. I want my nap, now."

"Sweet dreams!" says one of the twins. His brother adds: "oh, I don't doubt that he will." Tamaki's garbled protests turn into a wordless wail, and he sinks to the floor, a sobbing mess at Kyoya's feet.

Still pink, and wide-eyed, Haruhi is the only one to wave back at Hunny as he leaves.