Author's Note: I seriously have no idea what this is. This might be the product of me being on painkillers and laid up with a bum knee. This might be just my mind needing to add to the ever growing list of Avatar fics. I seriously don't know…LOL.


He had often been asked: "Was it worth it?"

Was the pain worth it? The struggle? The death? The uncertainty?

Had the journey been worth it?

He took her hand in his and smiled. She smiled back, squeezing his hand lovingly.

Oh yes, the journey had been more than worth it. He had gained more during it than he had lost. He had found himself. Found her. Found love and friendship. Found out what it meant to have someone's undying devotion.

He had learned so much. Not only about himself, but about the world around him. And he was grateful for it. He was glad to have lost the sheltered innocence of his youth during his journey. During that time he would have said it was painful. He would have pitied himself. Sitting alone wordlessly crying out to those in those in his past, to those who were supposed to be guiding him.

'What did I do to deserve this? Why me? Why wasn't I given the choice?'

But the man in him understood now what he had endured was necessary.

'It was worth it.'

He felt her lips brush against his cheek and her other hand grip his shoulder. Like every time she touched him, he felt unwavering love. He felt like he did the first time he had seen her. Like the time they had shared a tentative first kiss. Their romance had been slow to build. So many obstacles had stood in their way. His duty, their ages, his vows, her fears, his innocence. But they fought and persevered and now shared a romance and a passion that would last for all time.

He felt her pull him closer. "Are you ready?"

He nodded. He was ready. Ready to reap the rewards of fighting for the world. For peace.


He had done that. Brought peace to those around him. Hope. The knowledge that things can and would be rebuilt. And he would get to see it. Still blessed with youth, he would get to see what his journey had brought to the world. He would see the world reshape itself, redefine itself, making its people once again whole.

He had done his duty. And the world was better for it. He smiled. He had just one more contribution to add to this new world.

A newborn was placed in his arms, only hours old. Perfect in every way. He counted fingers and toes. Felt the softness of her dark hair and marveled at her storm gray eyes.

A new journey was beginning.

Yes, it was worth it.