Author Note: Someone asked me to add another chapter, so I did.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him.

Aang! He was there, tall and handsome, with that bright smile she had loved so much when he was a boy. She hadn't seen him in such close proximity in what seemed to be a lifetime, the last time was that day on the docks when she hugged him, ignored his sadness and his desperation to have her love him. That day when she left with Zuko, the day she had made that dreadful wrong choice.

From the ship, she had seen the boy sink to his knees. She had felt the pain radiating from him and she had stubbornly ignored it. She was in love, she had all she wanted.

Or so she thought. The love had faded into barely disguised indifference on both her and Zuko's parts and there were no children. No happiness.

Seeing Aang gave her hope for the first time in years. Watching him smile, laugh, say hello to people, his easy-going nature, how much he had changed just made her realize what a fool she had been. She wanted to run to him, to tell him how wrong she was. How much she loved him.

Finally, he was in front of her and she felt a blush spread over her cheeks. Calm gray eyes stared into her blue ones and for a moment, at least to her, time stood still. He was saying hello and smiling, gently tugging on the sleeve of the woman whose back was to them. As she turned, Katara noticed the woman was holding a toddler.

She watched as Aang looped an arm around the woman's shoulders, smiling at her and the child.

And it was then, in that cruel moment, that Katara knew.

Aang had moved on.

Author's Note:

Yeah, I was mean to Katara. But it was payback. She had it coming after "Goodbye." Yeah, I like to make her suffer for not choosing Aang.