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Kagome Higurashi shifted in the uncomfortable seat of the plane. She was happy to finally be going home for longer than a few weeks or months. It was just a few short hours before she would be surrounded by everything she knew and loved and that thought made her giddy with excitement.

"Excuse me," A man said, moving to sit in the empty seat beside her. "Would you like something to drink?"

Kagome grimaced inwardly. "Oh, I'm fine, thank you anyway." She told him, fighting the urge to roll her eyes.

"You must think that I'm terribly rude." He said, not taking Kagome's hint. "My name is Ian Grant."

Kagome nodded and politely took the man's hand. "Kagome."

"Pleasure." Ian said with a grin. "So why are you headed to the land of the rising sun?"

That time it took almost everything in her not to roll her eyes and sigh in annoyance. "I'm returning home to Tokyo. I was going to school in New York for the past six years." Kagome told him. "Yourself?"

"Business, I'm going on behalf of client to discuss a merger." Ian told her. "Coming from Tokyo you're probably familiar with the man I'm meeting with. Sesshomaru Tashio?"

Kagome's face broke out into the first genuine smile since he sat with her. "I know him quite well. My fiancé is his younger brother."

Ian paled at that announcement. "I see. Well I should return to my seat, I left my laptop out. Enjoy the rest of the flight!"

Kagome laughed quietly to herself. It never failed to intimidate people when she mentioned knowing the Tashio family intimately. She knew that there were several people who were terrified of her school simply because they knew she was close to them. On the downside that had limited the friends she made while she was there.

Kagome sighed and settled lower in her seat. Also calling Inuyasha her fiancée wasn't completely correct. However it was so much easier than calling it what it was.

Inuyasha and his half brother, Sesshomaru, were feared not only because of their name. Their family business was the largest in the world, thanks to Sesshomaru's keen business sense and many companies sought mergers with them, just to keep from being taken over. However that wasn't the only reason to fear the Tashio brothers.

Their father was an Inu-Youkai, the leader of all Youkai in Japan. The eldest son, Sesshomaru, became Tai-Youkai after his father died twenty-two years earlier. Sesshomaru was a full blooded Youkai and while he appeared to be in his mid to late twenties, he was already well over three hundred years old. His birth mother had been killed some time in 1842, at least that's what Inuyasha had told her. Apparently there had been a great extermination of Youkai in America around that time. It helped her to understand why the Youkai she met while at school all hid themselves behind concealments.

Inuyasha was a half demon; his human mother had met his father years after the death of his first mate. She too was much older than she appeared. While she easily appeared to be in her thirties of forties, she was over a hundred years old.

The blood she had shared with Inuyasha's father slowed her body's aging process. She now aged as if she were a Hanyou. The same thing happened to Kagome when she mated Inuyasha in her senior year of high school.

She had met Inuyasha in elementary. Since he was a Hanyou he had aged at the same rate as a human child until he turned 18 and his Youkai blood became more dominant.

Kagome smiled to herself and reached under her seat for her bag. She pulled out the small photo album that she always carried with her and began to flip through it. Inuyasha was in almost all the pictures from her youth, along with their two best friends Miroku Nakamura and Sango Yamamoto. She smiled at the memories each of the pictures brought.

She flipped to the pages of her final year of high school. In almost all the pictures she and Inuyasha had their arms around each other. Even when surrounded by their friends they were standing together, arms around each others waist. She often found herself wondering how it was that they never realized their attraction to each other.

She came across one of her favourite pictures, taken not long before she left for America. She and Inuyasha were standing with Miroku and Sango. They were dressed in their graduation gowns, proudly displaying their diplomas. Kagome reached down and traced Inuyasha's face with her finger, lingering over the dog ears that were perched on top of his head.

She sighed and closed the book. It had been six long years and so much had happened. Sango got a teaching degree, Miroku and Inuyasha both had business degrees and were working for Sesshomaru. Kagome had gotten a degree in youth counselling and child care. Miroku had asked Sango to marry him on the day of graduation and they would finally be getting married in a few months.

That thought made Kagome smile, glad that she hadn't missed their wedding. She swore that Sango made a big fuss about waiting, especially since she had insisted on Kagome being her maid of honour.

Kagome sighed and looked out the window, surprised to see the landmass below the plane. She realized that it wouldn't be long before she was home.

"Are you sure you wrote down the right information?" Sango asked, staring at the gate anxiously.

Miroku rolled his eyes for the thousandth time since they had gotten there. "Yes, I have all the information that Akina left on the answering machine."

"And does Kagome know we're picking her up?"

"Miroku!" Kagome screamed from the gate of the plane.

"Does that answer your question?" He smirked.

He grunted as Kagome threw herself at him, knocking the breath out of him slightly. Sango smirked giving him the "it serves you right" look as every vein in his head popped out from the force of Kagome's hug.

After several minutes of watching her fiancée turn a lovely shade of purple, Sango finally took pity on him and spoke up. "Man you've known me the longest and I get the least amount of love."

Kagome laughed and released Miroku who resisted the urge to collapse on the floor. Sango and Kagome shrieked and hugged, looking very much like the cliché men had of women who hadn't seen each other for a long time. The two women were speaking excitedly at the same time, making Miroku wonder how they were having a conversation.

"Should I expect you two to be going to the bathroom together now?" Miroku asked, amused at the situation in front of him.

Both women immediately stopped talking and turned to look at him. Miroku whimpered at the cold looks they shot him and quickly made his way to the baggage claim. Sango laughed and looped her arm through Kagome's.

"It's good to have you home." She told her. "You have so much to help me with."

Kagome laughed and allowed Sango to lead her over to where Miroku stood, waiting for her luggage. "It's good to be home. I can't wait for your wedding." She said. "Those ones there are mine Miroku."

Miroku grabbed the red luggage, muttering how he should have known she'd pick that color. He gaped at the eight large suitcases and walked away shaking his head. "Did you leave anything back there?" He called over his shoulder.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "I was gone for six years you moron! Be grateful I lived in a furnished apartment."

Miroku returned with a luggage trolley and followed the women out to the car. They loaded everything into the back and climbed in, heading towards the shrine. "So how come Inuyasha didn't come with you guys?" Kagome asked.

She didn't miss the way Miroku swerved slightly, nor did she miss the look that Sango and Miroku gave each other. "He had to work." Sango said finally. "Sesshomaru's been really riding the two of them. I had to go in there and threaten his integrity to get Miroku to come with me."

"Oh." Kagome said staring out the window.

Sango turned back to the front window, a nagging guilt piercing her heart. There was so much Kagome had to know, but for now she needed to get settled back into her old life.