Summary: He never had any emotions of any kind.. She had given up on everything when Sasuke Uchiha her love left. He had given up his life as a good ninja a missin nin was his new ways now. She had turned into an emotionless doll. They lives suddenly collide on this one mission.. TO KILL EACH OTHER.. These two are the exact opposites and have no feelings whatsoever but when a little something called love gets in the way can they finish their mission? The question who is faking and who is falling in love?

Couple: SakuraXItachi

A young girl who was 18 years old now a great ninja as well as medic nin. She had surpassed her teacher for sure the 5th hokage. She had long pink hair that fell to her shoulders. She had emerald green eyes that shined. There wouldn't be a ninja out there who wouldn't die for her. She had everything brains, looks, and most of all skill. Sakura sighed as she watched many ninjas eye her. It got very annoying now she knows how sasuke felt when she continuted to follow him everywhere.

A young blond ninja yelled, "Sakura-chan!" She turned around to meet her old teammate Naruto Uzumaki the future hokage.

she said, "Nani?"

"Ne, Sakura-chan.. hokage-sama wants to see you immediately. Something about a mission." Her eyes shot up she loved doing missions and feeling accomplished she had done 16 A ranked missions so far and wanted more. She couldn't do the ANBU exam until she had students which she refused to have. She jumped and in the distance she was gone.

She said, "Hokage-sama, I came as soon as I heard." She saw her sensei turn around from her chair eating some sweets."Hokage-sama, I was told it was an emergency."

Her golden eyes looked at Sakura and said, "No emergency Sakura-san relax."

"I know.. but I love doing missions so tell me what is it."

"Okay, the mission is to go find the hideout where Akatsuki is. Kill all the members you find. A wise way in doing this is find the place first then see where they go everyday to drink and seduce one of them and milk the information. Right Sakura?"

She nodded, "Hai, anything to complete the mission."

Before sakura left the hokage's office Tsundae said, "Sakura, you do know if you complete this mission then you can go to ANBU level without any students at jounin level."

Sakura nodded and said, "Yes, I know. That's why I will accomplish this mission."

"Okay, off you go. you leave in one day." Sakura got back and rushed home and started packing.

Her mom said, "Sakura, are you leaving for a mission?"

"Tomorrow I'm leaving."

"What's the mission?"

She put a strand of her long pink hair behind her ear and said, "You know I'm not allowed to talk about it."

She pleaded, "Please, tell me Sakura."

"Mom.., that's breaking the rules we can't."

Her mom said, "Fine, I'm just worried about you sweetheart. 18 years old with no guy at your side to protect you. Whatever happened to that Sasuke Uchiha guy?"

That name stung me and I narrowed my eyes and said, "He's dead to me."

Her mom said, "Honey, what happened?" The dad walked in on them talking and knew sakura hated talking about emotions but what she hated talking about most is sasuke uchiha.

The dad said, "Honey, why don't we leave sakura to her own things huh?" He pulled the mom away and sakura silently said thank you. She was packing once more and saw her picture on a frame faced up instead of down because it was too painful to look at. There was Sakura (12 years old), Sasuke (12 years old) And Naruto (12) and Kakashi-sensi with them. Tears had clouded her vision as she pounded her hand aganist the table and yelled, "Why!" Those questions had hanuted her Why did he leave? Did everything mean nothing to him? That emotionless bastard! Ever since that day Sakura had filled her life with training and doing missions to prevent her from breaking down like this but nevertheless at least once a week she cries herself to sleep.

She had turned into an emotionless doll that cared nothing for love only for training and missions that's all that mattered to her. She wanted to become strong so one day she could kill that guy for ruining her life. All her stuff was packed away with her medicine kit and her weapons.

Her dad called, "Sakura, time for dinner"
"Hai, coming." Suddenly someone rapped at their front door.

She went to the door and found Naruto smiling and said, "Sakura-chan, come I'll treat you to some ramen before you leave for your mission."

She looked at her parents and said, "Can I?" They nodded. She went off with Naruto all the guys looked at Naruto with jealousy taking a cute girl on date. Naruto said, "So, what type of mission is?"

She stated calmly, "A ranked mission."

His eyes widened in surprise and said, "A ranked mission Sakura the 5 hokage must be crazy."

She picked up her chopsticks and said, "She's not crazy." She continued sipping her soup.

Naruto's eyes lowered and said, "You're acting just like him again."

She put down her chopsticks and said cooly, "I act nothing like Sasuke-teme as you say."

Naruto fists clenched and said, "What did he do to you? Is it a jutsu it has to be. sakura doesn't act like this."

She said, "He did nothing but rip my heart into a million pieces then stomped on it. So forget that teme. You're the only friend I trust Naruto-kun."

She finished her ramen and said, "Arigato Naruto-kun. i must go and get ready for tomorrow." She walked home and had another nightmare nevertheless about sasuke-kun. She awoke in tears and wiped them away and thought I have to be strong not the weak konichi that sasuke knows of. She doesn't exist anymore. She took her bags and said, "Time for the mission." She walked out of the village. Her hair tied up and ran faster and faster into the distance. She approached a hideout a cabin she hid behind a tree and decided to investigate...