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Her long pink hair blew against the wind as emerald eyes were locked on the two Uchiha's beside her. Itachi said calmly, "So, what are you planning to do now?" Her confused eyes fell towards the floor trying to avoid their gazes. The two that stood before her, Sasuke Uchiha (her past love) and Itachi Uchiha (her new found love). Shouldn't the answer be obvious?

Inner sakura: If the choice was obvious why is your heart beating so fast when you meet either of the Uchiha's gazes. plus ur face is flushed as well! She panicked her face was turning red already? After a long pause Sasuke grew annoyed and smirked and said, "She can't choose I guess hmm.."

Itachi's eyes narrowed and he said, "What are you talking about? She knows afterall I'm not the one that broke her heart several times." Sasuke just smirked and said, "Not my fault she keeps coming back for more." The two glared at each other. She said in rage, "#1- I can choose between the two of you! #2- I didn't come back for more heartbreak you kidnapped remember?"

Itachi said, "She has a point sasuke." Sasuke said, "Fine, let me prove mine then.." Sakura eyed him with caution suddenly strong arms gripped her tiny waist. His hot lips touched hers in an instant. She gasped in shock.. and of course him being an uchiha took advantage of that. As she felt his tongue roam in her mouth.

She had to do something to stop him.. umbrella? umbrella? damn it I left at Hinata's house.. pepper spray? come on where are you.. pepper spray.. where are you? Sasuke just smirked at her attempts to escape. He said, "looking for this?" There was Sakura's pepper spray key chain on his finger.

damn.. of course sasuke's brother being right there. He kicked sasuke out of the way. She smiled in relief. Sasuke slowly got up and said, "Sakura, you liked that didn't you?" Before Sakura could even answer itachi said, "Like hell she enjoyed that!" Sasuke said, "Oh really? Then why did you have to kick me out of the way?"

Sakura who was still in confusion had no idea what to do.. This is a hard choice.. Sasuke Uchiha or Itachi Uchiha.. the choice will be made.. If only Sasuke never returned at all to make life more confusing for her. Sasuke looked at her and said, "What will it be Sakura-chan?" She looked at the two guys she was in love with as darkness loomed over them.. The choice will be made..

Naruto rushed and pleaded, "Please let me be there in time!" Finally he arrived to where the battle took place between the two brothers.. However the brothers were no where to be seen.. Sakura? Where was she?

He couldn't find her.. He walked closer and found a thrown pepper spray key chain.. some blood on the floor.. There he found Sakura's forehead protector.. He took it.. He was scared, nervous, and worried for her.. When did this all happen? How she fell so in love with Itachi Uchiha?

As he pondered on this thought he came to the conclusion the only one mission she ever failed.. to kill all the members of the group Akasuki and she had to seduce one of them for information.. Was it Itachi she was trying to seduce and fell in love with him suddenly?

Somehow he knew he wouldn't meet Sakura Haruno in a long time.. If she was in love with either Sasuke Uchiha (former best friend) and Itachi Uchiha (s class criminal).. he knew she wouldn't return to Konoha Village for a long time.. He just hoped he'd see her soon.. this news would kill little naru who loved sakura so much. He took her forehead protector and went back to his family..

Naru was finally at Konoha village where she belonged. Naru was getting a bit impatient since her father was taking forever to get home. Finally she heard, "Naru-chan! Hinata-chan!"

She ran towards her father and hugged him and suddenly her smile had disappeared when she asked, "Where is Sakura-chan?" Hinata looked worried about her as well. Neji who was still in the house seemed a bit concered as well.

Naruto said, "Sorry Naru. By the time I got there they were already gone but I did find this." In his hand was the pepper spray key-chain and Sakura's forehead protector. She took them and ran to her room and locked the door.

She put them by the window so the sun would always shine on these objects that connected her to Sakura Haruno. Tears were coming down her face she wouldn't see Sakura for a long time as her father said..

But one question left unanswered bothered her for a long period of time.. If she did leave them to be with someone.. who was that someone? Sasuke Uchiha or itachi Uchiha?

She wanted to know... who was it? She looked outside her window as she saw cherry blossoms blowing in the wind.. she caught one and put it in her pile of objects that kept her connected to sakura haruno.. Perhaps they'd meet again..

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