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DarkDragonQueen: Here I am again with a new story. I know, I know, you're asking me hey aren't you working on the Black Phoenix? Well I am and I'm way ahead so you'll still get your update. This is different from my other stories. It's more of a drama/angst story, which is something I've never done before... well I have but I didn't like it and took it off. Anyway, it's a very high Rated T on the brink of M, but not violent enough for that. It contains mentions of rape and graphic birth at the end.

And yes, this one won the vote, well on here it was a stalemate and I was torn between what to write. In the end it was this (I let my muses decide and Drama put up a strong fight saying I didn't use her enough)and I'll just wait to put up my other story since it's somewhat similar to The Black Phoenix. It's for all those people who like a bit of drama and angst.

Full Summary:Alternate Universe. After Sam is raped, she finds herself pregnant. Her parents don't believe her and just think that she's a hopeless case of teen rebellion and disown her. She's sent to live with the family of ghost hunters in Amity Park, the Fentons. There she meets not only the Fenton's strange and mysterious son Danny, she also meets ghost, in particular the ghost boy Danny Phantom, and people with very peculiar personalities at school. Toss that in with the fact that she's trying to hide her pregnancy and fighting for legal custody of her child, can Sam find the strength to survive the next hectic year?

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Without further comments I bring you... drum roll please... the first chapter of Trial, Transition, Growth: Book I






Trial, Transition, Growth...

Trial, Transition, Growth...

It's the way things go in life. It helps us grow into adults mature logical thinking people. Without it, this world would be full of immature girls and boys doing things for their own pleasure.


It's a test to determine if a person is ready to get to a new level. Some are more severe than others, but they're all for the same purpose. It test our strength and will.


A dangerous time, transition is for in transition things tend to get lost. You're not where you were before, but not where you're going to be. It's like when you're moving and sometimes in the transition of leaving the old home and going to the new one something disappears with no apparent explanation. Humans go through it too. In the physical sense, it's called puberty and boy do we sometimes get lost.


The final stage. It takes you to a new level of understanding. You look at things differently than you did before with new understanding and wisdom.

Trial, Transition, Growth...

And it repeats itself, over and over again.

Trial, Transition, Growth...

Trial, Transition, Growth...

Sam looked at the plastic stick in her hands. Her eyes glued to the blue positive sign on it. No, she thought, it couldn't be. She couldn't be. It wasn't possible... well technically it was but it was so unexpected. She never thought this would happen. Her eyes began to water as she threw the strip away, making sure to wrap it in tissue so that it looked like a sanitary pad. She opened the door and stepped into her room closing the door behind her and sat on her bed as tears began to fall down her face.

She hadn't cried in years. Since she was about six to be exact and now here she was, having just turned fifteen three months ago give a week or so, crying like a little child. The raven haired teen played with the ponytail that was sitting low on her shoulders while she sat in her black tank top with skull and black jeans she sometimes wore around the house. Soon she wouldn't be able to fit in them. Oh God! How could this have happened to her? Why did this happen to her? Well, she new the answer to the former question, but she refused to think on it.

She had to figure out what she was going to do. She couldn't believe it. She was... Sam could barely admit it, but she was pregnant. There was a baby growing inside her. A little life that would need to be taken care of in a few months. It would need love and nourishment. She didn't think she could give it all that.

She stopped. Wait a minute. Why was she thinking these things. She didn't know if she even wanted to take care of the baby. She didn't even know if she wanted to go through with this pregnancy. She could always kill herself if she wanted, but that was the thing. She didn't want to. Why kill herself over something like that. So she was tainted and dirty, but she could clean herself eventually... hopefully. There was so much more in this world to experience. She would get over her shame and humiliation. Killing herself wasn't worth it.

Then there was abortion. Sam shook her head immediately at that thought. That would be going against all her morals and she was going to stick by them. Besides, what did the baby do to be murdered in such a tragic way before it was even brought into the world (AN: I have nothing against people who have had abortions. I just think that with the way Sam is this is how she would think.). The baby had done nothing wrong to deserve such a horrible fate. It at least deserved a chance.

There was adoption. Sam sighed. She didn't know if she could just give her baby away to someone else and not be apart of it's life. Of course there was open adoption, but what family would want to compete with a child's real mother. It was instinct for a mother to want to take care of her child and that could mean trouble if she didn't like the way they were raising her baby...

Her baby... That sound so foreign to her. She thought it would be years before she said that and when she did she would have a husband by her side and they would be saying our baby. She sighed. Who would want her now that she had been tainted and tampered with? Who would want a girl who already had a child?

People would probably give her disgusted looks and think she was nothing more than a slut and got herself pregnant. They would think she slept with so many men that she didn't know who the father was. It was true though. She didn't know who the father was, but that wasn't her fault. Bastards...

Well, that settled it. She would definitely be keeping her baby. She had heard that it was best to give up or abort babies who were conceived in this way, but she wasn't going to. She would keep it and love it through thick and thin.

Sam sighed again. Why, why, why... How? She did the one thing she had been trying not to do. She thought back to that night.


So how do you like it. Please give me your opinion. If it's popular, I'll make it into a three book series. If not, it will just be this story. I know it's short but it had to be because it only include Sam's thoughts on what was happening. I also wanted it to begin different from all those other stories where a character gets pregnant. So I decided it would start off like this. Hope you like and no sneak peeks in this one. R&R.