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Without further ado I give you the last chapter of Trial, Transition, Growth: Book I.






Sam was quickly recovering after giving birth and proof of that was when she got out of bed a week after giving birth and, despite it actually being too early for her to do anything, started moving around insisting that she help Maddie in some sort of way. Instead she was told she had to get back in bed and get her rest. Sam resisted for ten minutes before she finally came to a compromise with Maddie to let her sit on the couch in the living room and watch TV.

Sam threw her head back on the sofa as she heard the distinct cry of Lilith. She lazily climbed the stairs to the second floor and then to the attic that they had changed into a nice baby's room. When they had fixed it up, it turned out that Aly had not changed a bit. She had always let the two people that Sam used to call her parents spoil her, but Aly was always willing to give. As a result not only had the room been painted, but carpeted as well. If Aly ever found out that Sam had actually paid for the carpet and installation, she was sure the girl would throw a hissy fit.

She went over to the crib where the small one week old child was still making a fuss. Sam picked up Lilith and held her close.

"Come on. I just fed you and changed you. I know you're sleepy but you just won't lie down. I really don't want to let this crib go to waste because you won't sleep in it." Sam sighed as she put Lilith on her shoulder and held her head with her other hand.

She carefully made her way back to the living room downstairs and sat Lilith in her lap and pulled the blanket she had gotten over them. Sam was now no longer paying attention to the TV which she always did when she had Lilith in her arms. She started looking over her baby's face still awed at what had come out of her. Something good that had come to being from a bad experience one that Sam hope and prayed since she laid her eyes on Lilith would never happen to her little girl.

She would be the mother that her own had never been. She promised she would be there for her child and not be the mother, who left for weeks or sometimes months at a time, come home only to leave a few days later.

Now that she thought about it, she understood what Maddie had meant when she said she needed to consider her own future and goals before she thought about raising a child. There were a lot of things that Sam wanted to do, but now that Lilith was here, most of it would have to be put on hold for the time being. Then again she would never change any of that if given the chance or regret her decision. Lilith would one day accomplish great things that maybe only a person like herself could help her achieve, but no matter what Lilith wanted to do Sam was going to make sure that as soon as Lilith learned to walk, she was in karate lessons or some type of martial arts so she could learn to defend herself.

"You'll be a beautiful but deadly." Sam said to Lilith as she held up to face her.

"Honestly Sam, Lilith is only a week old and you're already making plans for her. For right now let's just spoil her." Aly said as she walked in the room followed by Danny. She took the girl from her mother's arms and began to coo over her.

"You're so cute." Aly squealed for what had to be the millionth time in the first week of Lilith's life.

"I'm sure she knows it by now Aly!" Tucker came in the room with a sandwich that had been bought from the Nasty Burger.

"Tucker, I told you not to bring that around me." Sam said frowning in disgust.

"What!" Tucker exclaimed. "I thought you had stopped hammering me about this."

"I did when I had a basketball size stomach and was so focused on my own needs that I didn't care about anything else." Sam shot.

"Well it might not be basketball size, but it's not cardboard either, so until it is, keep thinking about your own needs." Tucker responded.

Sam got up to kill Tucker, but Danny pushed her back onto the couch.

"She may not be pregnant anymore Tucker, but you really need to learn to watch you mouth." Aly said casually as she continued to coo over Lilith. "Ooo, I can't wait to have a baby of my own one day."

Sam laughed. Aly had always adored babies and children, so it was no shock when she had told them after Lilith's birth that she was going to become a pediatrician and an obstetrician.

"So what are you going to do next month?" Tucker as Sam.

"Is there something significant about next month that I should be aware of?" Sam wondered.

"School starts back up again." Aly reminded.

Sam shrugged. "I'm not going."

Everyone turned to look at her in shock.

"What do you mean not going?" Aly asked. "In order to secure a future for you and Lilith, you'll need an education. Do you know that high school dropouts make forty percent less money than high school graduates? I mean come on Sam, I don't want you to end up being a prostitute because you don't have the proper education.

"I didn't say I was dropping out. I'm just going to look at my options. Besides, I can't leave Lilith that soon, she'll barely be a month old by then. I'll probably do some internet program. That way I'll have an education and spend time with Lilith.

"I should think about asking Jeremy and Pamela if I could do that…" Aly wondered. "Speaking of that, I'm leaving next week." She announced.

"Why didn't you tell me that sooner?" Sam asked in surprise.

Aly shrugged. "You had just had a baby and you probably wouldn't have noticed I said it, plus when you came back you were shut in bed all week, but don't worry. I'll be back for Thanksgiving."

"Are my parents going on a trip around that time?" Sam wondered.

"No, it's worse." Aly frowned. "They're having a party. I'm sure they won't notice I'm gone."

Sam leaned her head on her hand. You never knew what would happen in the future. Sometimes it was so ominous and sometimes…


As Aly had said, she left in the following week. Sam waved good- bye. With her right hand while holding the stroller Lilith was in with the other. Despite Maddie protesting against it, she planned on taking a walk with Lilith. It was a bit earlier for her to be out but it was only for a few minutes. She began to walk down the sidewalk as Jazz walked into the house calling out that dinner would be ready soon and to be careful. Just for reassurance though, Danny had stayed and was walking by her side.

There was a comfortable silence as they walked in peace before it was broken.

"She looks just like you, you know." Danny stated as he looked down at Lilith.

"That's what Aly kept telling me. Her hair is a bit darker than mine though." Sam said as she kept pushing the stroller and then she sighed. "It's amazing really."

"What is?" Danny asked.

"Lilith," Sam responded as though it were obvious. "I'd probably be dead if it weren't for her."

"How so?" Danny asked.

"Well, after I was raped I didn't want to go on. I wanted to die, but something always kept me from doing it. I thought maybe I'd get over it. Then when I found out I was pregnant, it gave me something to live for."

"Speaking of that," Danny said with a nervous look as they came back around to their street. "Jazz told me to tell you that she wanted to see you after Aly left. She said she thinks you're not mentally stable after that remark you made about committing suicide in the car when you were in labor."

Sam's mouth dropped and then closed. "But I was in labor? I was in pain! I was a bit delirious there for a moment."

"Jazz figured you might say something like that and told me to tell you she's still concerned." Danny sighed. "She wants to have a session with you when we get back.

"But wait a minute," Sam said as she followed Danny up the pathway. "I don't need mental help. Danny, help me out here. Go ghost and get me out of here."

Danny smirked. "Are you kidding? I'm not missing this. Consider it payback for all the trouble you some put me through when you were pregnant. I'm actually the one who reminded Jazz about that comment. She had completely forgotten." Danny ran into the house as Sam glared at him.

"Danny!" she yelled.

Trial, Transition, Growth...

Trial, Transition, Growth...

It's the way things go in life. It helps us grow into adults; mature logical thinking people. Without it, this world would be full of immature girls and boys doing things for their own pleasure.


It's a test to determine if a person is ready to get to a new level. Some are more severe than others, but they're all or the same purpose. It tests our strength and will.


A dangerous time, transition is for in transition things tend to get lost. You're not where you were before, but not where you're going to be. It's like when you're moving and sometimes in the transition of leaving the old home and going to the new one something disappears with no apparent explanation. Humans go through it too. In the physical sense, it's called puberty and boy do we sometimes get lost.


The final stage. It takes you to a new level of understanding. You look at things differently than you did before with new understanding and wisdom.

Trial, Transition, Growth...

And it repeats itself, over and over again.

Trial, Transition, Growth...

Trial, Transition, Growth...


Yeah… It's done. I can't believe it. By the way the title comes from a saying that goes, Change, Transition, Growth, but Change is a trial in itself so the title stays. Okay now I need help from everyone who has read this story and review and those who have read this story and did not review. I'm making a sequel. It'll will be no sooner than the beginning of January, but I need to prepare the plot. There's three possible ways it can go and here they are:

Plot I: A year after Sam has Lilith she decides to go back to Casper High for her last year of school, but it seems no one has forgotten her for when she gets back, she's know as the slut of the school. Despite Danny trying to help her cope, Sam is unable to bear it and bottled up thought and emotions resurface. Thinking she's a useless and tainted girl no one will want again, Sam decides to live up to the reputation that has been given to her after a party she was dragged to by her god- sister. Will Danny be able to save her from ruining herself or will Sam not only destroy her own life, but Lilith's as well?

Note: This will have a little Danny and Sam romance. I'm not really good with the romance thing as in dating, because I don't date and believe that if you share a really close bond with someone and know them really well, why date and not wait to get married? Anyway they will have a very close relationship if you choose this one.

Plot II: Two years after Lilith is born Danny is on his way to a college in a big city far away from Amity Park. Danny has always the backbone and strength to Sam in her eyes and when he leaves her life goes downhill. She decides to go to a local college in Amity so she can stay with Lilith, but it turns out she's not the only one in Amity who remained. When she runs into Paulina again, rumors are spread and lies are told that bring old emotions and thoughts back to the surface. Thinking herself worthless she turns into what everyone says she is not only risking ruining her own life, but Lilith's as well.

Note: This is a similar plot to the first one, but there are two main differences. First, Danny's not in this one, so Sam has to see the path she's going down herself without anyone showing (She'll get some help though don't worry.) Second, Sam's in college and high school and college are two different worlds. So Danny will not be in it if you choose this one and I have a feeling this will not settle well with you all.

Plot III: Four years after Lilith is born, a serial rapist is on the loose on the prowl for little girls from ages four to twelve. When the rapist comes to Sam's home one night, to protect Lilith from suffering what she did, she offers herself instead. Once again emotionally broken Sam finds herself thrown into a live of party and sex in effort to find some type of comfort. When Danny comes back from college for a break and finds her in this wrecked state will he be able to save not only Sam, but Lilith also from herself?

Note: This one is a nice plot. It deals with how Sam's rape affects her even after years have passed. This might have to end up being rated M and I really want it to stay T since I'm being conscious of the people who like this story.

So there it is people. Three plots for the next book in this series. Notice that it will deal with her rape and how she deals with her emotions since in this story it was more so about the pregnancy. Be ready to see a lot of drama and angst. Remember to press the bluish- purple button and vote for your favorite story. R&R!