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A week had gone by since the chickens has escaped Tweedy's farm. They had all adjusted to living without humans but the stressful moments they had on the farm were still remembered and talked about. But today those memories were still on the mind of one spunky and feisty hen. "Hey Ginger… what are you working?" Rocky asked he noticed her holding a pencil and notepad. "I'm writing an autobiography on myself" she explained, "What's that?" Babs asked "What's that? What's that?" said Mac before she laughed "It's a story on your life, that's what it is" she explained. Just then Rocky had an idea, "Hey! Maybe when you're done…you can …read to us?" said Rocky "Sure thing" said Ginger before Rocky, Babs and Mac left her alone to write. Ginger sighed and tried to figure out how to begin her story "So much writing to do, so little time, I better get started" she thought. "What was the earliest memory I can remember?" she asked herself, she thought long and hard but then an idea came to her. "I got it! Seeing Mum for the first time, that should work" Ginger said to herself.


Before Ginger lived on the Tweedy's farm she spent the first few months of her life on the farm her mother lived on. One day on the Simmons's farm (the farm Ginger's mother live on) there was something taking place in Hut number 10. It was a month after spring started and most of the chickens started to have chicks, but this week most of the eggs had been lot by a fox attack. The 2 foxhounds that usually guard the chickens had gone with the farmer to town, leaving the chickens entirely unguarded. 2 fox brothers Scratchy and Becker had dug a hole under the fence and raided the coops. They took over eight chickens and several eggs, Ginger however survived the fox attack since her mother took the risk of protecting her coop and succeeded. The farmer returned home to find several of his chickens gone and feathers scattered on the yard, it was a shock to him. But he took drastic measures and set up humane traps through out his property incase the foxes might come back. It had been three days since the fox attack and most of the surviving eggs had started to hatch. In hut number 10 number 10 of the hens was waiting on hers, "C'mon… that's it" she encouraged.

Finally it was over the chick rested for a few seconds before opening her eyes, "Hi there…" her mother said to her, the chick let out a small chirp. "Oh, you are so cute" her mother thought "And feisty too" she said as she looked over at her chick who tried not to fall in her attempt to stand up, but she failed and fell anyway. "Gayle, come look at this!" the mother shouted. Just then black hen with brown streaks in feathers ran in the coop, "What is it Sandra?" Gayle asked. She looked over at the nest and the chick resting in the hay, "Oh… how cute!" she said to Sandra "Isn't she? She just hatched 2 minutes ago" Sandra explained. Gayle was a chicken from Alabama, when Farmer Simmons's cousin came to visit him he brought Gayle to farm as a juvenile chicken she and Sandra quickly became friends that day. "What are you gonna call her, anyway?" Gayle asked, Sandra thought about it and finally came up with a name. "Hmm… I think I'll call her Ginger" she said to Gayle "Ginger? I guess that would work out alright" said Gayle before she left the coop. Sandra looked over at Ginger who was now asleep after a long day of being born. The next day, Ginger announced her existence when thehens in her mother's coop were woken up by her constant chirping. Sandra knew what it was and went to see about the problem, "Ok, you win" she said to Ginger before offering her some bird seed. She looked at Ginger who was taking the seeds into her beak and swallowing them, "Hopefully today you'll learn how to walk" said Sandra. She heard the gate open and Farmer Simmons's footsteps. He whistled for his 2 dogs to come, "Kip, Skip" he called.

The 2 foxhounds came running and stopped right next to their owner. "Do your stuff" said Simmons, the 2 dogs nodded ad took off in opposite directions. They ran around the fence, barking instead of using an alarm to wake the chickens like the Tweedys, the Simmons let their dogs run around the fence and bark to wake the chickens up. At that moment the chickens started to get out of their coops after hearing the dogs bark. Simmons entered the yard and noticed Sandra wasn't there. "What the…? Sandra's missing!" he said "What is it Logan?" Brook asked from the kitchen window. "Sandra's missing, I haven't seen her, this mourning" Simmons yelled back. "Try checking the coop…maybe she's in there" Brook suggested before she shut the window, Simmons opened up the roof of the coop and found Sandra. "So that's where you've been" he said to her, he noticed Ginger who was fast asleep in the nest. "Ah, you're a mother now… way to go old girl" said Simmons as he petted Sandra. He closed the roof and left, Sandra sighed "He's such a kind human" she said to herself. She was right the Simmons were kind farmers, if anything involved their animals they handled it humanely.

A short time later Ginger managed to take her first steps, "Well look at you, walkin' already" said Sandra. "Shouldn't be long before you start talkin' huh?" she added, Two days later Ginger was out on the yard for the very time as well as the other chicks. Ginger was one of 10 chicks that survived that fox raid, but thankfully Scratchy and Becker had been caught in one of the humane traps and were sold to a zoo. Ginger was so curious about the light and noises seen outside that she almost lost track of her mother. Simmons saw Ginger and picked her up, "Well, would you look at that" he said "What's that?" Brook asked. "This is Sandra's chick, she 3 days old now" Simmons explained. Brook looked at Ginger and smiled "Well… she's awfully cute" she replied. Just then she was alerted by Ginger's loud chirping, she laughed "I think you'd better put her down" she suggested to her husband. "Alright… back with your Mum" he said to Ginger as he placed her on the ground. To farmer Simmons seeing Sandra raising a chick was very pleasant, since all six of his own kids had grown up and left the house 3 out of the six already had kids of their own. But they all still came to visit their parents and were always at the family reunions every year. Weeks went by and Ginger was growing into nice looking young chicken. Her feathers started taking on the orange color her mother had, Ginger's feathers were now mostly orange. The soft yellow feathers from when she was a chick were now smaller amounts.

Farmer Simmons watched as the chicks grew, he knew it wouldn't be long after these were old enough to leave their mother that the hens would be starting on a second brood. This time was critical for Ginger as well at the other Chicks on the farm. Since they were only a few months old and could possibly live on their own, in reality it was still too soon for them to leave their mothers. One day a white van pulled up to the farm drive way , "What's that?" Ginger asked "The vet" said Gayle "The vet? What's a vet?" Ginger asked. "You'll find out" said Sandra, at that moment the gate opened. "Well, here they are" said Simmons as he pointed to the group of partly grown chicks. "Alright… we better get started then" said the vet, one by one the partly grown chicks were taken to the van and given vaccines. Ginger was the last chick to be taken, "Ok, last one" said the vet Ginger whimpered at the feeling of the needle going into her wing. "That's a good girl" said Simmons, after Ginger was finished. "I'm so sorry hen, I know that had to hurt… but it only lasts a few seconds" he said to Ginger after placing her on the ground. He gave a little pat on the head which made her feel better, Sandra was Simmons favorite chicken he didn't have the heart to kill her when she would eventually stop laying eggs, he made a promise to himself that when she eventually stopped he would let her live out her life as well as the other hens on the farm. After the vet was gone he locked the gate and left.

"I hate shot… they hurt too much" said one of the partly grown chicks. "Pim, these were your first shots" said Ginger, Pim was blue merle in color. (Blue merle looks like kind of gray with black spots) Pim had a sister and 2 brothers, originally her mother had six eggs altogether but the other two that would have been Pim's other siblings were lost in Scratchy and Becker's raid. Ginger didn't have any sibling's all any eggs that possibly would be related to her were gone, but by asking her mother she found out she was the first and only chick Sandra had. "At least you won't have to get anymore until next year" said Sandra. "Really?" said Ginger "Sure… when the vet comes they ya all your shots for the year… and if you need more they come back" Gayle explained. "I see, but why do we get shots anyway?" Ginger asked. "They keep us from getting' sick… I got shots when I was your age" said Sandra. "What else happened when you were my age?" Ginger asked once more, Sandra felt nervous but answered her daughter's question "Someday, I'll explain it to you" Sandra answered. Two weeks later something happened to Ginger that would change life unlike anything else she experienced on the farm.


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