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Ginger was now 40 miles away from home. She and Mr. Tweedy hardly made eye contact. She just sat in the crate with her feathers all fluffed up (most chickens and birds do that when they're sick or angry). She let out deep sigh, Mr. Tweedy looked at her. Ginger didn't turn around she was looking at the country side through the window. Mr. Tweedy thought Ginger might have been depressed so he tried to get over it "Oy… Mrs. Tweedy's gonna kill me" he said to himself. He whistled to Ginger who turned around, she cocked her head to the side like most birds do. She blinked twice, Mr. Tweedy didn't say anything he tried petting her. Ginger trembled as Mr. Tweedy stroked her back, although it did make her feel somewhat better. She stretched out her right wing and began preening herself. It took over 15 minutes to do but it felt good, she shook herself which caused her feathers to fluff up again. Then she finally settled down and went to sleep, a few minutes later, the truck stopped in a driveway. Ginger was still asleep but was quickly woken up by Mr. Tweedy slamming the door. "Huh?" she said to herself, she looked out the window of the truck and saw Mr. Tweedy walking towards a house. She also noticed a fence it didn't take her long to realize that she was on another chicken farm. "So this is it, I'm on another chicken farm" she said to herself.

She put her back to the window and sat in her crate feeling very depressed. "She's right over here" said Mr. Tweedy "Huh? What the..?" Ginger stuttered. She looked out the window once more, once again cocking her head to the side. The truck door opened, Ginger whined nervously she didn't know what these people would do to her. She had been taken from her home and now she was on a different farm 40 miles away. "Well, that's her" said Mr. Tweedy, "Well, I guess she's alright… we haven't had a Rhode Island Red in a long time" said Mrs. Tweedy. She examined Ginger's body checking her feathers and everything else for faults thankfully she found nothing wrong with except that Ginger was a partly grown chicken that still had some her yellow feathers from birth mixed in her orange colored adult chicken feathers. "She's a purebred too" Mr. Tweedy added, "You've got the shot records right?" Mrs. Tweedy asked. "Ye-yes" Mr. Tweedy replied as he handed her a folder containing all of Ginger's information. Mrs. Tweedy looked at the folder then she looked at Ginger "Alright, let's get this over with" she said. She unlocked the gate to the yard, Ginger was nervous and whimpered as if to say: "Don't make go in there… please?" "Don't give me that look, that's your place and I have mine" said Mrs. Tweedy.

Ginger looked at the yard, she didn't see any chickens at the moment all she wanted to do was go home if she had the chance. Mr. Tweedy placed her on the ground, Mrs. Tweedy was about to lock the gate but she noticed Ginger wasn't moving. "Off you go then" she said, Ginger didn't move. "I said off you go" Mrs. Tweedy continued but Ginger still refused to move. "I said go…" Mrs. Tweedy said to Ginger only now she was losing her patience. "Go!" she shouted, Ginger had enough of this she let out an angry squawk and tried to run but Mr. Tweedy caught her. "Gotcha!" said Mrs. Tweedy "You tried to pull over on me didn't Ya? Well not today" she said. Ginger was angry and started to flap her wings furiously in the process she hit Mrs. Tweedy in the face "Ouch! Stop it!" she said when she was out of Ginger's flapping range, she got a firm hold on her wings. "Ok, set her down now" said Mrs. Tweedy, "With pleasure" Mr. Tweedy replied before letting of Ginger. She landed on the hard ground and let out"Oof!" when she hit it. Mrs. Tweedy closed the gate causing a loud slam, then she locked it and left. "Where am I now?" Ginger asked herself as she wiped off the mud from her wings and feathers. "Hi there!" said another hen, Ginger screamed and jumped up "Wow! That was quite a jump" said the hen. "You scared me" said Ginger "Sorry, you're new around here ain't, ya?" The hen asked. "Yes I am, I'm Ginger" she answered "Name's Mac" said the other as they shook hands…er... wings.

Just then another hen came up to Mac and Ginger. "Mac, what's with all the noise? I…who's this?" the hen asked. Mac looked at Ginger but still she answered "Oh, her? This is Ginger" she said. "Hi, I'm Babs" said the other hen as she shock hands with Ginger. "Hey there I… you knit?" Ginger answered she noticed Babs was holding some needles and yarn in her left wing. "Yeah, me mother taught me" Babs explained, hearing that word brought the sadness of leaving home back to Ginger's mind. She sighed sadly, "My mother taught me some things too" said Ginger who let out a small sob. "What's all this? I thought we were… who's this?" Another chicken asked. Seeing that Ginger wasn't ready to say anything yet Mac explained it. "That's Ginger" she answered "Yeah, she's new here" said Babs "Oh, I see, so Ginge you're our newest pullet here, huh?" said the other Chicken. "Yeah I guess so" said Ginger, she looked at the ground feeling very sad. She slightly sniffled and her eyes filled up with tears but she fought the urge to cry. "What's the matter?" Mac asked "I… its nothing" Ginger replied, "No it isn't, c'mon you can tell us" said Mac she looked at the other hens and pullets.

(Pullets are partly grown hens cockerels are partly grown roosters just incase anyone needs to know).

"Right guys?" Mac said to the others, no one answered "Guys!" she shouted, this time the other chickens heard her and they all agreed. "Ya see?" said Mac "Alright, I miss my old home and I miss my Mum" said Ginger. Mac started to feel sorry for Ginger since she also wasn't home anymore. "I see what you mean… I too miss me mother, the very first thing I saw when I opened my eyes" said Mac. "Same here, when I was born all I new is wherever I was, I felt cold and wet but then I saw her and it made things seem a lot better" Ginger explained. "I guess in one way or another we've all our moments with our mothers" said the pullet who turned out to be Bunty. "Aye, Bunt… we have" Mac said to her. After hearing this Ginger started to feel a bit more comfortable, "How long have you all been here?" Ginger asked. "Only a week, we were all bought and paid for" Mac explained "For what?" Ginger continued. "The farmer here needed some new chickens, all the old ones are…well… gettin' old" said Mac. "I heard that!" said a Plymouth Rock hen, "Keep your feathers on Frances!" Mac shouted back. "Sheesh! thought Mac "Don't pay her any mind, she's lived here all of her life, won't be long before she'll wind up in some sort of trouble" said Mac. "Trouble? What kind of trouble?" Ginger answered.

"Well, it's not my place to say it but… she's gotten into trouble for escapin' and the farmers really hurt her once" Mac explained. "Well why would she want to escape? I mean…" before Ginger could finish her sentence the chickens were alerted by a loud alarm. "Uh-oh" said Mac, "What do you mean uh-oh?" Ginger asked "Oh, I forgot, you're new here…its time for roll call" Mac answered. "What's roll call?" Ginger replied she noticed the other chicken running to get in line. "Roll call is when they count us to see how many eggs we've laid during the week" said Bunty. "But, I haven't laid an egg in my life" said Ginger who stood next to Bunty. "Well nether have I, we're all still pullets it'll be sometime before we start that's wha…" Bunty stopped short when she heard the gate open "Psst, get in line quick!" she whispered to Ginger who did what she was told.

The Tweedys walked in as usual, checking the record list for the week. "Hmm… no one's been called out" Mac said quietly, "Called out for what?" Ginger asked. She had to lean off to the side in order to talk to Mac since Ginger was standing between Bunty and another hen. "Shh" said Bunty who noticed Mrs. Tweedy coming turning around and coming back to starting end of the line up. She checked the clip board that listed all the chickens. Instead of listing the hens by name like farmer Simmons did, she had them listed by number. When she found a number with a line marked blank it didn't take long for her to find the hen that matched it. "Eep! Not Lynn, oh please don't take Linny" Mac said quietly. "Take her where?" Ginger whispered "Just watch, you'll find out" Bunty replied, Ginger was puzzled by this back at her old home they didn't have a roll call. The hen that had been picked out was a 2 year old tan colored hen named Lynn. She had amber eyes and wore a red bandanna, like Frances she grew up on Tweedy's farm from the time she was born.

Mrs. Tweedy picked her up by the neck Lynn hated that so much she squawked and started flapping her wings furiously like Ginger did to Mrs. Tweedy. "Stop it! I said Stop it, Mr. Tweedy!" she yelled "Yes, love?" he asked "Ouch! Tape up her wings, ouch! Now!" said Mrs. Tweedy who was trying to keep Lynn's wings from hitting her face. "I'm on it" Mr. Tweedy replied all the hens including Ginger starting snickering. "Shut up you" he said to them, immediately they stopped. Mr. Tweedy refused to be humiliated by a bunch of chickens. He taped up Lynn's wings with duct tape "Alright, done" he said "Good, let's go" said Mrs. Tweedy. Mr. Tweedy slammed the gate behind them. "Where are they taking her?" Ginger asked. "Didn't I tell you to watch? Take it from o'l Bunty, even though I've been here a week, we've seen things you haven't" Bunty explained.

"I understand, sorry" said Ginger. They heard a door open, Mrs. Tweedy picked up an ax. Lynn started squawking then she let out a sort of screech, the last thing the chickens heard was a loud thump. They all gasped after hearing the sound, they knew what had been done, except for Ginger. "What did they do to her?" she asked "Ginger, you don't want to know" said Bunty. The hens started to get out of their line ups and move to other parts of the yard. "Isn't she coming back?" Ginger asked she noticed the Tweedys locking the gate. "No Ginge, she's not comin' back" said Mac "You mean she's…" Ginger stopped short. Mac nodded, Now Ginger knew what happened she gulped.

"But…why would they do that?" she asked. "Cause she stopped layin' that's why" said Frances. "What?" said Ginger, Frances rolled her dark blue eyes in the opposite direction. "Alright, since you're new I'll make it nice and simple for you" said Frances. "Ya see, here we lay eggs, every single day… the humans take them and sell them in town" Ginger cut Frances off. "So what's wrong with that?" she asked "Let me finish" Frances said firmly "Sorry" Ginger answered "Ok…so, when we can't lay any more one of get taken into that room over there, known as the chop" Frances explained. "What do they do to you in there?" Ginger asked, "Somethin' nether one of us would want to witness" said Frances. Ginger gasped, "Yep, after that ya get plucked, sometimes stuffed… and roasted in an oven" Frances continued. "You mean they actually eat…chickens?" Ginger replied, "I'm afraid so" said Frances. "But my humans never did that or if they did they did it out of site, that's what Kip told me" said Ginger. She was right if the Simmons had to have one of their chickens taken for any reason they had someone else do it they NEVER did it themselves.

"Who's Kip?" Bunty asked "She's a dog" Ginger answered. "Dog?" all the hens asked then they began to laugh, "Well, she is" said Ginger who felt embarrassed that one of her friends was a foxhound. "You mean to say you actually believe something a dog would say to you?" Bunty asked. "Well…yes" Ginger replied, "Ginger I know we're low in the food chain but, c'mon a dog? Why would you listen to a dog?' Bunty continued. Ginger couldn't take it anymore, "Cause the dogs weren't there to protect us from foxes, that why!" she shouted. All the hens gasped, "Foxes? Since when have you seen foxes?" Bunty asked. "I've never seen a real one, just pictures but… my mother told me before I was born the farmers went go into to town they dog took the dogs with 'em and… some foxes dug a hole under the fence and attacked us" Ginger explained.

"But, how did you survive? I mean if this happened before you were born then… what kept you from getting caught?" Bunty asked. "My mother took the risk of defending me and succeeded"Ginger replied "Wow! Talk about guts… I never would have done that" said Mac. Ginger smiled and blushed "Thanks, but you see I'm her only daughter and… the first chick she's ever had so… I can see why she would defend me" said Ginger. "Well sure, all mother protect their young, I've defended my nieces and nephews before and… it's very rewardin' to do somethin' nice, for… someone else" said Frances. "Frances? Did you ever have any chicks of your own?" Ginger asked, "Me? Oh no I don't think I will… and you?" she asked Ginger. "Well I…" Frances cut her off "I'm just kidding" she said with a laugh. "You're still a pullet, you got a lot to learn about motherhood" said Frances. "That's true but what's it like?" Ginger replied, "Well, I helped my sister raise my nieces and nephews" said Frances. "What was that like?" Ginger asked "Oh, very enjoyable yet tiring all at the same time" said Frances. "Why would you say that?" Ginger continued, "Hey! You try raisin' 9 nieces and nephews and see how you hold up" Frances replied. "For the next 3 weeks or so, I spent nights and weekends watchin' 'em, by the time they were all bought and sold by different people I was so sleepy instead of countin' sheep I was countin' sleep" Frances explained. (The "I was so sleepy" line is from a TV series called everybody hates Chris)

All the hens laughed, "But Ginger seriously, if you don't want chicks don't have 'em, just a word of advice" said Frances. "Well I don't know… I wouldn't even how to find a rooster to begin with" said Ginger. "Well, I could offer you one of my nephews, he lives just up the road" Frances replied. "Only kiddin' "Frances continued with a laugh. "Besides at your age it's not good for you to have chicks, did your mother ever tell you that?" Frances asked. "Yeah she did, its because I'm not mature enough to take care of one" Ginger replied. "Not only that, but your body isn't mature enough ether, if tried havin' a chick now, you could possibly get really sick I've known pullets who who've had chicks and have gotten really sick" Frances explained. "What's happened to them?" Ginger replied "They got better eventually but some of their chicks were born premature cause they were born ether too early or somethin' else happened to cause 'em to be like that" said Frances. "But, what would be considered premature?" Ginger asked once more "Oh, lots of things… improper growth of feathers and several other things including size, some premature chicks are pretty small once they're born" Frances replied. "I know that, I knew a chicken who was almost premature but instead she turned out to be a runt" Ginger explained. "I know what's that like I'm a giant runt between me and my 4 sisters and 3 brothers I was the biggest out of all 'em" said Frances, "Wow" said Ginger. (Giant runts are animals that are usually larger then average size).

"Hey! Did you forget us! C'mon let's do somethin' else for a change" said Mac. "Right" said Ginger, she and Frances had been caught up in talking so much that they had lost track of everybody else. "C'mon Ginge let's go" said Frances who laughed. "I don't want to miss my favorite show" she continued, "What show?" Ginger asked "Ohh, don't worry you'll see" Frances answered. "Kay" Ginger replied, a few minutes later the chickens had gathered by the fence. "Are you all set Mac?" Frances asked "All set Frances" Mac replied. She gave Mac the signal to fire the slingshot "1…2…3…go!" at hearing go Mac did just that. What she was firing was a tin can with some of Babs' yarn tied to the back. The yarn had become tangled in the Tweedy's clothesline and the can sat right on the living room window sill. The other can was hanging over the chicken's side of the fence. "Ok it's all set now, we wait and listen" said Mac, "Listen for what?" Ginger asked. "Shh keep it down" said Mac "Now we move on to viewing" she continued. She and some of the other pullets began setting up binoculars and a telescope. "Ok everybody come look!" said Mac "What are we doing?" Ginger asked "Shh! Listen" Mac replied.

They could see and hear Mrs. Tweedy! "If that chicken tries to test me one more time… ohhh! She's gonna get it and get it good" she said to Mr. Tweedy. Mac gasped "I think she means you Ginger" she said "Well, what did I do? I don't like those humans" Ginger answered. "One thing I learned not to do is, don't let your wings slap 'em in the face they hate that and it's not a good thing to do ether" Frances explained. "Why?" Ginger asked "Because they could kill you!" said Frances. Ginger gasped at the thought of it, "O…Kay now let's get back to the show" said Mac. "You mean eavesdropping" said Ginger, Mac didn't say anything. "But… she's only been about an hour" said Mr. Tweedy, even though he didn't give the chickens the type of respect they deserved he secretly that Ginger should adjust before anyone could draw any conclusions. "I don't care, she needs to learn her place like the other ones even if I have to force her to" said Mrs. Tweedy. "Wouldn't that qualify as animal cruelty?" Mr. Tweedy asked. "Are you questioning me, Mr. Tweedy?" his wife asked, he gulped "Nevermind" he said. "I thought so" Mrs. Tweedy replied, before walking in the opposite direction. "You picked up the dry cleaning today, right?" she asked "Uh…no" Mr. Tweedy replied.

"Fine, we'll get it tomorrow" she replied with a sigh "If you didn't put me under pressure I wouldn't have forgotten it" Mr. Tweedy said to himself. "What was that!" Mrs. Tweedy asked as she quickly got up from her desk. "Nothing, love" Mr. Tweedy replied he smiled at her nervously, she gave him an angry looking stare then she stopped and sat back down. There was something about her facial expressions that made Mr. Tweedy nervous. He always felt uncomfortable when he had to look her in the eye, (Her blue eyes). "Ohhh, no she didn't!" said Mac who rolled over laughing, "Why did she look at him like that?" Ginger asked. Mac managed to stop laughing to tell her, "That look mean you better get it right before I knock the wax out of your ears" Mac explained(Yet another line from everybody hates Chris). The chickens started to snicker within a few seconds it turned into full fledged laughter. "I'm telling you, she doesn't play" said Mac "That's an understatement" said Ginger, who also laughed. Even though she was far from home now that she had some new friends maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all.


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