The Rum Tum Tugger was walking though the junkyard, he had just gotten away from his little fanclub. He loved the attention and having the kittens fawn over him and all but sometimes a tom just needs time away from it. He would sometimes go visit Bombalurina, his girlfriend, but she was off with Demeter (and probably Melanctha), he couldn't find her anywhere. Normally when he had time like this he would go visit his half brother Munkustrap, but he didn't feel like doing that. He was actually quite bored. Looking around he noticed that almost no other Jellicles were out every now and then he would see Pouncival or Tumblebrutus run around Everlasting Cat knew what they were doing.

After wandering around for another minute or two he noticed that it was rather late into the night. He thought about something for a moment before sighing, he ran a paw through his mane and walked off into the direction of the tire where Munkustrap was bound to be.He was always hanging out at the tire looking over the 'yard,and sure enough he was there.

"Hey, Munk." Tugger said as he walked over, placed his front paws on the tire and leaned his head down on them.

"Hello, Tugger, what brings you here?" Munk said looking down at his brother.

"Nothin', just letting you know I'm heading back to my humans house." Tugger said motioning over his shoulder in the direction of the house. "Ya knowI haven't made an appearance in almost two days, wouldn't want them to worry." He finished in a sarcastic voice.

Munk let out a short laugh. "Guess not, did you tell Bomba yet?"

"No… Can't seem to find her." Tugger said glancing around one last time.

"Want me to tell her if I see her?" Munk asked.

"Would you?" Munk nodded. "Thanks, I'll see ya in a day or so, okay?"

"Sure, thing." Munk said, Tugger smiled and walked away. Munk watched his younger brother walked away and out of the 'yard. Munk couldn't deny that he was a little worried, he hardly let anyone leave the 'yard alone (especially at night) with Macavity at large, you could never be to careful.

Munk sighed, I worry to much he thought. Tugger'll be fine, he always is. With that thought in his mind he went back to watching over the 'yard.

Tugger walked through the streets keeping an eye out for moving lights that always seemed to get in his way. When he was in the middle of the road a sudden a noise came from the alley across the street, he stopped and his fur stood on end ready fro anything. But everything was silent, the only sound came from him scratching his claws on the pavement.

Tugger sighed. "Just my old age I guess." He said to himself despite the fact he was still a young tom. He continued to walk across the street and then down the sidewalk only jumping out of the way once when a bunch of human teenagers walked by, they didn't even seem to notice him. Tugger watched them leave and when he started to step out of the alley a loud crash was heard behind him. Tugger whirled around his claws out, fur standing and he was hissing. The lid had fallen off a trash can, after a few seconds of surveying the area he slowly turned back to the street but his claws were still out and he was sill hissing faintly.

When he turned around something was blocking his way into the street. Tugger could not see who it was but he didn't need to he already knew it was his half brother Macavity.

Tugger hissed louder and bared his teeth at him but Macavity on the other hand looked perfectly calm and collected. "Hello, Tugger." Macavity said smoothlyas if they were on good terms.

"What do you want Macavity?" Tugger spat at himas Macavity began to circle him slowly eyeing him.

"Nothing, just taking a stroll around the town." He answered slyly and grinning evilly. Tugger glared at him and continued to be on his full guard he knew well that Macavity was much stronger then he. "Dear brother, why are you so mad? What have I done?"

"You know damn well!" Tugger yelled through gritted teeth. "Now get out of here!" He said acidly,butthisthreat was meaningless and Tugger knew it and he knew Macavity knew it.

"Don't think so." And with that Macavity lunged at Tugger knocking him over. Before Tugger could even comprehend what had happened Macavity had him pinned down. Tugger took a swipe at him and scratched his half brother in the face. But when he bought his paw up it left his chest wide open and Macavity took this opportunity to attack. Tugger yowled in pain as three long scratches were made across his chest. He managed to push Macavity of him and Tugger was able to get back to his feet.

Macavity ran at him once again and Tugger ran out of the way just in time. I have to get out of here, there's no way I can win this! He said to himself. Macavity ran at him again and this time was to fast for Tugger. He scratched Tugger's face and blood began to pour out of the open wound. I have to get back to the junkyard… He thought weakly. I have to warn Munk that Macavity's here...

Macavity didn't seem to tire at all though. He continued to beat Tugger blow after blow after blow. Tugger continued to try and fight back but he was unsuccessful. Macavity was to strong. Finally hitting Tugger and making him fly back into a wall he took one deep breath and then closed his eyes. He was officially tapped out.

"A job well done." Macavity said to himself and smirked at the beaten body of Tugger lying in the alley.

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