Jail Time

When Sawyer brought Kate to jail, there was nobody being the jail guard, so Sawyer had to be it.

"Looks like you're stuck with me, Freckles." Sawyer smirked, as he put her down.

"I hate that rock." Kate said.

"I love that rock." Sawyer chuckled.

Just then, she saw Ana out of the corner of her eye. They gave each other a look, then they started with the plan they had made earlier.

"Uh, it's so hot, I might have to take off my shirt!" Kate whined.

So, she took off her tank top, and just had a sports bra on, over her real bra.

"Wow, I feel do much better!" Kate said. Sawyer was really distracted, as you would imagine. Ana ran up, tagged the jail, and yelled. "Release!"

And with that, her and Kate were gone.

"Damn, Freckles!" Sawyer yelled.