It's been a while.



Wake up!

Blue eyes - the very essence of the ocean and sky - slowly opened in the midst of timeless space. A smoldering hazy fog floated around the infinite abyss, making a path. It was a path that led to nowhere. It was a path with no hopes, no expectations, no desires for the end.

It was a long, cruel, empty path.

You woke up... the mysterious voice spoke sadly. I've always wanted to meet you...

The fog gently wrapped around itself, vaguely forming a silhouette of a pale girl wrapped in light. She had no face. She had no feelings. She was a blank canvas with no end.

She was the path. And the eyes widened.


Nobodies do not have hearts. They only pretend to have them.

This the boy knew, this the boy acknowledged.

He woke up silently, riding on the invisible strand of wind, carrying the peals of laughter from distant shores..

Giggles...they're giggling. The heartless. The nobodies. They're giggling...

Was the sky always this blue?

Were raindrops always yellow?

Was heaven always happy?

"Wake up, already!" a voice laughed, and the sky shook.

"I'm up, I'm up," the boy replied. The skies were now twinkling dots of friendly eyes, the raindrops locks of blonde hair, and her smile ...

"Heaven," he vaguely announced. The girl had a startled look on her face, before dissolving into laughter.

"You finally woke up! I never knew you slept so much, Roxas," she teased.

He quickly got up from the shore, dusting sand off. Rays of gold and orange peacefully painted the island with an aura of happiness, laps of clear water brushing against his feet.

Roxas bashfully shook his head, commenting, "I had the strangest dream, Naminé. It was so real, as if I could touch her..." He reached out his hand towards the distance.

Naminé looked at him, puzzled. "Roxas? Are you okay? Want to share the dream with me?"

He thought for a moment, before slowly explaining, "I saw a girl. She looked like you, but didn't at the same time. Her hair was darker, and..." He peered closely at her face. "Both of you had the same eyes. I don't know," he muttered, rubbing his sandy hair. "It's too fuzzy. My memory was never as good as yours."

"Not true," Naminé countered, before pondering. "You might've dreamed about me! Come to think of it, I had the same dream, too!" Her voice elevated from excitement. "I saw a boy, who did and didn't look like you, just as you said about that girl. "He was..." She hesitated, frowning. "He was sad. He was sad for me, Roxas...isn't that strange?" She smiled broadly.

"It is," he agreed. "Somehow, I feel as if this isn't right." He sighed, staring at the perfect blend of ocean, sky and land, this perfect island of such mysteries and joy.

Naminé remained silently, before deviously remarking, "You worry too much, Roxas. We're here, aren't we? We're living, breathing, existing...things can't get more basic than that."

Roxas contemplated on her words. Yes, it was true: they were both living. They both breathed the same air, went to school, had fun together, went on daily trips to the beach, and even had created a secret hideout. And yet, he thought vaguely, staring at the setting sun, there always is at least one grain of sand that cannot feel the sunlight nor the I overevaluating? Maybe I am thinking too much..

"Yeah, you're right. School, home, who cares?" He laughed in a carefree matter. Naminé joined him.

Nobodies do not have hearts. They only pretend-

Where did that thought come from? Roxas scowled, brushing it away.

Naminé smiled, he smiled back, and together they ran out towards the fleeting sun.